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  1. https://twitter.com/dotore2e2/status/1365149883921887234?s=19 Looks like knetz are gonna cut any slack to the drama.. How can they make such a blunder??? +2
  2. I dropped Sisyphus. Even the love for my oppa could not made me stay till the end.. LOL +2
  3. Arigato chingu.. yeah he did reshoot scenes. Same I might go for torrent option. In India HBO MAX is not available. In DC i just like Nolan's batman series and wonder woman the first movie. Aquaman was ok ok. +2
  4. yeah I know. That was hilarious ... +2
  5. Hey chingu.. SO what i read in internet is Synder was the director for Justice League 2017 but setback due to her daughter's death. Then Whedon came and reshoot different scenes and as we know JL tanked in the box office. Cast and crew members were unhappy as Synder intended it to be different and they petitioned for the Synder's cut. It will be streamed in HBO MAX not in cinemas I guess. +2
  6. That does not matter Chingu. You see every work is inspired by something.. but my bro was mad that they didn't deliver properly even after knowing how to deliver properly...Lol +2
  7. @Sleepy Owl Have you watched Steins Gate Anime.. my brother watched sisyphus and said most of the plot is copied from that anime.. @4evrkdrama have you watched that anime +2
  8. This drama keeps contradicting itself. In ep 4, they showed Control Bureau is a powerful government organization who can retract text messages, has control over the whole country's CCTV. If the CB could use CCTV without restraints, why didn’t they use it to ascertain the location of the brokers van. And how the hell those two get away every time from so many people. Atleast show it in a believable way.. Just for the sake of showing that the FL can do anything, they should have made her wonder woman. I would have accepted then. All I can say is the writing is Lazy, the writers did not rese
  9. @Sleepy Owl @larus credit to the owner.. +2
  10. @bedifferent Watched ep 4. I will skim it once it gets over. My schedule is hectic that I can spare two dramas at the moment. I am enjoying Beyond evil and will checkout Mouse once it starts.. So this is what I guess is gonna happen according to plot wise: 1. Circumstances will lead Tae Sul to invent the uploader even if he doesn’t want or Seo Hae tries to stop him. The desire to meet his brother will be one of the factor. 2. Seo Hae will write the diary again and keep noting the events. The present Seo Hae is a kid of the cop. 3. Seo Hae and Tae Sul will fall in lo
  11. @joccu I need that durable refrigerator... and the table fan scene LOL +2
  12. @Sleepy Owl @joccu by watching 4 episodes, I actually got the entire thing how it's going to pan out. As I said before as well, they have copied from every famous scifi movies/series. I don't see the execution getting any better.. the writers need to work on basics first. Well copying is not an issue but lack of execution is especially when I know that those things are already executed in a better way in the original one. +2
  13. @Sleepy Owl sibling I am looking forward to see your reaction to ep 4 of sisyphus..especially during the scene which we both do for our daily life..LOL +2
  14. The basics things are so poor here. Like in ep 3: the assassination scene, then sliding down the building and ziplining; wonder how Tae sul's bones are intact, Seo Hae managed to get a tablet in midst of fighting with the security guards.. god knows from where, no one helping Tae Sul during the shooting.. list is long.. Also PSH's acting.. I would say she acted better in her previous dramas than here. Also CSW's bangs is not helping at all to sell me that he is a genius good looking hearthrob CEO. Should have casted someone who is eye candy or change CSW's hair style. Acting wise h
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