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  1. Hey guys there is a Twitter group where we discuss about CSW. Anyone wants to join... https://twitter.com/forchoswfans/status/1059069124314189825?s=19
  2. Can anyone let me know where can I find the background music of Life?
  3. His ranking has improved since last week. Guys let's vote for him.
  4. I think most of the people like romantic or chocolate boy characters. That's why so fewer votes for him.
  5. Without doing method he is that good. Well I don't want him either. Heard people suffer psychological effects
  6. Yeah. Everybody has different opinions. That's why we are here. To share each other's opinion. And yes I too love him dearly
  7. @bedifferentits always nice to read your opinions. Quite an insightful analysis. Thanks and definitely we would meet in SF 2 forum.
  8. That's okay. I believe something is better that nothing. Plus thanks for volunteering. Although I can understand some Korean words, I can't interpret the meaning completely
  9. Really. I think the casting department was adamant to have him because may he was the only one who could do justice to that role. But glad that he took up that role
  10. This one is dedicated to my favorite Koo Seung Hyo. IMHO he was the most interesting character of the series. Following him was Dr Oh. Whatever decisions he took had two aspects to it - business and social. 1. He wanted to relocate the three departments to Naksan. This popped into his head when he was having a meal with the Minister. "General hospital is a public good. And public good should be equally shared." By removing those three departments the losses would have minimised, also the people of Naksan would have benefitted. 2. He brought in the restructure team when everyone was ready for a strike. According to him it was the right time. From the start itself his main intention was to find something concrete against any department that he can use to suppress the strike. But he never imagined the doctors would kill someone and cover it. He was at crossroads whether to reveal that or not. Listening to Ms Kang, he realized that the family had the right to know the truth. And he also used this opportunity to tackle the doctors. 3. His took back his decision of relocation not only because of the reserve funds. The sight of the babies got him. 4. Initially he didn't show any interest towards Hwajeong chemical. But he went into the alliance so that he can achieve both profit and quality. By making them as SKU as exclusive supplier, he made them sponsor the RFID system. 5. His decision to visit the dog shelter was to divert the attention of public against the cancer center scandal. Also he wanted to do it because he loves dogs 6. When the informant died, he didn't know whether the reporter really killed her or not. He gave in for the autopsy to save the 4 doctors and also to fulfill the chairman's wish. As the chairman himself said he could have taken care of the family in his own way and nobody would have known. 7. He fired all 4 of them to prevent further disaster and also if they stay away, the other staffs wouldn't dare to do anything. 8. From the time the chairman told him that they will take care of it, he knew that he was going to get fired. He was genuinely concerned for Dr Oh and Dr LNE. He knew beforehand that the announcement was a trap and he was being made a scapegoat. Still he went ahead with it. He tried to talk some sense in that chairman's head and it wasn't of any use. He knew that that the doctors would use the songtan land deal as their last resort. He hinted Ms Kang to make a mistake. He desperately tried to save the hospital. 10. He himself wanted to leave SKU. He wasn't cut out to lead a hospital. That's why he sent the mail after his dismissal. What I really didn't get was why he didn't fire Dr Joo and Dr Ye? He knew that Jin woo was the one who posted that statement and Dr Joo covered for him. What did he mean by he would fight as well. For what? For his survival or he had some bigger plans. As for the chairman why did he assign him as the president of the hospital to begin with? He didn't have any know how of medical industry. Having a doctor in family and assigning a logistics person doesn't make sense? Definitely...
  11. Thanks a lot. Though I won't understand anything. Watching him is enough
  12. Thank you. Am I will continue to hang around this forum from now. I was impressed by him in Stranger itself. But yeah Life made me love him even more.
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