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  1. Am waiting for Bae Doona's official confirmation. If she would not be in S2, it wont be same. Shi Mok and her camaraderie was great. They form a good team.
  2. Bae Doona am not sure. But Lee Joon Hyuk, Cho Seung Woo and Yoon Se Ah has been confirmed as of now. Bae Doona has been offered to reprise her role. And am praying that she confirms it because it won't be same without her.
  3. I think we all know whom she is gonna vote for the next presidential election
  4. Yeah absolutely true. With this one ending, I no longer look forward to Monday anymore.
  5. He indeed did that. That's how he won over everyone. He was a man who wanted to excel but not at the cost of others. This is the reason Sec Han decided to give a last try. And literally tears fell during his speech and after that when he said to Sec Cha that even if he give up on his position he wont renounce his decision. And Sec Cha just won me over again by his reply that he is there to protect him, his views as well as his beliefs. Just like Sec Han chose President Yang, he chose PMJ. From a person who just wanted to win, he grew to a person who wanted to win morally. And I was so happy to see the BH team supporting PMJ till the end. By the way who became the next president? Doesn't matter if it is not PMJ. Edit: Atleast he sat on that president's seat once. I think he wanted to confirm his thoughts that even after sitting there will his views change or not.
  6. I was really worried about the ending but they managed to wrap up everything nicely. Well it makes sense. He never wanted to be the President to begin with. Never in his dreams he would have thought that. He got to know his potential only during the acting presidency term. And when everything is revealed and law and order is restored, to be honest I don't think he would have survived even if he had won the election. He decided to run only because he didn't want OYS to be the next president. Knowing that he was a part of the attack which he wasn't aware of, he couldn't have grabbed that. Knowing the kind of person he is he would never use others or these kind of situations as a stepping stone. This opportunity came to him only because of the bombing otherwise even Sec Cha would not consider him a candidate. His politics was really unique. A world where no one loses. And as rightly said by KSK's secretary, he is really unbeatable. Well if no one loses, everyone is winner. Edit: PMJ and his wife's relationship is unique. I usually avoid romantic dramas because I can't stand all those cheesy and corny dialogues. But here it really shows the love, respect, care they have for each other. No matter what, they have got each other's back. Sec Cha's dialogue that he is there to protect him, as well as his ideas and beliefs. And he really did change. Asking someone more than twice. Even if there is no season 2, I am okay with that. And if they plan it in future, I am definitely in. But the story should be as solid as this one and same cast...
  7. Watched the episode. For me it was an apt ending. Feeling too emotional now. Will comment later about my thoughts...
  8. He is not definitely the VIP. There is someone else who knows everything. And Han Mo said he can't go forth and back North to involve Myung Hae Joon in this conspiracy. The VIP is the one who told OYS about Cha being interrogated. We were only shown the glimpse of the shoe. I think they might not reveal who the actual VIP is? If it someone from BH then I can't think of anyone else other than Han. But why did he choose to be in PMJ's camp? Does he regret for not believing on the late president? His words to PMJ did give me that vibes that he wants to try for the last time and see if it is possible. PMJ has become a ray of hope for him.
  9. That's one of the possiblity. In fact I read comments on YouTube and Twitter saying that the tailor made his own virtual VIP. Also I tried seeing that women's dress in that tailor shop during the episode but couldn't see that. I had the opinion that VIP might be a woman but again seeing how tailor Kim spoke in the episode made me rethink that he might be the actual VIP. I am more curious to see how did they wrap it actually. Because now am pretty sure we wont see the PE. Or we might be taken to the PE day directly during the last 5 minutes of the last episode.
  10. The events that unfolded in episode 14 were totally unexpected. We still don't know who is the mole from the BH. He/She is the person who informed OYS about Sec Cha being investigated. As of now I will still say it is Han. I was little disappointed by ep 13, the way they showed that they hacked the military head's mobile and I was thinking wouldn't he know that? He is the head of an Army, doesn't he have that much sense? But it got solved in this episode. So, everyone had their own plan of taking over the nation. I feel that for Tailor Kim it doesn't matter whether it is OYS or anyone, he just wants the nation to suffer and grieve, may be he faced the same and he could not forget what he suffered. He has a deep resentment towards which aligns with Han's. So, I wont be surprised if Han turns out to be the VIP. Again when PMJ deferred the discrimination bill for the next administration, Han had a sly smile. Was it because PMJ finally understood how to do politics or he got his assurance that in politics no one can remain a good person, everyone has to compromise with their principles or beliefs. OYS's end was near but I didn't expect it to be this way. The scene where PMJ realized that the shoes has become comfortable now was amazing. He found himself in the late President's position. Han Mo is really an excellent agent. Now next week we will find out whether general Lee is gonna support the Coup or not. Waiting for next week is painful now.
  11. Exactly my thoughts. He indeed is the VIP. But who is the mole in BH? Secretary Han? I didn't see this coming. Totally unexpected.
  12. Preview episode 15 No preview on Netflix Can someone please translate these?
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