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  1. As @Senseandstyle said we are a bit desperate so I think adding "jebal" is OK @nina_mitrokhina & @Min2206 I don't know how is for him, but when my cat grew old every separation was harder than the previous one, because I knew every occasion with him could be the last one. I don't know if LMH is feeling the same but probably he is and want to spend as much time with Choco as possible without having her going on long trips far from home. He is a caring pet owner and in that regard he deserves all my respect because I totally understand the feeling of not wanting to be far from the
  2. I think he carried her to the airport for the movielog and to say goodbye, but I don't believe Choco travelled to Canada. Maybe @gpicris can tell us if Choco was with him when he arrived.
  3. Of course, dear! Here is the link. I don't know into which language your messages were translated. I thought exactly the same thing! I don't know when, but a new movielog is coming! And with Choco! Regarding the ongoing fan war on twitter, I don't get it at all. I don't know why people need to drag down an actor or actress to show their support to their favourite. It does not make sense to me how easily hate is spread instead of sharing the positivity and warmth that we get from Lee Min Ho, or from other actors in the case of other people. That is
  4. @gpicris your comments are getting very famous! I have just received an alert for a YouTube video made using your comments on the arrival of Lee Min Ho in Canada. At least they delete the names. I guess everybody wants to know more of him and you are the last one to see him in real life. @Nikaa94 don't be sad. I also want to have new projects and a lot of Lee Min Ho screen time but I think it's better for him to wisely choose his projects so they are well produced, interesting and challenging for him. Let's trust him and his choices. He is betting now on Pachinko so we must cheer f
  5. Ohhh! I am so glad for you! The whole experience seems so exciting! Glad you can made it! Let's hope for that, that we all can at some point see him in real life! Thank you and @Min2206for the photos! He is mesmerising!
  6. Congratulations @gpicris!! I am so glad for you! You could achieve your goal and see him on person, and even better, there were not a lot of people in the airport and you could take a good look at him! I am so so happy for you! It's also my dream to live the same experience if he comes to Madrid in the future. Enjoy the photos you took and the memory! Did you hear him talk? I would die if I hear his deep masculine voice in person!
  7. Hi chingus to all of you! Last week was difficult and I haven't been around. It seems like we are in a drought, but let's hope for new content and more news this week. In the meantime, take care and stay healthy! @CarolynHthank you for the BOF poll! It was a good surprise to came in second place along the always cheerful @Nikaa94. Looking forward to the next one. Also I will come back to the Pachinko spotlight tomorrow.
  8. I understand what you say about not being able to reach the actors at the filming location and I totally share your dream on seeing him on the airport from afar. I wish you all the luck in the world to achieve that goal. I agree that the video is way more suitable for LSG, but I think it is weird it was released that way. Anyway, my opinion on this doesn't matter and the important thing is to keep receiving contents.
  9. Wow, this video is amazing! LSG really has a beautiful and powerful voice! I love the moment in which he brings the mic to LMH and he declines to sing, they are really comfortable with each other. But I am surprised this video was not released by LMH. I don't understand a thing.
  10. When he goes to Canada he will quarantine as established. Since the filming lasts until April he still has time to go, make the quarantine and film. The bad part of this is that we cannot expect a lot of scenes of Hansu because he is not recording so much.
  11. Thank you, I saw now on twitter that the letters stand for Making. BTS I learnt quite soon, when I wanted to see more videos of TKEM.
  12. I agree @1ouise! Since this one was labeled Ver. 1 we can hope for a new one. Maybe a director's cut? Also, does anyone know what the letters MK stand for? Thank you and @leeminhosnyfor directing me to the original song. My only knowledge of kpop is through the dramas and by now I haven't seen a lot.
  13. I love the new clip! Didn't know about that song and I loved to hear it on both LMH and LSG voices. I feel like they spent a really good time doing music live and in the open. I think it is a really healthy and fun thing to do. Thank you @SophieH for the translated part (I miss the subtitles, specially when they are goofing around) and thank you @leeminhosny for the original song. Even when we feel like we are in a drought Min Ho gives us content and doesn't let us dispair.
  14. Maybe he is leaving one of these days. Jung Eun Chae arrived to Canada yesterday, according to what I saw on twitter, so there is a chance he is the next one to go.
  15. Sorry to cut your post. I totally agree with you. I have read about the increase in sales of Pachinko, but to see it in person has more impact. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! Never heard of something like that. I appreciate your explanations a lot. @Nikaa94 we are in a drought! No news of Lee Min Ho?
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