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  1. @slowpoked yea watching his CF again earlier and I guess the one I posted above is the 2nd CF ad as there is some stuff a bit different from the original CF. it really doesn't look like they knew she was definitely going to do SMART yet then either (they posted that on June 20). So she might have actually booked it on June 30 (which is probably why her team posted behind the scenes of Personal Taste DVD commentary footage on their channel to replace their mistake of saving his Hawaii video onto her channel ) I know they like to play around with their dates. This is why I keep guessing correct lately Jane said "late June" lol.. Maybe it was really that late lol.. So I guess what she is wearing with her blue outfit is the 2nd CF for her.. So we don't really know if there is a joint one coming. Like her 2nd CF might come out. Then once Binnie is back, I guess they decide if there is a joint one coming? Honestly though, we know how picky she is with her CFs. It makes sense it took her that long to be convinced to do it That makes June 9 of what SYJ did back then even more interesting hahaa I remember thinking she got excited since she confirmed the SMART gig.. But guess not lol..
  2. Yea I thought that was funny Since I remember going like, oh wow she is posting this video already from her shoot.. and then shortly after SMART followed on twitter. I remember going.. guess no one is holding back now We know a certain other team was keeping that news under wraps hahaa Also I don't think that director posted his pics back up again from the CF shooting with her lol...
  3. More from zoom chat Will Son Ye-jin Be Coming to the Philippines Soon? We just came off of an online press conference with Smart (where Ye-jin herself even made an online appearance!), and here are some things she shared and that we learned about the ‘Crash Landing on You’ star: Her partnership involves a visit to the Philippines. Her partnership with Smart actually involves a visit to the Philippines with three events. However, due to the pandemic, it is still uncertain when and if this will be happening. Another big question is whether she will be coming with Hyun Bin, her co-star in ‘Crash Landing on You’, who is also an endorser of the brand. “They might come together; they might not,” the brand teases. “Who knows? They might even fall in love here,” they say jokingly. Shing Dimagiba, Luzon Marketing Head for Smart, says there are no immediate plans for now, though it is something we would definitely be excited to see. He points out that the Korean stars have jam-packed schedules all year round, as well, but they are definitely looking forward to their visit once our situation improves. Ye-jin is very excited to meet her fans. Did you know that Ye-jin has been to Palawan 10 years ago? As much as Smart wanted to bring her here to shoot the commercial, they said they had to take what they can get. Ye-jin herself said that she really wanted to come here to shoot it, as well, and meet the fans of the show who sent so many heartwarming messages on social media. “Still, I am happy I get to meet them this way,” Ye-jin says, adding that she hopes she will be able to visit soon and that she is grateful for the love and support of the Filipino fans. Ye-jin is extremely humble. When asked what kind of person Ye-jin is behind the scenes, she surprised us all by answering that there is nothing special about her. (I find that very hard to believe.) She explains that she is always in character in front of the camera and sticks to that character. “Behind the camera, however, I think I’m just ordinary,” she claims. “I’m the same person as you guys.” Uh… right… :p When asked for tips on how to succeed in the business, she also very humbly answered that she isn’t sure if she has already succeeded. “However, young people who just started in their respective fields are going to be scared and experience hardships like I did. It helps to set a goal,” she suggests. “Even if the reality seems far from your goal, you need to imagine reaching that goal. That will help you get a step closer to your dreams.” Ergh! We love her!!! https://www.wheninmanila.com/will-son-ye-jin-be-coming-to-the-philippines-soon/ Two months ago, Smart wowed us with a Hyun Bin commercial; and yesterday, we speculated that Hyun Bin’s leading lady in ‘Crash Landing on You’, Son Ye-jin, might be Smart’s newest endorser. Well, it turns out we were totally right! We just came off of an online press conference with the Philippine telco company (where Ye-jin herself even made an online appearance!), and here are some things we learned about her new action-packed commercial: Here's another one: https://www.wheninmanila.com/5-fun-facts-about-son-ye-jin-smart-commercial/
  4. This is funny I was looking up what My First First Love show is that Binnie is watching on the phone. It is 5 friends who move into a house together and 2 of the friends like each other Is this related to LA or something? - shopping with "acquaintances" I know Love Alarm keeps getting mentioned though for the episode titles they decide to show lol. That show synopsis is funny too I think Jane was just being nice when she used the term "friend" for HB As @binyeji says the episode titles are very revealing Another video from zoom chat or was this posted already lol..
  5. @binyeji The sunflower is on the table for their date (you see it in one of the teasers - the table with the sunflower. looks like there are candles? how romantic LOL here) So I guess her blue outfit is for their date in the upcoming CF.. ? Since actually the blue outfit is not in the CF at all - maybe outfit is blue in that teaser? (i must have been color blind before hahaa). Jane keeps mentioning she filmed on July 16 time. We know Binnie is away
  6. I always get other international sites. I never get SK news lol Also I realized all 3 pics that Jane posted on her account with Jinnie and her blue outfit. So is this for photoshoot or is this related to the 2nd CF? Those pics she shared were not related to the CF we got.
  7. I love her answer I didn't know about that in regards to lemons though. I know they have lots of good vitamin C properties
  8. @binyeji I know! That was why I got more curious what the news was like then in SK. Only we saw them more now since we international fans joined thanks to CLOY And we all became really good detectives As for either of them having worked on this many projects/CFs with other people before - no not really. Like for HB and Shin Min Ah - They did a CF together long time ago (Amore Mis en Scene?). Then they did a CF series X NOTE Crossover Film series together (6 episodes) - I may have gotten this mix up As I don't quite know the years those were done haha. I just know they have known each other for a very long time. I don't know when Belma became both of their stylists. They were also under the same agency together and they left the same agency together lol. Once his contract ended, HB cofounded VAST with his friend in January 2016.
  9. @binyeji I don't think so lol. I noticed Han Ji Min recently got to work with a co star 3 times now. But what they are doing is different lol.. It is between 2 projects and 2 endorsements (one in which is an oversea endorsement) Honestly we might as well include SeGa into it too lol - since they only had one real scene together in TN lol. Plus most people didn't realize the connection between manyo and mediheal - like she was confirmed to be apart of manyo late January 2019 (that was when it made news/her actual confirmation was sometime Dec 2018 - she knew she was already going to Bangkok - when exactly did she know though? she plans her trips ahead lol). The news came out after grocery sighting rumors. It made me wonder then if the manyo/mediheal website back then had no pics of Binnie on the website It got unnoticed till April 22 when they attended the event? Or did SKent know about that already and just kept quiet about it then.. Hmm Also I think she is wearing those rings in celebration of June and July when they filmed TN back then in 2017 That is why she wore them on her index finger. To celebrate when they became "close friends" lol.. Otherwise, the gold band though
  10. I stopped thinking about the rings now as I had a thought about them and I was like I will keep it to myself LOL Regardless this is two CFs now back to back where she is wearing rings on her index fingers..
  11. lol I always love the SMART social media person hahaa and the tweets to people again SYJ's Hello Phillipines video here Also I love how this time he wore black and she wore white Mijung posted a lot of all the latest stuff too now
  12. It Seems Like Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Will Be Having Their Own *Mini-Love Story* In Smart's New Campaign Yup, our fave K-drama couple from Crash Landing On You is *reuniting*! In June, Smart launched Hyun Bin as the brand's newest endorser, released Hyun Bin merch, and even confirmed that he will definitely be flying to the Philippines as soon as possible. During a press conference today, August 3, Smart confirmed that Son Ye Jin is joining Hyun Bin as an endorser, this time for Smart Signature! Speculations about the project were all over the internet ever since Ye Jin posted a video of her getting on a motorcycle in the city, which mirrored Smart's video teasers. In a recorded interview with Smart, Son Ye Jin said that she wants to go back to the PH (she actually visited the country 10 years ago)! The Smart team says that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin visiting the PH together is totally a possibility. We're positive that there will also be an ad of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin together, since the commercial hints that they are in the same location, with Ye Jin riding a motorcycle and Hyun Bin inside a car. She even ~glances back~ to look at the car's driver. That's one more thing to look forward to while we're waiting for them to visit us here! Crash Landing On You, which aired from 2019 to 2020, tells the story of a South Korean heiress named Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) who lands in North Korea after a paragliding accident. She meets a soldier, Captain Ri (Hyun Bin). who helps her get back home, and the two fall in love in the process. The drama became such a hit in the PH that people were even visiting filming locations and creating their own CLOY-inspired photoshoots! https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/son-ye-jin-new-smart-endorser-a2520-20200803 --- More on her SMART contract: With interview:
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