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  1. TGIF and glad to finish the week and last night was a doozy on my second job with broken water pipe. DANG.

  2. Caught up on RUN ON and True Beauty. Glad the OTP are DATING but come on why no hold hands after your confession?! Why do the OTP in True Beauty are faster than you both?!

  3. Hi @Ameera Ali @sadthe1st @mirmz @Min2206 @corey @partyon @Lmangla @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @iksunijini @Ernie @larus @joccu @Jillia @forme26 fi @4evrkdrama @Catleyaand everyone else Good morning from my place TGIF! Good Afternoon and Good Evening where ever where you all are located! Now got to start work but wanted to say hi first! +2
  4. @Min2206 Thanks got home 12:30am one resident got a pipe burst so 6 floors of apt had water damage yikes. Let’s just say it was an interesting active night. pooped and ready for bed. All those in Asia - good morning friends! Good afternoon & good night too. +2
  5. @joccu Thanks heading out now to shift number 2 after my main day job. LOL. Appreciate it my friend. +2
  6. @joccu Me Too! Cedar Point is a must go to for roller coaster enthusiasts. https://www.cedarpoint.com/ When I went to Korea for Everland, I was not thrilled by the two top rollercoasters there. Heading to my second job tonight and no wifi there really. SIGH there til 11pm. Bye all! +2
  7. @joccu I can handle glass and tall buildings and roller coaster. Wow hiking/climbing and forget skiing and snowboarding (I am a klutz) I tried to ski horribly. I got scared going to fast and since I am not athletic the fear overtook me. Kudos and props to you my friend. RESPECT. +2
  8. @joccu I am afraid of heights. scary +2
  9. @corey No way really? Cool!! +2
  10. I know @MayanEcho @corey The Wolf was popular due to my pal trying to get me to watch it. LOL I said I barely sleep if I add Cdramas. Yes Li Qin is pretty. Just checked her pic out. +2
  11. @partyon HAHAHA Sunbaenim I guess joining in 2007 makes me one? I for many years was not active. I loved SOOMPI as info and resource. I was watching "Coffee Prince" and I believe that is why I joined. Yeah Empress Ki was LONG why when I did not watch in real time, I did the REWATCH party and if not with my friends, I would not have survived last year. I wanted to quit halfway truth be told. Then for a few years I laid low. Then 2013-2014 here and there lurked and did post a bit. Quiet til last year during Covid. (edit) Love Big Bang and
  12. @joccu error should be just -2 C (not -20) my bad I don't know why I typed the extra zero. You are right. @Sarang21 LOL only started being active here last week. Very new this forum. 396
  13. @partyon Hugs not going to lie. I haven't posted much on other threads as I did before. LOL Thanks Chinggu! @joccu ok here is about -1C I will take it. +2
  14. @Sarang21 Congrats! I joined pre 2010 but was not majorly active. I don't know about IMMORTAL but yeah even getting to LEGEND was a trial and did not expect it. @partyon chinggu thanks so much! WOO HOO +2
  15. LOL hope it is warm enough for you @joccu my friend Glad right now not uber cold YEAH though unseasonable for now during this time of year here for me in Upper East coast USA. +2
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