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  1. @airgelaal Hi Friend! Nice to see you here! @SimbiAni omg Thanks for the Myers Briggs on All the main characters. Very interesting noting Kdramas doing that . I love Song Ji Hyo and I have good feelings about this drama . I love that she adds the comedy and seriousness well. Someone pointed out the scene of the broken cup, omg that scene was touching and poignant. The actress as the mom is amazing . Love her! From being supportive and being there to even going to Parent teacher meetings she didn’t want her precious daughter to deal with gossip and unfair looks as she ya a single mom. Not 100% sure who the dad is but I am leaning towards her ex boyfriend . What crazy that they broke up but not being able to talk? She disappeared and then in her memory he wasn’t around? I only recall that scene she snuck in to see RJ for the final project she was the producer but she was heavily pregnant and snuck out without anyone noticing her. Yuck on her former boss to lie to her to shoulder the debt. The loan shark is intimidating and later when he threatened knowing all her info that is scary. I couldn’t blame her thinking he was after her after she ignored his call for a report. I wouldn’t have guessed his so was the social outcast. Glad AJ didn’t let it slip. Loved she said he her daughters friend. Later when they sat together it was cute. Glad she stood up for him but sad the daughter felt wronged by her mom. She is very upset because she loves her mom so much. When she told mom Santa was a joke at such a young age, she had to grow up fast . Kids are harsh. Def don’t think OYW is the dad. Def feel he helped AJ while pregnant and his crush on her still exists or reawakened . Cute how he noticed AJ right away. To think her daughter along with everyone else is smitten. He is tall, handsome and kind. Please he saved the daughter and says she IS a new student so she doesn’t have a name tag. He knows his students to even remember her name wow, nice home room teacher. @Alice Wonderland I agree with what you said about the friend who had the bar, she ya awesome. She is loyal misunderstanding the debt amount she was getting money ready to give to AJ. Until AJ made her realize it was a crazy bigger amount than she realized! What loyalty & so to bust out the good stuff too! Wow! I loved the background story : AJ kiss dare when she wanted to choose the person asking RJ and then then getting ticked at ODO dirtying her shoes. To get a love confession from him not wanting her to kiss his pal RJ. It was awkward and I was chuckling her keeping the line - I am sunbae. He was like we are same age, but I am junior and you had to retake the test a few times. Lol. Bickering then and bickering now. ODO def was scarred and was affected by AJ. I mean to meet her to see her reaction now he is a big international recognized writer. Finding out he lost the will to live after she left/ dumped him. ( why she not tell him ?) We heard RJ and ODO talking how he was broke as one reasons she left him. Doesn’t sound she is that shallow as she dated him. The cornering of AJ to answer the question at the book concert was petty and childish . But glad she made it known to him not only the guy lost our but the gal did too. Her assistant and loyal colleague, glad she pointed out that the story AJ liked didn’t realized it was autobiographical by ODO. The internet search scene where ODO was wondering if AJ was the one he thought by sleuthing around lol. She has made big impacts to be memorable that is for sure. This for now as I am going to rest now. Looking forward to next week’s episodes!!
  2. Welcome @hibiscus23 to the DM forum! @airgelaal @starrynic Uggh seriously JH what are we going to do with you? I guess NE bowed out last episode. We know by these stills he came out unscathed as expected . Dang still annoyed by him. Just testament of the good acting done . @starrynic Yup great ad lib right as @nyzah13 pointed out and the director liked them too. SSH had great skills to have his left in the final take as others our OTP did . That Blind Date BTS was nice to rewatch ! @starrynic DH calling HK a crybaby is correct in Korean. I don’t she meant in a bad way. More in a teasing way as he always maintains a cool as a cucumber image to her before.I think she was not expecting the waterworks but I love he is so comfortable and not afraid to show his tears to her. Plus he lost his cool and yelled at her about not picking up his calls outside the funeral parlor. She unnerves him to turnaround in unease after JH broke into her home . He waited outside her home to give back her ring and give her a biz card. Actions he wouldn’t have done otherwise, lots of out of character actions. Even cooking for DH or driving back to the MT just to check in and kiss her as he didn’t want misunderstandings after knowing DH saw him and NE together . Love our OTP hope for not too long of angst please for after the car accident.
  3. Ok I haven’t seen the latest drama episode yet. But from watching the unsubbed clips & the comments I have some thoughts. - GJ finally told NH to not go. Yes and he worried about her hand and got meds and post it . Like she did congee/juk with post it (GJ glad he did get it much later but still) -NH worrying over GJ, talking to the kids mom finding her call asking about her son (after blatantly and loudly lying GJ did not tell her the info on the end charts . (We know GJ did ) I am glad NH being her was a busybody . Even when JR told her they would handle it, she still helped GJ. NH calling JS to ask about GJ but telling him not to tell him she called. -JS overhearing JR going to take her to meet the Americans visiting Seoul who would be good to meet for the study /work opportunity in NY, JR told GJ about. - Jiwon shielding DH from the sun while she was studying. Then he asked her if why she is enjoying studying. Loved DH enthusiasm and appreciating finally studying what she wants and having the chance to do it now, the passion she had is infectious and charming. - DH going to her place for dinner with JW , seeing JS and mom ( so her fave place not other way around). Then them waving to JW not mention their dating situation at all . When DH tried to not eat together JW just sat down saying not uncomfortable at all. Then JS not wanting to be called ajusshi made JW call him hyung lol. Later when both were in front of the bathroom,JW said out loud their relationship. JS admitted he must feel a little to like DH & tomes of blackmail from Jiwon. JW walked away and made JS uneasy. - Already wrote about looking forward to GH and HS photo shoot. - Loved the aunt standing up to protect her mans face from the thugs threatening the Leech. CY coming in like a boss holding the loan shark by the wrists displaying her strength! Just love her more!! Ok going to watch it soon as subs should be out now.
  4. Thanks again for this forum! A lot of my thoughts were already eloquently written out already by others. I watched today’s episode and I know I am joining the thundering chorus of opinions loving today’s episode 7. I knew what was going to happen overall, but after watching it, the acting by our cast and OTP are pretty darn amazing. Here just some fave times during episode (there were more of OTP but highlighted well by others than I could explain) - I got my wish for CEO and JR in some scenes together lol, just not knowing it would be in front of the convenience store getting drunk lol. She giving up on her crush and him upset over MY treating him this poorly after 10 years. When JR realized CEO Lee was MY publisher she got upset and about him not reigning MY in etc. He recalled her later as Nurse who called . - The morning after where JR realizes from mom a new man her mom didn’t recognize brought her home. In true Kdrama drunken stupor morning after memory recovery - JR recalled all her actions slapping, being silly and yelling at CEO Lee. - When CEO tried to get MY to leave the cursed castle as he didn’t want her to suffer again her hallucinations, in his mind this is the right solution. He does care for her a bit obsessively and he did make money too. Loved KT stepping in! - When he was falling, the bewildered look on CEO Lee thinking KT is it going to save me?! Lol and when KT did, the relief and puppy whimper while resting a hand on his chest was funny. When he tried to reach out to MY, KT bat his hand away. Oooh KT is territorial of MY. - KT caring for MY and getting her temperature down wiping her forehead and sleeping by her side. Aww. MY not remembering but glad later she shared her nightmares were always regarding her mom . He knows her trauma is with his mom and he has one of his mom. Both having moms who passed away. -Later when MY enjoyed her time with KT, always stickler KT took day off to be with her and not runaway (like he did when he came by after being rejected by her) was touching. Driving her (since won’t take fever reducer, eating a lovely lunch and basically being great company but not eating himself, so sweet and thoughtful. Letting down his hair with MY was lovely. I loved his apology to her when she cannot fill that hunger she has, and him letting her know she is not an empty can. YES! - While in the car, I loved her feisty answers to what to eat? Xxx Where to go? Xxx lol. Aww MY! -JS telling ST why he had pizza places and only this time got chicken thinking getting loan and sowing roots after constantly moving was touching. JS loves and cares for KT. Being jealous of ST then realizing his tough life, JS smartly knew KT needs a friend not another brother. Lol ST said softly , I need a friend too. Awwww. Glad ST told JS he wasn’t betrayed by KT more following ST contract with MY. - KT drinking with JS, he was overboard red faced drunk but cute he is comfortable with JS. Loved HS fetal position facing KT while hanging out drinking. Glad JS talked to him about his mom and tried to make him feel better. JR mom giving needed mom perspective. I had only JR and I wanted to runaway. Your mom raised two sons well alone is not easy and one as you hyung who is special . Now you know caring for ST it is not an easy job. - MY waiting for drink KT cause he told her to wait. Lol and their banter was cute. He being so open and honest . She was too! Thinking of getting a kiss but getting Mangtae. After declaring it old and ugly, she changed her tune learning of its origins. Aww . KT cares to get it from home so her nightmares can be eaten by it like it did for his hyung. Cute she thought he would kiss her! - KT hugging hyung and needing comfort missing mom learning the Chinese Korean place with delicious jjampong was for him . He and hyung had some but she didn’t. (She probably did not have enough money ). She was full just seeing her sons eat well. Glad then we saw KT mom in his memory NOT exclude him and only worry about ST. So much more but stopping here, others mentioned the other gorgeous moments. KT calling MY beautiful, patting her head saying she did well understanding her actions taken the burden of the expensive shawl. Such a bittersweet story one month salary to buy it . Thankful for this forum & looking forward to tomorrow.
  5. Hi Everyone! I haven’t watched ep 7 yet but I just sat and read through 5 pages of comments and theories, pics , clips. I must say so excited. Loving to know our OTP are closer, KT learns about why they go to that particular Chinese Korean place, JR mom helping KT, MY helping the ahjumma who lost her daughter, KT saving the CEO lol, curious about drunk JR, looking forward to drunk KT! Thanks for the outfit voting contest it was fun! Love MY new hair cut and looking forward to a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I feel I will get more out of my viewing experience today! Gosh almost halfway over! Dang!
  6. @JumeeTya omg LSY is so cute ! Thanks! He is singing on an OST for the first time. He plays guitar and has been in musicals. He will rehearse a little and sing /try his best. The NG saying he is hungry lol. Then hoping the audience enjoys the drama as they continue to film and work hard to make a good drama. not watched it yet as subs out in like 6-7 hours for me. @fluffyloaf I agree the clip of NH and HS was life! How she said oh you are back with her son to HS. He just answers yes from exercising, then she easily gets him to help her! She only has the studio for a short time rental (I thought I heard 1 hour?). So he was unsure but with GH propping he loosened up and loved the skinship. I cannot wait til GH sees some pics where HS has hearts in his. Eyes to her especially towards the end if the clip. @alleram95 oh nice GJ finally tells NH and she runs to hug him in responses. Thanks for the write up and clip. @Mocharel I have to say I have calling that so called friend leech (a form of parasite) myself. I just cannot wait to see an end of her cameo too! Thanks @dramaninja @lampard7 for episode clips I will now watch! It is hot here got some rare but much needed retail therapy! Lol!
  7. @YuSanSeul Love the quotes! I don’t have your dedication to remember but applaud and appreciate the reminders. Yes, I like SSH & SJH IRL. Loved they admit their similarities to the character and ad lib was so natural! Nice thanks for the comments by then & the Director. @huckleberrymoonriver @airgelaal Thanks for next episode pics of AY & Keanu! @akhenaten @fluffyloaf @nyzah13Yup rewatching fave clips and BTS are life! Glad to have this forum here up keep me sane.
  8. @chickfactor I was thinking the same. He was planning to treat everyone until DH boyfriend JS paid. The bill was high , so a normal college student cannot pay that much! I went to college eons ago I definitely could not pay that amount! Very logical that is the son of one of JS mom acquaintances or cronies for sure. Even the VO dating secretly dating and you are former in-laws (more questioning/confirming ) . Plus is eating with JW at place with JS and his mom, it wouldn’t be a not nice place . Thanks!
  9. Just watched both episodes tonight in Netflix! I am happy to see Song Ji Hyo & enjoyed the unfolding story so far. Wow so many interesting theories! I just wanted to say hi as I just spent time catching up when I should be sleeping 4am now here. Oops. Song Ji Hyo looks great! Love get smile! I write more later but have a great day !
  10. @akhenaten Thanks for your theories and I agree we cannot our anything past the writers with the tropes. Your theories have strong possibility happening to be honest. I like the marriage part and Keanu and AY getting hitched. If we do no more of JH is fine. The actor is doing an amazing job. Thanks for sharing . Need to rest 3:28am now. Lol.
  11. Looking forward to the latest episode ! They put so much thought in care in everything down to the visual styling/clothing m/colors to represent the characters. MY has an amazing closet but looking forward to her swanky casual looks, as pointed out her night gown was a designer. Or how those with autism prefer stripes, warm colors for JR and comfy and calling attention to oneself for KT. i want to see CEO in crush mode over JR as we saw in the JS pizza shop. Lol. JS dear you have competition but she doesn’t want to you but she only has eyes for KT. KT stepping up to the CEO not backing down to leave MY. Yes!! Then later soothing MY after her nightmare and holding her tight. But her words say run and go! Her heart wrenching sobs of pain and desperately clutching his shirt, he knew what to do. Looking forward to the OTP bbq outing & KT def agree not as stiff as before. I cannot wait for the episode!!
  12. Hello Everyone, I just watched 1-4 and making my way to catch up but there are too many pages to read though. Sorry for not reading before writing. Just wanted to write a few thoughts. I know I am behind. Loving that DH finally found out the truth from the guys SB told to pay , repent and clean up after themselves (that his buddy secretly recorded at least he admitted not knowing why ). Also SB friends sticking up for her working hard for the store and telling the truth SB saved his GF from being beaten up & extorted money . Also SB went to visit pay respects to her dad , they went to the bar to cheer her up. YJ seeing them and bringing SB to make her uncomfortable at the Hotel restaurant to celebrate her as Employee of the Month. SB loving the flowers and thinking of the other meaning of pink roses (she knows not DH intention in the pretty floral arrangement ) representing love confession. Also when DH scolded her, she recalled the last person who did out of love was her dad. Gosh that’s what my parents say. No wonder she is feeling closer to him. He is understanding her better. I was touched too when DH said he will believe SB and be her fan . So when people prejudge due to her background bad things , she is not that kind of person. Like DU thought SB had violent tendencies and YJ kept saying SB was violent .I disliked YJ saying she is violent but DH into semantics but not violent TO YOU when she wanted YJ fired DH. Puppy Really likes SB nuna. I def see him vying for her attentions. Finally nice to see the actor in a non weird boyfriend/stalker role . Thats it as it’s 3am here and I just wanted to get these thoughts out. Thanks!!
  13. There is an article about the drama I found not posted already here. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2020/07/08/hwang-jung-eum-says-no-to-marriage-in-to-all-the-guys-who-loved-me/amp/
  14. @starrynic @nyzah13 Yes continue on DH being more proactive & yes woman power for DH to initiate a kiss is a yes! Hope HK is ok. Dang not loving amnesia and pray for no noble idiocy either. I agree @sal2 @thistle Ok need some BTS goodies or something. I would not mind return for some meals by our OTP again . I hope we hear more of AY and Keanu- since he did want to hear her story. I just looking at the BTS a lot of my fave scenes, gives me joy as I wait for Monday.
  15. ‪Lee Sung Kyung And SF9’s Chani Share Excitement At Joining “Once Again” For Cameos https://www.soompi.com/article/1411457wpp/watch-lee-sung-kyung-and-sf9s-chani-share-excitement-at-joining-once-again-for-cameos via @soompi‬