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  1. JShine Lee Chung Suk FanClub 20 seconds before the final comments from super-words [ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 190,420, "Lee Jong-suk drama MV" # romance with separate volume appendix #  Lee Jong-suk "hear your voice" - Zheng Ye "Why come now." [JShine word] "to hear your voice," Why only now MV to | translation: English Netease cloud | timeline effects: an_xiya | JShine Lee Jong-suk FanClub translation made please indicate the source ... expand full text c
  2. .........it was love at first whiff.... ...it was love at first listen.... ....well, it sounds like love at first crash... .....so....you mean it's about love at first bite...?!!!!!!!
  3. ..............you know.....scent of a women.... Stoner Stoner 12:11 on April 19 from the iPhone client 190406 SU: M37 ° CF no official version logo L Stoner seconds shoot video stoner
  4. Misa sauce 33 2018-12-25 08:46 from the iPhone client  Lee Jong-suk clip the # # lauding death bell large single mv are the favorite shot ~ Thank you, babies like to ... send a clear re-try a little ...L Misa sauce 33 seconds to shoot video
  5. c + Follow Js is light and power 4月20日 00:51 from HUAWEI Mate 10  Lee Jong-suk Why live so much better looking than the TV pro so always ask me, the real Lee Jong-suk looks like. Every time I will not think about it, the real Li Zhongshuo is better than the one you saw on TV, Li Zhongshuo. Do not believe it, the ear is false, seeing is believing. I also looked at it and looked at it, or I didn’t see it clearly. Too white, white to shine. When playing the bloody youth, the director said that the white light barrier was placed in front of him, and he could not see the whole person. The whole crew called him, white babe, white babe. White is a man of light. And the most difficult thing is that it is flawless and the skin is clean and transparent. The skin is so white, and the actress with his play is hard to beat him. What really stands out under the lens is the actors who have deep facial features but are dark or rough. Like Zhong Shuo, who is born with beauty, standing with the actress, you have to dilute the skin with several color numbers. I have seen the face brushing the wall, but I have never seen this operation of blackening my face. So the problem came again, blackening his face, and the color of his neck and face was different. The neck is not the same, forgetting the actress's hand and the hand of the actress wrapped in his snowy and slender hand is usually obvious, that color, oh. Truth, the creator prefers him. The lens does not favor him. He took him too much on the TV. His face was small and his outline was not deep and faint. Looks good and looks good. My husband always said that he is like a girl. Like an ink-and-wash landscape painting, it is sparse and quiet. But he himself does not look like a woman, it is a handsome man. The temperament and warmth are accompanied by natural sputum. At first glance, the temperament is too cold. Too thin but the bones are slender and tall, tall and straight. Unfortunately, these TVs are completely incapable of showing off. The screen is too short. Can reveal his upper body, the legs can not show the whole leg. It is always grievous, and only four-fifths or less of his body is placed in the TV box. If the lens slides slowly from the head to the foot, the lens will go through at least tens of seconds to hang. His face is not as deep as the Westerners. But it is not as flat as the Asians are commonplace. I don't know if it is long. The bones of the face are connected very well. The front is beautiful and the side is invincible. The shape of the two cheekbones is soft and not strong. But the streamlined arc is just right. It is a very good person to say. It’s like after a kiss by God, the arc is so abrupt that it’s more abrupt, and it’s less mediocre when it’s bent. It’s not much more than just now. There are also two upper jaws that are as delicate as the ones that have been carved by the most skilled craftsmen in the world. Just like the projection of light hitting the face, Ma Ma, even the light and shadow on the face is more advanced than the average person looks. There is also a mandible. The jaw line is too beautiful. Both the softness of the Orientals and the angularity of the mandible. When watching TV, in addition to the side of the jaw angle, it is barely able to record the true line of the chin's chin. The rest of the face bones are smooth and soft, the strength and the right harmony, and the unspeakable ups and downs. The ultimate beauty of the lines was brutally erased by the lens, and then the birth was concave into a small white scorpion face. I am sick of vomiting. The skin white has not been recorded by the lens truthfully, but it has to be discredited from time to time. The leg length is not too cheap. Often under the lens, the director narrator, Zhong Shuo is too high. It doesn't look good under the lens, it slides down and becomes short. Hey, his big long legs and a fork, he slipped a small half. This is still the case with high actresses. For the female lord to be petite and exquisite, I see that our male lord can't wait to change the waist and change the acting. Still being spit in the play is too high, wasting cloth The five senses are even more. The eyes are clear and bright, shining with pure light, like a child who grows up. The lens is unable to capture those jumping, like the light of a small star. It was also impossible to record the brightness and brightness of his face, and he could not record the tenderness and cuteness on his face. The cute value and the glamour value are lost more than half. Fortunately. Temperament! The temperament glitters like a diamond, so the lens can't be covered or worn. Walking naturally with the wind. The long legs pass through the sea, and they can stand out among the crowds, but they are soft and not separated from the crowd. Rare is not the same as ordinary people, but rare has the affinity to integrate with the masses. When it was cold, he looked at him and felt that he was quickly frozen by his Ling Xiao. Still feel that he is soft and warm in the bones. He sees that the human eye is good and the heart is kind. Otherwise, it won't be like this. It will be cold and frozen, and it will bloom in spring. So, when you look at Li Zhongshuo on TV, please don't draw the same number with the real Li Zhongshuo. He is not a man who is taken care of by the lens. The lens only records one-tenth of his beauty, and nine thousand nine hundred nine thousand, hopes that one day will be discovered.
  6. http://belsmultifandommess.tumblr.com/ ....wanting the summer......wanting summer 37 degrees...?!!!!!!!!
  7. https://storgram.com/post/BwcICYilXlS .....beautiful...!!!!!!!!!...just a black and white photo of a man with so many colors..!!!!!!!!
  8. Baidu Li Baoying bar official blog Today 19:46 last comment from Baoying GEEK's iPhone 7 Plus  Li Baoying # only appear in someone else's lens in Baoying # [ins] translation spokesmodel is said to also look better (Storm crying) I also want to see cr: ins_mooni_ee someone pick up what modern endorsement
  9. .off topic today.......... Uncle account At 20:02 on April 18 from the micro-blog weibo.com I want to be a good children never grow up
  10. Xina-Li Zhongshuo called Zhong Zhong Today at 12:01 from the iPhone client Today seems to be the day when education is over. For a total of four days and five nights of education, Li Zhongshuo should invite some people to drink coffee. The original Po also said that he was very happy to see Li Zhongshuo.
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