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  1. D-439 I FALL FOR YOU! Original: https://www.instagram.com/p/B30Gf4pJZ67/ Edit @ibru
  2. THE JAPANESE GARDENS AT TATTON PARK eyeforcolour..beautiful...!!!!!!!! .............Just water under the bridge, right?........have a great monday...!!!!!!!!!
  3. JShine Li Zhongshuo should support the station 44 minutes before the final comment from Lee Jong-suk over words [ @李钟硕]191021 "JShine Heart's Gas Station " Roman History is an addendum to the album. Li Zhongshuo's super-speaking " Listen to your voice" is super cute Li Zhongshuo. It's just a cute story. CR: Little Love L hears you. sound: super cute Lee Jong-suk, simply Meng turned everyone  romance is over, then another, Appendix # is not romantic, Appendix # # # Lee Jong-suk getting better
  4. ..THE LOVE TIME.... Fan little yellow duck Today 08:53 from Lee Jong-suk over words  Lee Jong-suk Ultra words  because Lee is so, then wait ultra @ Lee Jong-suk early YeahI'm still What kind of song would you write about us?...
  5. ..THE ARCHIVE TIME...Oct. 20, 2018Lee JongSuk at 2019 S/S HERA SEOUL FASHION WEEK BEYOND CLOSETnhiya_ljs_140989
  6. ...THE BUSINESS TIME... Shuo and fruit 0914 Today at 06:39 Last comment from 89mansion  89mansion super words  Li Zhongshuo super words 89m update ins: ⠀ 2nd anniversary happy! Thanks to everyone's company, 89M spent the second birthday of happiness and thanked everyone who visited us at a loss! Never to become what it is today apartment to spend a happy time together thanks Happy 2nd Anniversary! 많은 분들 이 함께 축하 해주신 덕분 에 89 맨션 은 두 번째 생일 을 행복 ...Expand full text c Dora0914 47 minutes ago Last comment from 89mansion  89mansion super words  Li Zhongshuo super words 89M, thank you for being there, bringing me happiness and joy, 10.18-10.20, these three days have gone, just because this year, in the actor’s resignation, he is more cherished and Far away friends miss 89, don't want to miss everything related to you @李钟硕 89M is a gift-like existence for me, thank you, Boss Li, the third anniversary will be better and better Non-Li can-Jsyue Today 07:13 comes from 89mansion  Lee Jong-suk Ultra words  89mansion ultra words below the president turned attention slag: 89 has the second anniversary, congratulations come together thank you, I love you cafe.89mansion update: ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Happy 2nd Anniversary! 많은 분들 축하 해주신 덕분 에 함께 이 89 맨션 은 두 번째 생일 을 행복하게 보냈 답니다 ☺️ -...expand full text c
  7. ..THE FASHION TIME... 懵智2萌 At 21:33 on October 20 last comment from Lee Jong-suk doll over words  Li Zhongshuo dolls super words finally came out to let the wind!
  8. https://deskgram.cc/p/2158036275482036591_5051881594 https://deskgram.cc/p/2158745860148715021_5051881594
  9. AUTUMN LEAVES TRAILS macchan358...... ........What are your plans for the fall?.... ...this autumn ?!....to love....to feel ....to accept.....again...!!!!!!.............of course, TO LOVE SOOMPI FORUM...!!!!!!!
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