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  1. +attention Baidu Li Baoying Bar Official Bo Today 08:09 from Baoying super-words Li Baoying super words # # Li Baoying Amway Monday Morning babies today, Monday is Princess wuli ah # Li Baoying best in the world # # Li Baoying together and lodged in it #
  2. Baidu Li Baoying Bar Official Bo Today 12:34 last comment from Baoying super, then edited 李宝英超话#给李宝英的土味情话 #Maybe hundreds of millions of years, even tens of billions of years later, I and you both turned into dust and met on another planet. In the vast universe, we are actually very close , very close ... but this time, you are to me, the stars shine in the presence of # the world's best Baoying # # Li Baoying together and lodged in it # ...FAN ART..TODAY...
  3. Baidu Li Baoying Bar Official Bo Today 17:49 last comment from Baoying super, then edited 李宝英超话#给李宝英的土味情话# You are by my side or at the edge of the sky. I think there is a corner of the world. You feel that the whole world has become gentle and stable. # 世界最的李宝英# #Eat with Li Baoying the bar #
  4. ....JULY....WELCOME............... ........YES....I LOVE YOU.... .....MY DEAR, SUMMER... ...........HERE IN SOOMPI FORUM............... LJSCXC Li Zhongshuo talks for 185 days Baidu Li Baoying Bar Official Bo Today 12:39 last comment from Baoying super-words Li Baoying super words Happy July ~ I wish you all the new month peace smoothly best Baoying around the world # # # Li Baoying together and lodged in it #
  5. ..THE FASHION TIME... come to me At 22:57 on June 27 last comment from Lee Jong-suk doll over words Li Zhongshuo's dolls are so cute that the beans with round faces are too cute ớ ₃ờ -Princess talks nonsense- At 11:09 on June 29 last comment from Lee Jong-suk doll over words Li Zhongshuo's doll talk, Duduzi and my salted egg +attention yueer0525 At 13:25 on June 29 from Lee Jong-suk doll over words 李钟硕玩偶 超话#等suky主页# suky is expected to make up the post in July (if there is no accident about the balance: there will be a small amount of balance, and it will be added to the shelves after the goods are shipped (an announcement will be issued when the shelves are available ..THE BUSINESS TIME... Su Mi 37 At 12:30 on May 8 from the micro-blog In the blink of an eye, Su Mi 37° has been stationed in China for four years~ Su Mi 37° has been adhering to the spirit of ingenuity, insisting on natural fermentation, and carefully developing products to give you gentle care. Thanks to #苏秘37°全球代言人李钟硕# @李钟硕、#苏秘37°全球代言人全智贤# and #吴青峰苏秘Principal Time Art Ambassador# @吴青峰 for their company. I look forward to continuing to witness the miracle of "natural fermentation" with my secret powder, and meet a better self! Expand textc ..THE ARCHIVE TIME.. y3_venus At 12:42 on June 17 from the Korean words over the Mood for Love Korean drama Huanian Nianhua Chaohua # 花样年华-生如夏花# OST album unpacking cr: tubing Kpop unboxingLy3_venus microblogging video 0:00 / 3:21
  6. ..SUNDAY IN SOOMPI FORUM... ...WITH DRAMAS AND MUSIC... Watch: Lee Sora And Lee Hi Sing Beautiful Duet Version Of Lee Sora’s “Song Request” TV/FILM Jun 27, 2020 by C. Hong Lee Sora performed her track “Song Request” for the first time on TV! On the June 27 episode of JTBC’s “Begin Again,” Lee Hi joined the cast in her first TV appearance since leaving YG Entertainment. At a beach in Sokcho, Gangwon Province, the “Begin Again” team held a busking session. It was revealed on the show that Lee Hi had sung the guide version of Lee Sora’s “Song Request.” “Song Request” was released in January 2019 and was produced and written by Epik High’s Tablo, DEE.P, and BTS’ Suga. Suga also featured on the track. Lee Sora praised Lee Hi’s guide version and said, “Even if I had tried to imitate the guide version, it wouldn’t have worked, so I sang it in my own voice. At the time, I thought, ‘I think Lee Hi could just sing the song herself.'” Lee Hi replied, “I think the song went to the person who it matched the most.” At the busking session, Lee Hi and Lee Sora sang a special duet version of the song. Lee Hi said, “I’m always nervous when performing somewhere for the first time, but I felt calm singing in front of the ocean with the sound of the ocean coming through the in-ears. I also felt like I could depend on Lee Sora.” Check out the beautiful cover below! Source (1) Swaying blooming flower 6月27日 07:08 from the iPhone client Xin Zaixia 1stLook Pictorial filming site CUT 's opportunity to get close to Li Zhongshuo and Ding Haiyin: Brother Zhong Shuo and me and Hai Yin brother both have shots. Brother Hai Yin and I did not have the opportunity to meet. The two brothers originally planned to travel and asked me to join me Go, I say okay, threesome, become the best moment of the best friends fascinated by Brother Zhong Shuo: when I saw the back view of me walking just wearing a shirt when I was shooting, wow~ If I were really born again, I would also like to be born so handsome To this extentLWeibo video of swaying blooming flowers .......FAN ART...TODAY.......
  7. Heartbeat House 06-25 Super talk from Li Zhongshuo Lee Jong-suk Ultra words Pu Xiu Xia | personal bias cut to the mix . ┌ send you qualified white moon summer ┘ . BV14v411B7uU the BGM: Summer - Nicky Lee sources: "Hear Your Voice" Authorization: Ban reformation and commercial setter End of the film: I Love One Zero @一零Radiant Weibo Video 20,000 views 3:48 ..for this sunday....MIDAS and DR.STRANGER...!!!!! ....kdrama land.....SLEEP....SLEEP....
  8. Mtyhvg June 24 23:56 from 89mansion super talk 89mansion super talk, I heard that the little baby's coffee shop has opened again~~Is the picture of the screenshot still okay
  9. Running soil d 2 hours ago from Li Zhongshuo Super Talk edited Although I regretted choosing this bgm as soon as I made the title, I still grinded it out bit by bit. The more I looked at it, the more it became flatter, and eventually became a practice assignment that listed the transitions I learned from my teachers. ~~~ bgm: Hustler is grateful to the wife who worked hard to cut the wood. The color chain is still from the high-energy output of Mr. Claus @心动万事屋 (for the next time you can not spoil jm’s beautiful color palette) Although there is nothing to be discussed in the commercial ban for the change of the text ... full text 295 views 2:01 Item DD does not want to lose weight 9 hours ago from Lee Jong-suk over words 李钟硕超话# increasingly beautiful Li Zhongshuo ##With Li Zhongshuo take the flower road# I did my best, Welcome to hold pictures
  10. ...the archive time... _South wind into the string Today 09:18 last comment from Baoying super-words ✧ Li Baoying Mood for Love - Shengruxiahua sa good sister! +5 ....the fashion time... Blossoming Taleen At 20:32 on June 26 last comment from Lee Jong-suk doll over then edited Li Zhongshuo doll talkLi Zhongshuo's super talk about his son 's suit in @柔多士 is simply a handsome little brother. The quality and style are not too good. Details
  11. JShine Li Zhongshuo Support Association 19 hours ago from Lee Jong-suk over words 李钟硕 # increasingly beautiful 李钟硕 # 【 @李钟硕】20200626 ""Good Morning"" no matter how early the platform comes out, you must remember it unconditionally before you go to sleep. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Taiwan will feel uneasy if it doesn't have a good back. ——Li Zhongshuo [HIGH CUT VOL.213] Daily small tasks, the little friends move their little fingers: Weibo directly click intoLi Zhongshuo sign in 100/degree to send flowersWeb link Weibo members receive flowers and flowers every monthWeb Link Cr logo
  12. Good house cat 20609 56 minutes ago from Baoying super-words Li Baoying super-words
  13. JShine Li Zhongshuo Support Association 8 hours ago from Lee Jong-suk over words 李钟硕超话# 越美好的李钟硕 # [ @李钟硕] 20200625 "Li Zhongshuo mentioned by related people" Brother gave today to actors who have cooperated in "Aria ofDeath" and "Romans are appendices to other volumes" Wu Yizhi gave a coffee cart to help him with "King Once Once JShine Li Zhongshuo Support Association 17 hours ago from Lee Jong-suk over words 李钟硕# increasingly beautiful 李钟硕 # [ @李钟硕] 20200625 "AMAN Update Brother company signed a new actress, congratulations Everyone should be prosperous, getting better and better acridine! The translation is as follows: Introducing Aman Project's "new family" Yang Jingyan actor [杨静妍]LovelyXbaby FaceX seems to be stuck in a smile Innocently open and confident~ The first public introduction~^-^Starting today Please remember the names of the three words "Yang Jingyan" Greetings to everyone~~ I hope you will pay more attention and support #杨静妍# Amanproject#amanproject
  14. c grace and At 21:19 on June 18 last comment from Lee Jong-suk doll over words Li Zhongshuo's doll super talk about this master is not reliable at all and hasten to put the bed up!
  15. ..the love time... ..the business time... jongsuk1989 June 19 20:37 Last comment from 89mansion super talk 89mansion over words when they could go ah @ Lee Jong-suk @ Lee Jong-suk @ Lee Jong-suk .....the archive time....... I want a green soda At 19:10 on June 23 last comment from Baoying super-words Li Baoying's super talk about Baoying Ouni just got up, this shot really poked me ......the fashion time....... yueer0525 At 16:53 on June 20 from Lee Jong-suk doll over words 李钟硕玩偶 超话#等suky主页# suky hero certification, di~~ +2 art........