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  1. I'm loving the small descriptions of Secretary Kwon and the Gil-siblings' father... I feel like this is going to be an emotional ride at times and overall a very sweet show...
  2. Soompi is conducting a voting poll to know which of November's dramas is the most awaited and CWPFN is one of the options (For the moment, it is 2nd, with 22 % of the votes ): => https://www.soompi.com/article/1259947wpp/8-new-dramas-premiering-november
  3. What the actual - ??? Body shaming KYJ?? Just? I'm just-?? I don't even see what kind of comments they could make on her body, like?? Anyway- Well, haters are always gonna find a way to hate hate hate! Let's just ignore them and support dear KYJ while enjoying her new drama as much we can!
  4. Oh my gosh!! This poster is everything I've ever wanted!! I'm in awe at how beautifully bright and soft it is!! KYJ's smile is luminous, and YKS looks so loving aljeajkmjaekjmaemkjaeae !! And that second teaser is killing me with such a mixture of sweet and funny moments! Both Oh Sol and Sun Gyul are such dorks! Can't wait to see them on screen!! Also YKS is just the sweetest in this cosmopolitankorea video!!!
  5. I HATE all these mean comments!! People are so blind! Yoon Kyun San is an amazing and handsome actor and he's perfect for the role! Honestly, I started paying attention to CWPFN because of KYJ, but my interest for the drama increased a LOT when I heard about YKS being casted in it! I wouldn't be so enthusiastic about it if he hadn't been!! Casting wise, from what I've seen to this day, this drama couldn't have a better one!! Let's answer all negativity with three times more positivity!!
  6. Thank you very much for all these fan photos! The broadcast date is getting closer and closer, ican"twaaaaaiiiit!!!! One thing that never fails to make me laugh when I see those photos is the small block they have Kim Yoo Jung stand on to make hers and Yoon Kyun Sang's height difference smaller ... X) Like it's just so big and the block so small that, it literally doesn't seem to change anything ...
  8. I completely agree with you, although I've got to say that my favourite is definitely #5... It's just so pretty and they look adorable...
  9. Right?!?? I can't get over that either!! X) I can't help but be surprised at how tall he actually is every time someone uploads bts photos... One thing's for sure, he will have the perfect imposing and authoritative CEO look... And I just want to see those script reading photos so badly now!! They must look so adorable togethere!! akejapjpajae I can't wait!!!!!!!!
  10. On the contrary, I actually really want her to cut them!! If I remember correctly, she said some time ago that she had wanted to cut them pretty short but hadn't done it in the end, because she was afraid to shock her fans, or something similar? Plus it'd be healthy for her hair too after her illness and recovery... ^V^ EDIT : I mean, she 's gonna look amazing no matter what anyway!
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