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  1. Thank you for uploading the article. I am happy with the video comment. Daniel cherished the fan and became more and more like a kind person New drama is more and more fun
  2. I think so too!The image changes with and without glasses I like bothDaniel's suit suits too much.The white suit reminds me of Lee da ll in particular, and I see The Ghost Detective againThank you very much for the photos and video
  3. Thanks for the article I want to see a cameo soon! I thought I was a doctor,What is the role of an advertising company? It was good because it was a good shooting site. With glasses, it's more sexy Can't wait for Daniel acting!
  4. I'm glad you enjoyed it Hickick Daniel and Hwang jung um are so cute that I feel happy just by watching them. Your The ghost detective video is so beautiful
  5. Hello! Thanks for your comment. I'm surprised that he looks so sexy in 2009. Danielle is sexy from a young age? The frame used the application of the mobile phone. Without too many kinds of frames.(^_^;) I would be happy if you were pleased with Daniel pic
  6. Hello! Daniel's finger is long, is beautiful and is fascinated. It's the most beautiful hand in the actor. I am wondering what kind of serum Daniel is using. I like a scene with Park Eun Bin and both.
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