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  1. 3 Key Points of Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung And Kang Tae Oh’s Relationship In “Run On” (Click the link for the full article) Spoilers A rascal that keeps crossing the line While trying to adjust the lighting to better showcase an art piece, Seo Dan Ah got paint on her white sleeves. The paint came from none other than Lee Young Hwa’s painting. When the two had their fateful first meeting at the pool, Lee Young Hwa broke Seo Dan Ah’s bracelet on accident. Seo Dan Ah expected him to say yes to painting her a piece, but that didn’t go as planned. To top it off, he refused her offer
  2. Since the beginning one of those attractions in wanting to watch this drama continuously is the dialogue that is usually not what one expected. I love that it is still like that ... and making the viewers curious of what the characters will do. I love that she thinks about herself first, though her heart is breaking. Who else is going to think about you more than yourself? This is also something unexpected and interesting. For now I "hate" both fathers... for making their children's lives miserable.
  3. Epik High Talks About Why They Don’t Often Appear On Variety Shows On “Amazing Saturday” TV/FILM Jan 16, 2021 by C. Hong Epik High’s Tablo and DJ Tukutz appeared on the January 16 episode of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”! Epik High is currently gearing up for their 10th studio album, “Epik High Is Here,” which features artists like B.I, G.Soul, Heize, CL, Zico, and more. On the “Amazing Saturday” episode, MC Boom aske
  4. Im Siwan And Shin Se Kyung Experience Heartbreak While Sooyoung And Kang Tae Oh Share Affectionate Moment In “Run On” The two main couples of “Run On” are about to experience ups and downs in the upcoming episode! The JTBC drama tells the story of people trying to connect with each other in their own languages after having lived in different worlds and at different paces. Im Siwan stars as Ki Sun Kyum, a former track and field athlete who retires after a life-changing event, while Shin Se Kyung plays Oh Mi Joo, an adventurous foreign film translator. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoun
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