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  1. Yeah...I mean, I get what the writers were trying to do with the ending (Yong Pal was a live shoot drama, and suddenly got extended by two episodes, so they had to scramble to come up with new material ), but given that they had extra time, I would have liked to see more of what happened after Yeo Jin's surgery. Like, how did her relationship with Tae Hyun work out? Did she really get a new lease on life - and does she adjust her leadership of Hanshin accordingly? Do the two of them get the happy family life (kids, but also the wedding she asked for) that they always wanted? lol -
  2. Well, you'll get that chance now, because here are my answers! 1. My favorite JW drama dad Yoo Min Hyuk from Alice. True, he didn't really get much of a chance to actually be Jin Gyeom's dad, and he's not the "best" dad by a long shot - but out of all the JW drama dads I've seen so far, he is the one whose character arc most interested me (i.e., I'm answering with my "writer's mind" ). His initial reaction to Yoon Tae Yi's pregnancy made me want to hate him, but he was also such a genuinely good person that I couldn't - and then once he found out Jin Gyeom was his son,
  3. But, you specifically mentioned dad, and not father like figures. If this was the case, my first choice for this question was Director Choi, but I changed it after reading your instructions. Now I am really confused, can we choose father like figures for "Favorite Dad" question? That was in response to @partyon's poll and not my Scattergories - sorry for the confusion there
  4. Dang - this was a fun thing to log in to see! Thanks for setting up both an "official" version of my Scattergories (although it did crack me up to see the repeat ) and this poll as well. We should collab like this more often There are a number of other interesting dads/father figures from JW's dramas, but you've covered a really neat list already, including some that might not have crossed my mind otherwise. So, before I get to reactions to the Scattergories responses thus far (because that is half the fun for me), a quick rundown of my own poll answers: 1.
  5. Thanks for sharing that article, @flutterby06! It's my first time seeing it, and it's really cool seeing what all of these people have had to say about JW. Of course, I do expect that any sort of published/public comments from his agency, staff, co-stars, etc. will be positive (it's just how the industry works), but that doesn't mean that I don't think they're genuine nonetheless By the way, yes! Who else thinks it's totally weird - and maybe just a bit unfair - that JW and Lee Se Wook haven't worked together in a project yet? Some people learn to be
  6. Yeah - JW seems to understand English well enough, and he also has a relatively light accent as far as Korean actors go when he does speak English. However, as you've pointed out, I don't think he's fluent: there was that time on 1N2D where, when paired with a Korean-American guest, JW was really scrambling to try to get a conversation going because he had a hard time thinking of what to say on the spot. His English comprehension seemed to be fine, though, as he and the guest resorted to just speaking their original languages (Korean and English respectively) and were able to understand each o
  7. Same here, @Calli, which is why I'm never 100% sure whether the double eyelids we do see are natural or not. So, some have a noticeable cut crease - it's most obvious when the incision starts a tiny bit above the inner corner of the eye and parallels the epicanthic fold across the entire eye (like in the pic I linked to in my previous post). However, where there is a minimal or even absent epicanthic fold (unusual among East Asians, but it happens), you will see the top line of the eye and the crease starting at the inner corner, but then very quickly separating out (think Ji Chang Wook's eyes
  8. Possibly - I've never been 100% sure on that, because if there's one place where cosmetic surgeons will be able to make artificial double eyelids look exactly like the natural ones, it'd be South Korea. However, I will say that it's more likely that they are natural than that they're not. One clue for me is that unlike the double eyelids where there's a noticeably artificially cut crease, JW's eyes can sometimes look like they have monolids because the part beneath the crease can get completely tucked up behind the epicanthic fold (i.e. the bit of skin that sweeps up from the inner
  9. Oh, yeah - JW's eyes are quite something, aren't they? I find that he's got very distinctive eyes for a Korean actor, so they're often the first feature I'm drawn to as well. Nothing all that hard: just to keep it directly related to JW. At the time, I was trying to expand to work more with other characters from his drama (mostly the female characters, just to even out the gender imbalance in my games/challenges), and that ultimately didn't work out. That reminds me of the time when, on one of JW's own recent Instagram posts, Kwak Si Yang apparently
  10. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese fandom is still active in its own right, but that it's hard to see them in the places we tend to frequent (Soompi, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). Sometimes, it does feel China is in its own little world on the Internet.... Oh, man - I didn't remember how we started, and now...did I honestly say that I forgot about Alice at the time? I mean, in my defence, this was way back in the winter/spring of last year (like, pre-COVID), but still.... @Calli and @Andrea Balcazar - @kireeti2 is talking about the fact that I used t
  11. Man, some of these were tough - especially since I am a peer for some of these actresses, so it's hard to see them as "Unnies". That said, if this were just a free-for-all, I think I'd concentrate my picks on the "Rose Wine" category. The vast majority of my favourite Korean actresses are veterans, so I was hard-pressed to narrow my picks down to four there
  12. Just want to say this first, in case anyone's concerned about my being quieter here in recent days/weeks - I'm more than happy passing on the torch of keeping this forum alive to folks like @Calli, @Andrea Balcazar and @flutterby06 right now My goal back then was to keep this place afloat over the course of JW's enlistment and then until hype builds up again after his comeback, and, well...3-4 years of constantly trying to find or come up with things to post is exhausting So I'm definitely glad to see you guys stepping in and picking up my slack! (Special shoutout to @kireeti2 as
  13. I also think he's most likely referring to JW when he mentioned "Won-ie", just due to the general pattern for his posts thus far. However, it's also worth pointing out that "Won-ah" and "Won-ie" are fairly common nicknames for Korean people who have "Won" as the final character in their given name Probably because it's got a nice, cute ring to it. JW was quite active in posting behind-the-scenes updates during My Sassy Girl, at least - that was how he started his VLive account, if I recall correctly - but I always assumed that that was just because of his upcoming enlist
  14. Thanks for this! I remember we were all trying to guess at JW's character's name, and I guess it's out in the open now (lol - the DC Gallery post even had as its title, "The character is Cheol Woong?"). Combined with what @flutterby06 said back then about this film being inspired by a real firefighting accident in 2003 (where several firefighters were killed), it does seem like we've got an interesting story here - and possibly a tearjerker as well, depending on which of the two fires was based on the real one. We also have our first actual still/screenshot, by the way It's hard t
  15. Yeah, I remember that bit - and I also remember trying to rationalize it, story-wise (obviously, production-wise, it was for the reasons you described), and I came up with two main hypotheses: Seol Nae Il was just so high about being able to go abroad at all (and alone with Cha Yoo Jin at that) that she kind of just lost it and the old, giddier side of her floated back up to the surface - you know, the same way that even full-grown mature adults might lose it the first time they step into Disneyland She calls Yoo Jin "Orabang" again because, if they are going to start studying ab
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