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  1. And now it's time for the new fic! And that's it for now! If anyone wants to access a master list of my fics and other Hallyu-related writings, you can find that under the "About Me" tab on my profile page. Thanks - and enjoy reading!
  2. Thanks for the kind words! You do what's comfortable for you, but just know that you're always welcome to share here if you want. I'm sure most people in this forum speak/write English as a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) language, and will generally be forgiving of any efforts, "meh" or otherwise. Growing up in and living in Canada as a native English speaker makes me the odd one out here, I think And by the way, my knowledge of Italian is pretty much non-existent: maybe some food-related or music-related terms, but that's about it. So you've got one up on me in that respect. So, I'll just say it in advance: if I end up having to use Italian in my "Seolleim in Salzburg" series, and it'll likely happen sooner or later since I want to make a nod to opera/vocal music in the near future, please forgive me for any mistakes then. Anyway, I'm doing the pics a bit earlier than usual today, because the fic that I've been working on is now more-or-less ready, and I want to have a chance to post that later today. So stay tuned for that!
  3. lol - My guess is the left, too, for the same reason that @soomoi said. Compared to Go Kyung Pyo (and a lot of other male Hallyu stars, to be honest), JW has this really distinctive heart-shaped face, in my opinion, where there's a really noticeable difference in the width of his face at the cheekbones and at the jawline. Right now, the silhouette on the left has this feature, whereas the one closer to the right doesn't. So my guess is that JW's on the left. And now for other pics!
  4. Just throwing this out there really quickly, because I don't know when the final answer will be revealed (and what's the fun in playing then?). Quick! Where do you think JW is in this pic??? Going by things like height and build, the consensus on Instagram is that JW should be one of the taller guys: so either the one on the far left, or second from the right (the other one then being Go Kyung Pyo). But again: WHICH ONE??? I'd love it if people who usually read my posts actually try their hand at this game. So...people like @green_cardigan or @soomoi or @valinor500 - please, don't be shy! (I've got my guess, too, but I'm holding off on sharing it so I can see what you guys think first)
  5. I'm not entirely sure. I wouldn't be surprised if it's broadcast on Korean television, but internationally...I mostly just rely on fan-taken photos and videos that crop up on Instagram or Pinterest lol - I saw people commenting on JW's hairstyle in the earlier poster, too. I wonder what's going on, though - the White Skull Division is usually really stringent about maintaining uniform, and that includes a distinctive hairstyle that's different from the rest of the ROKA. (Quoting from this allkpop article that was posted for G-Dragon's enlistment, also in White Skulls) Basically, about as close to a full-on buzz-cut as you're ever going to get without actually doing it. It makes White Skulls soldiers like G-Dragon, JW and Ji Chang Wook instantly recognizable, even from other Korean soldiers. Yes, most soldiers do have it longer on top and nearly buzzed on the sides, too, but the actual portion left longer on top appears to be smaller compared to everyone else, and the overall contrast between short/long is more apparent. So my question is: since when was JW allowed to change his style, and why? Any ideas? Because I actually have no clue whatsoever. Anyway, time to get on to today's pics!
  6. Here I am with today's pics! And, once again, it's Throwback Thursday!
  7. lol - I was just coming online to share that poster, and you beat me to it. I'm so happy for JW right now. He's been doing all of these ROKA-run events and it's just awesome! Personally, I think the part I'm looking forward to the most is the chance to see JW collaborating with Go Kyung Pyo again. What can I say? Save for having been a listener to BoA's stuff for years now, I'm not much of a K-pop person (most of the Korean stuff I listen to is Drama OSTs). So BigBang...really isn't registering for me right now. Like, I'm sure that's awesome for their fans - and I know there are many - but that's not what I'm most excited about right now. But JW with GKP...that's a relationship I do feel something for: mostly because I thought the friendship between their characters in "Nae Il's Cantabile" was just adorable, but also because...aren't they also friends in real life? I seem to recall something like that, where GKP mentioned that if he were ever to guest on "Running Man", he'd like to have JW along as part of his team, but I don't know how close they are in actuality. Anyways - either way, this is going to be a ton of fun once October rolls around Can't wait to see the pics that come out of this one. And speaking of pics....
  8. Just felt like offering Preview #2 for my current "Good Doctor" fic! A quick FYI, though: this segment does contain Korean profanity. I'm not going to translate it, since that would all be censored, but the word in question should be pretty recognizable as a rather common swear in K-dramas. And, if nothing else, I know it shows up quite liberally in shows like "Gaksital" or "Yong Pal" Well...that's one way to make yourself feel better when someone cusses you out.... *shrugs*
  9. Just popping by quickly with a couple more goodies. First of all: I've seen snippets of this video before on Instagram, but not the full thing on YouTube. And it's SO CUTE!!! And secondly, speaking of "Good Doctor".... The trailer for Season 2 of the American version is also now out on YouTube! I know, I know - I've confessed that I only ever managed to watch the first episode of Season 1 What can I say? While I did like Shaun Murphy - this show's take on Park Si On's character - I wasn't a fan of some of the changes that had been made to other characters' storylines (Two residents having a quickie in their break room within the first few minutes? Seriously??? Even if the rest of the drama turned out great, that just turned me off right away.). BUT! That doesn't mean I'm not still invested in this drama to at least some extent. If nothing else, I want to see it do well, even as it grows into its own story that's completely separate from the Korean drama. And getting award nominations and approval for a second season are notable achievements in the realm of American television, so there we go. And by the way: as JW fans...please don't be disappointed by the fact that while the trailer for the first season was bombarded with "Check out the original version! The actor in that one was amazing!" comments, that doesn't seem to be happening this time around. Again, as I've stated already: besides the first episode, the American version of "Good Doctor" has its own unique storyline. It is not a remake in the most orthodox sense of the term. So by this point, the show has its own narrative, with its own fans.
  10. You beat me to these pics, but I just may have one better Because it's now circulating on Instagram that JW got another promotion to Sergeant! Now, I'm not going to lie - when I first saw this post, I actually took it with a grain of salt. Because I'm not noticing anything particularly different in JW's insignia this time around from the last couple of events he did, and from charts like this one, three stripes means he's still a Corporal, and we'd know for sure he got promoted to Sergeant once he's got four of them: But since this post did originate from JW's fans in Korea...perhaps they know something that I don't. Like, maybe the promotion's already happened, but he just hasn't gotten the new patch yet. Who knows? But you know what? My confusion isn't all that important right now, and we've still got reason to celebrate. Promotion to Sergeant happens sooner or later during a Korean man's mandatory military enlistment anyway. So rather than this telling me that JW's been really strong in the military (although, if he has been promoted, he's gotten it sooner than in the default timeline, so that's saying something!), it's telling me that we're comfortably in the end stretch of his service. Which, if you ask me, is also worth celebrating lol - It's funny, because I sometimes hear the opposite! I've seen some comments that JW's so focused on challenging himself as an actor that he'll even sign on to dramas where the rest of the script-writing or plot/character development isn't that great. Which, to be honest, is a really subjective thing: what exactly constitutes a "good" script? I mean, I've seen a number of people say that "Yong Pal" had a bad script, but I actually liked it. Yes, it does have this odd mood whiplash in the middle, when the story's focus shifts drastically from Kim Tae Hyun to Han Yeo Jin, but I was cool with that, because I saw it as something experimental and cross-genre (combining medical and business K-drama tropes), and I thought the whole "Is love enough when your partner is doing some really morally shady stuff?" question was really fascinating and intriguing. But I can also see how people who were first drawn to JW's performance would have been disappointed in the second half, when Tae Hyun shifts to a more behind-the-scenes role in the story. And, let's be honest: the whole "poison/liver cancer" subplot near the end was really freaking bizarre. But still, as a general whole, I thought "Yong Pal" had a really compelling story. And now for some more pics!
  11. I seldom bother writing unless I'm on my computer, but that's more due to my rather old-fashioned smartphone illiteracy than because of how the Soompi site works for me there. Still, just feel free to do what you can - even logging on to find that you've Liked something cheers me up I think JW started off going really "big" with his humour in "Nae Il's Cantabile" and then toned it down over the course of the drama. And he wasn't the only one: Shim Eun Kyung's portrayal of Seol Nae Il also evolved significantly from beginning to end. So, if you look closely, you can actually see from their performance styles which scenes from the Salzburg Competition were actually filmed in Salzburg (at the beginning of drama shooting), and which were filmed afterwards in various locations in Korea (closer to the end). Generally: things that were filmed outdoors (e.g. on the streets, the palace gardens, the hill fortress, etc.) were done first, then most of the interior scenes and those involving the competition itself appear to have been done later. And just a random fun bit of trivia, since we're already on the subject: the hotel that Cha Yoo Jin and Seol Nae Il stay in in that bit (i.e. the one where Nae Il tries to trick Yoo Jin into sharing his room with her) is the same hotel that Ueno Rie is shown staying in in "Gaksital". I don't know if the building they filmed in is a hotel in real life, but the interior room and hallway shots were clearly done in the same locations in both dramas. Actually, about that "one sane guy in the room" bit, I think one of my favourite gags throughout "Nae Il's Cantabile" was just how often Cha Yoo Jin had to literally shove his friends off of him whenever one, or two, or three, or four(!) of them tried to hug him at the same time. And then they all get so used to it that they think he's sick when he fails to do it after the Rachmaninoff concert I do think JW has enough star power to at least have some say in what he does, and longtime fans will know that he's willing to fight for what he wants. So, for instance, I remember once someone posted a link to an article here that said that "Gaksital" and "Good Doctor" were both productions that JW wanted to sign on to, but that his agency wasn't entirely for at first. Considering that he wound up doing them anyway, my guess is that he won that round of negotiations Because it really is a set of negotiations. JW is one of the biggest actors that Sim Entertainment/Huayi Brothers has (although that can change since the agency itself has gotten better negotiating power in terms of competing with other agencies for talent), and we can see in "Life Log" that he meets with agency leaders each time he has to pick his next project, during which time they all go over various offers/scripts/etc. as a team. Anytime there's a group of people involved trying to narrow down a pile of scripts into one, different people are going to have different favourites. So my guess is that when fans say that JW either got what he wanted or caved to what his agency wanted, that's what it means: that he and his agency had different favourites, and then they would end up talking it out to see which one he'd actually sign on to. And JW has sometimes had some say over his female leads as well. Of course, he can't outright pick them - that would depend on what the casting director and said actresses and their agencies want as well - but he can and does sometimes request specific people he wants to work with. So I've heard that he requested Choi Kang Hee for "Level 7 Civil Servant" (and got really upset when he found out netizens were bashing her casting) and Shim Eun Kyung for "Nae Il's Cantabile". Again, I don't really know how the process works in detail, and I wasn't around as a fan in "real time", so please take this with a grain of salt, but I do remember reading comments along such lines before. lol - I think you mean Kim Ah Joong. Kim Soo Hyun is a different actor (not even actress!) entirely I think that a bunch of Joo Won Cuties' videos are still available online if you search up their Dailymotion and Vimeo channels. They also have a YouTube channel, but a number of videos that they once had have been deleted over time for various reasons. This interview is one of theirs, so you may be able to find it and others that way. Hm...well, this isn't a pic, but it's a story that's just now come to my attention. I don't actually know how recent it is (the Instagram post says "yesterday", but I don't know if that's literally yesterday as in August 31, 2018, or if this is an older post that's just making the rounds again), but it's still nice. It's also a three-for-one bonus, since it's a reported sighting of JW, Go Kyung Pyo, and Daesung together. By the way, if this is a really recent sighting...I wonder how it was these three guys ended up meeting together. I'm not sure about Daesung, but I do know that Go Kyung Pyo, while doing his enlistment, is not in the White Skulls (i.e. not in JW's division). And besides, White Skulls is based in Cheorwon, not Daejeon. *fingers crossed* Please let it be because of Army Fest, please let it be because of Army Fest, please let it be because of Army Fest.... (lol - you get the idea. I'm surprised we haven't yet heard news about the 2018 Ground Forces Festival, actually. Is there one happening at all? Is JW going to be making an appearance there? I mean, he did it last year, so maybe the ROKA wants to give the emcee spot to someone else, but with a number of celebrity soldiers, including Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul, signing on to the military musical recently, I think JW would have a decent chance at emceeing again, right? Right???) Anyway, that being said, here are some more miscellaneous pics!
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