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  1. And now we're talking about the same thing, just in different words.
  2. This one was a particular challenge for me, because just by fluke, I was far more familiar with male villains/antagonists than females ones in K-dramas (in other words: the vast majority of evil unnies or evil mothers are from shows I haven't seen, so I can't vouch for them). However, I don't mind sharing my choices for the Evil Oppas (in order of appearance on the poll): 1. Choi Won Young (wouldn't have picked him if it weren't for his recent performance in Alice, to be honest - he just kept me guessing whether he was good or evil most of the time, and the actual truth
  3. I meant in the episodes when Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi were both living in the same house - during the time when he wasn't entirely sure whether she was or wasn't his mother and when many viewers started seeing romance. He does show affection towards her, but I do think he was more cautious about the signals or messages he was sending during those episodes compared to before (which was when, as you pointed out, that association between Tae Yi and his mother was really strong in his mind). I'll still go back and change it, though; as the original version of the post just mentioned Do Yeo
  4. Some of you may remember the MBTI portraits that I did last winter for several characters from JW's dramas (mostly ones I write about, but not always). For those who don't, here's a quick refresher on who's been featured so far: Kim Tae Hyun (Note: as this was the first post in the series, it also includes a brief explanation of how MBTI works in general) Hwang Tae Hui Park Si On Cha Yoo Jin, Seol Nae Il, and Lee Yoon Hoo Gyun Woo and Princess Hye Myung And this time around, it's Alice's turn Whatever we may think about the story and wr
  5. Well, that actually explains why you didn't think the ending was as vague or open as many other viewers I've seen, as what happened to Min Hyuk is one of the biggest questions people say was left unanswered. Personally, I do think the parallel universes still exist, and here's why. It took me a while to realize that "Alice" wasn't actually in the 2050 parallel universe (where the time travelers came from), but was a base placed in our universe that could lead to it. And Oh Si Young says it explicitly: that the clients who pass through "Alice" think they're going back in time to see
  6. Probably, yeah - I can also imagine Park Sun Young (the actual character) doing something similar with her son at that age. He probably would have responded, too, since his alexithymia wasn't really detectable until he started school and people started noticing that he wasn't like the other kids. Good point here as well. I hadn't thought about that, but I can see where you're going with it. I don't think Min Hyuk was erased, though - just relegated to his own parallel universe. Speaking of Yoo Min Hyuk, though...dude, really??? If SBS really did do that, I'd l
  7. That's an interesting take - and here's mine (or what I have of it so far): And this is why I like playing around with endings like this: because different people can fill in the gaps in different ways, and that fosters creativity and imagination I think he was just too little (about two years old, I think) At that age, kids think that the point of Rock-Paper-Scissors is to imitate what their partner does rather than beat them You can see that that's what he's doing in the clip, and it's adorable. [EDIT] By the way, there's
  8. And we have our supporting cast behind-the-scenes video now - yay! Oh my God - baby Jin Gyeom's so cute!!!
  9. Um...isn't that what I was trying to say all along? In my opinion, if we reset to a time after Jin Gyeom was already born but before his mother died, then he could still live a life in our timeline that's completely unimpacted by time travel. I just see that reset as going back to 2010. Also, re: open endings - you can't quote the first half of my sentence as my take when there's a second half qualifying it I think the ending is open, but only insofar as most K-dramas have open endings: an ending that hints at a new beginning for the characters and that allows for their stories to
  10. By the way, looking back at my comments so far, I think my opinion on Alice's ending might be rather hard to figure out. So, I'll just put it like this: I do like the ending as it is, in its original form. Even though I did say that I'd do it differently if I were the writer, the fact is: I'm NOT the writer, and that comment should NOT be taken as my trashing the actual writers' hard work. Apologies for any confusion so far. It's just that for me, rather than frustrating, open endings are the perfect fuel for imagination, curiosity, and extrapolation. So even with enjoying
  11. My best guess right now is that if we assume parallel universes still exist, then quantum entanglement (i.e. the idea that Yoo Min Hyuk brought up about people being able to subconsciously feel the memories/personalities of their parallel selves) might exist as well. I'm not entirely sure how it works for Tae Yi (since we just see her life resuming in 2020 with no memory of the alternate version of her life that she apparently lived), but for Jin Gyeom, I think there must still be some blurring between the new version of him (the teenager that grew up) and the original Jin Gyeom.
  12. I'm nowhere near that point - nor was that what I was hinting at in my comment - but I would like to someday. It's harder to figure out what I could flesh out further (which is what I usually do with fics), but the idea to write something has been there from the start. Generally, I'd say that my fics take on three main directions: prequel/backstory, sequel (e.g. Seolleim in Salzburg), or alternate perspective (i.e. looking at actual drama events from another character's POV). Which direction I'd take with Alice, though, is still hard to say. Behind the scenes photos f
  13. @kireeti2 I think that, for me, my own experience now as a fanfic writer with a long series (almost) completed has given me a way to look into Alice's writing that I didn't have the last time I did this sort of drama review/analysis (which was for My Sassy Girl, I think). I won't say my own writing and character/narrative plotting are perfect, by any means, but I better appreciate now the need for installments/episodes to be tightly woven together. Not all motifs or characters need to be tightly woven in - there is such a thing as "extras", both in fiction and in our real lives - but anything
  14. And...it's done I've finally finished watching Alice. I've been thinking for a while now about how to wrap up this series of analyses (I hesitate to call them reviews, because they really aren't), so here's what you guys can expect: 1. My take on Episode 16 (along the usual lines) 2. A summary of what I thought were the main strengths and weaknesses of the drama (meaning, yes, you guys will finally get an actual review) 3. My thoughts on my first experience watching and writing about a drama while it's still airing (yep: I've watched K-dramas for 5 years now, and this is
  15. Forgive me if I end up incorrect about this - since I've only watched up to Episode 15 right now - but my understanding is that that's the whole point the drama is trying to make about the Book of Prophecy: that it doesn't make sense, and the major mistake on the time travelers' part was believing it. Out of the villainous characters, the only ones who know the full prophecy are the Teacher and Seok Oh Won, and both of them are ultimately twisted and corrupted by their belief in it (as for everyone else, they're only told that a means exists to stop time travel and it's their job t
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