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  1. JW's latest Instagram update - I wonder what he's up to now that Ghost only has about a week left to go before it finishes its run.
  2. By the way, for anyone who's interested: IVY filmed the whole behind-the-scenes of that backstage hallway performance from Ghost. You don't see any more of JW than appeared in the Instagram version, but it's cute to know that the whole thing was IVY's idea.
  3. When was the last time I posted a preview/teaser for the Seolleim in Salzburg finale? I don't remember, to be honest, as my attention has been on other projects (challenges, the Alice fanfic, etc.) for a while now However, work on it has (once again) resumed, so here's a tiny tidbit for you all. It's not a full preview, just two little unrelated teasers from random spots in the fic, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless By the way, if you want to know what I meant by "discordant to the point of being almost physically painful", just check out what happens in th
  4. I meant as two separate dramas: one focused on Lee Yoon Hoo, and one focused on Kim Do Yeon. Like, what aspects of their stories that were glossed over in the original dramas would you want to see, would you write a different ending for them, etc.? lol - I guess they each have something in common with the other's original love interest Thanks for sharing! I will say that I recall a slightly different version of events re: King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu, where the concern wasn't so much about his acting (although it is universally acknowledged that he w
  5. That's true: Yoo Min Hyuk is a really dependable person to have around. Plus, he just kicks serious butt, so that's always helpful Lee Yoon-Hoo Kim Do Yeon I didn't reply to these outright earlier, but now I want to know: what do you think those spin-off dramas might look like? Or, if nothing else, what would you be looking for in them?
  6. Yeah, I get what you mean - Lee Chae Young does seem like someone who could have been really good, but who turned dark due to circumstance and all the really crazy moral dilemmas she was forced to face. None, there is a reason why they are called second lead, the story is in a way that you'll always end up rooting for first leads to fall for each other, at least that's the case with Joo won dramas lol - Well, there's also Ma Jun, but that would be cheating Yoo Min-Hyuk Since you gave a reason for
  7. So, when I hosted a second-leads focused round of Crossover Scattergories a few weeks ago, I noticed that we really haven't done much work with them in general. Given that things are probably going to be quiet on the JW-news front for the next bit (like, save for on official statement re: Carter, I really don't expect anything), let's pass the time with an actual purely Second-Lead themed round of Scattergories: Yeah, so this works more as a quick survey than a creative exercise, but we really are just starting out here
  8. Yoo Chae Kyung is from Good Doctor; she's Kim Do Han's girlfriend, and she was involved in the whole plan to privatize the hospital at first. Yeah, and then that wound up backfiring because her singing was what he mostly liked about her in the first place; personality-wise, though, I felt like Cha Yoo Jin was giving serious "We're just friends" vibes throughout. This is the first I'm hearing of it, too. All I hope is that whatever the truth of the situation is, that's what ultimately wins out - for better or worse.
  9. Yes, Chae Do Kyung is from Nae Il's Cantabile, and no, you didn't miss anything. The drama doesn't show her wanting to be a mother - I did point out that Do Kyung's personality isn't like Meg's at all - but I thought her journey was similar in some ways. By the way, Do Kyung did briefly consider giving up her studies and just settling down as Yoo Jin's girlfriend (and presumably future wife), but then she changed her mind Yeah, I would never imagine putting her in any of the category, she is more like that old lady who ended up not single because she is rich.
  10. You have to wonder what it is with directors casting JW into roles with neurological and/or psychological issues, though - maybe that's what he'll be "King" of by the time this is done. I mean, there are stranger things ("King of non-human characters", for instance), but this is definitely up there for being a niche that's way outside of the box. Anyway, I'm actually here with my own Little Women responses, so here goes! I'll also preface my picks with a quick explainer as to which aspects of each Little Women lead I chose to focus on - since, you know, complex three-dimensional ch
  11. It looks like we'll hear news of JW's next project soon: he's received an offer for Carter, a Korean-produced film for Netflix. Again, it's just an offer, so nothing's decided yet (and to be honest, I'm not sure what to make of this as someone who doesn't have Netflix ), but it's still an exciting new development.
  12. Okay, I stand corrected. You did use the word "control" a lot, and that ended up sounding a bit sinister to my ears. Like, I personally would have said his agency "has some control over" his movements if I wanted to describe the same situation in my own words, so just "controls" made me immediately think of "total control". To be fair, "total control" is how I'd describe the K-pop situation, but not that for actors. But now, I know that I misunderstood you and I apologize for splitting hairs. There's also a slightly darker undertone to this because t
  13. You seem to have a darker - or at least more pessimistic - view of his agency than I do, and now I'm curious as to why that is. Is this just a general cynicism towards the entertainment industry, or do you know something about this agency in particular that I don't? (And I do mean know, not just suspect.) In addition to replies, I'm also here with a quick interactive. It's another one of those single-video character association prompts, and this time, my focus is on the girls I don't know how many of you are familiar with Little Women, either the original novel or one
  14. I see. I thought you meant "control" in this really draconian sense, where the agency would try to censor the videos or Instagram posts and ask people to take it down because "It's not official." - because, you know, that stuff does happen. But yes, it is safe to assume that just about every appearance we do see (even the ones that look spontaneous like selfies with fans or this video) is probably vetted to make sure it is of some benefit to the agency (most likely by promoting whatever JW's working on) before it can be posted. There are definitely advantages to a syste
  15. I don't think we as fans will ever truly know what goes on between JW and his agency - like, is the fact that he rarely appears on social media beyond official agency-run opportunities because of their control, or simply because he's a private/reserved person who prefers it that way? It's anyone's guess, really, so I don't think we should read too much into his relatively rare social media appearances.
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