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  1. Dear King, please participate in the 1000th page celebration by posting any photos on ig. Thankyou
  2. It looks like LMH is reading this, so he uploaded a new photo on ig ... in order to go to page 1000
  3. agree with you. if they are still in a relationship, LMH might not post a photo of him with another woman for the first time. we all know that photo shakes the world
  4. Imo LMH doesn't need to announce their relationship with KGE at this time, just post photos that contain clues about their relationship. it seems like it's more fun to discuss in this forum
  5. Even though I didn't tag both of them, I'm so agree with you how about we just use hashtag
  6. LMH is caressing WDH's head But LMH's imagination caresses KGE's head yes I'm stuck between 0 and 1
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