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  1. @UnniSarah @Lmangla maybe book soon changed her name before her son was born. after she left the orphanage to forget her past and live new life with new name.
  2. who knows.I think maybe she meant that someone who has already been married once or finacially in the same level. the pancake slap was so funny
  3. I really liked this drama. the cases where good and flow between cases where good. and i actually liked that this drama only had 12 episode. sometimes too many episodes spoils the flow. loved every character. Tnx everyone. I enjoyed everyone comments. the old couple murdering is little bit unexpected but it actually maybe sense that they could continue so long without getting caught. who would suspect them killing people.
  4. joccu

    Fathers of dramaland

    Recently I been rewatching older kdramas. So the one of the worst kdrama father for is Lee Sam-goo played by Kim Sung-kyum in drama my love, madame butterfly. The father is the kind of who values money/power over people. He told his youngest son that he is his grandson and not his son first. After his son conforted him he tried to deny it but eventually he had to admit it. the Father also told his son that his Mother abondened him/died. The father also told the mother that her child had died. tried to meddle mother and son relationship when they found each other were alive. The father meddled his son relationships, didn't like his and son way of work and etc. the typical money hungry kdrama dad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHrU_zZAl7Q the clip start 2.16 The best father there*s too many. But there is one of the earlieast dramas that had a father that left big impact to me and that was Yang Byung-tae played by Kim Yeong-cheol in a drama Life is Beautiful(2010) He was a family man who had four children. One child taesub with his firstwife, two children hosub and cho rong with his new wife and yand jihye who is his new wife daughter. the drama was weekend drama. very realistic, real problems and heartwarming. One of biggest theme was that his oldest Son was gay. The family at first didn't know and they did live in jeju. One of the best scene was tae sub coming out to his parents. FIrst with his stepmom and the with his father.
  5. I had the same thought about the photo. So the woman is lot older that secretary Ha. So it actually be cruella. Is there an another possibility? there was a name back in the photo and it look like it read Ae Shim.
  6. So the vixen let go of SJ. I wonder why she did the DNA test between the cruella and SJ? Is vixen and cruella going to team up or is the other going to blackmail the other?
  7. I honestly don't think vixen for now would shift her ship. But it is going to happen. Maybe after she knows who is suk joon birth mother. Who is the secretary sibling? Any guess? Pil Jeong is the obvious. I haven't watched the first couple episode so I don't know anything a out pil Jeong family.
  8. So this drama finally ended. I watched the final episode without subs so there is couple think that I have to check again after the subs are available but I liked how this drama ended. This was fun drama maybe little bit dragging. I loved all the action scenes hated the stupid not so clever agents stuff but overall this ended on the plus note.
  9. The old man. Who is he? serial killer who hasn't been caught? The father of the two brothers that were killed? I think Jaemin was killed bc police couldn't punish him for his crime. I don¨t know about law that much but there should be a exemption about minors committing murders especially if the murder is planned.
  10. yeah this is the kind off crime drama that I love. No one big case. different crime cases. But I have this inkling that the last case is going to be about kangho dad. I seriously hope that the body isn't BS daughter.
  11. so I watch all six episodes and it was good. I love that all character are little bit of flawed and not perfect. I love the all crime aspects. And I totally love that for now there is no corrupt big bad police villain. I like all the characters.
  12. How's this drama been so far in the crime aspect? As a crime show addict should I watch this?
  13. this is really addicting drama. Maybe this will totally save me from my drama slump. It funny that everyone in the family things they know each other but actually doesn't know. Everyone has secrets. EH what are you doing with the Boss? I get I one want to do what you want. But cheating is just really big no for me. She should wait for the Boss to officially brake off from his gf and then be together with him. The parents relationship is intresting and complex. How they relationship ended where it is now? We have seen that maybe the dad had affair or another woman, then there is YS( who is maybe the dad´s son/probally is), EJ isn't dad's daughter.(who is her father?) Is it the young student that was show in the flasback scenes when mom and dad where young?
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