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  1. First episodes were really good. The logic in this drama is little funny. Kim Sun Ah is one of my favourite actress. I only hope is that the lead don't die. And the plot doesn't flop in middle drama. SW is really hot. Hope he finds love.
  2. I usually don't watch rom-coms. there is like one rom-com by year that I watch. But the first episode was really good. And luckily there is little mystery. the cast is really good.
  3. this looks promising. I loved the original when it aired. So I really hope they don't disappoint me. there have been few remakes that really haven't been good. and about hustle vs leverage. Hustle aired earlier and if I remember correctly nobody had never worked for the better side of law. I mean they have always been conmans/woman. Both series was awesome. there were similarities but what series doesn't have similarities. Leverage had Timothy Hutton. SO I hope that lee dong gun can be as good as timothy. This is going to be very intresting drama.
  4. I really liked how this drama ended. I just hoped that bj could have paid his crimes. but sometimes even in real life justice doesn't prevail. At least people know. I really don't like vigilante justice. It just making an another crime. This drama had a really good message and I like how it doesn't try to make everyone happy. BJ did everything for himself just like his dad. Like father like son. tnx everyone for comments.
  5. almost caught up. I still have ep 14 left. It is really intrigued that bj could have manipulated so many people and that everyone believes what he says and really doesn't doubt him. BJ character is really complex evil. He's too perfect to be good boy. But my question is: Does he want his dad dead? Would he be capable to kill his own father?
  6. I also have almost everyone still on my suspect list. it kind of rare this point of drama still to suspect so many people at once. Yeah porter definitely knows more. but what he knows I totally can't figure out. It could be about Soo ah murder. But how could he know about that. unless he saw something or heard something he shouldn't have.
  7. so the v.i.p was never show. I kind of thought that but still.. This is one of best dramas this year that I have watched. Good ending. This could have a second season. but if not I'm almost satisfied how this ended. thank you for all the insights
  8. it is really intresting how easily BJ can manipulate people. KH is also intresting character. he is creep who stalked Soo ah but he also want to find the truth who killed her. he the kind of character who you hate to love. I think who ever killed Soo ah was paid/or blackmailed to kill her. The mastermind is someone else. Totally could be BJ or his dad.
  9. after watching episode 14 I been thinking that maybe they won't show the v.i.p. Or if he/she is show it will be like the last episodes last minutes. that could totally lead to second season. well if there ever will be second season. there has to more that one mole in the blue house or how else the bad guys always know what going to happen. there still 30 days left and only two episodes left.
  10. I totally loved episode 13. OYS is losing his cool little by little. V.I.P? Could he only want to make more money? Could it be that simple reason for treason? And when he has his own puppet president he could actually run the country. Han? It looks like he hates his country and doesn't care after YAng died in the bombing. So is he actually involved? I don't think so. But who is the mole? the classes lady( can't remember her name), president park assistant who also has classes, or is it really han who is the mole?
  11. I'm actually waiting today's episode. Are they going to present the V.I.P today or do we have to wait to tomorrow or to the last week. Now that PMJ is going to run president. Who is in control? The ministers or SOmeone else? And How is OYS and the V.I.P going to react?
  12. another player showed up. The rich old man. OYS enjoys the power and he's totally going to cross the line. But how? The real question is: who is the V.I.P? - tailor guy - Sec Han - or Someone who still hasn't show up And what the V.I.P want? Total power? Sec Cha is never going to support OYS. He's president park's Chief secretary. I'm mean OYS is on the lead in the presidential race but he's the kind of man who doesn't take advice. He want to run things his way.
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