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  1. @Wuzetian it really good with white/brown mushrooms. 746
  2. 742 @Min2206 chanterelle is the most popular edible mushroom in here.
  3. 740 @Wuzetian @Min2206 800 g new potatoes 100 g butter1 dl dill300- 400 g chanterelle/mushrooms Salt and blackpepper1 ts lemon juice I fry the chanterelle with butter and dill.
  4. 706 @Thong Thin thanks! no rice but potatoes.
  5. 702 @sadthe1styeah the drama had some ridiculous plot twists. Psychopath, reincarnation, orphan, childhood sweethearts and then my oppa the one that lived in the past accidentally killed the FL parents in car accident( he was chasing some criminal) @4evrkdramathank you! they are doing really good. They are still alive which is bit off a miracle. Oh that Byun yohan new drama sounds really good. I have this vague memory that I have read the novel.
  6. 700 @gm4queen this scene was in lucky romance
  7. 698 @gm4queen Lee soo hyuk abs are real. @sadthe1st nope he did not get the girl in that drama. The gumiho guy got the girl. I dropped that drama in episode 10. It drama that can't be named. It was so bad. Hello everyone!
  8. 702 @partyon thanks. 1 is unfortunately true, lie and then true.
  9. 714 @Ameera Ali @Sleepy Owl Denmark is leading Belgium 1-0.
  10. 710 @Wuzetianthey are song joongki and jeon yeon been and the drama is vincenzo.
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