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  1. 358 Off I go. See you guys later
  2. 354 @sadthe1stmostly junk food and snack bc it's weekend. So chips, candy, energy drinks. And then bottle off white wine. But also going to buy chicken and vegetables for tomorrow.
  3. @Thong Thin true not the first time it's been this cold. but after the climate change last year there was literally no winter in the east and the temp also drop only to like -2. So many people are really happy that we got a real winter. @Min2206 well I try to go out everyday so even if there is cold, going out. 360
  4. 380 @Thong Thin well I´m planning on going outside and go for a walk and then the buy food. But going to wear warm clothes. @sadthe1st
  5. 374 @Ameera Ali that suit looks so much fun. Unfortunately I do not own one of those so it going to layering the clothes. Something like this. @partyon I actually do like the cold weather. the sun is always shining in here when the temp hit's below zero. and if there is no wind the weather is not that cold. But I do understand that people who do not know this cold weather would like to stay inside. @sadthe1st your hair is most likely to freeze if you have a long hair.
  6. 374 @Min2206 @sadthe1st @Thong Thin @4evrkdrama @forme26 fi @MayanEcho @Nodame @partyon @Catleya @Ameera Ali @Sleepy Owl @larus @Jillia @coreythe temp is right now - 21. It's was - 24 when I woke up in the morning. @Min2206 i will keep warm and when I will go outside I will wear warm clothes.
  7. 374 @Nodame have a nice shift at work.
  8. @Lmangla I hope that the stepmom pull of this coup. but I have this nagging fear that she's going to fail and the chairman is going to win. Oh I FF the weekend scenes, I could not watch them.
  9. 374 @Nodame I love rollercoasters. they are so much fun. yeah skiing and snowboarding is not for everyone.
  10. 374 @Nodame I also afraid of heights but when 'm snowboarding or climbing in the hill I don't feel afraid. I feel more afraid in tall buildings or places like these. I so hate glass floors.
  11. ok this looks really scary. 374
  12. @partyon -18 that's not even that cold. well not for me bc I'm used to cold weather. the cold right now is coming from Siperia. When you go outside you layer up your clothes. but also you can't wear too much clothes. @corey I will tell you tomorrow what the temp is. @partyon I joined soompi in 2010. SO been here over ten years. But I can't remember what brought me here. maybe i wanted to find other people like me who liked k-dramas and wanted to talk these dramas. I think someone was talking in aznv about soompi and that's how I found this amazing forum.
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