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  1. IKR!! Every question, every observation was so on point. I think this was the episode he was most himself in S2 and I hope it's only uphill from here. We didn't have one scene of SM and YJ together but it mattered little because SM was in his element throughout. Makes me think maybe this is why some people didn't like this season in the beginnning cause SM was still getting used to his sorroundings and new people unlike S1 when he is fighting from his home ground from day 1. Honestly this season was like a mega puzzle with very tiny pieces- SM has finally found all the pieces and now he has to connect them together. And that is going to be thrilling and exhausting. With every episode my list of suspects only gets more suspicious so just gonna leave it to SM and you guys!
  2. Hahaha I feel you. I guess suspecting everyone is a testament to how unpredictable the writer is. Though the scene you mention is worth noting. Their behaviour was a bit odd. I bet there is something that these two have been plotting- maybe not related to the kidnapping directly- but something for sure that will be revealed in due course. Maybe eventually Detective Gun will be onto them and thats how he could be harmed like some of you are predicting. Ultimately I hope that the writer is able to suprise and satisfy us just as she did with season 1- no matter the sacrifices it takes.
  3. That is quite an exhaustive list- good work! I was thinking of the people who would know of all the cases in the show right know as possible suspects and then @nrllee made the post about SDJ's senior who was investigating the Segok case and I thought of the person sitting beside him in the picture- the investigator who now works for SDJ. What do you guys think of him as a suspect? I mean he knows of the cases SDJ was working. Though I can't think of any intent.
  4. Thank you. No I am not saying that JMH is the culprit, I mean she could be but all I am saying is that maybe the culprit thought the same way. That is to say that the culprit is someone who has been wronged by police at Dongducheon in some way and has trust issues with that station. God I do hope her fate does't turn out like ES's though if she is innocent. And agree about the anger issue- it seems that SDJ has personally wronged the culprit given the violence.
  5. When he looked at the doodle he was reminded of how SDJ's trainee was relieved to know about the kidnapping case being in Yongsan police station's jurisdiction and not Dongducheon's since he was investigating the latter. So I think what went through SM's head when looking at the doodle was what if the car was deliberately parked by the culprit in that area to ensure the case goes to Yongsan? Cause if the case went to Dongducheon wrong/corrupted people could be "watching and driving" the investigations like you mentioned. This could also explain why the car was parked haphazardly- because it wasn't parked by SDJ (who SM pointed out cared a great deal about it) but the culprit who left it in hurry. The blood could be planted to make sure there is no question of who the victim is and raise tension maybe.
  6. KIM MIN JAE is soooo handsome!!!! Really when he is on screen there has to be something/someone more attractive to take my eyes off him- fortunately the chemistry between the leads is just on par so that makes the show doubly watchable. I started watching the show just to fill some time honestly but it's got me looking forward to Mondays. I am sure the chemistry and great acting will keep me hooked but also hoping the story remains engaging and not draggy. Also huge thank you @Jillia for the gifs!!!
  7. Exactly- if someone else was kidnapped we'd have another missing person case filed already- apart from SDJ's. I think that CB-WTH are not involved in SDJ's kidnapping- they are just involved in some corruption cover up and in that too it seems WTH is more at fault than CB. The 'shouldering' comment by WTH makes me think CB is not directly involved in any wrongdoing- and I know it doesn't matter cause she is still covering up for someone but I can't get myself to dislike her. This episode does make Kim Sa Hyun look slightly suspicious though esp that part where he is recounting his days with LCJ. Up until ep6 he just looked completely ignorable. Then there is Hanjo, Segok, Tongyeon, SDJ's trainee and his wife- all have started looking very guilty post ep 7. That is basically what ep 7 did- added more people to the list of possible suspects while eliminating none. What it also did is establish that all these individual cases are connected with each other!
  8. So a good 5th episode overall but my favorite scene had to be the interaction between Prosecutor Yoon and YJ in prison. @bedifferent that was such a beautiful explanation of their encounter and it makes so much sense especially as you pointed out how working at HQ, being more mature and seeing more of the world has probably made YJ look at Prosecutor Yoon more empathetically. There were so many emotions in the scene- happiness, awkwardness, nostalgia, pity, consideration, etc. I felt so sad to learn that he didn't have any visitor in last 3 years, for some reason I will always have a soft spot for Yoon. I know he is a criminal but still- the story of how his child died breaks my heart. So good to see him again. I hope he can also play a role in their investigation by spying on the police guy or something. And the gift that was sent to him makes me think it will in some way tie up with the mess SM-YJ are in. What I am also curious about is the envelope CB asked YJ to bring with her and asked her not to look inside. Makes me think that she deliberatley asked her not to look to indirectly encourage her to look. Somehow I feel CB is only acting to be this bad guy and that inwardly she is on YJ's side to expose the truth. But of course I could be totally wrong. Finally, the police sucide case is only getting more interesting. From the police chief's nephew being in Segok, to the chief's driver being from a high ranking family. Maybe SM-YJ can leverage the driver's position to in some way get some for Sergeant Song?
  9. Yes even I was relieved that YJ didn't report to CB about SM asking her about Segok. I think she felt a little guilty about telling her about the drowning case at the cost of SM and in a way meeting SM again in person has made her re-realise how honest and upright SM is. I don't doubt SM will have YJ's back no matter what WTH says to him because he has already started doubting his intentions but that is not the case with YJ, I think she really looks up to CB so she first has to start doubting CB's intention before she starts keeping things from her. And like @larus mentioned, next week YJ probably discovers that CB was in some way connected to the sucide case so the cracks are forming. And then once they both start trusting their bosses a little less- they will come to rely on each other more. Rather than Police vs Prosecutor it will then become SM-YJ vs the Council. So fingers crossed and hopefully we'll see more of them working together.
  10. Yeah me too- I thought Jang would have more faith in SM; But then again in S1 too he had a hard time believing the Special Investigation Team & had left for a while so it's safe to say that he has never fully trusted the prosecutor side in general. But I think he trusts YJ completely so if he sees her trusting SM- he will too. I have a feeling though that in order to protect YJ in the future from her police headquarter colleagues, Jang may end up doing something rash like you know messing up a case or something. Just because the fact that YJ is feeling a little secluded in the HQ is being highlighted frequently. @nona88 really love how you catch the nuances of SM's body language around YJ- makes me want to see the episode again. But like you mentioned how CB was surprised seeing YJ interact with SM confuses me a little. Because I thought CB was the one who recommended SM to the council knowing his role in SIT last season and that she would also know that YJ worked in the SIT too so they would have known each other. So why was she surprised?
  11. WHERE WAS THE TERRACE SCENE????? I was smiling throughout the day thinking of what they would be talking about! How can they do that to us? I want YJ and SM to start interacting again like friends pls!!!! Okay now to the Segok Case- it keeps on getting worse. I feel so bad for the victim. People can be so cruel- even those in uniform. It really breaks my heart. He must have been so tormented psychologically. I hope SM and YJ are able to bring him justice and really punish the culprits. As for the Hanjo case, interesting how the evidence is pointing towards LYB being sick/paralysed or something- couldn't have seen that coming. It was so smart of DJ to look through trash for something to take back to LYJ. Also in the moment when he was rooting for LYJ- it seemed genuine. I want for him to be better than he was in S1. Another important reveal on this side has been about LYJ's possible involvement in the prosecutor's death. I am interested in how CB reacts as YJ finds out more about the police sucide case- only then will I be able to judge her cause till now she seems really sassy and cool. A little cut throat yes but that's what her job demands of her right now. Finally, just as YJ's former colleagues can see how she might need some support out there, I hope YJ can sense that for SM too (I know I know he needs no support but just in case cause it looks like he is finally questioning his bosses next episode).
  12. SM imitating the crime gave me major season 1 flashback!! So overall good ep.. I agree with @Jillia that the uniqueness of the show lies in how it builds up with all necessary details towards the final reveal so lets's hope that is in fact the case. The police officer case is intresting and so is the stuff happening at Hanjo. So I am hooked (as if I needed more reason other than Cho Seung-woo and Bae Doona). @breadstal Sameee!! Can't wait for tomorrow's terrace scene. Also eager for SM's reaction to seeing YJ on the police-prosecution council!! I hope that after initial butting of heads in the investigation, both SM and YJ can work together to solve this police sucide case and the council issues. I just want to see them as friends sharing meals and solving mysteries together!!!
  13. I know right! They have such good chemistry- not only on screen but also the off screen BTS. I mean I don't want romance to be the central theme, nor do I want for it to be very pronounced. Only subtle signs of romance will also do!! Those scenes in season 1 when Si mok smiles around her has my romantic heart go all gaga. I do hope the new PD is able to take this relationship gently forward!
  14. Hi guys, I just completed watching Stranger season 1 and have become a huge fan of the show!! Of course the mystery leading up to the finale is quite thrilling but above everything else the show has amazing characters. I am especially in love with Han Yeo jin- she is so lovable, warm, determined and skilled. The way she cares for Park Moo sung's mother after his death is one of the most self less act. Her kind heart is also why Si mok always trusted her and why unlike among others he never felt awkward with her. Their friendship is goals; they seem perfect for each other. Hopefully this bond evolves and gets stronger in the new season. Haven't started the new season but super excited and looking forward to the new mystery!
  15. @Nodame So true-- I agree HN is just too calm/fearless to be RJ's daughter. But more importantly, after AJ started dating ODO in the past- I don't think she ever thought of RJ romantically, so drunk or not she just wouldn't sleep with him. Honestly, after the hospital scene between ODO and HN where she is (reluctantly) nursing him has made me look forward to their scenes more than any in the show. I get this warm, comfy feeling too seeing them interacting like father-daughter. So all I am looking forward to now is for ODO to be more proactively involved in HN's life and be more patient when dealing with his misunderstanding with AJ. I'd also like RJ, YW, AR and PD to develop their own story lines independent of ODO/AJ cause honestly it will be much better than all the filler scenes the show is currently using. Like some have suggested- SH and PD would be interesting and maybe even RJ and AR. I don't know, but I hope ODO and AJ can now be left by themselves with no interference from third parties cause it's quite clear that they still have feelings for each other.
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