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  1. Today's episode was all about JH smiling at Sol A- I would say swooning, but don't want to jinx it. And with Sol B getting a glimpse of it in the civil law class- if not a love triangle but a jealousy trope is sure on the cards. Have to say though this ep was owned by SolB. Such an enduring character- I hope she is quickly cleared of suspicion cause she deserves the love and warmth of friends more than any one! Her story reminds me of Sky Castle. Also anyone have any theories on Kang Dan? Does Yangcrates know that she is SolA's sister? If she is missing then why isn't S
  2. Why!!!! Hahaha. But like you said romance is not the main genre. And atleast till now the mystery seems interesting enough to keep us hooked. I guess will have to make do with the 'flirtatious' moments and then search for FMVs on Youtube of the two/Insta edits. LOL. Anyways, fingers crossed- atleast the finale could give hints of a romantic ending. Thank you so so much for sharing this. The struggle of international fans with lack of translated stuff on some of our favorite stars is real.
  3. Yes I think we'll get that scene next episode. I think the two are going to rush to the police station where she confronts Man ho. Can't wait for next week!!! I don't agree. If you think about it, JH seems to have idolised his uncle since he was very young and seems like he grew up relying on him, the uncle on the other hand had his own family (despite being estranged now)- so the betrayal was felt greatly by JH. He suddenly lost both- his professional idol and his only family when his uncle was accussed of taking bribes. Additionaly till now the show hasn't given us any
  4. Wow. Episodes 3 and 4 have unfolded so well. The characters are slowly beginning to make sense even though the murder motive still remains a mystery. Some spoilers below so caution: I have a feeling that Jeon Ye-Seul will turn out to be married to Assemblyman Ko's son who couldn't get into Hankuk. That would explain the tension between her and her husband and maybe possible abuse? That I am not sure but certainly the bandana guy (Min Bok-ki) has a huge crush on her. How cute was the hair flipping scene! Kang Sol B- you feel for her this episode. Abusive mom. Pressure f
  5. Just caught up with first 2 episodes- the first ep was a bit meh but the second ep is much better. Honestly came here for Kim Bum and staying for him and the FL. She was a bit annoying in the first ep but quickly makes up for it in the second ep. I love the past she shares with YJH and the present friendship with the HJW. I reallllllyyy hope there is a love line between Sol A and HJW- they have good chemistry. Does anybody know if there is a romantic element to the series? Agree though that the editing can be made better because it is a bit confusing right now with all the flashbac
  6. I know right! I love this version of Cha Young. Its sassy and like you said sincere. Given how frustrated Chairman Jang seemed of Jun Woo it seems he is eventually going to flip sides. I hope he doesn't become another casualty of Jun Woo. And how hot is Taec!!!! I can't even--- I know I know he is a sociopath and a killer but he is sooo hot. I hope we get more shirtless scenes of him;)
  7. Just wanted to highlight this!! I am so glad too that JYB finally had some scenes to show her acting chops. She is a complete scene stealer when it comes to potraying grief. So so good. This episode also had just the right amount of humour you know- something we found a bit overdone in the first 2 episodes. I hope this is the tone the drama maintains making just enough space for romanceeeee. Speaking of romance, gosh it hasn't even started but SJK-JYB scenes are already overflowing with chemistryyyy. I want to scream when they are on screen together seriously, even the comedic scen
  8. @raziela I know right Taecyeon's character at this stage is really adorable and it's a shame that his role as an antagonist was revealed. I really like his cute and not-so-subtle ways of expressing that he likes HCY. However if he really is the evil guy then given what he did to all those researchers at his villa it's also a little creepy to have him flirt with her. Would have been even creepier if he was the one who ordered her father's death. I would honestly like to see more of both Kwak Dong-yeon and TC over say the other tenants honestly.
  9. I found the 3rd episode to be the best till now. For some reason the CGI and unrealistic action scenes didn't bother me too much except for a split second when I saw it happening for the first time. I don't know- maybe the airplane scene in ep 1 made me adjust my expectations accordingly so now I find myself not caring for such scenes (like sliding off a glass building with the gun as an achor). What stood out for me has to be the chemistry between CSW and PSH---- it's so incredible. I really enjoyed her saving him, their banter when they were tied together, the sleeping in the van
  10. Sorry to cut your post short, just wanted to highlight the above. That is such a good perspective to justify the way she behaves- a teenager around her dad. Now that you have pointed this out I realise she is mostly eccentric around her dad. Maybe she is more like this since there is no mom in the picture hence her father's approval probably means a lot more to her than we realise right now.
  11. I couldn't have said it better! The show will do better with a more serious tonality and not trying to "be cool" in every scene. I have not seen the Fiery Priest but some of you have pointed out that the female lead is written similarly... well then the question is does her character change- I mean does it become less cringy?
  12. I get the feeling that HYC is going to die given how he is getting close with Vincenzo and then that will probably trigger Vincenzo and HCY to work together and fight crime. But I have to say that while the plot looks promising I am still not able to connect or understand the characters except HYC (the good lawyer). JYB is such a good actress but I dont know if its because of the way her character is written that I am not really connecting with her character- esp her over top reactions sometimes take away from the true emotion of the scene. And its so frustrating because I LOVED he
  13. A little (okay maybe more than a little) over the top for sure but still not bad. I think they were trying to pull of many things in a single ep- mafia-enigma, action, suspense, humour, money/morals etc and it didn't come off that well. It also seemed a bit dragging in the middle. As for SJK speaking italian I would love if someone who speaks italian can throw some light on how he was- cause he didn't seem completely comfortable to me esp with all the swearing. But now the good part: Love Hong Yoo-chan and his team. Even Vincenzo's mom's story seems intriguing. Both SJk and JYB loo
  14. Just saw the first 2 episodes and I am in for the ride. Reason no. 1: Because it's CSW! Seeing Simok smile, throw tantrums, flirt---- I can't tell you guys how satisfying it has been for me to watch CSW in this avatar. Reason no. 2: The story. I get the criticisms (esp the airplane scene was just not required) but hey it's sci-fi so as it is we have signed up for some mind bending stuff so for now I am going to just go with the flow. Also again, it's CSW- I honestly need no other reason. I am so glad both sisyphus and vincenzo premier this week- offering a perfect getaway in an otherwise not s
  15. Me tooo--- I am really rooting for the rom-com aspect of the drama to stand out. Both characters seem like psychopaths- just my kind of couple!!! I mean yes the crime fighting, black comedy, social commentry and the mafia things are on top of list too but wishing this drama can be encompassing and give us a memorable love story too.
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