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  1. Some random thoughts: - Honestly I wouldn't watch an action only drama, I like to have a little bit of everything in my dramas- romance, action, melodrama and humour so I am actually enjoying Suzy and Seung gi moments. In fact I look forward to them. I don't find them odd or forced either rather quite organic. I don't think there is a specific pattern that love should follow, it can begin with a drunken kiss too- why not? I am just sooo happy to see both of these together sharing some tender moments and revealing their vulnerabilities to each other! - Now as for why Hae ri is so untrained even after so long in NIS- i find this aspect of vagabond a breath of fresh air. I mean the fact that EVERYONE in NIS are highly skilled, super intelligent and almost super humans is just unbelievable; like any other organisation NIS too will have some agents who take a little long to get used to the job and it's antics. There is nothing wrong or odd in that- if anything her lack of skills makes intelligence agencies like NIS slightly more authentic. - So till now I am thoroughly enjoying myself. The only way I see this drama disappointing me is by making this conspiracy very far fetched and complicated for us as viewers to follow. The fact that even after 7 episodes we are still trying to separate the bad guys from the good guys in worrying- they should try to sketch out other characters in more detail.
  2. You are right in saying that if he really loves her he would TRY to sort things out first- that is what he has been doing for the past year!!! Trying to sort things out so that he can stand in front of her with pride and honesty. Exactly why he even pushed her away on her birthday. Because he didn't want her to get involved with him when he is such a mess. He is ambitious which is why kept fighting on by himself. But that phone call from Director Park completely broke him. To be investigated for the murder of your former best friend was the last blow. Any one else would have given up untill now, but because JW is ambitious he wants to fight on. What he realises is that he can't do it staying away from HJ any more- he tried it before but failed. He is now thinking to himself maybe this wonderful woman will give her the strength, his relationship with her will give him the courage to sort things out and not the other way round. Very often people form lifelong bonds when they are at their lowest not when everything is sorted out and going smooth. Isn't that also when you also get to know for certain if the person you are with is someone to keep or let go?
  3. Agreed! I didn't find it out of context either. They had developed feelings for each other before either of them even knew the extent of the game or that it would take so long to find SJ. I think HJ is fully aware that SJ is missing but her instincts tell her to trust JW, she knows that all he has been doing for the past year is looking for SJ and she believes what JW told her about SJ being alive. So they taking some time to recuperate is an investment of time not wastage, something necessary given all JW has been through and is going to go through. They need some tender moments in this storm to keep up the strength and to not feel lost. I also think often times people mistake that when you are going through a difficult phase that you are sad or worried all the time. Yes for major part of that phase you are gloomy and worried BUT the only way you pull through such a difficult time is with a little bit of LOVE, CARE and HUMOR- these are what prevent one from falling into depression and giving up. So the romance is not mistimed. This is the time they need each other the most. Having said that, I think the debate about them finding time for each other when everything is a mess could have been avoided if maybe the character of HJ was written a bit better- I mean if we could also gain an insight into what she went through- her sufferrings cause she couldnt see her brother. But then again the voiceovers indicate that the story is predominantly from JW's perspective so maybe we get to know more about her life in the coming episodes.
  4. OMGGGGGGG!!!! THANK YOU---- I thought it was just going to be a hug!! But they bettttter show a close up tooo. I mean we have been waiting for a week and this is hyun bin. I will collapse if there is no closeupppp. Guys hopefully some of you'll will manage to give live updates cause I CAN"T WAIT for it to be uploaded online!
  5. Listen I wouldn't blame her AT ALL if she does.... I mean just look at his face!!!!! It is gold, so precious. And his dimplesssss- even a 10,000 word thesis would be less to describe them Now about the preview- the kiss scene, i think it comes after she realises that he has disappeared from the hospital. I think JW came to the bridge (I think that is a bridge) to contemplate suicide and maybe just as he was about to seriously go for it, HJ shows up.
  6. Guys the wait till Saturday is seeming too long and since this is the holiday period, I was wondering if you could give some suggestions on what I could watch between today and Saturday. I haven't watched many kdramas and would like to experiment. My taste- anything with a good story plus romance! Thank you and happy new year!!!
  7. Absolutely. The game is not leading anywhere- we are nowhere closer to finding SJ and this is frustrating!!! I mean if you have 2 such powerful characters central to the story as SJ and Prof Cha- why not also give them a bit of a backstory so that the viewers have something substantial to hang on to. But then again the chemistry of the leads and the way the game is being presented, you can't help but feel drawn to watch it. You can't help but count days till the next episode airs and go to forums searching for some spoilers!
  8. You know I am completely with you. But what I don't understand is why go to such leangths to get JW killed? I am sure there are other less suspicious less complicated ways of getting him killed. Also how did Prof come to know about the game or rather how could he anticipate that JW would die in the game? I have a feeling this mystery will not get solved till the very last episode and it is definitely going to divide people on whether it was satisfactory or not. The best thing therefore is to just enjoy the episodes as they come.
  9. I think there are 2 possible reasons why Cha dies in the first place: 1) Problem in the game so killed when JW attacks him 2) Another person in the game pulling the strings for reasons not yet clear Now, if it is 1) then both SJ and JW are facing some sort of criminal charges/prison time- if somehow JW is pardoned because he didnt know about the problem in the game and hence killed Cha unknowingly then atleast SJ is facing serious criminal charges and then for this drama to have a happy ending the last few episodes will turn into a legal fight to acquit SJ and JW. So I don't think 1) is true. Hence in my opinion, only 2) is a possibility. So Cha is killed by Cha senior or someone else. We don't know who. We don't know why. Hopefully the writer will come up with a rational reason not anything too unbelieveable (which I think is a foolish thing to hope given what I have heard of her from people who saw W). But still hoping for the best. Also thank god the romance is here. They both look so hoooooott together. Lovely beautiful couple. Let me know what you guys think of my speculation.
  10. Happy with the kiss butttt the game has no rules!!! What is this turning into... just hope the writer does not spoil it with unnecessary deaths and plot twists!!!! And JW looks so broken in the preview! I feel soooo sad for himmm. I think this is when HJ will step up and help him- this time hopefully not just to nurse him to health but also help him in the game.
  11. Guys whoever can watch it online pls give live written updates here. I won't be able to see the drama online until sometime later so this is my salvation:)
  12. I am quite confident that he is. But I wanted HJ to accompany JW to Granadaaaaaa. I mean I like the bromance between JW and Sec Seo but would like more of romance between JW and HJ!!!! I really wish HJ is atleast secretly following JW to Granada- enough of them being apart!
  13. Thank youuuu!!! OMG OMG OMG this is soooooo cuteeeee. You are right- this is dangerous. A killer for sure!
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