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  1. I usually don't watch melo cause there's always so much crying but the chemistry between LJK and MCW was hard to ignore. Props to the both of them! While I get the logic behind why DHS had to have amnesia, I was hoping there would be a few more happy scenes with our couple reunited. In my own epilogue, haesoo comes home just in time to attend her little bro's 2nd wedding. We'll also have a reunion dinner, special guest KMJ and eunha is soon to be an older sister.
  2. Well colour me surprised. I was convinced that BHS nail biting in the preview was a red herring. I'm so glad that HS and JW are finally on the same page and had time to talk it out. They're gonna need to stick together to find evidence to put BHS behind bars since the baek family's slippery. And HS finally realised he loves JW! Finally my boy took you long enough.
  3. I'm definitely going to miss this show. Can't remember when was the last time I laughed and cried this much with the characters in a drama. Gonna miss the fanboy/girling with you all here too! Hats off to the crew, it's been an amazing ride!
  4. I'm still trying to wrap my head around nurse park possibly being MY's mom. The only way it makes sense if she has dissociative identity disorder. Given her character she couldn't have been so calm whenever MY was around and would have been hella jealous because of GT. Her nurse persona is a total 180 and I'm finding it hard to reconcile the two.
  5. Sigh our otp's happiness was extremely short-lived . However, I don't think MY's mom is the killer and there is more to this mystery than meets the eye. I feel like this is a plot device to show character strength and test their resolve as a couple and the true killer (not MY's mom) will be revealed in the end. Haha I hope I'm right as I feel it'd be such a cop out if we go down the obvious route.
  6. Glad soompi is back up so that we can discuss ytd episode. There was so much progress for our trio. The kiss, MY taking care of KT, KT telling her about the butterflies, the fight, the subway date, ST noticing KT being happy, ST acting like a hyung, MY being accepted, bros moving back in. It might just be me but I was wondering why it took MY so long to figure out that KT was burning up. I guess she was clearly distracted . Although I shouldn't complain cause we got an amazing kiss and MY playing nurse.
  7. On the contrary, I dont think its regression but progress. Specifically, KT receiving forgiveness from ST and finally letting go of his guilt. MY hit the nail on the head when she asked if he was sacrificing everything to atone for his sins. By unchaining himself from ST, he is that much closer to finding his own happiness.
  8. I was surprised that MY came to the house to see ST. Says quite a bit about her feelings for KT and her development as she's not usually the first one to extend the hand of friendship. Also I'm optimistic that ST will redeem himself next week by giving his brother the best gift (i.e. his acceptance of MY).
  9. I'm unable to do anything on a sunday afternoon other than to replay their first kiss multiple times to prepare myself for the heartbreak tonight's episode will bring. #rekt
  10. I don't think KT having a life of his own and looking after his brother is a mutually exclusive thing. As JR's mom pointed out, its time for KT to take a step back and let ST figure out how he wants to live his life. We've seen ST's desire for this during his fight with KT. For ST i think this is also a situation of be careful what you wish for. While he craves for more independence, I don't think he understands what that independence entails. KT has always been a safety blanket of sorts for ST to fall back on. The role change of caretaker to more of a supportive brother is something that ST will need to adjust to. I think the last hurdle for ST to be ready to go out into the world so to speak would be to overcome his trauma about the butterflies.
  11. Here's hoping KT's line "i must be out of my mind" in the preview is in reference to a kiss scene between our leads.
  12. I'm no psychologist but I'm beginning to agree with the view that MY's personality disorder seems to be more a result of environmental factors than genetics. If her mother suffered from mental illness too perhaps she might have been more susceptible having similar genes. While I'm not sure her actions can be constituted as empathy, she has at least a little regard for people. She seems to have more consideration for ST because she knows he is important to KT and while she might not fully comprehend her emotions, KT is important to her. Therefore, as her environment changes and there's more positive stimulus, I think she might be able to learn how to love and care for others.
  13. My heart ached for MY when KT took her hand and placed his to her cheek to offer her warmth. And its even more significant when it was revealed that he knew all along who she was. It felt like a mini apology for being a coward and running away when he was a kid.
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