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  1. Same I got really annoyed like WHERE'S JAMIE HELLO?!???! I've foreseen the siblings plot twist coming and just maybe if LCA and NGM did not have that much chemistry we would have accepted it better but still... I agree its dragging out too long and everything's kinda in a standstill of mess and I absolutely hate how jamie is sidelined.
  2. Thank you so much for answering some of my questions! Though i got to say, jamie seems useless at this point as this character is solely used for showing the audience the past and theres lots of ways to do that rather than wasting a whole character on it.
  3. If the show does not explain everything clearly from beginning to end I'll be really speechless because that is what we deserve after episodes of fillers. Some things I need explanations for: 1. What exactly are the powers of the 3 kids 2. Why jungwoo can't "predict" jaewoong's face at the start 3. What exactly was WNV for? How did the kids end up in that village in the first place? 4. How female scientist not age? 5. What is in jamie's bag? Seeing her use a sling one instead of her normal bagpack just makes me even more curious what's inside. But i have li
  4. Finally!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!! Thanks for always giving us a recap of the episode so quickly after it airs and the preview description too:) Thanks for being here with us too! I am sure some of us are still lurking around:)
  5. The flickering light as Jamie recalls the past... is it time for her powers to awaken...we've waited for a damn long time for this. How i wished this show trimmed its fillers to become a 10/12eps show. Damn sure it'll be more exciting...
  6. The premise of the show was really cool but up til now, I think the writing has not lived up to its standard and is the weakest part of the production: underdeveloped and inconsistent characters and draggy plot to name a few. It is such a waste because I really like the idea and material used for the drama but it is getting harder and harder to accept the less than good writing. Just hanging around now for NGM and LCA because they were the ones who brought my attention to the show. I will still continue to follow the show but I really hope it gets better...
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