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  1. The preview's title is "Organic, Mum misses you". I could only understand Byori saying that (her sister) AR is suffering and JS angrily asking his mother if she really does not feel the least bit sorry towards AR. This may hint at miscarriage. We shall find out in a few hours now. Edit: as expected, at least for me, "Organic" died and AR asks JS for a breakup/divorce.
  2. I remember reading on this thread that this drama's writer compared Jeon Seong-woo with Leonardo Di Caprio. So... was she hinting at the ending, with his character dying à la Jack Dawson and this drama to sink just like the Titanic? Or should we urge Yoon Kyeong-ah to consult an eye doctor ASAP? Because unlike his US "counterpart", I am afraid this Korean actor has little to no chemistry whatsoever with either of his on-screen love interests.
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