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  1. Wow what a roller coaster ride it was..From cursing APAIN for wasting our $11 to swooning over Hyun Bin's speech..It was a unique experience.. Congratulations Hyun Bin for snatching that Daesang.. I remember how we were always upset abt the CLOY snub and crying over Binnie being robbed again and again for his role as captain Ri..But wow!! Good things happen with good people.. Now Best boy has one popularity (voted by fans), KPCC award (given by President) and finally the most prestigious acting prize for an award show Daesang..for his role in CLOY.. Although i m still a bit upset ab
  2. I m late but i have to say this.. Yejinhand post was so touching..I have never seen an actress so successful yet so humble..Because of the love and support that she is getting now ,she feels proud and confident that the 20yrs of her career didn't go in vain... With that let us celebrate the 10th anniversary of Binjin appearing in a same project for the first time.. It is well known that Hyun Bin is Yejin's ONLY exception. PS: Regarding that KBS program, it was hilarious how they used various clips from Binjin's previous dramas but left out the main one which brought
  3. @AnnieCheesecake there was a period when embedding insta links in Soompi was prohibited. i heard the ban was lifted but i m not sure why u are still not able to do it.
  4. Happiest Birthday to our dearest Son Yejin.. Words can't express how she along with her bf gave comfort to so many people around the world..Not only CLOY, her previous masterpieces are also widely appreciated...Keeping aside all her talent and success, she is such a gentle soul..I mean who can stay angry at her after seeing that eye-smile of hers..She brings happiness, a breath of fresh air wherever she goes.. That's why god sent her a GOOD person when she stopped searching for one.. Yejin has become an inspiration for so many women , be it in SK or anywhere else..Her passion and de
  5. We know Yejinhand is on her liking spree part 2. However she liked a BINJIN update again.....The post was from a Brazilian fan describing their journey till now...Lol!! Does Vera speaks Portuguese as well..??.. It seems like I really underestimated Yejin . I thought that after getting overwhelmed by the dating reception she would go MIA for few months just like how she did it post CLOY. But nope, seems like girl is finally free..Nothing is holding her back now...How badly she must have wanted to tell the world about her man , press likes on his pics, etc.. all th
  6. Once Again..as it should...The drama which sweeped KBS 2020 drama awards.Not to forget, 3 best couples from the same drama..Record!!
  7. Binjin are really the Nation's Couple..The Negotiation is releasing again in theaters in South Korea..Wow!! a 2018 movie in 2021.. And not to forget how CLOY trended again in Netflix in so many countries , especially in South Korea NF it is in top 5 now. TVN is also doing a re-run of CLOY and its ratings as expected are impressive and within top 20 of daily programs.. Binjin has really given happiness to so many people .. Everyone were rooting for this union both locally and internationally..Although we did nothing but still they made our New Year better..Let us not try to proje
  8. I agree with @bin-jin that HB knows how to protect his privacy if we look at his past records.. Also, i have seen few videos where general Korean public were talking abt not being in favour of Dispatch..From my perspective Koreans really know how to give space to the celebrities.. Majority said they won't interfere in celeb's business and nor would they click pics and post it just for clout ..But again Sasaeng fans are there ..And recently from the news it seemed like someone tried to trespass Rain's property. I think HB is capable enough to handle this cause he has been dealing with it f
  9. I was thinking abt what should we address ourselves from now on.. "Binjin shippers" isn't valid now cause shipping is done for unconfirmed/imaginery couples.. According to me "Binjin stan" would be the most appropriate term cause we stan these two individually as well as a couple .
  10. Just to remind you guys... Son Ye Jin once said.."I want to be involved in a real rumour".. She is savage..
  11. Wow...Binjin is Reall!!! i still find it difficult to believe cause we have been used to the term "waiting with patience".. I was camping on other soc med platforms entire day but i came back here to read all the lovely replies ..Good to see so many familiar users back...This is the place where i became an official Binjin shipper...And just to think that my first and last ship sailed....i m at loss of words.. ..I had this smile plastered over my face throughout the day while scrolling through my soc med accounts.. This is the Best New Year gift for so many folks...They made mill
  12. I feel really sad knowing that Yejin had to face so much just because she was rumoured to be dating one of the most eligible bachelors in Sk..This is true that women are thrashed more when it comes to scandals ..And all this hatred just because of a man... sigh!! At that time Yejin's fanbase internationally was not that big unlike now..Shippers from multiple other dramas of HB used to camp under her comment section bashing her for bursting their delusions..HB fanatics were another breed who thought they were superior than Yejin..Infact her own fans who used to ship her with anoth
  13. After reading the excerpts from Esquire, there is no doubt as to why it took so long to get an interview related to the main casts from the local media despite CLOY being a huge domestic success ... I couldn't stop smiling the way the interviewer was being too obvious..He/she definitely wanted some more tea from Hyun Bin..Just look at the questions, it mostly revolved around ,CLOY, Yejin , Nego. I m sure questions were screened before..but the interviewer didn't back down and somewhat found ways to grill him more. I guess this is the difference between foreign press and
  14. We know Binjin have the best chemistry and even the industry people acknowledge them.. However, as we don't have Best Couple award for Cable dramas, let us win this in Swoonies Awards.. Binjin Swoon videos has the highest views in their channel and if they win, we can once again ask them for BTS or unedited clips of Swoon interview..(It is possible because HB-psh uncut Jenga video was released few months after MOTA.) The competition is stiff ..but let us do our best.
  15. Agree.. that Lee Seung Gi Cover was great..(He is my bias apart from HB).. As for CLOY osts almost all of them are good..LMAO..My Spotify top 5 songs of the year were all CLOY Osts with Here I Am again at no. 1. Btw Seung Gi is so cute... As you can see, that person was pulling Seung Gi's leg teasing him about Yejin.. Seung Gi had his first super hit song called .."Noona cause you are my woman".. So the MC was asking Seung Gi if Yejin was that woman.... For real though, isn't Yejin a Noona by few months to Hyun Bin as well??.lol!! other juniors of Yejin li
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