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  1. So there was a program where the actress playing Ma Young Ae's character was invited.. The MC asked her about Binjin.. @celest1al can you help in translating the important lines related to Binjin in the video. https://m.tv.naver.com/v/15908680
  2. @BinjinHome actually no one did it intentionally..A fellow shipper from our MT accidentally posted in their thread about YJ's ig update cause just like everyone else ,she got excited..It is a mistake and can happen sometimes.. Plus it was just regarding her IG update and nothing else..No shading of other actors. People having an ounce of common sense should figure out the difference between a troll and a long time Soompi member in Binjin thread.
  3. Yess she didn't buy her followers and they are quite active as well.For evidence,take the example of all the polls she had won..from Baeksang to Starmometer, King's Choice, etc.. What is the point of having 10 m+ followers if they are inactive and seems to have forgotten about u.. (Sorry guys ..just a bit triggered by few irrelevant fellows).
  4. This was the card which was mistakenly sent to Yejin instead of Hyun Bin as it was addressed to her. You can clearly see what is being written on the card.. The fans were encouraging HB , praising his performance in CLOY , calling him Best Actor.. And yup..he is indeed the Best Actor in her life.. I do believe that YJ reads her fans letters and messages as she feels so overwhelmed and herself acknowledged that much effort is being put while writing those.. Yeah!! She didn't post that bookey and the card without reading it.. She is openly supporting Gookie oppa.
  5. My delulu mind is moving at high speed.. Edit: So it was mentioned on the card as "To Yejin", a fellow fan told me.. HOWEVER the content written on the card was mostly related to Hyun Bin..But she still decided to post it Yeah ICBM..!!
  6. @celest1al can you translate what is written on the cake in Korean?? Specifically that line which is written above the dates 2020. 02.16-2020.08.16
  7. I m so sorry fellow fans..I don't want to ruin the atmosphere here.. But plzz ignore this post.. This is my last reply for @MY15.
  8. Wow...it is already on Naver.. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/076/0003633505 The happiness can't be expressed!!!! Btw ....Omg..that cake with Binjin's Swiss pic ...lol!! What if the pic is on top of a cake but The Great Wall of Hyun Bin still exists on her IG and it will be completing 2 years of its formation tomorrow..Our wish of seeing Yejinhand updating a Binjin pic on 22nd September seems to have partially fulfilled.
  9. We got a Yejinhand update after 60 days.. Yayyyy.. She is so sweet...she thanked her fans and wrote a long message both in Hangul and English
  10. @MY15 What if a post about NK portrayal in CLOY is also given unamused reaction in a BINJIN forum??How will you justify it??..Just a bit curious..
  11. So hmm..along with Binsshi even Yejinshii drank water instead of wine.. This was already mentioned maybe pages ago and I knew about HB but this is the first time that I was clearly able to see that YJ also drank only water. Time stamp 0:55
  12. Happy anniversary to this CGV event where the glorious line " HB seems to like more" was spoken by our matchmaker. Something just clicked rn .So during the initial TN promo tours I guess in August , Binjin were asked to give scores to their chemistry.. HB gave 90 out of 100 .. Whereas YJ gave 100 saying that she enjoyed working with him even through the monitor..(This one was quoted by @Krystal. in her latest post). LMAO why do I feel like YJ got a bit disappointed as he didn't give her full points.. Now come back to this CG talk show clip that I posted from Twitter. The question was asked again and our Binsshi this time amended his mistake and gave 100 points. But lol!! Yejin being Yejin ..she will leave no chance to annoy or fluster him. Hence came her taunt that the maximum must be 1000 as if not believing that HB gave her full 100 points this time.. .. You can see how embarrassed HB was and went on to say that 100 is the max.. Anyways..I really like the banter between these two..Only they can understand the humour between them. We as viewers have a wide smile plastered on our faces just by Binjin's reaction and interactions. I dare not say anything about YJ 's personality cause I don't know her personally. But in my mind she has this image of someone who always likes to beat others be it with her witty replies or while playing various games. I think YJ doesn't forget things easily even if they are trivial..for example this chemistry score card or the fact about projects that HB declined in which both were in talks..etc. It is what I observed based on a few instances.. Reality may be completely opposite though..
  13. Honestly..no one is doing it like JAPAN. Can they give some awards to CLOY cause they truly understand why this is a masterpiece..Our pleas anyways falls into deaf ears in Korea. No dvd, award snub ,no promotion,no interview even from Park Ji eun or Pd LJH..I honestly want a detailed interview from PJE so that my curiosity gets satisfied regarding those easter eggs introduced in CLOY. After all what could be better than listening directly to the writer of the greatest love saga of this decade. Here is an article by yahoo Japan ,which conducted a survey as how much CLOY is liked by men and women and what aspect of CLOY draws them more. Majority were attracted by the acting and over all performances.. It was surprising to see that at some point, men scored higher than women. This is the biggest difference from the first HALLYU wave brought in by Winter Sonata which was popular amongst middle and old aged ladies only. Also ,apart from being constantly at number 1 position, the CLOY related merchandise have been going out of stock. Especially the Ost is breaking records there . https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/9f667ab3574fd09daece0d13f2c47674073d488f/comments
  14. @Seriya apart from Lee Min Jung, another Cinderella 7 ,namely Song Yoona who is a veteran A lister is married to another A lister Sol Kyung Gu. So I guess SYJ can take one -two tips from her besties who are married to famous SK actors .
  15. @TotoroSY thanks for your effort.. Btw ,I think @ sonkian is a Soompi member as well. So yeah she would also be happy to read ur elaborate post . On a side note...Whaaatttt!! Son Ye Jin actually visited North Korea.. She visited NK in 2005 to film a video related to the unification of the two Koreas. I don't think she went to Pyongyang or entered mainland NK, but atleast she set her foot there. Yejin clearly said that she hoped for the re-unification to happen soon. My god little did she know that in the future,14 years later, she will contribute more to this cause when her character in a drama Crash Landed in NK. I think this was also one reason why she chose to work in CLOY. I never believed in Destiny or such things but HB and SYJ are surely changing my perception towards this concept. Also ,this drama really helped many people become aware of the situation in Korean Peninsula.. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/001/0001154618
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