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  1. I suspect you are right, I think it's meant as a ploy to disrupt whatever the baddies are planning and rattle their cages a little, also to take the pressure off him for a while, though it's a huge risk if he suffers from injuries that he can't recover from - our brave King
  2. OK, I've not watched all episodes, instead I watched the last episode and this is what happened in the drama, not quite cliche but it does explain certain things. Edited: after watching E25-27 I have to say I really like Simon Gong in this role, there's something in his eyes that conveys his emotions. But the person who really made my heart stir a little was Alen Fang. Dashing with a wisp of hair hanging down his forehead, a headband keeping his long hair in place, as it hangs around his shoulders, his boyish smile appears after teasing her. [I tried to place a scre
  3. ok, I've watched till almost the end of E20....and my thoughts are that the plot feels a little old now, and I don't feel half as entertained as watching it the first time round. I know that that usual drama plots (ML loses memory and ignores FL for another woman, evil father turns out to be a step-father and FL is adopted, woman comes into ML's life and turns out to be his sister, after creating some tension) are part of the virtual game's plot but perhaps the manner it was executed seems a little too expected/obvious, to the extent the FL verbally berated the game system for using plots that
  4. I knew this drama existed but I read the plot summary and didn't think much of it, believing that the storyline would be rather flimsy and poorly executed like some I have seen. Fortunately, I've had the New Year holidays and am waiting for some other light hearted dramas to air their subsequent episodes. Thank heavens for this lull that I decided to watch the first part of Unique Lady aired in 2019 and now am catching up on this sequel. I read the 2019 reviews from the older forum and can't help agree that the 2019 version had a surprisingly interesting plot. The near-ending episodes were bor
  5. @lovehuche according to chinesedrama.info -->Filming lasted 96 days beginning October 2019 and ending on January 16, 2020. I don't know if that's a VO or her real voice but it adds to her youthfulness, and probably the hairstyling. But she does look young so it's not difficult to mistake her age. I am enjoying the light-heartedness of this show. No intricate plots, the archetype plotting step-mother and the expected doting second male lead, a really easy watch to herald in the new year! Eagerly waiting for 7 Jan to watch it all at one go till the end.
  6. E13-18 in brief.... Alright... now that I've given this show some thought, the show's objective is not to showcase the profesionalism and life of a psychologist. IF it did, it would certainly fail in those quarters. Too much emphasis on the romance and too little actual depth on the profession itself. In terms of casting, the actress portraying Kai Huai is too young-looking to make it believable that she got the job to treat a high profile patient such as Xuan Wen. In my corporate career, my younger colleagues were upset that they were judged by their age and n
  7. E11-12 reveals.... I am getting used to seeing the 2nd ML as a really nice, considerate and caring person [I hope it doesn't turn out otherwise]. I find the actor is really able to use his eyes to demonstrate his affections and concern for our FL - it's probably the experience he has gained from his career, unlike the younger actors who sometimes lack that aspect. Whenever he looks and talks to her, I truly get that he is fond of her, and a bit more than that. But I wonder why he is holding back (prolly because he doesn't want to fight with his nephew over the girl) and I
  8. @Table122000 so far only one episode has been subbed by a fan I believe. But you are right, it's really fun to watch and unlike the usual fare that we get. I have watched all 8 episodes and I really like them so far. [caveat - I don't know if a psychologist watching this would be really critical about the method used to treat the patient, but for someone who's not from that field, I can watch each episode unfold in ignorant bliss. This thought occured to me because I have reached Episode 8, and besides a few interventions she has introduced, the story just shows her doing lots of journaling of
  9. @RollyPenny depending on whose wish you are referring to but yes I am over the moon and I feel like the ending has left me with a happy moment in my life too!
  10. After watching E14, I would say I am completely sold on KAR as a part-time agent for the team (reminds me of Terius Behind Me's ending). She is such a pro and her collaboration with JJH in the lab was smooth beyond words. More so, the way she handled her MIL, sniping the thread and poking her with pins, and then bargaining for her freedom was so calmly executed. I agree with her MIL, she would have made a fine asset to Hermes! I am glad Yoo In-Na got a chance to play this character. She has been the supporting actress for so long, with the exception of two dramas where she was the
  11. @SweetButters amazing research and explanation on Lee Yeon's journey to becoming a human - it would have taken too much effort to look it up like you did . I had assumed that he got a human body but his soul was that of a fox due to the fox bead. LOL As for Lee Rang, I'm completely sold with what you had to say, though your explanation addressed the head, not the heart. And it's the heart of the viewers that ain't soothed by the ending [based on my observations of the comments]. Well, that's the reason this forum is here. It gives viewers a chance to air their grieviances, whether
  12. I've read what some of you have had to say about Derek and JJH. My take is that KAR is trying to redeem herself off her 'wrongdoings' and feelings of guilt for leaving (giving up on) JJH by behaving differently with Derek when their marriage is faced with a crisis. On one hand you could say she has matured and is learning from the mistakes of her first marriage. On the other, it could be said that she might just be doing it for the wrong reasons. She has repeated many times that she doesn't want to do the same thing with Derek but seeing Derek as an opportunity to right what she perceives as h
  13. @Phi why does that photo of Derek and JJH (with the fog behind) remind me of the scene from Goblin?? yes, I agree with you about love based on needing someone and love based on wanting the best for someone. Derek will have to reflect on what is the basis of his love for KAR.
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