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  1. Wow, what can I say, a few more posts and we will make it to the 200th page! Congrats everyone for your passion and dedication to this drama
  2. Thanks RCalma - Can count on you to put these pix up. heheh I have a suspicion that DM's mother found RG and took him in. But then DM's father's business failed and they could no longer afford to feed 3 young mouths (RG, DM and EG). So, in desperation, DM's mother left RG at the orphanage, thinking that at least he won't starve and he would be taken care of... tensaitekikuroneko - you are so observant, DM is wearing RG's shirt. ahem. They left it to our imagination then.
  3. EG has gone home to have dinner with DM's parents. He suddenly asks the mum, what was the name of that boy? And the mum looks shocked at the question. EG lets the mum evade the question. Sindy sponsors a Baskin Robbin's cake for DM's birthday celebration. It's hilarious, DM doesn't let RG drink beer at the dinner. She informs everyone that he has something he has to do, and that's why he can't drink alcohol (?) - I think the staff have thoughts about what that could be... He offers his credit card to them for the bill. They leave first and head to his place. I think he asks her why he wasn't allowed to drink alcohol. DM's mother is looking at RG's photos with DM as children. She has kept these photos in a special box. Written behind the photo is Yoon Jae's name. DM's mother looks troubled. Back to RG's place. DM has put on an apron and I think she intends to get him to paint again. She tells him she wants a birthday present, she pulls him to the art stand and tells him that he can do it, he can paint again. Ooh, she offers herself as the model...She sits and her shadow (she ties her hair in a bun and sticks a paintbrush in to hold it up) appears on the canvas, and I think she gives him the inspiration to draw something. He picks up the pencil with his left hand, and traces the shadow - well, that's a great way to start and it restores his confidence slowly. He puts the pencil down after he completes tracing the shadow and DM says its beautiful, Artist RG. He hugs her, then pulls her up, and gently tells her that he loves her. To which she replies, that she loves him too. He kisses her and pulls out the paint brush.. (hhmm is he going to do more than kiss her?). DM's hair falls down and they continue kissing. What? They do nothing more than lie next to each other in bed??? Come on, director-nim. Ok, tensaitekikuroneko points out that DM is wearing RG's shirt in bed. So, the director has left it to our own imagination. ahem. Anyway, RG has a dream, and this time he sees DM in his dreams when they are kids. Episode ends. There is no preview. Sorry I haven't learnt how to put a pix into this yet, although I had one of them kissing at the end. Mian.
  4. DM asks SA if he is ok with this revelation. I think SA says he waited till his mother felt comfortable enough to reveal her past to him. DM, SA/RG's mum and SA are talking about the art exhibition, there is mention about the mother's love for RG. Hahah, SA asks DM if she is his fan. DM is caught by surprise and she kinda admits it (?). DM tells SA to look at RG and the mom, walking and talking together. Things appear to have been sorted out and RG has put his emotional baggage down. intermission now. DM and the three gallery staff have gloves in hand? And they appear tired, I think they want to go somewhere to eat but Sindy says she no longer has her credit card, and I think DM says they can get RG to pay (?) DI and RG are in a discussion and DM asks if they are done with the meeting. DI says she is going to meet a friend (EG) and RG cannot believe that she has a Korean friend. DI says it's thanks to DM. DM informs RG that the staff want to eat/relax after work and RG suggests the makgeolli place. DM violently objects - I think because RG could not hold his alcohol down well the last time. hahahah DI has really gone to look for EG at the cafe. SJ calls DM to inform that EG is not free to accompany her (?) because he has to entertain a friend. Even DM is surprised that he has a friend and EG keeps saying DI is NOT a friend, repeatedly. DM then informs SJ that she is going out with Hoe Yoon Jae, RG's korean name. EG hears SJ saying the name out loud and asks her who is Yoon Jae. As soon as he hears that it is RG's Korean name, he runs out of the cafe and leaves DI behind.
  5. RG rests his head on DM's shoulder. I think he feels bad for blaming his mother and thinking ill of her when it turns out that what he thought was untrue. She holds his hand to soothe him. EG is standing at a bridge and recalling all the good times he had with DM. He continues to walk along the bridge. He calls DM as she is staring at another Lee Sol painting. Intermission now. EG meets up with DM. Did he just wish her happy birthday? He thanks her for being family and he says he wishes that they can be friends forever (?) and that he truly likes her. He is happy that she has found someone she likes, besides being a fangirl, and calls her a brave and pretty friend. I think he apologies for making her uncomfortable with his confession. DM thanks EG in turn ...I think EG realises that it's better to keep the friendship... Next scene, SA and his mum are talking in his music studio. I think SA tells the mum that he knows what their relationship is, and he waited all this while for the mum to feel comfortable enough to tell him (?). SA asks the mum how is his 'hyung' but the mum doesn't say anything. SA tells the mother that they found another painting but the mother says the paintings bring hurtful memories. [SA is such a loving boy to the mum.] He tells the mum to wait.. I wonder what about. Ah, he calls DM (you can tell as DM clears her throat before picking up the phone, lol). I think DM informs SA that they found some more artwork but SA says it's not necessary to look for them anymore (?). Director EOM is stalking the daughter and hears the daughter calling DM's mum, 'mother'. And she asks the driver if she heard her own daughter calling someone else mother... she is in shock. [It's the perfect revenge, from Sindy with love, to her mother.] I think SA asked DM to invite RG out. They are in a church, SA and the mother are there. SA/RG's mum says she is sorry for making RG uncomfortable and he can leave if he wants. RG doesn't look too happy to be there. He calls his mother Lee Sol, and asks her to view the last painting together (?). In that painting, there is a little boy blowing bubbles and tells him that the boy is RG. RG has a flashback of calling his mother and telling her that he is hungry, while she is painting. She touches her shoulder and the mum asks him what he wants to eat. RG asks his mother if that is him in the painting and the mother nods happily. The mother holds RG close to her in that scene. Cut back to the present time, RG/SA's mother has tears in her eyes again. He finally remembers now that he used to blow bubbles on the rooftop while asking his mother if she can see the bubbles. He can see her nodding her head and smiling lovingly at him. DM holds RG's hands in support while SA goes to his mother, and holds her hand.
  6. Director Eom is in her car and coincidentally (or not?) the daughter is in a bus, they travel on the road side by side, in different vehicles. Next scene, the staff are standing at the gallery looking at them sleeping on the sofa, they are speechless. But it takes Sindy to break the silence. SJ is working at the cafe and there are many people today. She catches the husband talking to her staff. I think he is trying to get brownie points with the wife. Ah, I think he is here to pass a business card to the staff, someone who can 'feature' the staff in the music industry. The wife asks why he bothers and I think he replies that it's because she is the staff's fan and he wants to help. She tells him that doesn't mean she forgives him, but it looks like she does as he hugs his wife and she doesn't seem to mind that much. SA calls the 'hyung', to meet up outside the art gallery. I think he is telling the hyung how comfortable he feels about him, eversince they first met, and that they even have the same tastes in art. He then calls him 'hyung' in a way that sounds as if he knows that they are half-brothers. DM is speaking in English to someone (transmission lost). After that, the staff are excited at some really good news. DM goes to talk to RG. She shows him the Lee Sol paintings, printed on an A4 paper. Ah, it turns out that in some of the bubbles, there are items depicted within. I suppose those are the things that he played with as a child? RG calls the mother - she is in a park, looking forlornly at some children playing. He asks her to meet up at his place and offers the mother coffee or tea. She says she prefers tea and thanks him for telling her (?). She says she misses him, even if it means that she is shameless about it. He says he remembers the mother painting (?) and asks why she let go of his hand, i.e. abandoned him. She said she didn't abandon him and says something but I'll leave luvcrabbieshinhwa to fill you in on the details of what was exactly said. The mother recalls that there was no more rice left and went grocery shopping with the son?. She asked him to wait in a park and then got into a car accident (where she injured her hand?). She assures him that she didn't abandom him, and apologises to him for not being able to do anything, for not being able to find him. She has regretted this incident her whole life. She keeps calling him by his Korean name. He apologises and leaves her, seated on the sofa, in his house. He goes back to the office and DM asks why he came back to the office.
  7. Oops it started earlier tonight. RG is crying and his mother is seated on the floor outside SA's place, crying. He calls DM and DM asks him if he is alright. She asks him where he is but he says something and ends the call. SA's mum is sitting in the park and SA joins the mother, with coffee in hand. He is there to comfort her, and puts his arms around her. No words are exchanged. DM finds RG in the art gallery. She scolds him for not telling her (?) anything and she hits him in anger. He hugs her and she forgives him. She asks him to go home but he says he can't sleep. He tells her that the person he has been curious about his whole life....(transmission lost). He expresses how he feels to her about his mother. She consoles him and tells him to sleep, and that he will feel better after resting. [She caresses his hair lovingly as he lies down on the sofa, resting his head on her lap.]
  8. RG tells DM that he has figured out that those paintings make him happy (?) as they take him back to his childhood when he was happily playing with bubbles and he recalls asking his mother if she can see him blowing those bubbles. He says something about holding onto DM's hands after that (perhaps that he no longer need to fear abandonment, another post explains that he has her support and they can face things together). RG is standing outside SA's house. He hesitates to press the doorbell but he finally does so. SA's mum tells him SA is not at home. He tells her that he wants to show her something - he brings her to his 'drawing room' and shows her the two Lee Sol paintings. Next scene, DM is typing away at her computer, she is writing a commentary for the Lee Sol drawings (I think). She explains that the drawings reflect warmth, memories of a child (?). Goes back to RG's drawing room and SA's mother says that she hopes he can help her with something (probably not to bring up the name Lee Sol in front of her as it pains her) ....then she notices that he is crying or deep in thought and she pauses. He asks her if she can recall the name Yoon Jae. (transmission lost for a bit). Then he says Hoe Yoon Jae (ah, someone posts that he tells her he is Hoe Yoon Jae). SA's mum tears up at the name. Cut over to DM who continues with a voice over that the paintings reflect warmth (someone has translated that into a mother's love). The show ends here. Preview - some scenes of RG in a church, SA and his 'hyung' RG talking, EG apologising to DM, and RG and DM holding hands in the art gallery with SA and his mother standing in front (I think it's the day of the art exhibition and Lee Sol re-appears). Note: If I have the time tomorrow, I will correct the posts I have made that are far off in terms of meaning, from the subs, once I have watched them. Mian-hae, in advance for any misappropriate translations till then!
  9. DM's mother calls her - she is sitting in her bed. I think DM's mother wants to celebrate RG's birthday for him (?) and I think Sindy says something about him being brought up in the US (perhaps he didn't have it celebrated? doesn't know when it is). Sindy is seated there brushing away at DM's father's stone. EG calls DI (who is working on her notebook), I think EG wants to ask her out for drinks. But she doesn't agree? And EG looks at his phone and realises he has no friend to call (?) RG is dressing up the next morning and receives a call. DM is at his doorstep, she jumps into his arms and he is happy to see her. She asks him to have breakfast together (a reciprocal gesture?). She has brought some sandwiches over. He teases her and she gets upset but he placates her immediately. DM is at work and she gets a call from SA, she is so happy to hear from him. He wants to talk alone with her. I think he asks her why he (RG) doesn't look too happy with him (SA)? I think SA explains to DM why the mother doesn't like the name Lee Sol anymore. SA explains that he is his mum's fan and he asks DM for her help (but unsure to do what). DI has sent a concept for the art exhibition to RG and he tells her that he is ok with it. It looks like an animation of bubbles. He again has a flashback of himself playing on the rooftop with bubbles and he calls out to his mother as he does so. Next scene, DM is trying to figure out the significance of bubbles to RG or why RG is so fixated with bubbles. She guesses that he liked bubbles as a child... She finds him seated in front of a painting. DM's mother has called him about a birthday celebration (DM's mother?) but he is sulky for some reason, (about her not telling him so he can be a good bf?) and is throwing a tantrum at her. I think he said he was alone last night, and he doesn't like it. So she says she will follow him around or be by his side all the time, including in the toilet??? DM asks RG when his birthday is, he gives her an answer but she asks him if that's his real birthday (vs his adopted birthday). DM has a flashback about RG's mom (Lee Sol) telling her outside the toilet that she can't protect that name or the drawings?
  10. SA and RG are talking in his office. SA tells RG that his mother feels pain from the paintings and she doesn't like to be associated with it. He has found out that she is Lee Sol. He has a flashback from his childhood and he can finally see the face of the person he calls mother, it is SA's mother. RG starts to tear up as he has that realisation. Next scene, SJ and her employee are at the cafe. The employee is composing a new song and she asks him to transpose the song. He gives her his two cent's worth about her relationship with her hubby, the PD. She tells the employee that she really loves the hubby but finds it difficult to forgive him(?). I think the employee is giving her the hubby's perspective. (transmission lost) Now, RG is seated in the office. He recalls the scene of a lady telling him that she is not his mother - the scene where he is left at the orphanage. DM asks him if he knows....and he realises that she knows too. I think she says that she just found out. He says he finds it strange... that the mother just appeared out of nowhere? I think she tells him that she understands that he will want to spend time alone. RG drives home alone. He is very disturbed with dark thoughts about abandonment and the reconciliation scene at his office. Then he thinks about what DM told him about not being ok, as he would certainly feel upset (from last episode's scene). DM stands outside SJ's cafe but it is closed. EG also comes by and I think they are both surprised. I think DM asks EG if he is curious about who his father is (?) and he says he isn't. However, he wonders why the father isn't curious about him and hasn't made any effort to be with him. I think EG says he is apologetic that DM and the family have had to raise him (?) and he is a 'Eun-gi-seiki'. EG says he wishes she would not see him that way, but as a man. RG reaches his place but finds SA standing outside. He recalls the conversations he had with SA in the past about Lee Sol and SA wants to talk to him but he ignores SA and goes straight through the door. It's intermission time again. (Park Seo Joon is having instant porridge. LOL)
  11. SJ's son is having a chat with the father about love and for some reason he falls to the floor of the playground, just like how he falls in the dojo. Cute kid. DM and RG are back at the office. She asks him if he is going to take a look at the artwork with SA and the mother. She is about to tell him something but then decides against it (could it be that she knows the mother is Lee Sol?). SA and the mother arrive hand in hand at the gallery. RG tells SA's mother that the sandwiches were delicious. While they are admiring the artwork in the gallery, RG gets a flashback when he looks at SA's mother from behind. SA's mum takes a look at the restored Lee Sol painting and she starts to cry. She excuses herself and goes to the ladies. DM's waits for her outside the toilet but she falters in her steps a little. DM asks her if she is Lee Sol (?) and she says, now, no longer? (sorry the connection was bad). It is intermission now.
  12. (SA's mother earlier had a look of surprise on her face when she saw RG in the lift)... And she pays RG a visit at his place - she brings him some sandwiches and a fruit juice. I wonder if she suspects anything or she is just being nice because SA says it's his 'hyung'. RG calls DM on the phone and asks her where she is. (He is wearing a waist coat) It turns out that he came all the way to her place and brought the sandwiches to her place to have it with her. She kisses him in appreciation. They then leave for work together. In the car, a call is put through on RG's car phone system. She has that extremely excited look on his face as she anticipates hearing SA's voice. Ah, SA suggests something... and DM kisses RG on the face, I think because she wants him to agree to something. She is so happy that RG agrees. Next scene, EG's mother and DM meet at the printer's workshop. I think DM is there to see the sample of souvenir programmes for the art exhibition. She asks EG's mothers about Lee Sol, the artist and if she has heard of her before. DM goes to a library to find out more about who Lee Sol is and sees something in a book which makes her look surprised.
  13. DM and RG are standing in his 'art room' and they look at two pieces of artwork that are now hung on the wall. They both exchange words about the artwork and he touches her in a very suggestive manner. The scene changes and someone is tailing DM's father, it looks as if someone is spying on him. He runs into the lift in fear and meets EG, whom he tells to hurriedly close the door. (Laughs, it feels like a horror movie scene) The door is about to close when a hand sticks right through the door which is about to close, and it is none other than Sindy. (connection lost) In the next scene, Sindy is having dinner at their house (perhaps she still has not gone home yet?) and she even asks for a second helping from EG. DM and RG are in RG's car, for some reason, he is blowing at her wrist (or kissing it). I think he has sent her home. She leaves for her 'penthouse' and RG runs after her, pulling her into his embrace. They stand locked in each others' arms. I think he wants her comfort. Sindy is talking to her mother (Director Eom) in front of her house. She tells her mother that she has prepared something special for the celebrity art exhibition and i think the mother tells her she can do what she wants but she is kicked out of the house (the mother packed her belongings into a suitcase for her). Ah, Sindy is explaining to DM via EG's phone why she is in DM's mother's house (so she was recounting what happened to DM - this conversation takes place through EG who has connected the call to DM.
  14. Gosh, I just watched the instant noodle ad and now I feel like one.. LOL Ok, starting now. Thanks to my streaming, I hear the voice and watch the scene later ... OK, they are still sitting at the sofa from last week's scene. After a chat (which I couldn't understand), he suggests they leave together, which they do, with their arms wrapped around each other. They go to RG's place and yes, them meet SA and his mum in the lift, as fate would have it. SA informs the mother that this is his 'hyung' that he likes and he introduces the mother to RG. SA and the mum leave the lift. But just before that, RG informs SA that the latest piece of artwork has been restored well. DM passes a compliment about SA and RG pretends to get jealous. SA shows the artwork to his mother but she doesn't look happy to see them, perhaps it is from a past that she doesn't wish to relive? To distract the mother (who looks unhappy), SA suggests that they eat. SA's mother sighs.
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