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  1. @lovehuche @ash1999 I completely agree with you both - am looking for the opportunity to rant about her character. I know it's derogatory to blonds but the first thing I though of was what a dumb blond (not that she is blond). How can the character be created that is sooooo naive and as Prince Jin said himself "silly". I think it's somewhat insulting to portray women in a drama like that, though perhaps there are people like that in real life, who are so clueless. In the character's defence, she does have a good heart, and isn't afraid to get into trouble based on her morale values and she stands by her family/friends. And the other plus point is the actress is really cute and she looks good on screen but the things the character does and her lack of skill/ knowledge/ intelligence really makes it a pain to watch. And the ML is hard-headed, filled with pride and though he is smart, he doesn't have much emotional intelligence and wisdom (then again, he's young) I finally watched until episode 30 waiting to see how the story develops and I think it doesn't get any better. Just for the sake of the ending, I'll wait a little to see how they resolve things and if the characters develop at all... I hope the writer/script writer improves on the characters in the future
  2. 3 June was Reba's birthday and look what her fans did for her! Watch from 6.13 onwards
  3. how much longer do you have to wait? do you understand chinese or you need subs?
  4. Just got to the ending for those who are patiently waiting for the ending ..... good things come to those who wait
  5. I wanted to say I enjoyed your analysis of the show....just finished watching it with English subs recently. I enjoyed most of it up till the late 20s. Then when XS took a back seat in the investigations and when their relationship turned 'sour', which plot-wise was necessary, I felt a little less invested in the story. To answer your question, I think the shock of hearing that he decided to marry her sister and realising that it was probably to get her out of jail and buy her, her freedom nailed the last nail into the coffin, so to speak. She confessed once that she wasn't sure if she was in love with XS or just grateful...and I think it finally dawned on her that she couldn't stand to lose him. But I find it a little extreme of her to resort to killing herself. She's always been so level headed. Perhaps, she isn't emotionally stable as she has just lost her master, and that thinks she has no one else she can rely on anymore. I initially thought that she had spoken to him in that manner as a way to remind him to keep safe. But when she really did the deed, I was a little shocked and couldn't quite accept it. Plotwise, though, it made sense that she did so, in order to hold his hand and discover the flower; though I am sure the scriptwriter could have found other ways to reveal it but they chose this avenue to do so. On another note, I found his attitude towards her all of a sudden changed a bit too sudden for me. [Though, I am guilty of fastforwarding here and there]. I recall he was upset with her, eventhough his father told him to be more 'generous' towards RY. And then suddenly his coldness towards her changes when she smuggles herself into his room (when her shop is suspected of causing the death of the Consort). Did I miss something? And the last few episodes felt like they were taking turns to be thrown into the jail, one after the other, it felt a little overused. Even if it meant them taking turns to be worried about each other but, really? No other ways to up the stakes? Frankly, prison wasn't going to keep him in anyway. And I am a little shocked that in the novel, it's a time travel sort of story where she is murdered in the future and ends up in the past (439 chapters long !) . I haven't read everything just the first chapter... So, I suspect this adaptation took the liberty to change quite a fair bit of the novel to suit the drama audience - time will tell as I read on.
  6. Assuming this video has not already been posted... I don't speak Vietnamese but it says here [deleted scenes], so save to say, these are deleted scenes that a Vietnamese fan has gleaned and put together! Enjoy....
  7. @summer2017 Bet you are saying I can't wait for tonight's final episode, if you have watched E11! Edited after watching the ending: I love that Jae Seon with his quiet ways, always showing his love, care and concern and supporting Sol Ah, not intimidating, not pushy....just someone who would always be there for her. It made me feel so glad for Sol Ah that she had a friend like that.
  8. Hi Aari, no they are not Tang Qi's work. Our team of translators are convinced that Tang Qi would not deliberately pull fleece over our eyes. In her latest Q&A Part 1 which you can find on our blog posted 3 days ago (section: Tang Qi’s statement regarding Lotus Step), she said "In addition, readers have been lamenting over many years about how the Pillow Book ending at “Gun Gun, I am your Father Lord” was inhumane, and have been hoping for further outtakes. After planning for a while, I think I can add a selection of outtakes from the Pillow Book into the published copy of Lotus Step to satisfy everyone’s wish." This is a very clear message that she has written nothing else other than what we have posted in our blog.
  9. @Aari sky - your question on the blog about 4 days ago about whether the outtake "the ideal father" is one of the 16 chapters.... just to clarify. You will notice the blog uses the terms 'outtake' and 'one-shots'. The former refers to a short 'chapter' written after the publication of the book and the later, a one-off body of text, usually satirical or humorous. For that section, we have remained true to Tang Qi's work (the author of TMOPB and ELOD). She has made it clear that beyond what you find in our blog, she has produced no further pieces of work. So, if you do come across 16 chapters, it would be fan-fiction. Hope that clarifies your question.