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  1. https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4646667425874103?from=old_pc_videoshow Preview of either E19-20 or E21-22 (I can't tell from this link), they almost kiss. Someone on this thread commented to throw the cat out for disrupting the kiss LOL.
  2. @hush puppy I can empathise with you. I am alone too on another thread, but do go on, I am sure the silent lurkers are reading your thoughts.
  3. Me too, my neck is sooooo long already, I went back to re-read the first book (got it on kindle) and re-google translated Books 2-4. Based on the cast, I think they will film Book 1, 3 and 4, not sure about book 2. Let's watch together when it airs, ok @airgreen?
  4. @skibbies thanks for your input! I watched MHH too and liked how smart the ML was (the ending hints at a continuation and I heard somewhere that there are rumours of a season 2). As for this drama, you are right, the action is really good, all the more reason I am recommending it to my dad (LOL). I saw that it's doing pretty well on a youtuber channel, and the commentor of that channel projects that it will be the top web drama this week or so. It's pretty entertaining on its own right and the ML and FL hold their own weight in terms of chemistry. I read on another forum of a spoil
  5. for those who can access the tencent (China site), previews are officially out until E22 https://v.qq.com/x/cover/qjr4mfe8xf85j0j/w0037qfufmv.html (this is the official tencent site, for those not geo blocked) but of course the preview is in Mandarin.
  6. Please report it in future, moderators will attend to it - this one has been addressed. Appreciate your support in this matter.
  7. @golinda27 where did you see this? Usually if they release everything, that will be the case for VVIP (if not mistaken) in China only.
  8. @taeunfighting WZQ was caught by paparazzi dating another actress, not the one who played Chu Chu.
  9. @partyon @jjeennyy19 I was about to comment that I could hear the shrieks of agony and frustration (from my room) that oppa remained a virgin psychic, and not even a peck on the cheek. LOL [I think they should have donated some kisses from The Eternal Love 3, and passed them onto this drama.] I think the writer really wanted to skirt this issue. It would have put to question the viability of his role as a psychic given that he is going to continue as her partner. I was sobbing away when she sent her mother off and I think the scene where she went to tell her friend (the secretary)
  10. @kur4p1k4 @taeunfighting Glad you both enjoyed the show. I hope things will die down a bit for the actor playing the ML (reported scandal which really isn't one by my standards) and we will have a chance to watch season 2. If there's any story worth telling, this is one of that should have a continuation, provided they get the author of the novel to do so. I agree that Chu Chu is such a practical person, and it's refreshing for once to have the FL offer to make a sacrifice for the country. Ever so often, the ML makes the call and the poor FL has to act all self-sacrificing in the name of
  11. thank heavens you replied! I thought I was all alone on this thread. well, to be frank the first thought I had was "My dad is going to love this" because 1) It's like DOTS and 2) It's got a lot more action than You are my Hero (as the ML is really a jujitsu pro in real life and very brawny (he is so bulky compared with idol actors), also the scenes have a lot more fighting). When I watch a show, I tend to evaluate if it's something my dad will like, then I will recommend him to watch it. LOL Character wise, to be frank, I don't like the looks of the ML, but he kinda grows on me, he
  12. yes, that's undoubtedly her motivation, and the explanation for her behaviour. Just that there doesn't seem to be anything else going on in the plot to break the monotony for viewers.
  13. Hello! Is anyone watching this? I am at E14, hopefully someone else can join me on this thread.
  14. @golinda27 @lovehucheI just watched E13 and 14, and it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth. And was there some censorship within E13? It feels disjointed.
  15. Here's the airing schedule, for VIP, it will be out by 28 June. Another 2 more episodes tonight!
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