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  1. I’m not surprised about the rushed ending. Or how HJS defied death in classic kdrama logic, lol. Or how everything doesn’t make sense. What a shitshow. I will never revisit this drama again, not even the sweet wholesome moments by JS AR and Byeori can salvage this pile of garbage. I will refer to this drama as the go-to example on how not to write a story. Good job on everyone else for making it through! As my final post I will leave what I think is the “no matter what”s of the characters in this circus: BR: No matter what I’m everyone’s perfect princess and I’m just a bland heroin
  2. What an outdated mindset to live by. It’s fine to be filial but you also understand that being a parent doesn’t mean you get a free out-of-jail card for being selfish to your child. Just because you gave birth to your child doesn’t mean that you’re free from the responsibilities of being a proper parent that supports your child. Those two were the mindset of, dare I say it, boomers who still think “we’re ur parents so we’re gods and u should repay us, so shut up and just do whatever we say as a good son/daughter”. I hate parents that only look at their children as investments, not because they
  3. Yeah that’s why I said JS and AR helped each other grow, but not DR and BR. DR and BR’s relationship was so fake and bland, they never had this journey to them and DR never once scolded BR when she was being her selfish bratty princess mode self, instead he kept on indulging her and enabling her behavior. JS and AR challenged each other and they made each other better and happier, their journey was more fleshed out and their story was much more compelling. JS became a better man thanks to AR and now he’s trying his best saving AR from the darkness that she’s lived in all her life. Compare that
  4. @Naty828 i don’t think they even had chemistry in the first place, they only got together bcs DR exuded such a huge simp energy that’s so huge BR finally indulged him. In a way he was just an escape for her after being heartbroken regarding JS. I was never invested in their relationship in the first place as well, they were superficial and shallow, meanwhile AR and JS had growth and progress and their clashing personalities made them more interesting. DR never helped BR grow the way JS helped AR realize she’s worthy of love, he indulged her bratty selfish behavior since the beginning.
  5. That doesn’t make any sense tho. So if there are other shows that use the same format as her show she’s gonna sue all of them? I’m pretty sure that show isn’t the only one of its kind unless they only have one TV channel. I’m trying to think of some example but the closest one that I can think of is the unexpected business? And the show where Yoo Jaesuk does odd jobs. They have pretty similar format, celebs doing various jobs, and I’m pretty sure the rights to them are owned by the broadcasting company, not the writers or producers. If PDs or writers have such rights they could’ve easily taken
  6. This. This kind of thing never happens, if this happened irl then Running Man would’ve been stripped away from SBS years ago. I hate that they do this just to make JS’ dad be a beggar to AR and be nice to her. Oh so now that your company is going under you’re being nice to her, even though you were conspiring to bully and kick her out in the first place? Fml this drama makes my blood pressure rise. If you try to argue that he did like Organic and was excited, writer-nim, he still conspired with the witches (his wife and the PD) to bully AR, your argument holds no water.
  7. Lol you might be right, just look at her reaction when HJS said no to her. She immediately whined like a spoiled brat denied of a Barbie toy. “WhYyyYY??? wHy CaNT i hAvE iTTtT” shame on you, a grown married selfish womanbaby wanting to play mommy for Byeori, who is clearly more mature and selfless than her. She is a terrible role model and will be a terrible mother for her, she’s a bad influence to every child. And to think if she brings Byeori to meet that vampire witch..... the horror! Then again it might be good since if Byeori knows that she’s related to the witch tha
  8. On second thought maybe it’s for the best if HJS dies. He’ll dodge a HUGE bullet that way and that’ll spare Byeori from having this shameless selfish piece of scum as a mother, of all things. UGH! Helping HJS and DR with their business doesn’t automatically make her good, if anything she only helped them because she had an ulterior motive, she wasn’t even genuine!
  9. Not to mention that part where BR tried to make herself ugly for advertising DR’s business. As a concept, fine, natural healthy food brings out the beauty in us, but the execution is distasteful and insulting. Just because you wear glasses and has a few red spots doesn’t make you ugly. So just because some women wear glasses that automatically makes us ugly, is that what you’re saying, writer-nim? Well f you. This writer is almost on the same level as the writer for Wanna Taste, they think that they’re writing this wonderful story about redemption family or whatever when they’re writing a garb
  10. Thank you @Naty828 JS looks so adorable there I feel like the actor himself was having fun being the playful JS. damn straight @tas82 @EK8 all these toxic people being reintegrated into these people’s lives without having to own up to their mistakes and misdeeds disgusts me. I usually just don’t care but cases like this drama where these characters like JR and JS’ parents who were 70-90% of the time being extremely unlikeable and selfish and repulsive subhumans get away scot free makes my blood boil. These people didn’t even repent, what a disgusting moral message to deliver.
  11. And JS’ parents are there. Not surprised. they called Disney creatively bankrupt but same can be said for these types of writers. Scammed protagonists, toxic family being forgiven, baddies being forgiven, cancer/terminal illness out of the blue, double wedding, and toxic morals to boot. Idm using the overplayed kdrama tropes and plots but the myriad usages of those in these dramas is insane, and they didn’t even do anything creative with it. Even Bollywood was still hilarious with their over the top actions.
  12. This. HS should’ve laughed at her face and say “bish that’s your problem, you gave me and my family a hard time now you’re strolling in here demanding favors?” She didn’t even say thank you to HS at first, she just goes around all giddity hoppity like it was for granted. I’ll never like her no matter how much they try to make her likeable. Drama. STOP PORTRAYING REPULSIVE PEOPLE IN A LIKEABLE MANNER. She should never be Byeori’s mom, she’s selfish, arrogant, she thinks of no one but herself. She doesn’t even really like Byeori, she only likes her bcs she’s HJS’ daughter. I’m not even sure HJS
  13. They definitely will. But the way they presented one character to be so glorified on a pedestal (which subsequently affects the coupling that character was in), while curbstomps and treats the other character like garbage (even though that character is the one hardcarrying the whole shitshow) without a justifiable reason is a sickening piece of storywriting. They glorified BR in everything even though they reduced her character into being so darn unlikeable at first and midway, while they unfairly abused and bullied AR’s character in everything. While I can tell you that they’re de
  14. Not exactly a new news but there was a replay of the past episode on TV and can’t help but notice a continuity error where JS bought a white scooter but ended up using a black one instead not even five minutes later. I actually chuckled because it shows the level of competence with the team, lol. This drama really has nothing going on for it except the AR-JS storyline which keeps people attached to this flaming garbage and the shameless people who made this DEFINITELY knows that and made those two hardcarry the whole drama.
  15. Well kinda too late for that now isn’t it? This is just like JS parents. At least with BR even though I still don’t care about her she’s already shown her change, at the very least she voiced concern for AR now. But the RickRoll'D of a dad JH and JS’ parents never had that slow moment of change. JS’ mom looked like she was going to, but the writers regressed her into a tyrannical old bat with no remorse. Even if JH found out it was a misunderstanding, it needs to be said that the fault is completely with him. He NEVER LISTENS TO ANYONE, WHEN SOMEONE TRIES TO REASON WITH HIM, HE THROWS A TANTRU
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