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  1. @nohamahamoud2002 I think I might have been the one who gave you the unamused emoji before, my bad, hahahah, but I only gave that bcs of the point brought up also made me feel similar resentment as you do, like in the case of No Matter What when talking about the hypocritical donkey dad, I was unamused with the plot/character, not yourself, so don’t worry about it. sorry if I had offended you, it was the closest reaction i can find to an unbridled rage emoji! Everyone is entitled to their own views, I mean, I really liked this one villain character and I love everything about him b
  2. He probably got cold feet after YJ kissed TP in the middle of the pandemic, so he doesn’t want to risk extra exposure from everyone else so apparently being unemployed is the solution! Surely nothing bad will happen after 2 months without a fixed income, and so will 6 more months after that!
  3. That’s not a surprise for us, but I hope that the dumb Hans will finally use their brains for once. They gave birth to a demon spawn, it’s time they grab that witch by the head and put her to trial. Then again all of these characters caught the YJ flu, so probably I shouldn’t expect much.
  4. Thank you, you described this donkey of a husband/father so well. Honestly, he’s worse than the rest of the parents, including fake granny, bcs of how he’s drowned in his own self-righteous delusion. AR never had a parental love until Haesim, I hope she spits it on his face and Haesim fires cover fire on him, bcs this donkey kong won’t listen to anyone except himself. (Honestly, now that i think of it, I now know where BR’s victim syndrome came from. It’s mr. Donkey here. All the parents in this drama ducked up their children, yeesh.) Flying a bit and to talk about BR, I read some
  5. I really liked Haesim, I like how she gave no quarter to weasel-tae’s bull, but why is she joining in on simp Bora wagon?? She did try to talk her donkey husband into changing his mind about AR but she told AR to APOLOGIZE to him, so I was disappointed. Honestly, I was hoping she knew better, and be better, at least slap that donkey of a dad and the whining bratty princess once!
  6. Even from that pic alone I can tell that she has a lot of character there, I guess it’s just the direction in this drama that’s terrible, from YJ to her cardboard dad. That’s why I liked Darth YJ more, she had more personality and presence there, aside from her normal version that only has otoke personality. Honestly they kept on bait-and-release us with SJ unmasking YR but they never did follow through with that, it gets really old, and by now whenever a character seems like they’re this close to unveiling YR (HA! Get it?) they fall back to square one. Ya ain’t foolin me anymore y
  7. HAHAHA so true, like the one from I’m A Mother too, she got like 3 years sentence?? Honestly SA reminds me of Bora from No Matter What. They’re both pampered, spoiled brats, who lived a privileged life, and act like RickRoll'D towards those below them. They’re also extremely delusional and acts entitled regarding their crush. But the difference is that SA IS the villain here, not like that princess Bora who was set up as the fudging main lead. SA is imo doing a good job as an extremely unlikeable entitled brat throwing tantrum atm, she’s driving the story forward, while NR looks l
  8. Well certainly not in the drama, everyone treats BR like a princess in the drama, it’s the audience that find her repulsive and detestable. Then again, what do you expect from a cast of equally repulsive characters (except for JS-AR-Byeori and Haesim), of course the main lead also needs to top the rest of the characters in terms of repulsiveness. Remember, the weasel is BR’s dad, so I guess unlikability is hereditary.
  9. Not exactly, No Matter What is having the same, the second ML is having a lot more attention, being swooned over by women who only want a piece of his meat, and honestly, he and the second FL have the most presence in the show, they’re likeable too, while the first ML and FL are so boring, the FL is extremely unlikeable, and their relationship was so basic and bland. idk why tho but imo YJ has a really bland face (sorry UHK) so i dont get why she’s the one with guys swooning over her, not TP, he’s the one with looks
  10. This woman’s audacity knows no bounds... and the writer doesn’t seem like they’re gonna redeem BR anytime soon, at this rate she’ll be beyond saving and beyond redemption, no amount of sob story can make her even just a little bit likeable anymore.
  11. I agree @Lmangla he is supposed to be a prosecutor but he said screw justice love is all you need?? Does the writer know what actual law enforcement is????
  12. Its official, TP has lost his genius brain. So he’d rather the past dozens of episodes of him “plotting” revenge go to waste, and therefore also wasting all the audience’s time? My man. That is not romantic, that is just stupid. And damn infuriating. And YR damn well sure needs to rot in jail after her crimes, not to be welcomed as a family member.
  13. Does the writer even know that at this point nobody seems to like BR anymore??? And that no one likes the rest of the characters, they all just pretty much like AR, JS and Byeori? I mean, ppl with common sense would find the rest of the cast aside from those 3 and Haesim extremely unlikeable...
  14. All of the parents in this drama are despicable.... JS’ parents wanna sell him out for money, AR’s dad is a hypocrite that pampers his stepdaughter but bullies his own daughter, and worse, they said that they’re doing that bcs “it’s for your own good” poor AR and JS, I agree that they should both just run away and disappear, poor JS looking a lot happier with AR and these selfish ducks just wanna take it away from him. I’m already skipping this one bcs of too much BR stuff, but honestly id still see the episode if it means more interactions between JS and AR. Just make them the main leads alre
  15. And she had the gall to treat AR as a maidservant about it too. She thinks it’s a given that ppl adore her, treat her like a princess, and that the world revolves around her. Remind me again why this insufferable, high-and-mighty narcissistic selfish attention RickRoll'D is our main lead.....?
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