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  1. After watched with English substitle, episode 20 and the spin off, I'm satisfied with the ending. Thank you for the best ending, everyone get their own happy ending. BI died, but it's better than live in misery, SY never loved him back, SY respected BI as her beloved big brother. Better I don't share another reason why I love this ending. And I definitely will rewatch this drama again and again. For episode 19 and 20, I have watched both more than 3 times today with subtitles. Oh yah, Mom, Big Aunt, and both of my cousin also love this ending.
  2. Honestly this ending become the best ending for me. 2 souls in 1 body and the souls from future become dominant and help the person to stand up and clear the misunderstanding. I clearly accept that ending because I ever watched that kind of stories about from future to travel time and there's 2 souls in 1 body. I also ever read that kind of stories from novel. As I ever mentioned that actually KSY & JBH not much different inside. But KSY as a woman in Joseon era, she had her own limited condition. She pretended became bad and awful just to make herself not become the Queen, she didn't
  3. Why I just feel that actually KSY similiar like JBH. In the beginning I also think that KBI only liked KSY's outlook, but he said that he even recognized the side that she never knew. Is that possible JBH and KSY actually have same characters? About why the colour of KSY's hanbook was different in Mr Queen and Mr Queen spin off, I still have 2 theories about that: (1) Another mistakes from the production. (2) OR actually this Mr Queen spin off just from what Court Lady Choi's imagination I'm completely single and I will spend my valentine night with Me Queen.
  4. That's also my mom and my auntie's comments last night, after they watched last episode on TV. They completely yelled why the Queen did that stupid move, she's just a woman and she went with 2 women. The one who she will face is BI, and also all the soldier. She not know how to use arrow and bow right? And then they walk, but BI with his horse.... My mom and mother said that the queen is the one who make both of her maid in danger. In webdrama, the queen also ever fallen from high rock, run from assassin, but not miscarriage, so that's why her maid said she has stron
  5. Sorry, want to share all in my heart, but warning that I will have many problem in grammar. English not my mother language, so I have many flaws in English.... Flashback to last December, I was so excited to welcoming this drama. December 12th 2020. During around that time, I was so stress with my deadline - completely overwhelmed till made me want to end my own life. But every time I felt down, I watched again GPG and read the novel or just to played all teaser. Seriously I was so excited with this drama, specially because of SHS and KJH. {SHS's Angel's Love Mission & KJ
  6. About the photo SB and BI, I think she's still pregnant, that's why she wore that protect clothes in her tummy, the green ones. Maybe SB would go to the place that CJ's been killed, and as we ever seen that Mrs Choi, HY, & Royal Kitchen Chef also joint... Oh yah, can someone PM me where I can watch episode 17 without subs, I just want to watch the whole episode even though I don't understand Korean language
  7. From the spoiler that we got recently, from SB's hanbok (1) green : the news about SB's pregnancy then SB scolded them out from her room - with same colour, I ever seen the spoiler SB & SY's dad, they said her dad came to congratulate her about her pregnancy (2) blue : Mrs Choi start to control SB again, she & HY came to her room with the book - Mrs Choi banned SB to eat ramyeon - SB and HY came to kitchen, SB want her alcohol, but then Mr Choi & Royal Kitchen Chef already ate all - CJ & SB date together (3) red : tango scene - SB slept and CJ sit beside her
  8. When I watched that, I also wondered why his brother said that. But after episode 5 or 6, when King started to see SB with lovely and warm gaze, I started to have a thought that maybe after he back to city, king and queen ever met and he has fallen in love with her. That theory became more valid after BI's memories when SY said finally she could met again the king, sometime he looked foolish but the other time he looked so mighty. Nah that's the strong reason I believed that before the ceremony for Queen candidate, they ever met. And Prince YP knew this. That's why in episode 2, Pr
  9. Oh no... That's my question before. Why SB not wear her night gown, but still with her Royal clothes. And as I remember when she collapsed previously, Mrs Choi and HY changed her clothes, but why this time there's no them to change her clothes? Please... Don't make SY just came back like that after SB did all she could do to survive with CJ.... I want SB could get through all pregnancy moment with CJ, please...
  10. Maybe SB refers to his death as JBH. If that's true, so maybe SB wanna say that he has died as JBH and then reborn as KSY. Some of Chinese stories often uses this theory, reborn. That person has died because of murdered or accident, but that person still high will to live, so that person reborn as other person, sometimes in different dimensions or different time periods. In some Chinese novel, I have read some with that theory So if we refers to that kinda theory, maybe that's why the reason JBH chose to stay in Joseon. I want SB has special bounding with the baby, no matter
  11. Yeah. Maybe CJ's happy for Queen's pregnancy, that's his baby. Like SB ever said no matter what blood's thicker than water. I remember Prince YP ever warned CJ that his fond towards The Queen would harmed their plan and he could betrayed them. But that time, CJ said that he not had romantic feeling towards Queen, Queen wasn't their enemy. But with Royal Baby came, what would happen? Oh yah, in preview the clothes that SB wore when she slept was similiar with the clothes that she wore during dance time. Because from the preview, I saw 2 colours from the costume. The first one,
  12. I seriously want SB's jealousy, maybe SB would make excuses because of pregnancy hormones right? But people said sometimes during pregnancy times, there're 2 possibilities. One, the wife would be more clingy towards her husband. Two, the wife would be more sensitive, like to mad to her husband. So for uri SB, which condition she would be? I like the theory that they would be made new future. Because they talked about that kind of monarchy, like Lee Min Ho's dramas right? I like this kind of ending so much. Have baby but then left her baby and the one she loved, like Sca
  13. I dunno what in my thought actually about the king forgave the Royal Concubine. I hate it because the king blamed himself for Royal Concubine's decision to become bad. Why he did that? Did he really love that Royal Concubine? Was she really his first love? Or the first love was The Queen? Or the Royal Concubine was his first love, so he should forgave her and move on to his new love, The Queen? Hhhhmmmmm.... So complicated in my mind know. In Chinese version, The Emperor also loved the Concubine. But later he said to The Empress that he realized that he cared her because other
  14. Already complete all chapter and the epilogue, english translation When I read this, I suddenly remember what my dad and my mom ever said to me, they said marriage not only about love and lust, but the important to make it last till the end was cooperation. Marriage is partnership. Your spouse is your lifetime friend. Never expected smooth life after your marriage. Actually the real cruel reality came after you're married. As SB ever said to CJ, even if you're so in love each others, after marriage you would just hate each others
  15. As we're talking about the ending now. As I ever shared before here that I prefer novel version ending than the webdrama version. I know that's hard to get that kind of ending, like in original novel version. Because in novel version, it said that he actually should be born as a woman. Ending in novel, even the Empress still like to flirt women but the Empress love the Emperor, the Empress accepted current condition and responsibilities as a wife and a mother for their children. If we will get our Royal Baby soon, I hope that will make our SB choose to stay and become the Quee
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