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  1. After watch the last night episode with english subs, I start to doubt TE’s father as the mastermind behind all of these. Seriously he maybe can turn become like that bad mastermind behind all those tragedy, he just see JH as subject I believe TE is the one who will be the worst victim here, imagine how his feeling if he know that the one who hurts both of his favorite dearest people is his own dad?
  2. I just watch episode 19 with english substitle, dunno why I still dislike that XC. She really don’t deserve to be happy. Honestly not only dislike, I really hate that kind of character. She always has victim mental illness so she claims that she’s okay to be bad or manipulative or act like the good person for her love but bad to others. I really want her to get bad ending ever because of that mindset. She blamed all her bad situation because of QC, she felt not worthy because she thought she’s not like QC. That kind of mindset really not good to your healthy. Better like that crown prince who is clear about himself being bad. But for someone who acts weak and unworthy, but actually always blame others for her unhappiness, that’s wrong. Sorry I just don’t like that kind of female character, not only in this drama but in some novels and dramas, I hate that kind of character
  3. Thanks @rukizie for live report tonight, just wait for the substitle... Watch all the video on MBCDrama youtube acc eventhough I don’t understand anything...
  4. I hope they will soon, because of current condition they can’t do filming right? So better they ready to have the airing time soon...
  5. Wow, for right now I’m watching Love Better Than Immortality now, when I’m posting this comment... Hahahahaha... LS and the guy who played as her first love also here, but he played as a sunny playboy and one of her friends. And I like this one because the lead male is the most evil scheming guy here, the most dangerous enemy... Still waiting for english subs for the ending so I will wait patiently then... Later I will join to discuss more about the ending... but from all your reaction here, maybe I also prefer the book ending... oh yah I’m also with you... Why people have sympathy to that QC’s cousin??? I really hate that kind of girl, really hypocritical indeed... She played like a victim and weak, damn... I just dislike her character...
  6. Waiting for this one... when they will have airing time and schedule?
  7. Honestly I’m still waiting the novel will continue to translate...
  8. I like ZLS, she’s cute. I regulary check about this drama in Weibo, eventhough I not completely understand, but I saw some videos of ZLS and all the actors, but seems she has more video with the guy who plays as ErMeng Who is the guy 2? Sorry but honestly I dislike XZ. She’s just like a decent and pure woman who play as victim and claim that she do all the bad things for her love. Seriously I don’t like that kind of character, so I dislike her from beginning. Her life is full of jealousy and that’s why she think she only need to be good and loyal to her love, and blame & hate other girl who likes her man or other girl who her man likes.... So honestly I really want her dead like in the story. Just let her die and vanish alone, and forgotten forever... I already watched the preview of ep 30. I hope that’s the real meeting with JY. But suddenly I remember folks story that JY and QC heard in episode 14? Love story between immortal and mortal, King Yan and the fairy... It’s similiar with them, but reverse position... King Yan couldn’t leave his people eventhough to get together with his love. Same with QC, she prefer to sacrifice her life for her people than together with JY right?
  9. Character like TE’s father is real, and that kind of father can make mental problem for his own son. A psychiatrist mostly always see others as patient, and that’s one of the reason that can make that doctor become strange and have mental sickness.... From my own opinion, TE become doctor because of his dad, maybe that’s not his own desire. And suddenly what if the boy in ballet studio who HJ’s first love was actually TE? Join me in. I’m also excited with this two progress... Just finished watch clip on MBCDrama Youtube account, wait for the substitle soon... Just curious : Find Me In Your Memory. That’s HJ asks JH to try to find her in his memory eventhough that’s just slight encounter... or That’s JH asks HJ to find him in her memory... or That’s stalker asks JH and HJ to find him in their memory
  10. Yups... and honestly I really want Er Meng fell in love completely with QC... Yeah need the spoiler too... Please @arcchidus can you share the happy ending please... spoiler us please... seems 1st prince of demon tribe fell for the jealous princess... sorry i dunno her name, I just don’t like her
  11. My dear @suckshine you know how sexy a man looks alike with that black sweater and black coat? Plus his tsundure aura.... Melted... I love when he said she is the prettiest in his eyes, quick and simple, but so lovely.... Honestly I feel creepy when HJ suddenly has glimpse memory about the stalker... Hope the rating will increase... So MBC will have high rating drama for this period
  12. That’s dinner with the director maybe after the interview... So latter JH will go with HJ everytime he can? Wkwkwkwkwkwk...
  13. From episode 5, SY only said that they need to wait till next year. That's also my question, what happened with HJ that time? Where was she that time? @suckshine I don't think so about HJ as trainee during that time. But "wait till next year" still a mystery. And about how can HJ forget about SY? As I remember from some books, that could be happen when a person was in the darkest point that pushed part of the brain closed the memories, but actually it's temporary, in some points without that person knew that memories could came like broken mirror. I dunno how to explained that in words... Wkwkwkwkwkwk
  14. Just curious why there’s no discuss about this drama? I’ve watched this one with english substitle. You can watch it via iQIYI application. And you can get free member for one month. It’s worth it.
  15. @40somethingahjumma Agree... I need more with Toby Lee but I think the FL need more practice... I need more... maybe because I also read the novel, I have alot expectations about the characters