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  1. Happy 9th Debut Anniversary Kim Go Eun, the most talented, beautiful, humble and charming actress ever existed. Love you to the moon and back my darling. Keep on shining. Waiting for more amazing years of your excellence to come. Cr:@moonjangwol
  2. So Yumi Cells will start shooting in March. Still no update on the other casts https://m.blog.naver.com/hjyessay7/222246918812
  3. @YoyoyoKSH is cute and good at acting and I would like him and KGE to be a paired up in a drama. Since Babi is not the endgame, I am not sure how his fans will take it. @ChunSungImhopefully it will be aired in Netflix I just wish they announce the cast already. Doesn't she look pretty in blond hair?
  4. Beautiful Edits of LeeEul/MinEun to quench our thirst of seeing them together in one frame till we really see them together again in one frame in the next project. Waiting impatiently For the fanfic lovers,
  5. Y3NOLOGY ® PRESENTS: I-MAGAZINE FASHION FACE AWARDS 2020 - ASIAN FEMALE Kim Go Eun at #18https://www.instagram.com/p/CLFA0zdMClQ/?igshid=1mo26m69c6dy4 I-MAGAZINE moves into the fifth year of fashion face awards, we continued in partnership with Adobe behance's featured artists and invited film directors together selecting our best fashion faces in six categories with using Adobe's intelligent facial recognition software to support the analysing of facial features. With over 30 countries and 350 professional photographers, designers, makeup artists, stylists, e
  6. @YoyoyoI can see you're really rooting for Choi Minho to be Soonrok Where did your post with with Minho's YT song go? Like @kaqueskisaid I would like Ryu Jun Yeol to be Woong especially considering the fact that he and Ggone are real life friends and they look good together. So we have Choi Minho/PJY as Soonrok LJS/Ryu Jun Yeol/Kim Ji hoon as Woong Who was recommended for Babi? Why is it taking so long to announce the MLs? GGone's casting news was a month ago.
  7. Kim Go Eun x MindBridge 2021 spring collection @nina_mitrokhinahey, is that you nina? what happened to your old accnt? I was missing your posts. That drawing of Ggone is so beautiful.
  8. GOT 7 is the only K-pop band that I have listened to 'cos of Jackson and their group dynamics. The only drama I saw of Jin Yoing was LOTBS, as a teenage version of LMH. I think 'cos he joined BH there's a possibility of he getting casted. I think he can pull of Soonrok.
  9. Kim Go Eun IG post Kim Go Eun x Channel https://www.instagram.com/p/CKh8-xOji14/?igshid=1o2rts28pr4qx She will look fantastic in the white and pink one. I hope she wears it for Yumi Cells promotions Ggone's IGS on 1/27 Kim Go Eun fanclub's give back project.
  10. Its my dream to see her getting paired with JIS and HB, but its not gonna happen with Yumi Cells. I hope whoever it is, has a fandom like JHI's, always supporting and celebrating his FLs.
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