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  1. @nina_mitrokhina 5misninaNo worries, nina. Thank you for posting and supporting this thread. I do understand. 'cos of you and @YoyoyoI don't feel like I am talking to myself here. KGE has lots of loyal and sweet fans who supports her in every venture she takes. They must be busy with all the voting and polls/ just with their busy lives. I do hope whenever they get time, they will spend a few mins here supporting her in this thread too... @YoyoyoShe's the real Korean beauty, very true to her heritage. Most of the heroines nowadays looks like western copycats and its very hard to set them a
  2. After feeling bittersweet and emotional especially at the end by watching LMH's movielog, here's something to lighten up the mood @samantha12 the caption under her friend's post seems to be ' i love you'
  3. @Thereseyes follow these steps and if you're still confused there's video which explains screen wise From MYM's IG update it looks like its a platform he created to communicate more effectively with his fans. I guess it will be more about what preparations and hard work goes behind all those dramas/movies he did. Like @samantha12pointed out its a bit melancholy. From the limelight's to camera flashes and crowd cheering's to an empty room and being lonely. The shower scene throw me off the loop though. Was that part of his ol
  4. AWWW!!!! Baby girl looks so cute and happy @nina_mitrokhina 5misninathank you for posting, but talk to us too @Prernawhere did you disappear to? @Lidsthank you for keeping this thread alive.
  5. I absolutely love this song, to see KGE and LMH together in a Bollywood song, oh my oh my!!!! The feels.......
  6. I couldn't even sit through half an hour of that series, not my cup of tea. Goblin is just superior, there's no comparison. It is a classic and will remain relevant even after 20 years. KGE and GY were so brilliant together. It was heart wrenching and hilarious at the same time, one min you r laughing your b*tt off, the next you're crying buckets. Whenever am in between shows, I end up watching You tube clips of Goblin. I had high expectation from TKEM 'cos of it was a KGE*KES reunion project. They should have kept the same director and dialogue writer as Goblin. Still, I like TKEM, but
  7. This cover of 'Never again' by KGE is by far my fav, I love it even more than the original This one is another gem by KGE. I absolutely love how shy she gets whenever she has to sing in front of people. I too binge watched all her movies/dramas after seeing Goblin. I am currently watching a show in which the FL is a police detective, couldn't help but compare her with JTE. FL is a really good actress and no high fashion clothes and such, but she was spotting well fitted suits/blazers and I was wondering why couldn't they have taken the same approach with JTE
  8. @samantha12 @SenseandstyleI haven't watched ROY, was waiting for it to finish airing. After reading some feedbacks, I was considering not watching it. But you guys have piqued my curiosity. @ItsmylifebossLMH will be busy for at least 4 months now. KGE never takes big gaps of breaks unless she has plans to study/travel. So after the Hero promotions which has to happen by December end she will be free to consider her next project. If they have to act together again, then she has to wait till he finishes his project which will be only finished as early as March. Even if she doesn't take an
  9. @YoyoyoShe did Goblin right after CITT but after Goblin she did 3 movies, Sunset in my hometown, TIFL and Hero before doing TKEM. So I guess it will depend on the project she's been offered to. If its a Netflix original kinda movie then we don't have to worry about about box-office success and it will be good with her current global popularity. For me I prefer a movie, 'cos that will let her choose her roles which has more range and don't have to worry about pleasing fans. For me I fell in love with KGE watching Goblin. I always thought of her as beautiful and never worried abou
  10. All the Arjenias and KGE fans here, please show some love and support to the Kim go eun actress thread in Soompi, @backstreetboysfanDon't worry, you will be back by the 5th Finally the recognition that TKEM deserves,
  11. I didn't even know this thread existed. Why didn't it come up in the search????!!!!!!! Anyway better late than never. We are almost there guys. Already 4.7M views. I am waiting for the duet from KGE and KJH. If you haven't watched UNTACT here is the YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG-2H-Ahh28&feature=youtu.be One of my fav scene from Untact. The way their expression and voice changes from sad to happy and back to sad again reminiscing about their lost love is beyond words and so brilliantly portrayed by both KGE and KJH. I f
  12. @Delphiniams @Love GoEun Yes, I also read the same that the ring is given by her mom and she's been wearing it for quite a time. @samantha12same here. I believe in this ship. From my POV, they began dating before the presscon itself because their interaction is very different there than what it was in the swoon games. They were very cautious and awkward during presscon whereas in the other two they were laughing and interacting more freely and openly. Even LMH's stares were so different. Though it's true that he often stares at KGE, the stares of presscon were at a different l
  13. @nina_mitrokhina 5misninaIf its not too much to ask please delete this post. Already lots of fan wars are happening between the two fandoms and its a public forum. Lets not get worried about that one article. As you said he's clearly biased. Why will he even compare two films which is not at all similar in its content. @Katherine mae Neriplease delete the x name and the quote, we don't need to compare. @nina_mitrokhina 5misninano dear, am not upset about the article. The article is actually hilarious 'cos there wasn't even a single ounce of truth in it. I am just worried about the
  14. @kdfan_incad I think it's mainly 'cos there's already a forum discussing the new drama. @Peekaboohoo @AquariusMY Same here, not ready to watch LMH with another FL. But from what I read about it it's the story of forbidden love and there are some explicit scenes. More upon that its a US show and there explicit means EXPLICIT not like K-drama s3x scenes. It won't be airing till next year mid. I should probably prepare my mind by then. I had cancelled the Apple tv sub, now I have to take it again. I was glad that I watched all his shows while waiting for King to finish airing
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