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  1. I think we really should thank TN Director. If it's not because of they way they had to shoot TN, this many conversations wouldn't happened to this extend. They both stated that they couldn’t even rehearse their scene because they want their acting to be vivid and fresh. But they had to converse because they have to find connection as lead character of the movie, to be able to acting together smoothly. So they might be not talking about their scene in their converstion too. It means, they talked about everything else, and it must be really means everything. Professor of Psychology Arthur Aron stated that a conversation and falling in love sometimes start the same time. Mutual vulnerability, powered by self-disclosure sparks a connection more than any another – This is where the real magic happens. In one of his research, Professor Aron attempted to escalate the intimacy between strangers, paired participants and gave each couple a series of 36 questions to discuss, designed to facilitate self-disclosure. Results revealed that the effects of the 45 minutes self-disclosure activity lasted beyond the study, with many participants maintaining some sort of relationship with the person they had been paired up in the study. Isn't it fascinating that in only less than an hour, the suppostedly strangers can feel a connection to each other to be about as close as the average relationship in their lives? What about our HB and YJ then, which sometimes buy each other food and beer and only them know what else, to the point that Yejin stated that she and HB connected in so many levels. In their conversations, I’m sure the intimacy built. With underlying mutual admiration for each other, in terms of their passion for acting, work ethic, the energy they both brought to the set, to their similiar experience for almost two decades in the industry; their many conversations drown them to each other more deeply than what they ever imagine. Then the rest is history for further reading about falling in love through a conversation and Professor Aron research,visit https://www.heysigmund.com/a-real-conversation-or-falling-in-love-in-36-questions-or-less/
  2. So, as the nomination for Metro.Style's Most Beautiful Korean Actresses was over, the list for Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses who got the most number of nominations is out Now another voting time begin. We can vote as many as we want until September 26th. Let's vote~~ https://metro.style/promos/vote-for-the-most-beautiful-korean-actress
  3. If you visit the news source, you’ll see so much more actresses than those included in the tweet. What amazed me is the fact that some of them interviewed twice. And despite the gap years between the two interviews (from 2 to 8 years) and eventho’ they might saw countless works from many other actresses or even worked with them personally in between those years, they still said that they admired our Yejin the most. Always soo happy to see our girl’s hard-work acknowledged and cerished by soo many people, from ordinary people like us as her fans, her team and inner circle, her peers and colleagues in the entertainment industry, and even the professionals. She totally made her mark, and inspired many others. Son Ye Jin our best girl edit: I just found out that there are two parts of the article. And the second part include many notable names such as Kang So Ra, Park Min Young, Kim So Hyun, Park Bo Young, and even her senior Lee Shi Young Actresses who mentioned Son Ye-jin in an interview (Feb, 2020): (1) https://m.pann.nate.com/talk/349456974&currMenu=search&page=1&q=인터뷰에서 손예진을 언급한 여배우들 (2) https://m.pann.nate.com/talk/349539759&currMenu=search&page=1&q=인터뷰에서 손예진을 언급한 여배우들
  4. Let's just wait and see They said the crew would fly on Sept 1st, then the actors would follow 3-5 days after because they might want a vacation after almost 2 months of hard work. Honestly at this point I couldn't care less about what he'll wear. In times like this (with the number of COVID cases increasing like crazy everyday everywhere) the only thing that matter is that we can be sure that our loved ones are healthy, and even better if we can stay close to each other. So yeah, just come back home asap, Binnie! Your loved one is waiting! p.s: just heard that the vacation has been cancelled. They'll head back to Korea asap. We should hear the official news or photos upon their departure/arrival any time now. Hope everyone and everything goes well
  5. So the 30th of August shocking appearance is not possible because someone filming all day to finish it asap? And I guess it really finished now? Looking forward to the news of their coming back home flight. Hoping everyone well and healthy, and everything goes smoothly until they safely landed in South Korea. It’s been 50 days already
  6. beanhandhk IG's new post. #InPinkBubbleWeTrust source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEa-4ikJT3Q/?igshid=xgtxhur4apaa https://today.line.me/hk/article/私下超甜!孫藝真初見玄彬「抱抱2天」 認了是命運安排-JmG2xq
  7. My fav Wattpad stories which all completed: - Remember My Name by yejinhandlands (Hyunbin and Yejin are doctor here . The story is great with pretty detail and acurate medical terms and even puns -said by one of the readers who is also a doctor) - I'd Take A Bullet For You by startupabove_ (RiRi couple as detective. Pretty short, only 11 chapters) - Hour Before Dawn by 150rewind (story about the professional racer Yejin with her bestfriend Hyunbin. I cried a bucket reading this one) - The Back of Your Heart by MangoSonBingsu (HB and YJ as university student, with psychological maze between them) - Hello Goodbye (story about flight attendant YJ and a journalist HB to invesigate a scandal of an airline company. The author is one of the most productive writers of BinJin/RiRi couple in Wattpad, had 5 BinJin stories completed and 1 story on going, and she updates almost everyday p.s: her works are all steamy) - Across The Bridge Where Angels Dwell by Clairebabybear (when Yoon Jin Ah from SITR met Yoo Jin Woo from MOTA ) - These are The Days by Clairebabybear (RiRi couple journey after episode 16. Manymany heartwarming chapters. My fav post CLOY ending story along with At Long Last from CoolIssue) - Finding You by Ravenmague (Historical fiction/fantasy of Kim Tae Pyung and Son Eon Jin. Soo interesting!) The rest had been mentioned by Nenski and wap above. Enjoy reading!!
  8. Gotta drop the latest warning given by Soompi's Mods only 20 days ago.. MODERATOR NOTE : And lastly, please continue to be civil to each others and bring only positivity to the thread. Can we please follow this note and stop the heated discussion? Continuing it will get us nowhere.. With this too many people on board, it's nearly impossible to reach a 100% agreement. And like @lovelyz said above, Shipping Business is complicated and we’re all still learning here how to be a good shipper (who give them happinesses over the amount of support) and not the toxic one (that will burden them). So can we all just agree to disagree and bring back our happy mood like we always do, please?
  9. After hearing some updates from Binnie and Bargaining, and getting good news from Yejin and The Cross, it’s time to enjoy new post from Vast and Jennyhouse. Today is superb! We expect some drought when Binnie away in Jordan. But guess what? We’re soo well fed these days. We got updates from South Korea, Jordan, Japan, Taiwan and even Vietnam! And not only updates from Bin OR Jin, now both side tend to update simultaneously. We sure are spoiled kid everrr
  10. Bringing a new observation of an old video~ From the last ep BTS, when Yejin stumbled by the paraglading equipment while rehearsing. Hyunbin was keeping his eyes on her from the start, ready to catch her with his wide open arms even before she jumped into him. He even hugged her tightly for a split second. Someone already pointed out before too that even when his manner hands visible, he hold her tightly with his wrist to made sure she’s alright. What a man https://www.instagram.com/p/CDyjGosJu0h/?igshid=1acc01qffxlxm And MSTeam just uploaded Yejin SMART CF’s BTS!!
  11. Yess, she slays all of her recent CFs. She represents not only the image of beauty or delicate or mature or strong or confidence, but ALL of them at the same time. Top it with elegance image from her Ganeshi endorsement. When Koreans tend to attribute celebs with only one image, Yejin proved that she can be all of it at once. She did it with her film/drama works in 20 years back, and now with all of her brand endorsement too. As Smart’s SVP said on why they choose Yejin to embodies the Smart Signature: she made her mark And what I love the most about Hyunbin and Yejin's updates from their Smart CF is the fact that everyone cannot stop making backstage comments about how nice and humble they are. They didn't only gushing over their look, but also their personality. I stan nice people!
  12. As I finished watching the CF, the recommendation vid after that is an interview with the star. And guess what? That man turned out to be her boyfriend. That was their first kiss. SMART CF united them. She even playfully thanked SMART lol I guess SMART really enjoys playing cupid
  13. This twitter user might be troublesome at times, but this particular thought is gold imo. Power couple indeed
  14. Who would've thought that our OTP had a kiss scene in TN Era? OMG this two different vids fit so well
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