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  1. Sooo much happened this past week for BTS, fandom, and me being super busy with work in RL too! Just popping in to say hello to everyone! Rooting for BTS at the Grammys.
  2. I am happy for the leads and supernatural Kdrama are my cup of tea! Can’t wait!!
  3. OMG finally a full version of Blue Side - my favorite track from Hobi’s mixtape! It’s going on loop and ahhhh the beginning vocals is lovely, Hobi!!! agree that they are gifting and comforting us fans! I love this song so much.
  4. Soooo much content lol! I will have to catch up later. Too busy at the moment.
  5. I just finished ep 1 and sorry I skipped many posts here to avoid spoilers but so far, it is like in setting up the story. As with many Cdrama - the pace is a bit slow but I do see some potential for a complex story! I think it is too early to say how it goes but I like that it is different kind of role for YM (I like that she also looks the part). I haven’t watched a modern Cdrama with the police/investigation genre since the 90’s lol - this is new to me again. Will give it a chance and not compare it to American/Kdrama police shows.
  6. Ohhhh it is airing?!? Yey!!! Feels like we YM fans have been waiting forever. Prays for Eng subs and I will wait a bit to watch.
  7. It was very well done, heaven to my ears, and I am so happy to see the overwhelming amount of love and reading all the lovely comments from non-fans was also a nice welcome. Big Hit: PLEASE release a greatest hits LIVE compilation album in the near future please.
  8. I join the prayer circle for Arthdal Chronicles too — they can’t leave us hanging! Lol
  9. For me - I will watch Vincenzo and River Where the Moon Rises but after many episodes in or when it is near the end since I am a bit too busy in RL now. I can only commit to a few drama at the time since I want to also read some books and play games too.
  10. I have never purchased FILA products before but these fits look comfy! Ok I will try to catch Hobi’s live tonight.
  11. Jimin asking for music recommendations for bed time and most Army replies with BTS song lol. I recommended Jessie Ware’s ‘Stay Awake, Wait for Me.” Please listen and enjoy! I don’t think Jimin will see my comment among the 20+K messages lol.
  12. I’ve been a long time fan of JPOP so of course, I am a casual fan of Back Number. I recommend their greatest hit album: “Encore”. My fav Jrock top 3 are: B’z, One Ok Rock, and Miyavi though! Still super excited we are getting a rock ballad/type? Yeyyyyy - being on rock Bangtan phase. I want the Coca Cola CM Jungle cover too! Ohhhh maybe it’s for the next Japan single?!? Just saw the Japanese TV clip from the ZIP new program and this new collab song is a “rock love ballad”
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