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  1. I had to share this one —— are we like this in the car listening to BTS? I do sing a long in front of my computer as I work but I can’t dance or do choreo to save my life so….but I love how our fandom can make fun of ourselves lol
  2. My comment re Princess in the last two episodes was not because I didn’t understand the historical context and Confucian society norms back in the day. Same re the ‘strength’—- yes, it is more than physical but about endurance etc etc. My issue was more about how they portrayed her character; they were other ways they could have done those scenes that captured all this in a way that didn’t reduce her character so and then have her turn back to form again at the end of ep 16. Just my opinion - I found that her character has been a little inconsistent or the least fleshed out.
  3. Hiii! Came by to update that BTS had a special showcase for Japan to promote their album. Hopefully the performances will be uploaded later but they all look amazing! ^ was not prepared for these two lol Butter still on a roll globally!! Even more unpreparedness and surprises!! g’night!!! credit to respective owners
  4. @backstreetboysfan thanks for the trailer and update! It is darker than I thought so I already love it!!
  5. Yey!!! What a good news to wake up to! Congrats to US PR and all Army!! I share this thread that really explains well the real reason why Army support BTS re charting globally — is not about getting #1 but to make people become aware of BTS and their wonderful music. The context is always left out now a days because we succeeded and people just assume it is about the #1s. However, the truth was that BTS was not welcomed by the industry in many places, especially the West - it was always ARMY that pushed and generated the demand; the charting is to demonstrate this demand
  6. @Prettysup thanks! Ohhhh the wait - so much for a summer historical romance! I will just pray that it airs this year lol
  7. I am watching ep. 15 and what happened to this show?! I really am disappointed that they turn a very smart, capable FL into a ‘Cinderella’ stereotype with mean MIL and the birth mom lady bullying her etc. It irks me that she doesn’t speak up at all and just bears it. I know they do it to build up the reveal that she is THE princess but I wished they did it better - this was all super predictable and grating to watch. Having said that- the actress that plays the birth mom is GOOD; she succeeded in making me feel hate for her character lol. On to ep.16 oh and MIL continues to be sooo
  8. I just started this show randomly and two episodes in I am crying and laughing. It is sooo emotional and soooo good!! Will continue tomorrow and am surprised it isn’t more popular. Edit: I am up to ep. 7 and it is an underrated, wonderful drama. I love the well integrated social issues and it really highlight so many good messages and points for consideration. Makes me reflect, cry (the stories are so well done and touching!), and laugh while watching. Edit2: I finished it and the last few episodes were great - I really enjoyed this series and it was such a wonderful surp
  9. What a strong first episode. I continue to really love the writing and the show’s ability to deliver and nail the messages on the importance of empathy, human connection, and well basically the meaningful things in life.
  10. Sometimes for me too! Lainey writes good articles about BTS and looking forward to watching the Music Blood performances later. Update: BTS was on a Japanese music show called Music Blood and it was quite good! Brief summary of their career, intro, and showed their personalities and chaotic Bangtan-ness. They also had two excellent performances of Butter and Film Out. I hope they will upload the entire show with Eng subs for non-Japanese language fans. The funniest bit was when they literally named V’s current hair ‘the poodle’ lol and then the guys were asked ab
  11. The poster just dropped the ‘diner’ text lol. Looking forward to watching NJH and I just realized it is so short; but maybe that is a great thing.
  12. It is sad waste of a great cast and potential! Started out interesting and lost all good will and I just watched the latest two episodes— even the nice romantic scenes are mostly gone (the ending of ep 12 elevator/beach almost remembering scenes are the one I enjoy) and it is only watchable when you suspend some logic lol. It is a shame that the key message and philosophical themes got buried, and so many aimless scenes. I hope the writer seeks the feedback to improve future works. There are some parts that are still nice and interesting but when thrown together,
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