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  1. They all look amazing and I can't believe Samsung released a new Galaxy phone when I feel like S20 was just so recent and they are trying to get me to switch to an Android. I was telling myself I will get a Galaxy Note 22 in the future after this iPhone dies - hoping it will be a few years in the future. I have so many problems with my iPhone XR that I got back in early 2019. Hope everyone is well - I've been super busy with RL.
  2. I am up to ep 7 but won’t be able to watch until this weekend; I did see rumors that we are getting season 2 due to its success! Hopefully it’s true!
  3. I am happy we are getting new music soon!
  4. I can’t quite believe how Dynamite made them gain so many fans in Japan! It’s incredible to see their success there! There will more JArmy for sure!
  5. I hope they release the cover of Jungle quickly! It is a good rock song and I love it with BTS’s vocals. I hope it is an OT7 song though but let’s see. So happy to see BTS’s success in Japan!
  6. Just popped in to see if people are enjoying this show. I usually like KJW's shows and like some of JCW's shows e.g. Healer and Suspicious Partner but last few shows haven't worked for me. So from what I see - I should watch it lol. I like the shorter episodes - can watch before bedtime.
  7. Ah that was a great interview with Yoongi! I am glad his surgery went well and that he is recovering well. I'm also looking forward to his growth as a musician to explore new things.
  8. Happy New Year fellow Army! May the new year bring happiness, peace, and lots of laughter and more memories with BTS! Stay safe and be well!!
  9. So I finished this today. Overall, it was an enjoyable show just to see what will happen to our OTP. Their chemistry was very good and the plot was not dragged out. Good cast and OST also helped. Happy for everyone involved in this show. I am glad to have discovered Darren Wang from this series. May keep an eye out for his future works.
  10. So I randomly watched this the other day - I knew nothing about it and wow; it was a great show! I pray for season 2! I was impressed by all the actors (esp. Song Kang and Lee Jin Wook) and soooo many good actors!! Also, all the incredible female characters, plot points, character developments, cinematography and while it got gory and a bit too violent, I was sooooooo invested in the main characters. I do think the OST was a mess and didn’t quite fit at some parts.
  11. I was happy to participate in OIAA’s campaign for the LN4Hand Project. It’s such a great cause. Also happy to share that the BTS Season’s Greetings Box is huge!!!! What to do with such a huge box?! Lol. The desk calendar, mini photo book, planner, notebook and photo items were all incredible though. I will be happy in using them throughout next year.
  12. I am still watching and just finished ep 31. I made it to ep 37 and wooah I had to stop at 41 because no Eng subs and will finish this next weekend. LQ is so much stronger (performance wise) than the Song of Glory... actually this is a much better drama.
  13. I grew up in many winter wonderland countries. Although I love to watch snow fall, take a walk while it’s falling and love the way it looks after snowfall, I don’t do well in cold weather!! I had to shovel lots of snow after a blizzard completely buried my car one year. It was exhausting lol! Now I am in a tropical country with no snow and it’s been at least 7 years since I’ve seen snow! Enjoy the fun friends - I am a bit busy lately so just drop in to say hi.
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