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  1. Is it possible that the kidnapper had cut a larger portion of the finger -- and then-- from that larger part made the cut that he/they sent to the parents? if the finger was cut, that could mean that the finger tissue was dead, but not the little girl... idk if that's scientifically possible or not.
  2. I'm a fan of this webtoon, i hope they do a an adaptation as faithful as possible, with all the special effects and the plot. Please don't make Hyun a pretty boy because he isn't, and for Hyuk, he's hella smart and calculating but with an aura of charisma and a leader too, so they really need to work with the webtoon creator(s) for this to turn out as amazing and chilling as the original webtoon.
  3. Thank you for this event!! And thank you for the "@". All the choices are good, so it's a dificult decision! For me there were not only the scary/supernatural factor, but the psychological terror too, that's why i choosed (among other dramas) "CHILDREN OF NOBODY"... The fear it's in the stuff we don't know, but also in the things we suspect being true and those, once confirmed and unraveled with all that's behind that, THAT truth turns into horror and the true nightmare is unleashed... That's why this drama is one of the best, it doesn't need the supernatural factor to
  4. I like the fact that it's a female centric drama, and with a topic that we don't see much (at least in a natural way, and no as a side event in a drama/suspense/tragedy) I'll be watching this series for sure (if there will be subs of course)
  5. Those snacks sure look tasty, and the sodas galore! Great way to show support (aside from ratings) i love tasty food and cold sodas
  6. I think the same, Ji Ah is reckless, i guess it's because she doesn't realize how severe is the danger to which she exposes herself... not only physical danger but her soul/spirit too, since her actions can disturb the other world realm/order and is in danger of her soul being exposed to those otherworldly punishments (like they did to Yoon). She's smart and brave, so i think down the road, she'll learn to act bravely without falling into reckless behaviour, i believe that she doesn't mean any harm and is doing all she can to know what happened to her parents, but, again, she doesn
  7. This already looks SO.GOOD!! i love PSE, the 1rst drama that made me watch korean dramas and love them was "You Are Beautiful" <3 can't wait to see her and gorgeours ahjussi CSW <3
  8. I liked the ending, i think they could be together in a few years/in the future. Things happens, people don't choose who they fall in love with, and besides, they are both adults: it's not a crime for two blood unrelated aduls to love each other. Sure, people may not be ok with it, but to each their own. I guess if people are always looking of what other people will think about ther life & choices, the they are up to live an unhappy life, as long as they don't comit crimes or intentionally hurt others, i think people are ok doing what they think it's best for them/makes then happy.
  9. My, my the Ahjusshi category was the hardest, i really like them, handsome and mature, what else can i ask? although it is worth mentioning that the other categories had their good participants, I'm watching you guys: Jung Kyung Ho, Joo Won and maknae Nam Joo Hyuk My ultimate oppas are: Ahjussi oppas: Cho Seung Woo Lee Dong Wook Jang Hyuk Mature oppas: Jung Kyung Ho Yoo Ah In Joo Won Younger oppas: Nam Joo Hyuk Kim Woo Bin Seo Kang Joon
  10. I like this drama, i just wished that they didn't do it so much cliché like they did in ep 1-2... This story has a lot of potential, especially with the brothers issue... but, they just introduced the first love troupe and the reincarnation troupe... A love can be the most magical, awesome and eternal love WITHOUT the NEED for lovers to have met when they were children/ancient creature nor for them to be reincarnated and be destined to meet again and again and again. Like, it seems that the only way for a love to be memorable/great in most kdramas and fantasy kdramas is to be one o
  11. Ughhh, why did they have to go the Goblin route? I hope this drama won't become a goblin 2.0
  12. Tbh the main plot doesn't seem trivial to me, it's all about corruption: it's not only on a grand scale, but in the everyday acts that led people to corruption. It's not a fireworks event or "big-bad-crime" it's the small things that pile up, and pile up and pile up 'till you end being part of that corruption. It evens drags down people who was honest (either by mistakes, by own will or by believing they were doing the right thing). Besides, 2 times (i think) Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevski's) was mentioned, and there, the protagonist (Raskolnikov), is someone who commits murder in search of
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