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  1. I cried with this episode, and I never cry with dramas... all of SW's scenes: from when she is constantly apologizing, to her thought that if she disappeared everyone would be better, then the sea... it really crushed me, that was very real, too much. This episode was truly cathartic. And then, the last minutes I went from crying > being relieved > seething (ffff TO hitting JY & DK implying things!) > happy/delighted (serves her right!) As I said, cathartic.
  2. About ep 13: Out of all of this there is something that is very true and it's (paraphrasing) what TO said to SW: that she shouldn't settle for less nor being with people who don't value her. And nobody in that place or family deserves the energy/emotional/psychological pain that SW is going through for trying to get ahead... not even the son, who clearly lets himself be carried away by nice words and not by actions, including accepting that his mother humiliates herself for him (and on top of that having the face of being embarrassed and upset about it!) For me is just not possible to justify his actions for being a teenager and divorcee son: he has perfect reasoning and is a selfish, ungrateful little coward like his father... I really hope that SW leaves behind all those trashy people.