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  1. For some reason, it rather feels to me that Mo Yuan was getting married in the Bodhi Fate prologue as assistance for his brother Ye Hua and Bai Qian. He didn't have to but would get married for their sake. Perhaps it is a similar situation many years ago when Xuyang in the book tried to arrange a marriage for his sister with either Lian Song or Dong Hua. With Ye Hua as Crown Prince and future Sky Lord, his position must be still mired of people who want a piece of him, despite his happily married status with Bai Qian. Monogamous marriage is incomprehensible to others. T
  2. Haven't watched any of the choices! But noting these shows having strong women for future watching. There's one show I'm liking, even if until now it is still not subbed. It's the Cdrama Miss S, whose FL Ma Yili as Su Wenli is portraying a socialite but a smart cookie who can give detectives a run for their money. She went back to Shanghai to prevent the early release of her sister's murderer. The show is a remake of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Bonus: the fabulous dresses! The actress herself is considered a role model and has been independ
  3. I rather think the time of real Karma for Ji Heng didn't come yet. IMO, let it be that she seems off the hook lightly for the meantime, but that someone else, not through the hands of Dong Hua or Feng Jiu, or certain circumstances will give her that punishment. There are 4 more books in the 3L3W. If she doesn't get the payback for her nasty and delusional self-centred self in Lotus Steps, or Bodhi Fate, it could happen in Xiao Yan's book. Though it's unknown yet why Bodhi Fate prologue is of Shao Wan waking up on the day of his wedding, the immortals either m
  4. LMAO, I think it's a bit hilarious that they are infamously clashing a lot because they don't want to accept they're head over heels in love to each other.
  5. These two had one up those who preach "Love your enemies". But I can imagine how mad they were with themselves to be in love with the one who irritates them the most, hahaha!
  6. Yup, the artist must update the circle, it's still TMOPB era. I'll just think of this now as Bai Qian-Ye Hua wedding, it's Lian Song who took the pic, LOL! @Ninky, it seems BGG would be the never lazy student of Tai Chen, following the footsteps of semi half-brother Lian Song. If he didn't, BGG will put him in his place.
  7. I'll never get tired of this movie.
  8. Certified night owl, LOL! @sadthe1stguesses fairly well now when I'm still up. Morning. Yeah, the grind starts again. 396
  9. Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday! 4evrkdrama @Abs_ triggered @elan1 @Ernie @forme26 fi @iksunijini5 @Jillia @joccu @kokodus @Lmangla @larus @Min2206 @mirmz @Nodame @partyon @pompyavi @sadthe1st @Sarang21 @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @twinkle_little_star @Wuzetian -2
  10. 388 Kewpie mayo is sold in Carrefour here, I might buy to try it next time I do the grocery at the hypermarket @sadthe1st Nope, I didn't sleep yet, cos I'm just about to find the groove for some serious reading.
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