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  1. Mmm, I don't have beans, but I can try cooking it like your mum's using cabbage instead. I'm cooking some porridge later with either mutton or chicken meat pieces for the elder kiddo. She's feeling under the weather from last night. Papad for porridge pizzazz! ctto -2
  2. Hopefully. It would have been my first time to watch YZ, as I'm interested with the story.
  3. LMAO, it's so rare to find vada without those large peppercorns. The first time I've seen and tasted it was in a flight, and thankfully it was all soft and no pebbles-like peppercorn, hahaha! I have some baby corn. Hmm, how should I cook it this time? Normally it's something I add for noodle dishes but I don't feel like having noodles today. ctto 378
  4. They're quite similar that they thrive working behind the scenes, since Dong Hua and Lian Song didn't have to be pressured by faces and being honourable. They can be as shameless or opportunistic as can be and no one will bat their eyes. Unlike Mo Yuan and Ye Hua, who must be epitome of perfection. Other than that, I'm sure DH knew who is Ye Hua. IMO, it's his way of helping one of the twins of Fushen back to power. Pretty sure he also knew what Hao De is doing, but allowed it to toughen up and make Mo Yuan's brother aware of the treachery of the gods. DH would know about that so w
  5. Truly. Tianjun is too preoccupied with images and what would feed his ego. Fortunately for Lian Song, someone else almost brought him up and encouraged his intellectual pursuit.
  6. Have a good day everyone, even if it's Monday again! ❤ 4evrkdrama @Ameera Ali @agenth @Calli @confusedheart326 @Ernie @gm4queen @hsmz @joccu @kokodus @larus@LeftCoastOppa @Lmangla @Min2206 @mirmz @partyon @pompyavi @sadthe1st @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @twinkle_little_star @willenette @Wuzetian The very first time I've seen vada, I thought it was a kind of doughnut dessert. ctto 378
  7. That too, but then, this Hao De seems to be more after the benefits and glory on whatever he does for others. He easily punished Yuan Zhen because that grandson, even if bright and promising, is still the son of Shao Xin and Sang Ji. He used to be alright with Ye Hua too, but was cruel to him in the end when this grandson did not follow his wishes anymore. Hao De also wanted Ye Hua to surpass Mo Yuan and really pushed for that. Just why is that so important for him, if not for basking in his grandson's fame as a prodigy. Though spoiling Su Jin and granting her royal tit
  8. He can kiss his career goodbye for good as his arrest is featured in international news sites. https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202108/1230245.shtml
  9. All because Su Su was human. Never even given some leeway for her pregnancy that time. He was flexing his power too much to shield Su Jin. That Bais are loyal to their kin, but Tianjun for interloper Su Jin betrayed his grandsons.
  10. Jiuchongtian couldn't deny Bai Qian's "request" after offending her so much. Other than that, it's time for Su Jin to give back for that Battle in Ruoshui, since she was the one who benefited the most for so many who were sacrificed. As a guard, all she needed to do was sound the alarm to the celestials for abnormal activities or signs. It's not as if she's expected to face Qing Cang or ghouls loyal to him. In the end, she proved unworthy of being even an immortal, getting that status revoked forever and experiencing lifetimes of love trials.
  11. Aside from Bai Qian, and Ye Hua to an extent, who else will Tianjun offend? I'm betting on Cheng Yu, before she's back to her real goddess self. ctto Hao De has to be taught or reminded not to judge a book by its cover. Hmm, will Ye Hua ascend toJiuchongtian's Lord status in Lotus Steps? Given that it's a 4 volume book...
  12. 394 Dropping by to say hi! Too warm in the sand pit today, so a glass of bubble tea or two to freshen up. ctto
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