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  1. From the time he left until her demise, since they never saw each other anymore from the time of Xiangli Que's death. Towards the rest of her life, she was again "betrayed", this time by the daughter she loved and protected. When she descended to madness, she must see and feel Aranya everywhere, as it's the taboo name she was uttering the most. When Qinghua's feeling cold, somewhere in her mind, there's a crying infant that she has thrown in the snake pit, fending for herself, unprotected from elements. Yet that daughter grew up and died the clan's saviour, e
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  3. I wish there are details on that, but there's nothing more of Xiangli He in the book after he was replaced by Aranya in the battlefield. Presumably Xi Ze was able to take care of him and did for him whatever Aranya wanted for her brother. Since in the records he died battling the Night Owl clan, he could have lived in an assumed identity, perhaps until his demise, if he already died, as he was not always in the best of health. Unless Qinghua was still so demented that despite Fanyin Valley losing 3 seasons and Xi Ze intervening so that the clan do not get exterminated
  4. Whether or not Zhi He meets her foster brother, whatever she plans to do or how much she protests would be immaterial since DH and FJ are already married before Bincang ceremony. DH is the Prince Consort of the Queen of Qing Qiu. Zhi He is not invited to the reception of course. Zhi He doesn't even want others to look at foster brother, so yeah, scaring Ji Heng off is a possibility. Pretty sure that isn't the first time she warned others off. She can't be that bold without her habitually doing it. She got away with it because she's the Emperor's f
  5. This is a royal family, but it's convoluted with politicking just the same. Let's consider the scenarios if Junou prematurely ceded the taboo, which was likely put in place just after she ascended to the throne and the 3 seasons were taken by Shen Ye. Qinghua was still the defacto shadow ruler, and she is the one who most likely pushed for the taboo. What will that make Junou as the clan monarch? Because removing that taboo will equally give the reasons to disclose her roles until Aranya's demise and of what Shen Ye did. In a family that is beset of acts a
  6. I like how she wore the rings. ELOD was broadcasted in SK couple months ago. Perhaps that is the main reason why, and the fact that gumiho or nine-tailed foxes are part of their legends. It's now currently broadcasted in Japan, another country big with nine-tailed foxes, or kitsune for them.
  7. 862 For those accidentally reporting themselves, it must feel like this...
  8. I actually like the new placement. 862
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