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  1. @pawla At that point of he and FJ were bathing in the hot spring announcement, he was in the "interested" stage. So possessive already of his predestined mate. No wonder he is willing to off anyone he was jealous of when he was already in love. I'll bet he said "you're mine now!" in his mind once he got hold of handkerchief FJ. Lying to Ali and Zhe Yan when they came for FJ, hahaha.
  2. The way he talked about his missing handkerchief, you can exchange the word handkerchief to baby fox. DH said that since it's FJ's "hobby" to be a handkerchief, he will use her to wipe his sword. (Which sword is that, LMAO) Does he keep the Cang'he sword in his bedroom?
  3. Pillow book is their story. Naturally (in DH's tone, LMAO) we'll love them more when we really get to know DH and FJ's eternal love in all their three lives.
  4. This is Ep46 in TMOPB. Si Ming would have an idea how he feels because DH himself asked him to write a story that would make them together in the mortal realm. DH even told Si Ming the excuse of wanting to experience the pain of mortals should others ask.
  5. @LovelyLady They should have shown his tears. I saw this BTS too before, and it made me cry more than in the episode. Actually, any time that DH cried would hurt.
  6. Ep8 Bai Zhi Dijun said that too, that his granddaughter finds support without asking. I think it's part of FJ's charm. She can be naughty, but even her "victims" like Si Ming don't hold grudges against her. Even Cang Yi didn't get mad after she wrecked his place. Now check Ep27 when FJ fell asleep again at the pavillion by her own lethargy formula. Watch DH's face after he said "no wonder God Bai Yi thinks about finding a really good man for you everyday." Watch how his demeanor subtly changed when he gave her a long, lingering look before turning her again to a handkerchief.
  7. Still in Ep26, drunk FJ scene. This still makes me so sad for her, knowing what she had to do without him knowing. Cue "Book of Fate" soundtrack when she told DH that he is lying as response to him saying he'll send her back. She was finally telling him what she couldn't as that little fox. DH should have had the clues already who she is when she told him he said she was a pet and he didn't ask her to stay when she left. What I like in this scene: their eyes and facial expressions. Everything's on point.
  8. Ep26 DH must have heard about the blind date banquet and the rumours about him bathing with his fairy at the hot spring. Are these the reasons why he has to openly tell at Qingyun Hall that FJ left her bracelet, hairpin, and pinning flower at the hot spring? So very DH, staking a claim on FJ because he's finding her interesting. Hahaha.
  9. Both can do something without using magic. DH also manages the fairy registry, right? The maids are for cleaning and fixing I think, and serving when holding audience. They are there so that DH, and FJ, can always be ready for things and matters ordinary immortals cannot handle.
  10. Something about auspicious time, I think? Eh, who would say anything when the emperor stops for tea. He's the one who made and prepare anyway, hahaha.
  11. In Ep24, did anyone really believe that Mo Yuan wasn't feeling well that he can not escort BQ's wedding entourage? Anyway, it's good, coz that meant DH had to go to Qing Qiu. Mwehehehe.
  12. I will kneel to the director and ask him to get the script revised for this scene. If it isn't getting changed, bribe the editors to cut off that part.
  13. That scene made me barf! Like EEEWWW! Whoever wrote the dialogue must not be happy when was asked to do so. It must be for revenge how something so cringe worthy script was used! @vivi0303 Ah, your mom is a super fan! That sword dance is so amazing. Ep30 is one of the best episodes. Pitchfork if the sword dance got edited out, ahahahah!
  14. Love hero? Ji Heng?? They must be drunk. She's not smart, she's just good thinking of her wants, needs. She's not having empathy, she's immature, too. As princess, if situation arises that FJ is asked to be in arranged marriage for Qing Qiu, she will do it if her subjects will be reassured of gaining something better. JH couldn't do it. Some princess she was. Hmpt. Yeah, arranged marriage isn't for everyone, and I am not at all agreeable to it. But in extraordinary situations, for the sake of common good, what has to be done must be done.
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