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  1. Dear @Hui Fang Ng and @richelle, I resynced and uploaded the subtitle with ads for you! You can find it I'm sure... :-) Enjoy!!!
  2. I was really curious about the lyrics of "Someday" which JI and JH almost sang together in the karaoke bar, because it could tell more about their emotions. If anybody interested, here it is :-)
  3. I'm a bit confused... Can you guys be so kind to help mi with this? In the netflix version JI says JH over the phone (52:02) that she's sorry for liking him, which was a bit sudden but I was happy with it - also I heard like that as well. However I'd just read dramamilk and there is said: Jiho, I am sorry to lie to you. I was reading it because I can tell that Netfilx is a bit unaccurate with the translation and I wanted to understand everything, but this one made me confused. Thanks in advance!!!
  4. I really don't remember if it was shared here yet, but it's so cute! From what I understand, HJM makes sentences with the characters of JHI's name. Jung: Really Hae: Hae In-ssi In: isn't he too handsome to be a human being? Both are really embarrassed and sweet! I couldn't find the video about what JHI said with the characters of HJM's name.
  5. Oh, thank you very much @Lawyerh It became totally clear!!! I can't express my gratitude enough! I just couldn't see the wood for the trees! Ashamed In my country a lot of people love Korean dramas. Sometimes there are some on TV as well, but they're dubbed which any decent fan would hate There are fan pages too. However, it's a small country so... Thank you again! Back to "work"
  6. Hi, everyone, I'm enjoying reading all your thoughts. Thank you all for the lively forum! I'd just Iike to add that JI met JH only about 2 weeks ago so it's just natural for her to give some more thought to breaking up with Gi Seok. Anyway, I really hope that Gi Seok won't take the risk to be Si Hoon financial guarantor for his bank loan. It would be a very big pressure on JI's family, especially on her! I also think, that GS probably tries to manipulate JI so that's why I'm afraid. Can anyone de so kind and explain to me, what GS meant when he said to JI "Did I mention where you worked the last time we met?" (JI: I'm not sure. I don't remember. GS: I should tell him (Ji Ho) when we meet again and ask to bring you some snacks.) EP 7, at 06:59. I think it doesn't make any sense - maybe if it would be: when you worked last time, we (GS and JH) met... And this "ask to bring you some snack" thing as well... What snack??? Why? I don't know :-( It's really important to me because I'm translating the subs from English to Hungarian. Thanks in advance!!!
  7. @Pmyonly you were kind to post this one as well here Thank you again!!! :-)
  8. Thanks God the Viki uploaded the full version, so the subtitles must be coming soon.
  9. I don't understand why only a 25 min cut version is on viki. They made the subtitle for that and I wonder if the full 70 min episode when would be transtated and by who. I'm so impatient... I didn't want to watch it without subs but ended up to peep into beacuse of the confusion about the two versions. The short one is only the last part of the full one. Watch out guys!
  10. Hi Everybody, I'm a big fan of this drama from the beginning but didn't have enough time to read this topic. I've just read your latest thoughts about the last two episodes and you almost have written everything I thought about it too. Although I'm a bit upset that there were so few scenes with our OTP and they were so sad, I liked it anyway. I don't know why but I think the fiancé is aware of the relationship between Yoo Kyung and Hyun Oh. Hyun Oh had that photo of Yoo Kyung which I don't think he throw away. She could've seen it. Somehow, I feel she is the type who wants to possess him, moreover she tries to confirm whether he has any feelings left for Yoo Kyung. I also think that she manipulated him into this engagement. Hyun Oh is very lost now, he isn't that confident guy anymore and because of his painful knees he feels himself weak and he doesn't want to show this to Yoo Kyung... Maybe this was a part of the reasons they broke up three years ago. It's heartbreaking to see how cheerless he became... I have to admit I'm addicted to this drama, can't wait the last two episodes. :-( I'm really grateful for the perfection they made this drama with! Sorry about my poor English :-( I hope I could express myself though.
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