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  1. Hi! I've been following this thread for a few weeks now and really enjoyed every post of you all. Thank you so much, reading them helps me a lot to wait for the next episodes! Dear @rafeusjanela thank you for your insightful posts, and @guestra I especially like your thought about the red and green lights. It's such a good observation. I was wondering about SA calling her friend "CEO Yoon" as well and I had a feeling that it's for purpose. She wants to draw a line for herself, not to think about him as a man but as they were in professional terms. However it's not for others, only for her own safety and to her, to remember. I think JY noticed that in the Intermission (such a good name for that restaurant) and that's why he tried to help her out. You all had really good remarks about some nice scenes which I totally agree with. What I enjoyed: the way JY closed the piano and the same time SA's violin string broke (in the end of ep. 3). It was like a closure for their previous one side crushes. I was afraid earlier that JK and CEO Yoon can turn the table, but now I'm sure they lost their chance for good. Anyway I hope the two trio can keep their friendships. I hope my incorrect english doesn't hinder you from understanding my thoughts :-)
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