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  1. I'm busy on works these days, I will be back to view maybe hundred pages afterwards. One of the best parts of Korea’s pop culture is its massive domestic film and TV industry. Rather than relying on showing mainly Hollywood-produced TV series and movies on the television or in the cinema, Koreans are constantly creating movies and dramas for its domestic market. This creates a lot of opportunities for amazing actors and actresses to rise to stardom. There are always new stars rising to fame, but this list is for the best of the best. Here are our picks for the best Korean actors of all time. 1. 이민호 Lee Min Ho Recommended to watch in: City Hunter Lee Min Ho shot to stardom overnight when he began starring in the popular teen drama Boys Over Flowers, which is a remake of Japan’s Hana Yori Dango. He has been among Korea’s A-listers ever since, having starred in other famous dramas such as City Hunter and The Heirs. At the moment he is serving his mandatory military service, after which we can expect more great acting work from him.
  2. After Nigeria's men are so jealous of our boy, now Mumbai's men are following. cr. 大_薯-
  3. He looks like only 18. cr as tagged DC post : (rough translation according Chinese translation by 大_薯-) Let's see if Minho will do these. The original sequence is like that : 1. Scenery picture 2. Selfie 3. Choco's picture 4. The food you eat today 5. New pictures in gallery But I feel I have to do that for the new sequence : 1. Scenery picture OK 2. Selfie OK ?? 3. Choco's picture Expecting 4. The food you eat today Pass 5. New pictures in gallery Expecting also 6. Li~ve 7. Li~~ve 8. Li~~~~~ve The conclusion is to pass our loves and thanks to Mino's messages to us. Really love our Mino, Live !! expecting ㅋ Missing you and would like to hear your voice. Lee Min Ho.
  4. He searched his name for news (good or bad), and visit DC to accept Minoz' loves. DC LMH Gallery is definitely without negative articles like here. It should be the place full of loves and supports. And yes, actually he's a man that almost none of Korean people dislike. I read a weibo post many years ago, a C-Minoz asked about LMH to her male friend from SK. He told her almost no one dislike him. His image in SK is very very good. And from those reactions of passers-by found him on the road or any place, you know how big he is in SK.
  5. Believe me, he's stronger and more matured than your imaging. I'm also feeling sorry for him about those negative articles, but I'm not worrying about him. He's in the K-entertainment for over 10 years, what dirty things he's never seen ? When he's filming BOF, a group of fan girl found him in the car instead of KHJ, they run away. Our boy smiled and felt it's interesting, you would know he's not so sensitive. GB's Director Yoo Ha said "I gave him a lot of pressures, but he's not sensitive, he didn't felt the pressures I gave him. "
  6. Many years ago, in an interview, he said he would visit DC everyday (sounds like that, I don't remember the actual words, the time's about after City Hunter) . And if you have watched his talk concert, he really knows the thoughts and the concerns of his Minoz. He must read lots of Minoz' letters or posts/comments. And in the BTS of DMZ, he searched his name before sleeping and found they were already on the news. Other crew asked him "Did you search your name everyday ? "
  7. The rough translation : We all know that Minho will visit DC every day. Yesterday was the ninth day Minho disappeared. Many K-Minoz were crying for missing him so much on DC. (same here ) Someone posted that "LMH update !!" But actually there were 2 Minho's old pictures and she wrote "even pictures like these are better than none. Really miss him so much." "I'm sorry if you're fooled." Definitely so many Minoz click her post to see what's Minho's update, and then crying more. After such a sad day. Minho updated his IG account with scenery and his shadow with a beautiful song. We shall cry louder everyday.
  8. Yes, a Netflix drama can not be also bought by IQIY. I'm the VIP member of Taiwan IQIY, I watched LOTBS on it. But this time, I had to watch TKEM on Netflix. I don't know how many years of TKEM's right on Netflix, maybe they will never release the right of their original series to other stream sites ? But LOTBS now is on both Netflix and IQIY Taiwan. LMH always disappeared for a long time after a work, but this time, it seems all people in every corner of the world are missing him so much, from here to Weibo to DC.
  9. KOFICE 2020 Hallyu Survey Results Report. On above web page, you may find the details in the pdf file.
  10. 20200630 K-news. Hallyu ban is lifted. K-products are selling in all areas of China, that's the first time after 2017 Hallyu ban. And Korean tours are promoted in China. The stock price of Korean cosmetics and entertainment are rising. cr. 看韩影
  11. When I became LMH's fan in 2014, I am curious why there were not many news about him. It's obviously he's the most popular K-star in the world, he had most followers on FB and Weibo. And then I learned that how other companies manipulated the media, especially there are so many individual media on Weibo. Both Starhaus and MYM are small companies and LMH is a man very low key. C-Minoz said before 2014, LMH got amazing popularity in China by City Hunter and Heirs, no "LMH can't act" or "LMH is fat" such bad comments related to him. From 2014, those comments were everywhere, so many non fans were brain washed "LMH is fat". I think you all are so wise to know what this would be happened. But you know what ? Usually who trampled on LMH would not get a good end after all.