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  1. So happy for you. Yes, I also think it's a mission impossible to take good pictures when you're busy to look at him.
  2. Besides LMH's own Weibo account page (https://weibo.com/actorleeminho?is_all=1) , there is a page of the tag "李敏镐超話" (LMH super topic) : https://weibo.com/p/1008083ab39f4ae912a63194497c2b68b80a3a/super_index We Minoz will post anything related LMH under this page with the tag.
  3. https://twitter.com/caramelhershey/status/1362788429633789953 https://brunch.co.kr/@ellakanga3cq/354 cr. caramelhershey
  4. That video was released by LSG's agency company. I think they have negotiated how to share the copyright of both actors especially LSG's singing part.
  5. Yes, he's so adorable. cr. Machi But talking about his bedroom ? No, I think it's his study room or game room.
  6. According to Beyond_MinoBoiz_ICE's latest Weibo post, there were 2 new casts in Pachinko through their own announcements. 1. Kerry Kunppe. She will portray Mrs. Holmes who is not found in the novel. 2. Martin Martinez. Didn't mention which character he will play. And the following are those who were revealed in CN already. 1. Jung Eun-Chae 2. Kaho Minami 3. Anna Sawai 4. Noh Sang-hyun
  7. 20210216 Promiz FB updated. A Promise of PROMIZ and Lee Min Ho PROMIZ, the donation platform has been acting for good causes since 2014. We implement projects and donations for children. ---------- PROMIZ and Lee Min Ho care for children who are in danger by COVID-19. We have donated 757,112,200 won since 2014. Several projects for children have been implemented; KNOCK, Safe Umbrella, Milk Mustache and JAMJAMBOX. ---------- More children are exposed in danger at home. The reason why COVID-19 makes children more vu
  8. Happy Lunar new year !! CCTV Spring Festival official Youtube Channel has a music ranking, Lee Min Ho and Harlin Yu's video is TOP 1.
  9. I've not heard LSG's songs before, I just saw a C-Minoz said that comparison with the original "The Dreamer's Dream", he sang it more emotionally in last day's film. (He sang the original one more skillfully.) If you read the lyrics, you know why LMH asked LSG to sing it more emotionally and naturally than skillfully. Besides doing great jobs, LMH always wants some sympathetic responses to audience in his works.
  10. I don't think it's shooting in CN, because if he's in quarantine, no other one can be allowed to get in his room. And I don't think Choco will go with him to Canada.
  11. Yes, the reporter of QQ (Tencent) stated that so many celebrities created their own Youtube channels, but LMH's Movielog was totally different from other celebrities' Youtube videos. He didn't watch camera intentionally, any scene captured was like a movie scene, fully demonstrated the professional qualities to audience. I think his movielog is just like LMH who we have known. Do his best for what he's doing, think deeply before he take any work and transmit meaningful messages in his works. That's why he is so different form other actors and always standing at the top.
  12. I can see my pic only on my laptop, I can't see my pic on my desktop either. Here's the link of KOFICE's survey. http://kofice.or.kr/g200_online/g200_online_00d_view.asp?seq=19402&bunho=1626 This survey was including 17 countries : China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Australia, USA, Brazil, France, UK, Russia, Turkey, UAE, South Africa Sorry that the pdf file I posted was not the newest version, I will post it when there's the newest version. I will translate the ranking table and post it later.
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