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  1. Yes, he is started MYM with Minho's sister. When Minho went to his first day social service, Mr. Jang also with him. They should be still very close. No. He's learning Korean pronunciation and vocalization. Because his new character is a king, speaking style may be different from ordinary people.
  2. You are welcome. Yes, we can see how unpretentious and wise he is through his interviews. That's why I became his fan after watching his interview in 2014. Many C-Minoz call him Philosopher Lee or Teacher Lee for he always said something meaningful. Mr. Jang - the representative of Starhaus said : "When I first met Lee Min Ho, he's just a high school student, but his thought was very deep like a mature man. There were lots of difficulties at the beginning of running the company, but he always trust me. From a new actor to now a top actor, although there were lots of temptation outside, but he never asked something unreasonable while chose to go forward with the company. He is a grateful friend, bringing lots of hopes."
  3. There's Chinese translation for LMH's entire interview in L'Officiel Hommes YK Edition by 蚊子/ 李敏镐铁杆后援会 : https://www.weibo.com/5411723814/profile?topnav=1&wvr=6&is_all=1#_0 I post following English translation (according to Chinese translation) except those paragraphs that already had been translated and post above. [Part 2. (page 54)] LH: Aside from the actor and the title of Star, I would like to talk about some stories about ordinary human Lee Min Ho. What kind of person do you think you are? Lee Min Ho: Very honest people? In fact, I don't really know myself. I was thinking about who I really was, like I was reading a script and analyzing characters. In my opinion, when establishing a relationship, people can only accept each other as they are if they tell each other frankly about their thoughts, feelings and conditions. So I want to be frank. I am a frank person. LH: If there is no schedule, how will it be arranged in a leisurely day? Lee Min Ho: Because I am preparing for my work, I have to learn a lot of sports like horseback riding and rowing. When I didn't have these classes, I was basically at home. Play games or immerse myself in movies without any thoughts, sometimes listening to music and taking a walk. It is a very ordinary day. Because it is a rest, it will only rest at home, rather than setting a schedule, or going out to do something. I am the kind of home boy. LH: When do you feel happy? Lee Min Ho: I will feel happiness in the inconspicuous daily triviality. I was happy when I had dinner with my family. I was happy when I was rich, I was happy when I was with people I loved, and sometimes I was happy just watching my pet dog. Feeling happiness will make me more energetic and full of energy, and then it will make me regain my happiness. I have not intentionally thought about and looked for happiness. Now, there are many points of happiness, and the range of happiness is very broad. LH: I have to ask your thoughts about love. Lee Min Ho: When I was in my 20s, I was passionate about love. Try to focus more deeply on my own feelings, and also have a strong sense of responsibility to protect my love. It may be because of this that several emotional experiences are almost the same. I feel that love is hard now. Everyone says it's harder to fall in love as you get older, which seems to be true. Will I still be as passionate as I was in my 20s? Can I start in a new way when I fall in love again? But even then I still look forward to when and what kind of love I will fall in love with. LH: Let's return to the identity of actor Lee Min Ho. As an actor, what do you think is the principle that must be held? Lee Min Ho: Doing well at your part, this is also the most basic. Better than the script to perfectly show the role, have a sense of responsibility in the shooting scene, as the leading role, lead to create a good shooting atmosphere, balance the relationship between tension and looseness. LH: As an actor, what efforts are being made to make yourself more developed? Lee Min Ho: I am re-learning pronunciation and vocalization. Unconsciously, I have been debuting for 13 years, during that time I seem to be unable to focus on the most basic things. I want to go back to the basics, not to miss any little details, to face the work in a new way, so I am studying hard. LH: The actor is a profession that consumes physical strength and emotion. Do you have any unique method for relieving stress and replenishing energy? Lee Min Ho: Generally, if I have a lot of pressure or use too much brain, I will get a headache, so I just drop everything and go to sleep. After I got asleep, the stress is relieved and the body is in better condition. LH: Many people seem to regret that you have rarely appeared in variety shows. Lee Min Ho: In the past, I was somewhat resistant and afraid. As an actor, I have spent a lot of time and effort, then I have to spend more time in areas that are not good at it ? Can I do it well? I had this idea. But now, the idea has changed a bit. Compared to the past, there are indeed a lot of different channels, and the planning is also very good. If it suits me, it can show me a new look, a new charm. Although there is no exact plan, I will be brave enough to challenge if there is such a good opportunity in the future. LH: What kind of actor do you want to be? Lee Min Ho: When people think back to the various roles of various subjects, it is good to think of an actor named Lee Min Ho. When thinking of the roles of King, plutocrat, neighboring Oppa, and community friends, it would be nice if I can overlap with these characters. LH: Is it close to your own image that you had fantasized in your 20s? Lee Min Ho: In an interview after the end of "Boys Over Flowers", I was asked what the 30-year-old Lee Min Ho would be like. I remember that I answered at the time, "Could I be married?" I almost never imagined the future in advance, so I answered it without thinking seriously. If you use that as the benchmark, it is not close at all. There is a feeling that I am still the same, only the time passed. If ask me what the 40-year-old Lee Min Ho will be, I may still answer if I am already married. But when it is 40 years old, will it still have the same answer in the same way like now ? LH: What is Lee Min Ho’s dream? Lee Min Ho: "THE KING: The eternal monarch" will be perfectly and smoothly ended. In fact, there are no big dreams or goals. I am more inclined to improvise than to make plans. I am more focused on the present than the future. When I was in elementary school, I dreamed of becoming a football player. After that, I had the goal of becoming an actor. After becoming an actor, I thought about doing well. I thought about success and felt a sense of responsibility. For me, this is a matter of course, I don't want to call them dreams or goals. This state has continued for 15 years. If there is a certain goal or dream, it should be the time to get married, have a child, this kind of big changes in life, I suddenly blankly had this idea.
  4. There's Chinese translation for LMH's entire interview in L'Officiel Hommes YK Edition by 蚊子/ 李敏镐铁杆后援会 : https://www.weibo.com/5411723814/profile?topnav=1&wvr=6&is_all=1#_0 I post following English translation (according to Chinese translation) except those paragraphs that already had been translated and post above. [Part I. (page 48)] LH: How did you spend your time recently? Lee minho: to be honest, I seem to have had a very casual life for the past two years. Break away from what you've been familiar with, find yourself in a completely new place, live in a way you've never lived before, and adapt yourself to it. Compared with the physical exhaustion, more is the mental exhaustion and lax. After being discharged, I am trying to recover to my original state as I digest the journey and exercise at the same time. LH: What kind of acting do you want to show through the characters in this work? Lee min-ho: when I was in my 20s, I was thinking about what kind of face or image I was going to show through this role. Now that I'm in my 30s, that's changed. Instead of serving a purpose, I want to be more naturally involved in the work and the characters, acting authentically and showing the original characters of the work authentically. This can also be said to be more leisurely than before. This time, I played the role of the emperor of the Korean empire. I am also curious and looking forward to what the role will be. LH: You are rated as a very good actor to select your works. Screenwriters, directors, actors who work together, etc. There are many criteria to choose. What is your first consideration? Lee min-ho: It has to be fun first. I'll choose something interesting that gets me stuck in it, something that I'll want to revisit when I've read it all. Just as comedy has its fun, so do romance or thrillers. Fun is a word with a broad meaning. So the subject matter is not limited. I also like thrillers or mysteries. It doesn't matter what the subject matter is, as long as it's interesting. LH: Is this standard also taken into account when choosing this return work ? Lee Min Ho: Of course this work is very interesting. And I met screenwriter Kim Eun-Sook again after a long time, and it felt good. Since the "heirs" in 2013, this was our reunion after six years. I was more at ease than I was at the time, and the screenwriter Kim also looked very good. Unlike before, we have been friendly communicating for a long time, and I am sure that we will create a good work. LH: Now, whether as an actor or as an ordinary human being, you have matured a lot. What do you think is maturity? Lee Min Ho: Unconsciously entered the mid-30s. Although I have considered maturity, but I haven't been able to figure it out. I'm not quite sure what maturity is, and have some doubts about whether the word "mature" is appropriate before "actor" or "human". I feel that the most mature person is the one who lives life in accordance with his true appearance. Even if it is a little juvenile or a little naive, if this is what the person originally looked like, then I think this is mature. I think that mature people should be thinking about what I really am, thinking about and understanding my own thoughts, personality and appearance, and accepting myself as I am, and showing myself like this to others. LH: As a representative of the Korean Wave, you have got the love of fans from many different countries. What kind of mood do you have? Lee min-ho: it's a very grateful thing. Though difficult to communicate with words, they are able to convey their feelings without any barriers, just like Korean fans. If the image of fans is classified according to the country, fans in southeast Asia and China are the types that actively express themselves, fans in Japan are the more emotional type, and fans in Europe are cool and slightly different. But their eyes convey the same idea. Even if you haven't spoken directly or spent time together, just making eye contact with a lot of people can be healing and energizing. LH: Of course, there has been a period of no name. Relatively speaking, at a relatively young age, your were recognized by the public as an actor and a star. What do you think is the burden? How is it overcome? Lee Min Ho: I don't think the burden is something you have to overcome. One of my biggest motivators in my 20s was the burden, so I worked harder. It's the same now. The idea of doing better, the expectations of my fans, and the ever-growing array of work have all weighed on me, but the constant acting activity has made me focus more on my responsibility than on my burden. Inspire this burden in a more positive way and learn to adjust yourself so that you can take it easy. LH: Will you look back at your previous work? Lee Min Ho: Although I didn't specifically look at the previous works, I often listen to OST in them. Is it the difference between seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears? Every time I listen to music will think of me at that time, had what kind of ideas, had what kind of mind, can recall the memories of the past, feel very good. LH: As far as I know, from a long time ago, you donated in various places through the public welfare platform “PROMIZ”. The last work before enlistment was also a documentary in the form of “talent donated”. What is your philosophy of “donation”? Lee Min Ho: After hearing the news that the fans donated in my name, I began to think about my influence as a person and started the public welfare activities. Compared to me, my fans seem to have deeper thoughts and philosophy about "donations." I just think it would make more sense for everyone to do something together. Instead of me doing it alone, instead of them doing it alone, I want us to do some good and warm things together. So we started the charity event and will continue in the future.
  5. It's a long time not see @Latifah_ here on Soompi. Here's her translation for LMH's interview in L'Officiel Hommes YK Edition :
  6. The interview of Ms. Jung Hye Jin (Minho's stylist) in L'officiel Hommes YK Edition A/W : According to simple Chinese translation by minoz_1414, English translation as following : Jung Hye Jin, the representative of "Msgseoul", did not show a tired look during the process of Lee Min Ho's cover project (for more than four months). If you describe her, you will think of the word "enthusiasm". During the two-day's shooting period, she never relaxed her tension from the first preparation until the last photo was completed. That enthusiasm is the driving force behind her position. She and Lee Min Ho are absolutely trusting relationships. Similarly, Lee Min Ho is also an artist who does not relax his tension and always pursues the existence of change. Q: What is the most meaningful moment in working with him? A: When he won the award at Baeksang Arts Awards, he mentioned my name and I could not forget the touch of thanks. - skipped unrelated - (ps. Minho won the best new actor award in 2009 Baeksang, he said thanks to Hye Jin noona, Jai Hee heung, and etc. They were still working with him now. And Minho was told that he did the wrong thing that he didn't thank to the members of drama team like director and ........., he said he thought of those being at his side all day and closest persons first.)
  7. It seems lots of pictures than we have seen on SNS now. So I decided to have one. You may find more pictures in following video.
  8. I have done the order of L'Officiel Hommes YK Edition on Gmarket. http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=1678617165 USD8.14 is cheaper than USD8.34 on yes24. But the shipping fee is more expensive than the magazine.
  9. I have post 3 times of Gangnam 1970 topped Naver search list on twitter and didn't post it last month. So at least re-aired on last was 4th time in this year. By the way, Official Minoz China will be closed and C-Minoz will be the part of Global Minoz Family. More airport pictures. cr Logo
  10. Gangnam 1970 and Legend of The Blue Sea both on Naver search list because of re-aired last night. How many times OCN channel re-aired Gangnam 1970 ?! Source : 等.信
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