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  1. Lol I checked their account earlier and i initially thought it might just be some random reply. The account seems like a bot account that randomly selects mentions and gives scripted replies. But now this??? They freaking gave a followup reply This better happens or I'll hunt the admin of this effing account for giving us false hope.
  2. Okay let me drop my questions before I go to sleep. Both are for LMH, I can't think of any question for KGE now since LMH almost single handedly paddled this ship to where it is now with all those crumbs. First question is: Who added the border on the 2nd pic you posted last july 2? 2nd question: During the filming of beheading kiss scene, why did you crossed your legs after the cut?
  3. Yey it's back! Haha been lurking twitter while forum is down and I commend the people there for making old contents seem like freshly baked crumbs making this drought bearable. Like this screenshot, I've seen the video countless times but only now I have seen those microexpressions. Look at them eyes, smile and cheekbones of lmh.
  4. LOL. I was about to go 1 level down from the upper deck I'm sitting in and do quick google on how to set motion wallpaper on my browser while deciding which fluffiest tkem scene to put in there. I'm a web developer and uses browser 90% of the time but I work from home so nobody will see it anyway . But baam! I remember I sometimes do screensharing for demo during meetings so I was like nope not gonna happen in this universe. Imagine I flash beheading or cctv scene on my team mates screens and they be like And I be like:
  5. Ya'll check this thread, everyone's getting extra creative with the lack of new content. I hope lmh drops a bomb this week but imagine though if its kge this time.. We all be like
  6. Lol. I hope shippers don't go overboard though and start to bombard Mr. Kim's ig mentioning lmh.
  7. Okay yesterday he gave us a cropped photo with no shadow or reflection and nothing to analyze, zoom or measure causing few shippers to jump from upper deck and almost landed in the pit of gutter land joining agentquake. But these crumbs here are the best yet we got since the drought. Now, everyone say thank u Mr. Kim!
  8. LOL. Don't get your expectation too high @HappyVibes. I'm usually the innocent type with low imaginative skills But with what's happening now, i dont know anymore though. I'm doing things I never did in the past. I have not shipped and followed actors this hardcore before, never joined forum discussions, never bought drama photobook and now I'm even reading fanfics forcing me to signup to wattpad so I can effing continue to the next chapter I think this is when kge said she likes that she's able to put handcuffs on people. Lmh's mind went to gutter for a split second there.
  9. I agree they must have raked a lot of money through PPL. Production cost and actors' fee must be so high but they were able to break even before the show ended. I also don't think the warning will affect lmh and kge. I read somewhere that nowadays it's hard for production companies to breakeven production cost even if drama hits record breaking rating so they need every means to rake money like ppl and selling drama to vod platforms like netflix. And with the success of tkem on netflix, future projects with lmh or kge in it will surely be bought by netflix. Edit: Found the article translation. You can read details from this thread:
  10. That's a relief then, I was going to volunteer and join her but I just got boarded to this ship and I want to experience each delulu level before I reach my destiny of eating chicken in xxs shorts, zooming, measuring borders and tracing shadows of some blurry pictures while playing dancing universe in background.
  11. Oh no, if we are on the same deck.. Who's with @AgentQuake now? Must be lonely in that pit.. Can someone join her there?
  12. Haha thanks for the welcome @HR. and thank God I still sound sane with my introduction and can sit in the upper deck with fellow sane shippers for the meantime before I go full delulu with this indefinite drought. Thanks for the welcome ms quake. You always crack me up with your comments but I'll enjoy my seat here for the time being. I know my destiny is to live in deepest pits of this hole hence the username. I predict l'll be joining you real soon. One more cryptic blurry post by lmh wearing shorty shorts shorts with dilated eye showing reflection of kge accompanied by background music and I'll jump from this deck joining you and @extrodinairey. Looking forward to that day I spend days eating chicken with you two while we float in gutterland.
  13. Ok I'm so bored and finally unlurking. Been lurking this thread and the drama thread since april. When I like a drama, I tend to go to soompi and lurk related threads just to know other's view on the story, scenes or actors, but have never really participated in any discussion. Not really an avid follower of both Kge and Lmh but I have watched their previous works. Been watching kdramas since high school and one of my very first kdramas is BOF so I'm very much familiar with Lmh. For Kge, I have seen her first on CITT. They have a very different career trajectory, image and target audience that when I first heard the news they will team up for a project, first thing came to my mind was what an odd pairing but it sparked my interest hence I watched the first episode. Didn't feel the chemistry at first but story was interesting so decided to continue. Then one day, I saw a video of them in an inteview, I think it was sbs interview where they look so happy together laughing everytime they answer. Lmh's laugh looks so different. That gave me a hint that something is going on between them and got me curious. So I decided to watch previous interviews and bts of Lmh and kge and lurked this thread. After much research here and there, i was pretty sure Lmh is smitten but not really sure of Kge since she's pretty much the same with her previous co stars and harder to read. As the drama continues, I can see their chemistry is gradually exploding on and off cam pulling me further to this hell of a rabbit hole I cant escape haha. At first I was just really curious and just want to test if my hunch will be correct this time but the drama ended and still could not watch any kdrama or series. I keep on lurking this thread, ig and twitter to get some updates. But its really a fun experience guys. It was like I was watching 2 kdramas. Hopefully we also get happy ending for the ongoing one. But based on july 2 episode, I think we are getting one. It was so obvious. Hopefully it ends with a wedding though. Genuinely, wishing them happiness. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts here, very relatable. I think this thread has the most diversed shippers yet harmonious. We have delusional, sane, optimistic, pessimist, logical, confident, relaxed and humorous but I like all your insights and theories. Personally, I think the question now is not "will they end up dating?" but "when did they started dating?". My hunch tells me they were officially together around that time when they filmed the cctv scene. I can sense something different with lmh's smile again and with those 3 blurry photos he posted on ig taken the same day. It is screaming and oozing happiness. Also on the last filming day, he looks so happy not an ounce of sadness. I think that's because they were officially together before the final filming ended and why feel sad when he already got her yes, right? Okay will stop now. I'm starting to imagine things. . This is what happens when you are given bits of crumbs and you are left to fill the missing links. Okay I hope you welcome me on this one heck of a ship, where do I sit?
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