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  1. this drought is making me thirsty, i need crumbs i can't believe it's already a year and I'm still here waiting for them to drop some bomb. ya'll join me, let's do a prayer circle. Let's pray one of them will have mercy and end this long drought. Just need tiny bits of crumbs to survive until the release of pachinko and yc
  2. Uguvjbsibisbsibsisbsvsivisbjgsgsgs I can't with these high resolution screencaps. Can now clearly see those microexpressions on lmh's face, trying to suppress his smile when they talked about KGE calling him oppa And this moment here is really my favorite, his soft gaze towards kge and him being so attentive. This drought may not end soon but we'll survive by recycling crumbs every now and then
  3. Lol sorry I must have alarmed you I was referring to our newest member here who allegedly know someone who happens to know a mym employee
  4. Naahhh I can't see them as only besties when they effing did this on presscon. Side glances, shy smiles, eye contacts, giddy laughs.. So smitten! Body language don't lie and note we have bakery of crumbs so no, no insiders story will ever change my mind. Credit to @ggoneforlife on twitter for the pics and check her thread below for clear skin and sight
  5. I agree with @inBinJinitrust, sbs da was our only chance but at least we got kge's ig story that night so I'll stop sulking . I think wedding next year might even have greater chance than seeing them side by side in any award show this year . But hey! universe might surprise us. We always get cake when we least expect it like july2, tkem reunion and kge's ig story of lmh. @AquariusMYnot sure if lmh has ever posed like that but I'm also reminded of kge when I saw it. I'm also glad his happy eyes are back!
  6. I am not new to kdramaland but I actually don't have an idea lol. I just know that filming will be on first half of the year so we might get news not later than March?
  7. I still wonder why is he staring at kge like that?? Why are they staring at each other like that? Just why?? And this is on early eps.. And they already looked smitten I also find the image as the perfect visual representation of this ship lol
  8. @Ms.sunshine @MineunGoals I also contemplated as I want to enjoy the drama without comparing but camping in twitter was not a great idea as it gave me a lot of spoilers so I just gave it a go. Regarding casting, they should cast someone with rough image as Woong that looks good in long hair and beard. I can only think of the two I mentioned above that fits the character. There's not much korean actors with that image. The author also drew inspiration from a Japanese actor for Woong. For Babi, someone with soft image, like siwan, bogum, jung hae in or lmh... . Fr
  9. Someone said the camera was not rolling yet so they might be practicing their blocking here but it clearly shows they are sticky sticky 
  10. Lmh is on comment spree on ig and it's past 12 midnight now in Korea. I've also seen kge liked lee jiah's Post. Are we back with the late night programming now???
  11. A lot of casting news today but unfortunately no news with male leads yet. I also don't think they'll be big names. Maybe we'll get trendy or rising actors as male leads but definitely not top stars. Still stuck at ch 112 so I can't name actors that would fit the other male characters but I agree with this for Woong. Knetz choice is byun yohan which I also 100% agree but I don't think that's happening
  12. Kge is now ready for Yumi ! Mindbridge should sponsor the production's wardrobe, kge looks so good in their spring collection.
  13. My concern is also the execution. I'm still at chapter 112 and from what I see, most scenes involve the cells so I'm not sure how they'll divide the screen time and show the transition. I heard there's also an animated feature film to be released on 2022 so I guess the drama will have more yumi and the animated film will be more on the cells? I know the writers got mixed reactions but how about the director? I think the director will play larger part here since the story is pretty set already they just have to nail the execution and maintain the entertainment value of webtoon. I know there are
  14. Omg yess, i agree with this. I dropped Oh my ghost when I realized that's how it will end. It felt off so I dropped it and I just watched video clips to enjoy jjs and park bo young's chemistry . So I hope we get a lot of mr. Queen and king scenes to enjoy incase they go with this route.
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