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  1. Congrats winter garden shippers I will really miss this drama. Will rewatch it soon. Awww. Thank you Team Hospital Playlist for giving us a really good drama. Excellent.
  2. Maybe SongHwa's first love or crush be revealed in the last ep. which will shock us all and thereby making her "lovestory" an open ending. But honestly at this point, I am happy with any pairing. The drama itself is too good already. Perfect casting with brilliant storytelling. I couldnt ask for more. Hospital Playlist fighting! I cant believe I have to wait for a year for the next season. Sigh. Will have to watch this season all over again to buy some time.
  3. Can't wait for the new episode tonight. I'm really looking forward watching this drama. It gives me the right amount of chill and laughter. As I said earlier in my first post, upon learning that Reply series is the same writer here, I did not invest my emotions to any OTP. I do like JeongWon and Maggot couple. But I think that in the end it would be JeongWon & Songwa. I think also that Songwa's first love/crush is Junwan though. But again, I never knew Bogum will end up with Hyeri. Lol. Do you know when Season 2 will start? Will it start right away?
  4. Joining the "band" just now. I was reading before of great reviews of this drama but decided not to watch while it still airs because I'm sure it's gonna leave me hanging due to its 1 ep per week only. But cant control myself anymore so Im bingewatching the drama today. Will watch ep6 tom. I am not quite sure if it was a good decision though to bingewatch because I cant wait for the next episodes. Lol I really really really love the drama. The dynamics of the cast is super commendable. I adore the friendship among the 5. I like how confused I am to remember the names and faces and the specializations of the not so few supporting cast. Hahaha. The setting and story is very believable for me. I find myself so at peace while watching the show. At times I cried. There's no such "heavy" plots in the show. It simply warms my heart. Pure and innocent drama. I sure can relate with the friendship story. Since I have other best friends in the circle as well, though the ratio of boys to girls is 2:3. Anyway, I just wanna say that I'm rooting for this drama! Fighting! As for the OTPs, upon watching the first 2 eps, I was hoping for a Junwan (the CS) & Songhwa (the NS) to end up together. But upon learning that the writer is also the Reply series writer, I think I'd be wrong since I never really expected Bogum getting the girl (Hyeri) at the end. Lol!
  5. Do you guys know what's common with HHJ and SYJ, apart from they're beautiful actresses? They both got caught grocery shopping with someone half across the globe.
  6. Maybe the tangerine plant post is a congratulatory gift for us BinJin shippers who just "re-opened' our thread yesterday. What say you, spy, what say you Just wanna make you all crack a little bit
  7. Thanks mods for unlocking our thread. Fellow BinJin shippers please do note of Soompi Forum Rules to avoid this to happen again. Btw, it's not only in our place that's implementing the lockdown but here in BinJin thread as well. So much for social distancing here. Glad we're back on business Any news on BinJin yet?
  8. Somebody already replied here that the "waiting area" airport pic of BinJin was when they were on their way to Mongolia. While the "eating in the lounge" airport sighting was when they were/about to go to Switzerland. There was no pic of this afaik. Somebody just saw them in the lounge.
  9. ^^ As for the lounge(waiting area) photo, I believed it was posted here. Forgot the page. It was a collage of all BinJin "caught" pics. But is the lounge photo ur referring to is the same as the one HB was checking something in his bag? Or I think Ive read it somewhere that someone photographed them 'eating' in the lounge.
  10. @Loveumore@jinjin (page 307) Hi! Please edit your posts and follow Soompi rules i.e. 3 media content only per post. Thanks! *police patrol
  11. Am not sure if somebody already mentioned here. If you watch Hyun Bin's Confidential Assignment, it gives u some CLOY nostalgic feels. Not only because of his character as NK officer too but also because Capt Ri's dad is also his commanding officer in the movie. Nd Yoon Seri's second brother (the one in Nego as well) is an NIS agent.
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