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  1. Waaahh.. I thought that 2020 brought us many great dramas. It was a great year for me for kdramaland.
  2. 18 Again!!!! one of my best kdramas this year
  3. Done voting. only voted for 1 drama in the 2nd Q. 3rd Q left me with lots of choices. Thanks @partyon
  4. I stopped regularly watching the show when Ziva left. Am barely watching episodes if I caught it up on Fox. Not as intentional as before. Ziva, Dinozzo, Abby....and Ducky (sometimes) +2
  5. 508 @joccu ur gif makes me miss Dinozzo
  6. @partyon I'm glad that am not alone re JCW choice of dramas. I am really disappointed. I was hoping this Lovestruck in the City would be different for him. My KimJiWon. Huhuhu. Im no longer watching the drama. Yes, Cha EunWoo needs more acting workshops. playing the cool, aloof guy is easy but when he has emotional/crying scenes that's when anyone can conclude he needs more training. But overall, I like the drama because everyone else can act well. Hihi. And they get some chemistry, the love triangle. I am missing the old hischool vibes dramas so am watching it and also A Love so
  7. Thanks chingu. Still on cloud nine. Yes, am watching Mr. Queen, Uncanny Counter, True Beauty. I stopped watching Penthouse after the twist. Lol. Am too watching A Love So beautful. And abruptly Lovestruck in the city (?), to my disappointment. Was looking forward to this drama cause of KimJiwon and I have been disappointed with JCW's dramas after discharge . Huhuhu +2
  8. 298 Happy New Year everyone! Cant help but post because of BinJin news. Hahahahaha
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