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  1. 348 Hi Chingus, will u recommend Mouse?
  2. I like this drama now. Hahaha Didnt sit well with me for the first episodes but it picked up in Ep 6 imo.
  3. 596 Rollin' rollin rollin' (Hey!)
  4. @joccu I'm doing great. Less hectic today. Hopefully by tomorrow I am busier. Hahaha. Lately, I love being busy. Lol. Hey there @sadthe1st! 442
  5. Happy lunchtime from my side of the world! +2
  6. @joccu @partyon, oh that's the barf drama. Lol. I watched the entire first episode then fast forward the rest except the episode with the Professor's eldest daughter's confrontation with her dad. I really liked that part. I cried a lot. Huhuhu. Children are always the real victims during divorce or marital problems. Sad. Other than that, it's fast forward with me. Watched the latest eps fastforwarding them entirely, just looking at the snippets/thumbnails (what do u call them?) Hahahahah. I tried watching Mouse and Penthouse 2 as well, but I dont see myself finishing them. In fact,
  7. What is barf? Am watching Ssymphus and Vincenzo. Which I could drop any minute. Havent found a drama to my liking since Mr. Queen ended. Hahaha Any suggestions, anyone? +2
  8. Miss u all, guys. So busy with work.will try to catch up! +2
  9. The ending was a bit rush but not as bad as I expected it to be. Was reading all the comments here last night and I understand the frustration most of you have. But for me, it was not that bad. Previous episodes already hinted/showed us the SoBong situation or what it is like. But the writer just was not able to give me the solid evidence to prove. ---When the Queen/Bonghwan is in the brink of death/dying >>> that's when BongHwan's soul leaves Queen body and returns to his like the previous episode when someone attempted to kill him in the hospital. And so when the Qu
  10. Still waiting for the subbed final episode!!! Btw, where can I watch the SoYing and CheolJong story? Been seeing it in IG.
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