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  1. It was quite upsetting to see SH on his knees apologizing for what his SIL did. This is what KS and her husband should have done as soon as they found out that JY was related to the victim of that hit and run. Instead, they deny, shift blame and the brother tells SH to stay of out it. How can he expect SH to stay out of it?! JY is SH's lover and future husband regardless of whether they like it or not and because of that SH will be even more involved than ever. These people continue to disappoint him and then he tries to clean up their messes. This latest revelation will push SH to cut ties from his family as they are unrepentant and trying to cover up that crime. I think SH may falsely think that JY is back to use him, even if she says she isn't but he would be more than willing to be used in order to pay for what his family did to her. He will come to the conclusion that he is JY's path to revenge as she needs power to overcome whatever they do to her. The best thing(and KS's biggest fear!) do to is to marry JY and give her that much needed power to get back at them. What's funny is KS laughing at the idea that JY wants seek revenge without power. She has only herself to blame for giving JY the motivation she needed lol. @rolisrntex @Ldy Gmerm As Ldy indeed predicted, KS shifted the blame for the hit and run to her MIL. Yes, the MIL is partly to blame for her state of mind that day but she is certainly not to blame for hitting that car and then leaving the victims without calling for help. MIL is neither to blame for the cover up that followed after that accident nor is she to blame for JY seeking justice for it. KS really thinks she's smart and can get away with that crime. As usual, she is manipulating that dense husband of hers who cannot think for himself. The smart thing to do is come forward and apologize...I'm quite sure JY would have forgiven them if only for SH's sake. They have chosen to be defiant and unapologetic which means that prison is in the cards for them. In the end as others have suggested, they will lose everything including tony to JY. Something tells me the Chairman will either be incapacitated due to the stress of it all or worse dead by the end of the drama.
  2. When doc walked into her office and saw the gynecologist the chairman had sent to her I laughed so hard that there were tears running down my face lmao! Seriously, how can doc claim that she didn't expect things to turn out like this and SH's family to be this possessive of the unborn child?! She has been friends with SH for many years and was aware of the problems he had with his family. It was quite obvious they are quite dysfunctional and crazy about their bloodline especially considering how they dealt with JY and took tony from her. Doc was foolish to think that it would be different for her simply because of her socio-economic status and also the fact that she has been friends with SH for so long. I guess she couldn't handle how much SH's parents interfered with her life and that of her unborn child and decided to tell SH the truth about the samples. Speaking of samples, it seems like SH's parents refuse to accept the possibility of the child being their bloodline as seen in the preview. When SH's mom asks Doc if she is refusing to take the amniotic fluid test because she hopes the baby isn't SH's, it's as if she suspects that doc does not simply want them to be connected to the baby. These people are so delusional that they are not even being rational and preparing themselves for the fallout and public scrutiny of this mess which Doc created. They should be furious that Doc knew she used not one but two samples and yet fooled them into thinking the baby is definitely SH's. I am quite disappointed at SH for his insistence that the baby might still be his when he should have walked out of that hospital room. This woman lied to everyone and tried to force marriage on a man who thought she was a loyal, trustworthy friend. Now that things are not going as she hoped and is in fear of her baby being taken away, she spills out the truth. KS is using that child to get her hands on everything and her husband does not see that. It was quite telling when she walked out of Doc's office and made a comment about Doc trying to take what's hers. KS only cares about herself and not for her husband or child. She has observed the chairman and realizes that the old man has lost faith in her husband a long time ago. The only way to get what she wants is to manipulate her husband into asking for his birthright asap and achieving it while she works behind the scenes to prevent other women from marrying into that family. So far, she has succeeded with JY(or so she thinks!) and is currently working on crazy ex who is too dense to see that KS could care less about her plight. Speaking of KS, JY and crazy ex.....does anyone else suspect that this offer from a foreign company is KS's way of getting JY out of the country and SH's sight? In the preview, she tells crazy ex not to worry and that JY will soon be out of the way. Thoughts?
  3. Doc will be in a panic now that she realizes just how crazy and possessive these people are. SH, KS and JY fully understand how unreasonable the chairman is and KS even tried to warn doc but she decided it was in her best interest to push for this marriage. Now, it really doesn't matter if she signs that document or not because if she does not miscarry and in the end delivers that baby, she stands to lose that child somehow before a DNA test is conducted. SH's parents are very traditional and insist on having their bloodline with them. If that baby survives the crisis in the next episode, then doc and her parents may want to hire some bodyguards because the old goat will not let this go. It's really unbelievable how Doc's mom thinks SH is irresponsible because he refuses to marry her daughter. This woman has lost the plot because as we recall, her selfish daughter created this mess in the first place. How is it SH's fault that Doc illegally inseminated herself supposedly with his sperm? As I recall, he told her to get rid of it and she should have acted according to his wishes. The responsibility for this child falls on Doc as she insisted that she wanted to be a single mother and raise the child herself. SH really does not have to do a thing and is only protecting her because of their friendship. She really needs to be grateful that she has not one but two men who are willing to take care of that baby. The smart thing to do now is keep quiet and stop pushing for marriage with a man who doesn't love her and will only end up hating her if forced to go through with it. Cutie has stepped up and is willing to take responsibility for her actions. She could certainly avoid a lot of trouble if she acts according to cutie's plan. Let's wait and see if she is smart enough to realize that.
  4. This doctor is even more stupid than I think she already is. When the investigators asked what she did with the sample, she said that she got rid of it. Really?! Everyone else around her are now aware that she is supposedly pregnant with SH's child so how did it happen? Lol! They all know she never slept with him and that he was in a relationship with JY. This just shows that she expects SH and his family to cover up her crime. Has this arrogant witch forgotten about his ex-wife and KS? I would love to see her repeat that lie in KS's presence and can't wait to see the latter burst into laughter. I am so glad that cutie will find that there were two samples and not one. He will ask doc about it and of course she will lie. Luckily there are two crazy women who are eager to see the downfall of doc so they will be on the case. I think KS will find out about the second sample and then place an anonymous call to the investigators. No way doc will escape the suspicion of others once this gets out. Cutie won't let this go and will continue acting on the idea that the baby might be his. Doc neither thought nor cared about how her actions would impact others. She didn't think of SH's feelings and certainly didn't think of how the doctors and nurses would be affected. Many stand to lose their jobs just because of the selfish actions of one person. Doc will not get it until she is ostracized by many within the medical community and loses her license. Not only that, her family will be affected by that but of course the selfish doc didn't take that into consideration. She could own up to what she did, give details and then apologize but she won't. Why should she anyway when her parents and SH's foolish family are solidly behind her. She is pursuing her dream of marrying SH and these doctors and investigator can't stop her....or so she thinks! Once again, thankfully we have KS and crazy ex to ruin her chances of ever having a place in SH's life.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm joining the thread pretty late but loving this insane and heartbreaking drama. @Ldy Gmerm I don't understand why JY keeps giving these people the time of day. Crazy ex wife asks to speak to her and JY responds, KS demands a meeting and JY rushes off to meet with her. Let's not forget selfish doc who really should have kept from communicating with JY considering her role in the surrogacy mess insists on meeting JY and once again our female lead feels the need to respond. Doc is quite the irresponsible and careless woman. She didn't carefully consider the legal and moral ramifications of her actions and now want to threaten JY in order to have SH. It's ridiculous just how stupid this woman is. Has she considered what SH might do if he finds out about this? She had the gall to take advantage of the trust SH had for her and now she dares to scare JY off. I said in chat yesterday that it is obvious doc has not seen a different side of SH and is about to get a taste of how he deals with bullies. She will regret ever messing with his life and most especially, trying to ruin his relationship with JY. As for crazy ex wife, she is my hero lol! I am rooting for her and hope she inflicts pain and misery on doctor. She is no saint but at least she is not a hypocrite. She is an awful woman and does not hide it, unlike doc who pretends to be a morally upright person and stabs others in the back. There are two things i am most worried about. First, SH feeling responsible for doc and protecting her if she ends up being investigated. Second, the possibility of SH's dad paying off the ex in order to keep her quiet. He would rather this didn't get out...paying the greedy ex should do the trick!
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