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  1. @Kari I am very relaxed , and satisfied to read your post . You scratch my itch !!!! Love you and love Binjin
  2. I have an online class this afternoon but my mind keeps wondering somewhere. Now I have cancelled my work tonight to bite my sadness. It is completely unfair for Cloy’s film crew and actors.
  3. Oh both of Hyun Bin's reel and real exes have similar facial traits.
  4. If Cloy is produced in the USA, I am sure there will be season 2 considering its landslide success, but it seems that Korean producers do not follow this practice, and we could hardly expect a sequel. I am still watching Cloy for N times as I can not move on with other dramas, which all fail to trigger my emotion as much as Cloy.
  5. It is three years. Yesterday was the second birthday of SITR. I still love this drama.
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