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  1. Hi all! I'm sorry that I'm unable to get down to doing the recaps for the finale episode as I do not like this open ending of the drama. I would have expected our OTP to get back together but I guess this is not the kind of romantic ending scene I have in mind and am looking forward to.
  2. Hi all! I think I may be able to explain this when Jung-Ha tells Hye-Jun why she does not want to be his emotional outlet anymore. As we recall in their earlier conversation when Hye-Jun has once shared with Jung-Ha that he feels there is no need for apology if you truly love the person. When Hye-Joon made this statement, I found it to be quite profound and relatable because this implies when two people are deeply in love with each other, there already lies within an unspoken understanding between them... This is the reason why Jung-Ha has asked Hye-Joon if he still remembers what
  3. The last scene... Hye-Joon goes to look for Jung-Ha at her make-up studio so the latter asks him isn't he busy, Hye-Joon replies that he is not busy as the shooting has just ended. Jung-Ha then asks Hye-Joon why he is here to see her...so the latter replies that he can't break up with her... Video Preview for the Finale Episode of Record of Youth... Jung-Ha tells Hye-Joon : You are able to fulfill your dream now but I have just gotten started... Thereafter she takes her leave.... Dad apologises to Hye-Joon
  4. Hope everyone is keeping well! 504
  5. Yeah me too! Last number before I head off to bed soon... 474
  6. Hihi @Jillia,@Min2206, @Sleepy Owl, @mirmz & @joccu! Sorry, was busy subtracting the numbers so didn't get to say hello to you earlier! 478
  7. Hi @sadthe1st! Just to let you know I've edited your number in the above post to 500 so we can start a new game. 490 corrected
  8. Hehe @partyon! You missed my earlier post? I edited your score to 0... No number
  9. Yay! Congrats to Team Sub! We've finally managed to clinch a win after a few rounds! -2
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