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  1. Much as it will be our greatest wish for LMH to be watching TKEM with KGE in a dark room, I would rather he is watching her.... Loving his intense stares as he watches over her... Cr. as tagged
  2. Just dropping by to share an acrostic poem which I have written about our OTP. Thank you MinEun Couple for giving me inspiration to pen down my thoughts about you. Hehe...like LMH has onced shared that he wants to watch TKEM in a dark room (together with KGE) and he really did that (with KGE by his side - it will be a dream come true for us, MinEun Shippers) , I also like writing in a dark room while he (my hubby) is sleeping...
  3. More gifs of MinEun Couple... I'm really loving their cute and adorable interactions with each other...
  4. MinEun Couple having much fun filming on set.... LG pretending to faint... Fainted and fell onto the ground... JTE checking on him with a gleeful look on her face... I can't lose the beat, I can't lose it.... Cr. dc gall
  5. Loving this sleeping pose of LMH.... LG can't resist holding JTE's hand... Whilst he deeply gazes into her eyes... LeeEul...Still cut...Enjoy... Cr. dc gall
  6. Hi all, I must say that I have enjoyed reading all your insightful posts on this shippers thread and thank you for sharing all the beautiful pics, video clips and gifs of Mineun couple. Actually, I have been happy and rather contented being a lurker on Soompi forum for the past 2 years cos this is the site that I can always get my latest updates on kdramas and my favourite Korean stars. Hence, I must give my thanks to @graceyco for creating this wonderful thread so that we can rave about our favourite couple and also to you, Mineun shippers, for bringing me out of my lurking mode. Actually, i do have to admit that it is mainly out of curiosity that I started visiting this thread sometime in the early part of this week but I started finding myself genuinely looking forward eagerly to reading all your really interestiing and entertaining posts on this thread for the latest updates about my current favourite couple. I feel that’s exactly why shippers thread can be so addictive. Hehe...I can definitely vouch for this cos I used to be an active contributor on the shippers thread too aside from the Kdrama thread. In truth, neither can I say that I am a big fan of LMH or KGE and I haven't been watching Kdramas for quite some time already since the start of this year. Maybe it's because I haven't been able to find a drama which is able to captivate my attention and keep me glued onto it until TKEM was screened in mid April. Well since this being LMH's comeback drama after 3 years and the fact that I have always liked his down to earth and unassuming ways in spite of the fact that he is a Hallyu Star and definitely, one of the best looking ones too and this is pretty much the same for KGE too. Hence, my reasons for liking her. They make a compatible pair cos she is rather similar to LMH in a number of ways too as I find her to be one of the more charismatic actresses who is pretty and charming in her own subtle ways. Though much as I wanted to wait for TKEM drama to end its last broadcast on 12 June before I started watching the drama, I decided to just catch a few episodes of it first to get a sensing of what the show is really like with its solid cast and one of the most highy acclaimed screenwriters. And I must say that I am pretty much intrigued and rather hooked onto the drama to the point that I have to resist the temptation of continuing watching the remaining episodes of the drama until it is fully screened in Korea. Hence, I tried to keep myself preoccupied with work, my personal life as well as catching snippets of news and screenshots of the drama during this period of time. I try not to access the TKEM thread in the Kdrama forum on Soompi as it will contain too many spoilers for me and I want to be kinda kept in suspense before I resume watching the drama. Hehe...so I discovered a better thread for me to be on, the Mineun Couple thread. I love the undeniable sizzling chemistry between them as they stare intently into each other’s eyes or rather LG who is always looking at JTE with his intense, loving and smitten gazes and JTE herself can’t help but be drawn into them. It’s really such a delight to see this couple onscreen as well as off screen too cos they seem to be having so much fun filming the drama and is awesome to see that they have built a special bond throughout the 8 months’ duration of filming this show. To me, it’s definitely one of the most highly anticipated dramas of the year and one of the best dramas which is worthy to watch. Frankly speaking, much as my closest friends and my colleagues have raved about how good CLOY is, the truth is I tried watching the first episode twice actually but I couldn’t bring myself to continue watching it. Please do not bash me as I did give it a shot but guess the drama just isn’t my cup of tea even though I rather like the leading cast too. Perhaps it’s the storyline which I couldn’t quite connect to and the drama plot was not really able to captivate my attention nor my desire to want to continue watching it. Much as the drama has garnered the highest ratings record on TVN, I am hardly bothered by the ratings of the shows I watch. Though TKEM may not have obtained as high ratings because of the complexity of the plot in Korea and the fact that it is screened on weekends which also coincides with the time slots of the family drama, and they are usually more popular among the older generation group of audience in Korea. Ratings of a drama has never bothered me much cos I have watched a number of Kdramas with pretty low ratings but yet it has become such a big hit among the international audience. For which TKEM is definitely one of them. The drama has proven itself to be such an enjoyable watch for me that I will find myself watching the entire episodes without having to skip or fast forward any scenes thus far. This is precisely the reasons why I have thoroughly enjoyed watching TKEM this far and at the same time, I do find myself re-playing my favourite scenes of the Mineun couple. To me, the plot of the drama has been pretty intriguing so far in spite of its completely as the storyline delves with 2 parallel worlds. I do applaud the screenwriter for coming up with a plot that is not only a romance-fantasy drama, but it also encompasses elements of science fiction and supernatural beings too. These we the sole reasons why I feel TKEM is a must watch drama of the year and more so, cos of the sizzling chemistry between the 2 main leads too and the close interactions between them. It will indeed be awesome even if the Mineun couple still continue to keep in touch with each other even though filming for the drama has already ended. For now, we do hope that throughout the 8 months of filming and spending much time with each other, they have forged a special bond between them and have become really good friends now. And if they decide to take a step further into their relationship, of course, needless to say, this will be the best news for all of us here. Let’s continue to root for our favourite couple. I love this gif of LMH who keeps staring intently at KGE and giving her his full attention.... cr. dc gall
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