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  1. You need this to move in the thread 788
  2. POLL TIME - Mine: Life & Death of Han Ji Yong As we near the end of Mine, the story is drawing to an end and there is one big thought: Han Ji Yong is dead. Some may celebrate, others may mourn - but who did it? Tagging: @joccu@lilyphenix@larus@backstreetboysfan@rocher22@qynn@scribbledjunkie@tulip06@tofumochu @GONE@americanchai @Ameera Ali @Thong Thin @Latte_Anyday @zhangrain @Tango27 @andy78 @Songbae @Curlytop Asmr Lee @africandramalover @Helena @ktcjdrama @ponderings @Madu Mita @chococarmela @airgelaal @marrez1 @qkdjae re: @partyon@
  3. The running joke is it took her 80 years to learn the 1000 chinese characters I think What she lacks in booksmarts she has in streetsmarts. The humans think she is a gyopo (Korean from abroad), that's why she doesn't know slang etc. Also, lol just saw Song Kang cast AGAIN. Wow he must be the hottest young actor now. -2
  4. My Roommate is a Gumiho Oh no she is a gumiho-turned-human who does not understand human sayings and metaphors; OR DOES SHE? 788
  5. Filming is still underway, it seems, however, filming at Yongmaland finished as Yongmaland received signatures from Ji Changwook and Hwang In Yeop, but there are other locations now. Most shoots seem to be at night as JCW has received a lot of coffee support trucks and the photos are from night. Also I see the start of a bromance: Hwang In Yeop updated his instagram stories with a photo of Ji Changwook's message of support.
  6. dedicate to @kokodus quick you can still select before it's assigned. 718
  7. I have one big thought: They are all rich but nobody lawyers up That's surprising, because that's actually the first thing any rich chaebol usually does - it doesn't matter whether they are guilty or not. You need to flex your muscles with local authorities to show who is the boss . But they all talk to the police and let them walk around in the house without so much as a warrant or lawyer present. I hope that is all part of a grander plan, because it doesn't make any sense otherwise. I thought Hisoo was faking amnesia because of a plan or what she saw, because it's not like she
  8. I don't think BHR should become subservile and become a maid like her mother in law. Like others have said, they are rich and can afford maid or cook or whatever they need. What I do think, for this marriage to work, would be the two of them communicating better, which takes work from both of them. BHR needs to be less dismissive and controlling, and PSH needs to be less of a whiner. What he really needs is someone who listens to him, what she really needs is someone who can challenge her. Both people need to be less self-centered, as they both don't really try with the other. BHR
  9. Don't worry, I'm still happy. How could I not be? Looking very sharp in suit I'm just saying there was no official stamp -2
  10. The paperwork wasn't duly processed 726
  11. Yoo Yoon Seok ? Just guessing here. He's not my type so my interest is just vague. But don't worry your nickname for him is Andrea , don't need full name. Your married name was something else anyway... which i forgot... chingus help me out here... Technically I am not married just living in sin , on the other hand I have seniority in taking on a man -2
  12. If SPY was less trustful, that wouldn't change 40s husband cheating. I think he just loves flirting too much. I'm assuming they still sleep together, unlike 50s marriage which was kind of stale, but with kids and age it tends to end up like that. However in the 40s case I see a man who is just predisposed to cheat, from the way he treats his stepmom, excuse me, Noona (even refusing to call her mother) and to the way he got to know his mistress. There wasn't friends stage before for him.
  13. V as woman looks even more unreal. Those eyes. Song Joong Ki as woman looked like Park Bo young for a second hahaha. ^ I find Song Kang as woman better. As man he sort of looks sometimes creepy to me (but that may be due to his character in Love Alarm lol). 744
  14. cleanse my palate from the barf dramas 756
  15. Yes in that kind of way she is predictable, but also admirable. Despite this setback she doesn't change her values, she is like a tree, doesn't forget what is important. Though I meant regarding her looks/outfit. Some people like BHR told her that she needs to prettify herself to appeal to her husband, but they parted ways. If she showed up glamorised, wouldn't he think it was due to him? Hmmmmm.
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