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  1. I've seen Soyeon's RM appearance. She was fine, but I was hoping they'd do something less extreme. Like witty games or quizzes. I think that would have suited her better, since she seemed to be quite nervous. It's a statement to her acting skills that she can be quite fierce in dramas, and then in other cameras, the sweetheart, as her entire face smiles, not just her lips. In any case, the way she came across was quite unexpected. Haven't seen this much of pure heart in RM for a long time, haha.
  2. Have seen Episodes 3 and 4 now. For the majority part it was lukewarm, albeit Episode 4 ending of course went with a bang. Good. I was getting tired of just hearing her breathe heavily in her scenes and not much else. Perhaps it is the way her eyes are sad indeed. She looks beautiful (hadn't seen her before), but now in this role I can only imagine her as rather timid human. In any case, it's sort of astounding that the rich woman, a career woman, seems to falls for Hera's husband. Since she didn't abandon him, despite his reputation being in tatters, although not co
  3. Long time no see. I'm excited for next week's episode, seeing Cha Tae-Hyun will return to RM. He was probably my first actor crush. Maybe that says about how old I am hahaha. In any case, those friendship episodes are always nice and, well CTH is hilarious.
  4. https://www.soompi.com/article/1441224wpp/ji-chang-wook-in-talks-to-star-in-new-drama-based-on-webtoon Does anyone know this webtoon? The premise sounds cute enough! And it's going to be on Netflix!
  5. Just saw on a Korean forum that the premiere will be pushed back by 2 weeks, so it will be screened now on 22 December. Aww, should have expected it due to the COVID-19 case, but oh well. At least it's still a pre-Christmas present
  6. Thanks for the invite! It was fun. After this listening party I searched more songs and youtube videos about BTS, that the rest of my weekend was unproductive ;) I remembered the song I absolutely adored, Waste it on me, which is mostly BTS singing, but at the time I didn't realise that. And also I adore Idol.
  7. I agree. My feelings about music also relate more to the singing/sounds, than lyrics. Not to say that lyrics aren't important per se, it's just for me, I focus more on how the music makes me feel. My favourite from BE is also Telepathy, but I also like Life Goes On. It's feelgood music during these times, but also something that can be listened to on a rainy day.
  8. Hello! Of course I heard about BTS, there is a worldwide craze about the group and one of them even came to my city ("undercover") :). Heard about it later as the restaurant posted a photo of RM there. I haven't paid much attention to BTS (or any K-Groups to be honest). I listen more to the sounds of music rather than lyrics. Before Dynamite, I hadn't really listened to the boys. I've enjoyed the BE album since it came out on Spotify. And thanks to the Black Swan videos, which are really intriguing. Keep it up!
  9. I think I may be giving up on this drama, or being close to it. None of the characters (nor actors) appeal to me. It's all flat delivery and boring to me - and there's just not enough story, rather scenes after scenes stacked one after another.
  10. I am very picky with the actors and actresses I favor... it takes me sometimes a long while to fall in love with them haha. Take my favourite guy, Ji Chang-Wook. I knew OF him of course, but it still look me until I started watching his dramas. I can now see what will happen now... haha. I like these type of personalities, who take care of other people and also like to have fun. JCW also likes to joke around and has been said to look after his staff and fellow actors. I am further into The Ghost Detective and it just blows my mind. In Jugglers Daniel was really cute, t
  11. More good news! Hopefully everyone else also has negative tests or only mild symptoms. I'm thankful that the entertainment industry is working as through these times we are able to watch nice shows. At least there have been no news about postponing the premiere?
  12. The youtube video was uploaded and even subbed in English (UmChef). There's part 1 and part 2 will come. He showed up in the Lovestruck in the City-look, and just bantering about with his friend, and of course enjoying the food ;). I must say they said they aren't cold as they sat outdoors, but I can't believe that it was not cold
  13. I saw Daniel first in School 2013 and then Jugglers! He was really good in it, but I admit that I sort of forgot about him - he is a bit understated, but that is also his charm. However, I've picked up The Ghost Detective now. He has a great screen presence. I will now look forward to more projects, since I'm more aware of him.
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