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  1. Yes he served looks in this drama. I loved all the outfits, especially the winter wear I like the scarf and coat combo and the fluffy sweaters, all in relation to the camera aesthetics too. Like when he was at that blue bridge during the interview. Do you mean that he was rather tanned in Yang Yang scenes? I liked that too. It was quite realistic and just gave more warmth, though Koreans of course commented how dark he looked and then asked how it was possible to become quite light-skinned again. Shaking my head at this kind of obsession. I don't like bangs either, b
  2. Surprisingly I can take him seriously as a Mafia, unlike when he played the army captain. Especially next to the other guy, who was his junior, but looked 5 years older LOL (re: DOTS). Perhaps, because the Italian suits look really good on him. and well, there is no determined age for rank within the mafia organisation? At least, we don't know how he got there. I assumed because he was adopted and then groomed, which was why he got the consigliere position, despite his young age. Because he was there from the beginning and loyal.
  3. I find the scared Han Taesul funny too. His expressions of disbelief, like "why are you angry with ME? I'm the kidnapped one!" It doesn't help that she does not talk, doesn't say much, apart from her name. Even when they are then taken in by the asia mart guy, does she not say anything. He is clearly curious for answers and the Mart guy is willing to tell them. She only shakes her head, indicating that he shouldn't listen. But she does not talk. So of course he wants to know what is happening. People keep trying to kill him and talk in strange ways.
  4. Watched episodes 3, and 4. I like it, but somehow think first two episodes had more impact? Maybe something about Kang Ha-Neul's presence haha. Anyway, I do not understand Geon's ploy. His father wants to kill the princess, yet he looks like she's his long lost love or something. Then he promises the king that he will bring back the princess... for what reason? Isn't it the king who would also want the princess to die?
  5. Both of these are true haha. But she should have supported him more. Before you say that this is "mommying" the guy. Nop. I'm just speaking of an equal relationship, where there's support, comfort and love. Not just demand and take. For instance, I'd like to see them working out together, at least in the beginning, or other things (instead of just criticizing)
  6. agenth

    Soompi potluck

    @gm4queen do you have a good milk rice recipe for me to try? maybe this is something i could actually make as it does not involve much chewing, yes?`and coincidentally i've got coconut milk! @Jilliathose berliner look pretty much like Krapfen haha. Is that strawberry jam inside? @Lmangla thank you dear! I meant last year's cancelled getaway but wow it's "soon" again my birthday. I am enjoying all the dramas I am watching right now, even the crazy Love one haha. @Min2206 yes!! I'm craving so much Korean food. Reminds me of Korean fried chicken now. Another o
  7. Happy Birthday to this amazing man!! Honestly looking forward to the new drama. I am still Juggler-obsessed. It is a very cute, quirky drama with no annoying characters or storyline, which is quite rare.
  8. agenth

    Soompi potluck

    Thanks for the invite. Since 3 weeks (and for the next 3 weeks), I am unable to eat my favourite foods I am on a liquid diet due to post-surgery treatment. *sigh* And of course almost every other episode in drama has the most mouthwatering food. What I really miss during this period is following food (apart from sweets, though I can make sweet smoothies at least, that's why I'm not really chocolate deprived): Pizza (any, or provinciale). I love fluffy dough, and just the mais with the ham and the pepperoni. Yummy. But I know I won't be able to eat Pizza in th
  9. I really do love the casting of Lee Do-Hyun as Shin Ha Kyun's younger part. At first I don't see it, but yes that last gif, that smirk. While SHK's smile is the best part, I do enjoy this series so far. It has me on the edge of my seat, and every character has my interest - because I don't know who the serial killer is. This has a lot of potential.
  10. Yeah he looked like the "driver" she called (and that's how the technician talked about the husband lol. I see what you're doing. He's interested, just being subtle about it). Honestly, the 30s couple is such an imbalance - what with the hubby being so submissive he needs his parent's backing and support for pretty much everything, and her doing whatever she wants whenever and whereever. She's a queen and needs some pushback, which that guy would certainly give back. He's slick like the gelled hair.
  11. LOL. I mean every time 40s husband opens his mouth, every line of his kind of sounds like a come on and pickup line. Same a bit with the technician, though he goes by the "mysterious" route. Honestly I fastforwarded last two episodes.
  12. What I don't get is, how he refuses to go elsewhere for services e.g. dry suit cleaning, Italian food, any food. He keeps being mistreated, what with refusal of service, bad food, food all over him, and ruined suit. There's plenty of other places in Korea, yet he keeps staying at that sorry state of a building. It only shines in the end in a Gatsby-esque move: The female lead is pretty much the same in The Fiery Priest. Her talking randomly in English, talking to herself, even body movements. Wow.
  13. On that CD Cover it does not mention another version of 이런 난 어떠니 / Let me love you, other than Yurisangja. During his fanmeeting, he did joke about how it would have been better if there was only the official version. So sad.
  14. I finished this drama and seriously don't like it. The High School episodes are too long. Then he comes back, apologises, they don't even date but immediately get engaged. The acting was over-the-top and sometimes cringey. I kept hoping there would be something, but nah. Since it was only 25 minutes or so, I kept going. It could have been cute, instead it was an amalgated mess of nothing. Making an elephant out of a mole hill for small scenes, but fastforwarding to the big important scenes. Wow.
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