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  1. Ye Jin's father found her mother covered with blood according to the uncle. So she could have had a baby before that incident. She did not recognise the driver/secretary Koo who was probably the killer? @Lmanglatime for another poll. Is YJ Cha's daughter or SJ the driver's son or YR is not the father's daughter @Naty828 the mother was awful to TP/MH after his mother died. Sold all his belongings and chased him out into the streets - a man with a 7 year old brain. She has always been in cahoots with the evil hefty woman. She deserves more humiliation than a spilled porri
  2. It does not make sense to me when the daughter is not just cutting off ties but spinning lies about her background. They knew that YR hurt DH and YJ when she came to cause chaos in the house just to maintain the lie. The parents knew that their daughter lied to the in laws. All based on her spin on her better than humble background. It's not something like a cough or a headache that will go away after a few months. The son is a model not a preacher or someone who claims moral high ground. It is just a story that is based on flimsy excuses which have outlived their uses.
  3. I skimmed and fast forward through the episode with subtitles. YJ is a super idiot. The brother wanted to reveal the truth about YR's background after the porridge scene. She said no because he was doing well and people might connect him to YR and Han senior and the awful woman would be hurt!! Writer oh writer, you should write a comedy. YJ was on a revenge, got kidnapped and threatened by the furry henchman and friends, but she said all that? Somebody, hit her over the head so she will get Savant syndrome.
  4. So sad for the couple. Why did BCW kneel to that awful old cow? If JH needs help, she should go to his father. The money lenders are a real menace in SK, there should be a law against them. Well it's past 50% of the episodes, we will have a wedding soon, too bad I feel that we will have a kumbaya ending with the old woman, JW etc. would be there.
  5. Tonight's 87? oh what the heck 14 or 20, we just have to see even 20 seconds of Ms. Hefty in each ep. What rankles me is that the notion of crime does not pay is taking too long to be revealed. I am sure we will be tearing our hair out at the end. Look at TP's revenge on the awful mother. Yes, what revenge? She has her shop and her house and being pushed by YR, spilling the porridge is going to reap her sympathy? We have TP giving up avenging his mum and the husband of his adoptive aunt too for the love of idiot YJ. I am glad to see real anger by the uncle at TP, who as
  6. The preview shows BCW calling to report someone. I wonder if she had done background check on what NR told her. He and the old woman are helping the spiteful SA to destroy a person and hopefully the writer will punish them hard. Making them a couple is no punishment.
  7. I was rather sad to see Cha's sister dying, though I am glad they did not resurrect her with some fisherman-pick-her-up-amnesia story. I liked the drama except for the last two episodes. Sloppy ending , I thought. The nurse who went around killing people will probably be resurrected in other dramas. Does it make sense that the Chairman of a corporation did not have even a panic button in his hospital room? After an attempt on his life had been made? He died knowing his daughter killed him, I hope. For his swindling and fraud, he really should be humiliated by being brought to trial
  8. The rating has gone up because everybody wants to know what's going to happen eventually to the evil women and the idiots at the end. So to make them cut 10 episodes, only one of us needs to watch it and recap it here. I vote @Ameera Ali since she has to make all those fun gifs. Oh well, I know, I know it's not going to work, they only use Korea data.
  9. @yamiyugi welcome back you have put a lot of thought in your theories, but I am horrified at the thought that our FL is the out of wedlock product of a conniving grasping woman and her henchman. YJ demonstrated some nasty side of when she went on her short- lived revenge. But in general she is a bland nice person. She is only an idiot which does not make her a bad person. Now to be the illegitimate progeny of those two? I am trying not to gag.
  10. Eekkk NR and SA starting a skinship. Gross! Two most undeserving people. They should pay for what they have done before moving forward. At least SA must, she had done many devious things against BCW because of her spite and envy. If you can't snare the man after a dozen years, just give up gracefully. But of course, we won't get this drama. JW should sit her down and tell her to stop like mothers would do to a daughter. But all she did was SA, SA.. She hurt BCW, I hope she gets to be thoroughly rejected by her bio daughter.
  11. That's what I thought. They only had YR then the other one could be YJ or the brother. Definitely not twins. There are just too many story lines, uninteresting to me. SJ is now in cahoots with his mum and possibly dad ? We have just over a dozen episodes left. If YJ and SJ are half or step siblings, that solves the triangle but I voted differently. This writer is going for the big splash judging from the outrageous things that YR , the mother and other characters had done. I am ready.
  12. Weren't these old scenes @Ameera Ali? They wanted her to stay away from SJ. The aunt is a 40 year woman with a 10 year old brain. She needs to get whacked too in the head like TP. The third one is new? Didn't I tell you he is a terrible actor? Standing back straight and folding his arms, no doubt the director is in front of him. I think after years of acting he has become camera shy. A terrible disorder for an actor.
  13. She should just announce to the whole world that she's running away. She's unemployed, she wears nice clothes... another idiot. Even a teenager would run away when nobody's looking. This writer is really too much.
  14. I wonder why MJ is against the ML&FL's marriage. I think she will say it's because of PPH but it's just a coverup of her feelings against James and SJ. Or maybe since she thinks those two are getting back together, that makes the couple step siblings. It seems a no-no in other dramas. Perhaps PPH got wise of what happened and he used his trump card to force the old woman to retract whatever she did. That would certainly redeem him in BCW's eyes. So many 'perhaps', I don't want it to be too serious with all kinds of corporate shenanigans.
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