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  1. @LeftCoastOppa I thought it was obnoxious of the writer to set HJH up with HM, although it's probable since he has no compunction to make EC one of the Chois, by birth at least. But you are the only one who seems to be delighted with the pairing and those stars are blinding me.. so I'm going to change obnoxious to weird. But you should better make sure her attire has more style than ED's on her normal days.
  2. The scenes with Abba mama and husband playing the besotted grandparents and CJH turning human around EC are preparing me for a kumbaya ending. I tell you ladies and gents, we are going to have a downpour when CJH and family go to prison. The writer wants to create a bio family- EC heart wrenching goodbye scene. Will he be successful? Or won't he? @Lmangla I am surprised Abba mama did not suspect ED of being pregnant. In the beginning, I thought TI-SJ pairing was good, it had a beginning of an interesting trajectory. But now, it shows she and MH are unpleasant gold diggers, they should exit from the Han and Cha families. Although, I suspect we will see a penitent klutz all alone crying for comfort from oppa HJH who has just delivered ED to TI - like a gift in a box. No end to the Choi family. Or if HM manages to stay away from a life of crime, they will set her up with HJH to end the Choi connection. Equally obnoxious ending for me. BTW dead Papa Cha has nicer hands than TI.
  3. @Lmangla the beta mode has been taken offline for for unscheduled maintenance. Looks like we will be in the dark for awhile, watching a show that keeps us the dark with secrets here and there for weeks. Most appropriate.
  4. Thank you for the summary @Saja La I am just squeamish about a person having feelings for a step parent ( in his mind) even if they were faking it, even if it were for a good cause. For @UnniSarah and also for me, there is hardly any acceptable cause for cheating on one's spouse, we avoid it. I would expect the son to avoid the 'couple' at all costs in real life, alas I don't get to write the script, so I avoid it. Does my wonderful life get better? I mean FL is such a goody two shoe for me, she is bound to turn into a noble idiot if I may extrapolate. @shana0127 I thought TI's father was going to collapse with all that running and the ceremony was ruined. But sorry dear, I am going put a hex on the writer. May his fingers cramp every half an hour! Don't give up, in the last preview, vicious MH said something about not being able to register the marriage for 3 years. There is still a missing time leap. That seven years don't count. HJH and ED will break up because HJH realises that his feelings for ED are gratitude not passionate love. Mark my words. I don't want TI anywhere near SJ or HW. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Both mothers are hateful. Maybe @LeftCoastOppa can recommend his beloved jailbird?
  5. @UnniSarah Brilliant heritage is the one with the FL being married to a grandpa? I read the forum a bit but decided against it. No incestuous stuff for me, even fake. I am watching once again, it's enjoyable. the second lead is more of the strong dependable type and absolutely honest with his feeling than the ML. I had a look at My wonderful life, dont think I like the FL. I'have seen her before. What else is the writer going to throw at us? There Are dozens more episodes.
  6. @shana0127 at this stage HJH can still go rogue. But with him and his Ma in tears a lot, the writer surely won't make them both bawling idiots. He is going to keep his word - social distancing too. @Lmangla both EC's mum and CJH's secretary are Nam, he should be the uncle. Why does he wait for 7 years to seek out EC? That can be another mystery but not the core because he is just a supporting character.
  7. @LeftCoastOppa so here you are! All those questions must be the output of some meditation retreat? You have been away awhile. I am quite happy with the warm hug, so is @shana0127. ED was really trying hard but what Happened? TI chickened out. Since ED is again trying to understand why TI kept the whereabouts of her father's heart a secret, we are going to have to wait for all clear signs. HJH is moving in strong, ED is out for revenge for CJH and HW. There is a very good chance that they will have a fake marriage - the type that has HJH sleeping on the floor. Then we are talking major shifts before TI and ED kiss. I thought it was high time Chairman Han threatens MH with SJ, yes. He took her back in because of SJ, but careful, he may un- adopt SJ. Yes get rid of them. @shana0127 when they kiss, he is going to do the grabbing and they'll end up in that tent without EC as chaperone. Just enjoy @Ameera Ali 's gifs and cartoons for now. I am hoping they won't have close ups of his hands.
  8. I watched part of shady mother, that actress was Dae Jang Geum's mother, but didn't the ending hint hint that they were still the OTP? Yes TI or even ED would have died in Stairways to Heaven style. Thank goodness they stopped it.
  9. She knows who he is now, so she has to do some digging. It looks like CJH is with the kid in the preview. I am very certain long dailies have not changed in format. There will be otps. I am curious how the writer is going to treat SJ. MH has been made into a nasty vindictive person, not to survive but to inflict hurt. She is out. Not forgetting HM who I think has been written out, but who knows.
  10. Sounds good but being a corporate family does not guarantee happiness. This drama suggests ordinary people like TI's parents can be loving and happy. They have problems but they don't solve it by stomping on others. Busan is an industrial town where they can start their own business and family. The Chois will be singing Jail house Rock instead of Abba. Look at MH, she covets the Chairman's company. Look at all the things she had to do to hold on to it. Edit: It's Friday! What kind of cliffhanger will we get? I hope they won't kidnap EC, how could CJH get away with it?
  11. Jang Nara or ED? Jang Nara seemed like a disciplined person. Park Hana's overacting gets to me and the sibilant voice parts are so annoying. But last night when she and TI's father just stood there almost speechless, I wept too. She had been so happy with them, her Appa left her a family. @shana0127 don't worry they will get back together. I told you there was going to be a kiss at 65, a warm hug is a almost a kiss. If she marries HJH, it would be 'I sleep here, you sleep there'. Just can't imagine his humiliation. They'll get back together and move to Busan while HJH takes over the company. EC will stay with them. I expect some kind of visitation agreement with the Chois - if they are not in prison. Daily shows love kumbaya endings. Seeing CJH collapsing into the chair when he suspected his son was with ED, so good
  12. Whose gorgeous hands @Ameera Ali? I quite fancy to be a hand person. TI's hands are just like claws, ED's are quite nice. Have you seen Jang Nara's hands? Her face is flawless like she's in her early or mid 20's but her hands are like TI's, .
  13. MH is so vindictive. What a vicious woman! What does she get in confronting Dim Sum about the heart? The Kangs are extra nice to ED because of the heart transplant, and they feel guilty? So what is it to her? She has never been concerned with anyone except for herself and her daughter. Now all she has to say to her brother is that he has put her and SJ in a dire situation. He at least shows remorse. If this writer tries to whitewash her, I am really going to stop watching this. Now Chairman Han is lonely, they are going to slowly bring her back? Chairman Han is a rich man, he is principled with great compassion and capacity for love, get a mail order bride. Young, beautiful and devoted.
  14. I wish you are showing his face rather than hers. Didn't you see it? He looked like she was going to bite him.