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  1. Black pizza? With charcoal in it? I didn't particularly like the bun, it had a gritty taste. I think it was bamboo charcoal. Maybe black pizza is the in thing in Korea? The owner of ox bone soup eaterie ate Italian food, I think that was supposed to sound stylish, commensurating with SJ's suit and made-up face. I felt sad for SJ, the manipulative witch IS made her feel as if she was keeping MR down. The clothes and the place IS met her were all worked out to put her down. Good thing MR blew her off. I hope she made good her threat to expose IS' big secret.
  2. I have eaten charcoal doped buns but never heard of pizzas. Well Dominos and Pizza hut don't have it anyway. Edit: MS' husband panicked when he couldn't contact her, serves him right for bringing up divorce.
  3. TJ should have told MR who his father is after giving her the ring. She should tell him of IS soon after. How could you make a commitment and hide the essential part of you? I am predicting break up number 1 in the next couple episodes after Chairman Han introduced TJ to the company as his son.
  4. It is a bit jumbled to me too. She was assaulted on her birthday, stopped coming to school the next day, told SH she was assaulted by JS ...when is this? I thought it was not long after her birthday. If SH went to the flower shop and got DH flowers on her birthday when she claimed to have been assaulted, how could the librarian say SH was in the library the whole day? I hope the writer has a chart of the sequence or it will really ruin the drama. Edit: I thought SH bought flowers for DH on her birthday. Wrong?
  5. I don't know Korean to understand the nuances of the word used in Korea. But if it is grabbing or touching of body parts , the shame and revulsion that DH's parents showed seemed much more. They could barely say the word. Likewise SH's parents looked equally shocked.
  6. Say it again. Accusing rape falsely is no small crime. Innocent boys have been gaoled and their lives ruined in the old days without DNA tests. I wonder how the writer is going to deal with this. Will there be forgiving and crying all round? I am not too sure if I like the using of this 'lie' to begin to expose school bullying. If SH did not fall of the roof, the parents and teachers would not know about it. At the rate JS has been manipulating his classmates, the teachers would at least have some suspicion. This is a scene which is a bit hard to swallow even for KD. Wouldn't the mother at least want to see physical evidence? Or she would be dishevelled? Take her to hospital to prevent pregnancy? The parents seemed to be well to do so assuming they are educated, no way will they not do anything. At the very least a mother would seek out IH and do some hair pulling. DH's reactions were most likely from a guilty conscience. But if she were raped, by whom? Must be one of the students or to be more convoluted one of the adults. No, I don't think so.
  7. She should suffer a bit longer for using SH against JS. In real life, there is long way to go. But it is a good start. BTW I was reading another forum, they were peed off with the weeping mother too. Director must reign her in!
  8. I am having problems with the streaming. is there more on DH being assaulted? I think that girl is one troublemaker.
  9. I have watched the scene which is discussed in the Soompi article. Unlike the writer, I did not find IH's words to show her concern for JS or his family. The train of scenes that led to that moment was IH trying to get EJ to confess to the manipulations she and her husband committed throughout many episodes. Meeting EJ near her house was an opportunity for her to continue urging EJ to tell the truth and at the same vindicate SH. IH no doubt was telling the truth when she told EJ she understood her feelings and urged her to fess up, nevertheless to my mind, it was not said with concern for JS but with the aim of putting things in the proper place. The weepy and whiny tone quite often coming from IH may be construed as caring but I don't see it fitting into her character and her dogged pursue to prove her son did not commit suicide. But I hasten to add here, it does not mean that she is bad, mean etc. her character plays a mother who wholeheartedly believes in her son as much as EJ who is unswervingly protecting her son, unfortunately she played with the truth.
  10. Was there really a sexual assault? The girl's parents were hushing it up so it was highly unlikely that she was examined by a doctor. It depends on only her words. Earlier she seemed to only agree to meet SH when she noticed JS watching them. Could she be baiting JS? EJ seems to be ready to breakdown any minute. I pitied her from the beginning but at the same time was very annoyed with her actions. The whole mess would have not be so huge if she did not set it up as a suicide, not try to bribe the guard whose life seemed so pathetic, not lie so much. It was amazing how glib she was when put on a spot. When JS said that he was her whole life, I could now understand her actions which to her were protecting him, when in effect she was making things worse. The last episode with IH pleading EJ not to ruin her son's life was rather bleah. Her tone of voice and of course the ever ready tears just don't match her being suspicious of JS. It would have been more natural if she sounded incredulous or even angry. Will SH regain consciousness?
  11. I actually watched the whole scene with MH being sequestered in a secluded place with WJ. She seems bearable when she does not overact or do odd things with her face. Mr. Bang seems to be there for comic relief so I am going to forgive his scene in the soup place. His crying part was not very successful - more like a tantrum and no tears. I can't put my finger on MR's character, she is efficient and meticulous in planning and executing her work, there is a stern streak which makes her subordinates not comfortable socialising with her, she cried buckets when SJ got angry that she saw IS, but when IS called she becomes a puppet even though she's made of sterner stuff and she knows that SJ will be hurt.
  12. I like it too. TJ can be serious and more mature in a few scenes. He is confident in his feelings for MR to be able to say it out without expecting her to return it. The pouty childish scenes seem to be made for the out of office time, in their apartment building and the way they were casually dressed. So both of them could be goofy and not seem out of place. Doesn't MR find it curious how a junior staff could live in the same apartment as a general manager and maybe dig into his background a bit?
  13. Considering other 100 plus shows, I think you may be right. There is a kumbaya ending, nobody is left out even if she were a child abuser for 20 years. Come to think of it, one wife of adoptive mother was left out in the cold at the end in a show. That was the worst case scenario. I hope they won't try to softsoap us by making what a pathetic childhood IS had, how her husband cheated on her or worse as a few have suggested some revenge is in the offing. I have had enough of that. We will then feel so sorry for her and let her waltz in taking over the soup shop after failing to take over HanSung. SJ then will go traipsing round the world.
  14. I thought Lee was the youngest. He has a young look (36) but Park is 31. Ye is 46 and Jo is 40. There is a big range. I guess we will get Park being married to an older man. Lee is single with an older girlfriend?
  15. I have seen this kind of acting in K dramas. The actress is so good at turning on the tap, any little scene which could be effectively acted by a sad look becomes a big crying scene. I think it is the director's fault for not reigning them in. I tend to fast forward the mother's scenes, making me miss important clues.
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