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  1. She is 9 years older? And the MH is actually 26 when I googled. Some excused her overacting for her age but I have watched younger actresses who were excellent. I have not watched KSY before, maybe for a few episodes in IRIS. Why do they use that very red lipstick? It is too strong for her and it made her look older I think. I think HJH has a lovely smile, it changes his look completely. That is why he could play bad characters as in scarlet heart. The Koreans seem to put a lot of importance on ranking by age, and I saw my sister something with Lee Bo Young which seemed forced in their interactions. I hastened to add that it was very popular and I am quite bad in choosing dramas. I think I am going to watched old shows for a while. Rewatched all about mom.
  2. Thank you both. I like detective plus a bit of supernatural like the guest. Enjoyed that greatly. But melo stuff are ok too. Afraid I became the 'critical' viewer for many shows eg. The unknown woman. I still find it funny. But once I start watching, it is so very difficult to drop. I don't have too much imagination, so in Gangnam beauty, I could not imagine her to be an 18 year old freshman. I didn't find her pretty at all. Had to drop that. I don't like noona dramas. Mother of mine is not really a noona drama. MR is more mature and she does look older to me than TJ. I think it's because she is thin and her face lacks fat. But she is very good looking and her character is a capable career woman which I really like. More importantly, we did not get much of the noble idiot in this show, except for an episode or two. So will take a sneak at your recommendations @lebeaucouple
  3. HM was getting careless with her toyboy and IS confronted them at a club in some episode earlier. HM decided to leak the IS-MR secret to her regular leaky-reporter when TJ-IS called for a board meeting to takeover Hansung corp. With all the cafuffle, media, shouting etc., MR collapsed. Then SJ left her sickbed to confront the old man.
  4. What is the next drama going to be? I had watched Arthdale Chronicles but can't muster enough energy for this part. There are so many strange names and so difficult to remember, I need to keep going back to the first page to see who the character is. Shady Mom has an airhead and a lame brain for the main OTP it seems from the forum. Although I do want to watch Dae Jang Geum's mother. Anyway still a few more weeks of SJ and company. I think they will give her 3 more years and we will get the obligatory time leap in the last episode. @larus did you see any baby actors for this show?
  5. SJ really gave it to the Chairman. She told him that he almost killed her unborn grand child - causing him to choke snd splutter again- and he was not going to see her daughter or grandchild. The best part was when she threatened to take him with her when she died in 3 months. His face was really something to watch. After telling him what she thought of him, in the drive back with MS, SJ and MS both tried to come to terms with SJ's chemo. IS and MR bore the brunt of the leaked secret but TJ told IS to proceed with the shareholders meeting while he handled the press. More lovey dovey stuff between WJ and MH. I still don't care for that couple but it is good that the writer kept them formal with each other. They just knew each other for a short while anyway. JB refused to go away..... he is back helping uncle unload things for the restaurant. MH forgot her shift at the hospital and SJ spent the night alone. IS did visit her. MS and others realised that SJ wanted to go home and it looked like she did in the preview. I was rather reluctant to watch the episodes since melodrama was rife last week. It was much better, with touching scenes rather than tears galore - SJ and MS at the lake for example. The preview showed the family on an outing, smiling and laughing. Could be SJ's swansong.
  6. Does anyone know the ratings for this show? From this forum, the chat rate looks sad. Four pages? I have been checking the forum to see how it goes after watching the first episode. The actress was in Teacher Oh Soon Nam and the forum was even sadder. I think I was chatting with one other person for 2/3 of the show. She was also a misplaced child but suffering from amnesia. If not careful, she is going to be typecast. Anyway, she had lived in the US for 30 years and her English? They should use Japan, at least they could dub it. In other shows like the Gangnam beauty, secret romance or the tailor show which I found boring or ridiculous or something from the beginning... it turned out to be wildly popular with Soompians. Not this one. Maybe the theme is too cliched? Or the English? I really want to see how this actress acts here. She was really bad with her otp partner in OSN, the other forummer said she cringed when he touched her. It was that obvious. Hopefully, she can show more romantic feelings to the hero here. Although he looked a bit old.
  7. I knew a non-smoker who died of lung cancer too but this is a drama and some posters are always reading a message in KDs ( which I never do), they may be right there is a message. Maybe there is a message here?
  8. I am with the doctor. Putting a 60 something woman with stage 4 lung cancer through chemo treatment is just to get over their guilty feelings. Miracles are just anecdotal, I wonder if the diagnosis was wrong in the first place and that is why one gets miracles. I wonder why they chose lung cancer. No one seems to be smoking around SJ.
  9. The scenes when the sisters were huddled together crying were over much. I cried at first, quite touching but it was over extended. More coming up from the preview.
  10. Back to our old question, what's wrong with MR being the daughter of IS and TJ the person she raised? Maybe someone who knows Korea or Koreans could explain the ramifications of this relationship.
  11. So has anyone watched tonight's show? @larus? Just watched it raw and since my Korean is awfully bad, I shan't attempt to translate. MS dashed to her Mum's house and found her unconscious. There was a lot of crying because both MR and MH were informed of SJ's illness. MS crying in remorse ( from her face) took a lot of screen time. Her husband and FIL seemed to be handling her MIL's and her crisis well. IS finally showed some smarts and confronted the cheating Hansung Madame having lunch with her beau. Angry exchange. But did not hear TH's name so we may not get that illegitimate son we'd like to hear. She met the golf guy in the US so he could not be the father if TH is not legit. I am guessing SJ dies in the next episode.
  12. that was my second choice but then he will survive or get a heart transplant from someone in a poor country. Maybe he should live. Imagine all the nice things others have to say at his funeral. Ugghhh.
  13. The latest episode must have been sponsored by some hospital. MS' MIL broke her arm and leg and was in cast, SJ was coughing her lungs out and the preview showed her being moved to a hospital and JB got a shock from MH's news of her impending marriage. But I did not catch the scene in the last preview which I thought was MR's having problems with her baby. IS finally showed she needed to fight back instead of accepting the Chairman's commands. All because she overheard ( eavesdropped) HM and bro discussing plans to get rid of MR after giving birth. If IS is such a hotshot CEO, she would have considered MR's and TJ's positions in the company to be unsafe as long as HM is around and has many shares. But then we have never seen her working as a CEO, only discussing personal problems with director Park at most. MS found out her ma's illness.
  14. Did you watch the preview? MR was crying and TJ said that they won't get to see how their baby will look like? If the writer makes MR lose her baby after killing off SJ, we should all go to Seoul and slap some sense into her!!
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