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  1. One has to reveal what you've listed in the right order. EJ cannot let SR die before Mr Na testifies. Get Chairman Oh for corruption? Chairman Tak, Chairman Kims, Parks, Lees ... no. It's the order to kill New mum that will get him. EJ says in the preview to let go of Papa Ju... well high time. We will see him giving his pound of flesh tonight.
  2. @LeftCoastOppa You really should keep to cheering Uni oppa and leave the avenging to us. One has to understand the intricacies of a revenge, New mum said it must be at the right time and I say also by the right mode. SR's relationship to DDM Queen must be a secret or the Evil family will be curious. And they'll find out that SR has been passing secret documents to DDMQ. Enough time to reveal that. Now, HR only sees flaming ferret at EJs throat, she still does not not her secret persona. PS: @LeftCoastOppa don't forget your pom poms.
  3. The writer has spun so many threads, he can't keep track of them. She 'll get them eventually, even got HR to rescue her from the foaming at the mouth ferret. I'm saying it's still a revenge. A very lowkey one, better than all forgiven ending. EJ wanted to destroy SR's raison d'etre to be a gifted designer, but not anymore. If EJ wanted Mr Na to cooperate, SR's knockout must be kept secret.
  4. Death is inevitable and we should accept it. I can hear myself saying that because I'm healthy and I don't see death lurking. But when someone knows he's going to die very soon and he had told the Evil woman that he did not want to die, he has to be in immense pain mentally and emotionally. The first person he's thinking would have to be YS and her wellbeing. I think he's picking JH because he does not know anyone else. The writer is writing this part well, not nice but well. I feel YS is rather clingy in her attachment to KS. Whether it's YS or the other 3, I think of them a
  5. EJ is not going to kill anyone. SR and HR will lose their marbles. VP Geum I think borrowed from money lenders from the size of the bag. They are going to do it.
  6. Much as I wanted SR to be punished, I thought the going for GH/EJ's throat was so surprising for SR. She was always the shoved and slapped. I guess HR saved EJ from the furious ferret? Stupid writer cannot resist giving EJ her little brain. Being buried, almost fried, drowned.... you would think she would bring a taser at least if not Mr Wang, but no, she hisses and hisses. How embarrasing to be saved by HR!
  7. She has her father. But I believe DDM queen has got SR to trust her. After all she is buying her designs and not think about being found out? DDM is keeping quiet about that when she could squeeze SR for more. When she passed the CCTV video to DDM queen, they had been communicating for sometime. But still a very rash thing to do.
  8. I get the feeling that YS' voiceover is for after he is gone. But I watched a long time ago a film Windstruck. It was beautifully sad with Jang Hyuk and the Blue Sea actress. The voiceover was Jang Hyuk and he got killed. At this time, anything can happen. I just hope nothing bad happens to the two mothers and fathers to be. That would make the writer a real stinker.
  9. Dear all, this is my very important question which some of you multi-show watchers can Edit: Sorry people, out of topic and I'v got my answer.
  10. They were openly gay? like this is my 'wife' or 'husband'? I'll definitely check those shows after my vaccination effects stop.
  11. They were supposed to be partners and that info would have impacted their joint revenge. She should be angry. BM is one busybody- a good hearted one but she took upon herself too much. Keeping things from her brother to protect him? He has better head than hers. Be nice to EJ's family and go get a life. I never found out her red dress old revenge which went all wrong, mussed up by New mum. So we will need to wait if there will be a new big revenge. But at the rate the good guys are trying to save her from herself, it will probably go phut too. Mr Na
  12. I have watched kdrama since Winter Sonata days and I have never read nor seen any character who was explicitly gay in TV series. Perhaps Korean films do have it - but not in my seen or watched list. I am very sure there is not one now in the 100 plus daily series.
  13. Isn't Rakuten VIKI American based? I would be surprised if KBS, MBC etc. have gay characters even as support. @UnniSarah I read this forum and occasionally watch the episodes. I FFW and skip the cheating manipulative women scenes. The daughter is so sweet. I hope the bf does not hurt her. He seems evasive.
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