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  1. @YayArea I meant I'm looking for Korean cooking ingredients, not convenience store food ; I just edited my post
  2. Hi, I'm looking for good Korean cooking ingredients (sesame oil, gochujang, soy sauce etc). I already tried stuff from korean supermarkets available here in France, but would like to try higher quality products. They don't have to be organic (I don't mind if they are, though). Ideally, I would like to purchase them on a korean site, either directly or via a buying agent. thanks a lot!
  3. As for salty dishes, I prefer asian stuff. I love pork and beef, fish sauce, sesame oil, gochugaru, noodles, dumplings (especially pork dumplings and ha kao). When it comes to desserts, I love lemon also strawberry and whipped cream in spring . I really like soft, mellow textures (panacotta, fraisiers etc)
  4. hi! one of my go-to recipe when I'm feeling lazy but fancy something vaguely korean is a very easy and fast noodle salad. here are the proportions for 2 servings. super versatile and easy to prepare in big proportions! 9 onces noodles of your choice (korean noodles or western types of noodles, short or long, pick your favorite ) sauce: 1/2 tablespoon gochujang (I like mildly spicy dishes) 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1/2 tablespoon sugar (I like mildly sweet dishes) 1 tablespoon sesame oil 2-3 splashes of fish sauce (I recommend the Phu Quoc brand) a pinch of powdered ginger 1/2 tablespoon doenjang (optionnal), tastes great if you add pork toppings -mix the sauce ingredients well -cook the noodles -drain the noodles, then combine them with the sauce. toss well until the noodles are well coated with the sauce -add toppings of your choice: kimchi, pieces of bacon, blood sausage, already cooked shrimps, roasted laver, julienned cucumber etc eat the noodle salad lukewarm or cold, depending of your preferences
  5. well, I'm a french native speaker, and it wasn't really french lol, just random french words and/or wannabe french words/unrecognizable french words said with a terrible accent
  6. hi guys, I'm looking for a good fragrance-free moisturizer in a tube/pump bottle. I have good, normal skin (I'm in my twenties). I'm currently using the hadalabo lotion, but would like to try something with a finer texture. I like products with a simple or cute packaging and would prefer korean or japanese brands, but I'm open to european/us brands. thanks a lot if you have any recommendations! have a nice day
  7. Do you have any brands that you particularly like? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I'm looking for a product that removes cigarette smell/food smell out of your hair without washing it. Whenever I have a stroll in my neighborhood (I live in Paris, France), my hair picks up all kind of unpleasant odors (cigarette smell from smokers, food smell from the restaurants, maybe pollution smell too lol). I wash my hair twice a week and don't want to wash it more often. I tried dry shampoo (batiste classic), applying vodka, blow drying cold air, but none of this is really effective. I'm not into diy stuff like applying baking soda/baby powder or essential oils, and looking for a product that gets rid of the unpleasant smells, without masking it (so, not a hair perfume), and ideally with a discrete or no fragrance. Thanks a lot if you have any suggestions
  9. @rolisrntex I think it's a combination of both that and probably a director and producers who don't have a keen eye for detail
  10. it kinda hurt my eyes when I saw it also, I wish they would hire proper make up artists who would fix shiny noses/skins/ears we often see in this drama... I like the "glass skin" look, but the greasy look... not so much
  11. HJ looked really cute with her mini skirt and mary janes during her date. That and adorable little Gwang ju helping his dad choosing an outfit were the best things of ep 84
  12. +1. I think it's just a preview of the future big party/ceremony, and has no legal value. They will probably register the marriage after the 1 year trial period also, JS really looks like a ken doll in his tuxedo (in a good way). I wish he could start a successful modeling career... his recent shirtless scene makes me think the writers and I may have the same vision for JS
  13. yes, more 1-1 ramen/mandu dinners to come
  14. I don't mind either, I think they make a cute couple. Also, it's not like she's 12 and he's a 65 yo pervert
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