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  1. Oooooh...... I realised the policewoman who investigated the earlier case is now his superior. Hmm... guess I need to recheck that too...
  2. I was on the edge of my seat watching the premier episode. Learning from previous show about different universe .. one has to take note of the different year ... otherwise we're going to be confused where we are now. Current year: 2020 Mukyeong Station closed : May 5 2015 Their fathers' death: 2008 I was confused for a moment about their relationship when suddenly she called him "Oppa" ... only then I understood. Well, looking forward to the next episode. p.s need to recheck the date again @Happy Sheep When he found the item that his father had with him, I guess he felt guilty. To avoid those complicated situation that's why he left the house. (We're going to see it tonight)
  3. @Hanyeoun Is there a way to make this medal be seen clearly with the current background. TQ
  4. There is supposed to be a concert in Germany this weekend but ... Credit to the owner
  5. Yes, another episode with mixed emotion and some more info about their background. I too when KT suddenly remembered and missed his mom. After years of forgetting and had a mindset that his mother didn't love him, tonight we were able to see that that was not the case. JR's mother and the patient helped KT understand from the perspective of a mother.
  6. It's too small and since the background is dark you can't quite see them (They are in black and white too) You just need to bring the cursor under the trophies and medals - one of the reasons why I'm a little bit hesitant. This is not temporary and it's yours. The temporary one is the one I'm using - FOS (just 3 months) What's important is we know it's there... our Baby Bangtan ... @Lmangla Is there a way to made the badge / medal easier to see? (in reference to @stella77 case)