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  1. Another collab and a new song? Tomorrow: Credit to the owner
  2. TR-SA-JW Well this is just from my perspective at this moment Both TR and SA like (love) each other but they have obstacles that need to be cleared first. From SA's side - The ex-husband - SA's family - because of HR's previous bullying and her involvement with JW before From TR's side - The sister - because of the bullying and cheating with JW - The father - he has to know about HR's involvement in SA & JW previous marriage and bullying of CA Until all these are cleared and they depend on so many factors too... (we still have a lot more episodes right) * I can only see JW as an ex-husband and maybe just a friend to SA in the future.
  3. Give them a little bit of time to connect all the dots. The judge can't run or hide anywhere else anymore after everything has been found out. Who knows she might be too stressful and guilt ridden later that she might have to be put somewhere else (ooh I'm bad...) This will create a space and opportunity for both of them (JH and CA) to be together since their feeling towards each other is mutual.
  4. Have you watched them: https://catharsis.live/ Credit to the owner
  5. From Soompi: These are from their Official Facebook account: Credit to the owner
  6. @triplem I was going to write I'm surprise..... but I shouldn't be, right? So everyone who is interested, you know where the meeting place is, right... he he. So, it's going to be interesting to see the progress. Both JH and CA are going to synergise with the information that each has. JH will soon find out about "the grandmother" too. As for the rest, I'll find out after it has been broadcasted. TQ @triplem
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