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  1. We're going for the 5th Week (ARMY's birthday is coming) Namjoon's Credit to the owner p.s With the latest announcement about the album "Butter" I changed my mind too. I ordered a set and a few other items through a friend in SK so that the shipping fee will be as one package.
  2. Congratulations #BTS and #ARMYs Credit to the owner p.s Finally found the "trick" .. just open the browser for either twitter or forum.soompi one at a time in order to post an image / link here.
  3. I missed the show by one hour ... but thankfully still got to see the performances. Beautiful voices for Film Out and another great performance of Butter. Credit to the owner
  4. Credit to the owner p.s Well I'm not sure whether it's on my side or Soompi's forum, since yesterday this page would suddenly "froze".
  5. Dear Gossips, BTS dropped an album yesterday. BTS: The Best, a Japanese compilation album, has already broken chart records in Japan to go along with “Butter” staying at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for a third week in a row, which represents their longest #1 streak so far. There have also been rumours that the band may drop another full album some time in July and if that’s true, it will mean their summer reign will be extended likely well into the fall….perhaps to the chagrin of certain music industry experts who don’t necessarily feel like their success with “Butter” and so
  6. Thank you ARMYs for working hard alongside our BTS. Let's stream #BUTTER together on whichever platforms that you can.
  7. Part of the promotion, the chosen landmark in purple. The review is in English Credit to the owner
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