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  1. My first time in this thread. I have watched till ep 23. Look forward to new eps tomorrow. This is a great production with an equally stellar casts. Watching this drama, is like reading a Classic Chinese Literature - where we have to labour at every word and sentence. Yes. We cannot multi-task. We have to concentrate. I have to re-watch a second time in order to really understand what happens. Regarding the scholars' protest, some scenes were deleted. To help us better understand that scene, please allow me to insert an explanation I found in another discussion site. Here goes: Deleted scenes and background info:Prime Minister Li Baizhou schemed to postpone the Palace Exam (the final exam which take place after the Spring Exams in early episodes).The Assembly of the Officials lead by Lu Ying was unaware that the exam has been postponed and their arrival for petition to Emperor coincide with the Palace Exam being held.The officials (scholars) are accused of intefering with Palace Exam and provoked by the other faction presented. A scuffle broke out on Palace grounds.Some of the scholars protested by leaving their seats and quitting the exam.Because Lu Wen Pu (female lead's brother) was the first to quit, he was arrested by Prince of Qi even though he is not an offical (this deleted scene is mentioned in later episodes)Count Gu Feng En was presented at the Palace Exam. Because a scholar has to abstain from physical violence he disrobed his scholar robes and roughly handled an official from the opposing faction. He also grabbed a sword. (deleted scenes).Because of his actions he was stripped of his exam results and is barred from sitting Imperial exams for life.Lu Shi Yu took his own life because someone has to be hold accountable for the Palace Exam fiasco and hence his final speech to the Emperor referenced 'the scholars are under Your protection' and tearing up the petition name list. But Lu Shi Yu's death also force the Emperor to have the Capping Ceremony, thus solidifying the Crown Prince's position in the palace. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I would like to also insert a Meaningful Scene between the CP and his teacher. When his teacher found out the CP's role in the Examination Cheating Incidence, which allows the Chancellor Li Bai Zhou to turn the tables on the CP. Here goes: “Life will only get harder for me in the future.” Happy Watching!
  2. I don't think I have been Inconsiderate or Hateful. Clearly this is not the right place for me. I will not join in again.
  3. Wow. Today I'm late. Everybody has seen ep 11. I just finished it. It is very draggy & weak. As if the writer has run out of ideas; just want to prolong the story. Thanks Elan1 - for speaking up for Jenny. I'm with you. I may not be very good with words. But allow me to state my case. 1) Finally JJ & SW had a meal together. 2) SW told Jenny: "You know I'm like your family." I've never shipped these 2. For me, they have always been family. The only one each other have. But when Jenny saved Sun Woo from drowning, this bond just grew stronger that's all. No romance (But because of Hyun Ji, it may now breaks) 3) Hyun Ji : Jenny does Not need her at all. No. Yes HJ may have helped Jenny once in an earlier ep when she was negotiating with gangster Jo for the video. But she has been a loose canon once too. "A cat among the pigeons". HJ is more of a liability; an achilles' heel for Jenny who already had enough on her plate. 4) Hyun Ji's mother is also a bit like her. Her life is already not easy. I don't know how she became a single-parent. But why must she burden herself by taking care of a group of prostitutes. I'm not saying she cannot. Do so if you have the time, money & influence. Even Hyun Ji didn't like it. Also, being a Lieutenant, she did not conduct her investigation of the murder (ep 1) in an intelligent way - resulting in this whole disaster 5) Hyun Ji: The problems she faced in the Prison, are all her own faults & nobody else's. Like her mother, if you already cannot help yourself, why want to meddle in other people's problems. It is not being Selfish. Just being practical And listen to what she said to Sun Woo in the prison: (i) "You decided to side with Jenny like you always do" (what has that got to do with her. They are a Family. This will results in SW questioning his Loyalty to Jenny) (ii) Instead of being a nobody, she prefers to be bothersome (that is why she can be a Loose Canon like she has been) Without these mother & daughter team, Jenny would have defeated KYO & reached her Goal already. More peace of Mind. Why did she take in Hyun Ji? Partly to use her & partly she is soft-hearted. As someone has said, without Jenny, Hyun Ji would have been Dead long time ago. (So why should we blame Jenny?) Note: With the word "people", I mean people in general. Not us People are very quick to take sides; (1) especially when you have a character like Jenny, who keeps her feelings close to her heart; who has to keep a poker-face because she is walking on thin-ice all the time, looking so Tough. She is someone who can help others without letting them know about it. Let us not "Judge a Book by its Cover". On the other hand, young Hyun Ji looks so innocent & inexperienced. Who asked her to join the Jenny's team? Nobody. Walk away if you don't want to be used. Jenny & Sun Woo is a formidable team. With Hyun Ji, they become vulnerable. (2) People are very forgetful. You can do 20 good deeds. Just fumble once. And people will hound you for Life with that one Mistake. (3) Hyun Ji has just lost her Mother for a few months. Jenny lost everything since she was 8yrs (?) That is the Reason why I cannot feel for Hyun Ji. I don't want to hate her. You are not alone. I have this feeling since the Preview of Ep 10. Just didn't say it out loud
  4. Don't worry. We all interpret things differently. And it is exactly because of this, we are able to enjoy this drama better. Some may be more articulate in their words than others. But basically we all are very kind, compassionate people.
  5. 1) I'm definitely for Jenny. I've said before. I like Hyun Ji's acting. But I cannot feel for her. Nothing. Jenny & Sun Woo saves each other's lives. Both committed suicides by jumping into the deep sea. Jenny saved him. And in doing so saved herself. And they have been looking out for each other before & after that incident - like siblings 2) I love this episode. A lot of things become clearer. So much emotions. We now know: - Jung Hyuk does all these to protect Jenny. As I've said earlier. If Jung Hyuk is not Gay, he would been a strong liability to Jenny. She will hesitate each time she wants to strike at Kim Yeo Ok. And here Jung Hyuk told Sun Woo the same thing. That is why he wants to make Jenny hates him. I feel part of the reason Jenny took longer to exact her Revenge is because of her affection for Jung Hyuk. - Jenny has HJ framed to save her. Because the opposition has gained the rights to the City Development, Ye Nam instigate the Mayor to quickly remove his weakness. That is Hyun Ji. Because her mother was a witness to the dead girl at the yatch - ep 1. Second, if Jenny did not win back the City Project, KYO is going after Hyun Ji also. (So clearly Jenny has no choice. In fact in getting HJ into the Prison, Jenny solved 2 problems with 1 shot). This is 1 reason why I can Never sympathise with Ye Nam. She just does not have a good heart) - Sun Woo now knows that Jung Hyuk is Gay. In doing so, he realise how much Jenny has been suffering all these while; her loneliness.... 3) I do not think the Ship for Sun Woo & HJ will wreck. They will sail stronger after this 4) We have been right. HJ's mother is still alive An afterthought: a) why must Kim Yeo Ok always carry a fan. Is it so hot for her? This 21st century. There is air-con everywhere. b) why can't she wash her own feet. Don't tell me she had someone to bathe her too? (And I don't understand why her staff are so faithful to her knowing how cold-blooded she is especially Housekeeper Wang. Don't all these people have families?) Looking forward to today's ep 11
  6. 1) If Jung Hyuk already know who Jenny is, then we can be pretty sure, he will not harm her 2) But Sun Woo finds out JH is Gay. Now this should be interesting. I guess that is why both guys fight it out
  7. The article below, from Dramabeans, seems to confirm that Lee Sang Yoon has indeed committed Adultery: Reasons to watch: Jang Nara and Lee Sang-yoon star as a married couple who seem to have it all together. They’re in a loving marriage and have great careers at a high-end department store with an exclusive clientele. When Lee Sang-yoon met her, he knew Jang Nara was “the one” and proposed. After having dealt with abandonment issues due to her family, Jang Nara was happy to have Lee Sang-yoon by her side; he was the one person she could trust fully. But their marriage is thrown into turmoil when Jang Nara receives an anonymous text: “Your husband has another woman–in your office.” With one text, the secret Lee Sang-yoon wanted to bury can no longer be hidden. Lee considers his infidelity a single bad decision, but his attempts to deal with his secret result in more bad decisions and sets him down a path that may take him further away from his wife. I’m expecting angst, meditations on love, and questions of forgiveness.
  8. All I can say is: "I'm confused" Yes these 2 episodes leave me so confused. So I cannot make any guesses yet - except to read all the great theories put forward by you all. The next 2 episodes will clear things up - I hope
  9. Really! 2 episodes this week? I thought we'll only have 1
  10. Larus & Celebrianna, I totally agree with both of you. Most Kdramas start off with an Explosive, Fast-moving opening episode. But their endings leave much to desire. Their writers have not mastered the art of ending a story; as if they have run out of ideas. Very few dramas are good from start to end. That Jenny will triumph in the end is for Sure. But as Larus has said, whatever it is, Kim Yeo Ok would have already lived a full life. I (I think I can speak for all here ) wish she will be totally humiliated, abandoned by all her 3 children & rot in jail for all the deceptions & murders she has committed). But I doubt we will have a satisfying ending in the Romance department. I'm sure Sun Woo will be with Hyun Ji. Jenny will most probably has to be contented with just their friendships.
  11. I think Jenny has No time for Romance. She has to exact her Revenge first. Imagine being left to die with yr just born baby brother in a nailed box; in a garbage dump. How cruel can one be?? Sun Woo had told HJ before, after Jenny had save & then slapped her. That Jenny does not want to have any friends because that would only results in her being Vulnerable - weaknesses for her enemies to pounce on. Jun Hyuk is the closest she gets to feeling romantic. Ah.... but then he is Gay. But then again, this could be a Blessing in Disguise. Otherwise she could be distracted, hesistant.... because she has to consider Jun Hyuk when she needs to strike at Kim Yeo Ok.
  12. They are not in an ordinary Aero Business. They are in a way - in Warfare business: providing advanced fighter jets for the Defence Department. Kiria is in North Africa. To do oil-drilling in risky locations, you will need Security, Armed Protection. (Just as we have US military bases in Saudi Arabia)
  13. I think Jung Hyuk divorce Jenny to gain his mother's trust. He knows his mum does not really trust or like Jenny. But we have to wait and see if : 1) he will remain a steadfast friend to Jenny or 2) he will discard her But as you have said, that is so unlike his Profile. So we still have a chance...... I like that! Mafia
  14. Your explanation makes sense. We can never get rid of Corruption though. It will just shift power that's all: from the President & Jessica To PM Hong & EP. Differences are in: how far they will go to satisfy their greed for Money & Power; How smart they are in covering their tracks. The Drama will continue....... In my opinions, this is Not a Pure Action Drama. It is a Comedic-Action Drama. So everything is done quite Lightly. Not Heavy stuff. From the "Actions" right up to the "Romance".
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