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  1. (Posted on: Wednesday, 30 September 2020) I just found another write-up by an "Aunty-Fan" of Song Wei Long. Someone who initially had a bad impression of him - because of all the gossips, rumours and black articles she has read. (Share it here with you all): Song Wei Long, a demonized man JULIO Let’s talk about Song Wei Long today. I saw "Find Yourself". This drama is really impressive, I really like this brother too much! A handsome guy who looks very carefree. But he is full of negative images! Until then, I haven't really gotten to know this person, because I rely on the impression given by the media! At first I saw him in a poster of "Untouchable Lovers". I thought the boy looked good. I vaguely remembered the shocking feeling when I first saw him, and also remembered the boy's name-Song Wei Long. But I didn't watch the drama. After a long, long time, this boy came into my sight again. Because a friend said that she likes Song Wei Long. I went to Baidu Baike and discovered that he was born in 1999 years. I was so shocked that I almost fell off my chin. What I searched and found, was a mess of negative news, so I didn't have a good impression of him! After a long, long time, I watch "Find Yourself" and I had to admire his handsome appearance. I search Baidu again. Of course, what first caught my eye was the "chaotic love history". I didn’t click to watch it, and I just scanned the fashion MV. After watching a lot of fashion videos, I found that his fashion expressiveness is really strong. He can handle all kinds of exotic clothes. I clicked an interview and found out how the contrast is so big. He spoke so softly and answered well. The first time I saw this person a little changed. It was so different from what I had originally remembered. But when I searched his name on Weibo, it was still a mess of articles, and instantly I couldn't like Yuan Song anymore. But the drama is so magical and I am still chasing it. Well, I went to station B again (please forgive me for being so cheap). I watched some interviews. I really found that this kid was demonized by the media! It is completely different from the image in the fashion video or marketing article. Speaking very softly, he didn't feel harsh at all. It was completely inversely proportional to his mature and handsome face. He has the face of an adult, but the age is there after all, just like a kid. Appears to be very afraid of loneliness and sentimentality. Such a child seems to be a kid! In all the three-years' birthday parties, there is a rapid growth visible to the naked eye. Just like a child who has been forced to grow up. On his 18th birthday, he was lively and vigorously visible to the naked eye, and he looked like a young man. At his 19th birthday, Song Wei Long seem to have grown up a lot (in appearance, there is a man's rudiment), but still a lot of sentimentality. He expressed his feelings and stories truthfully, pure and simple! Looking at him is like looking at my son. But if my son grows up like this, I will laugh out of my dreams (no delusion, I have to find myself a boyfriend). On his 20th birthday, he felt like an adult already, regardless of appearance or speech. But there are fewer words, and he seemed more restrained. He is really a child who is forced to grow up by the environment. At this birthday party, there are two very impressive words. He told his fans: "I am not a person who can express myself well" and "Thank you for staying with me when I am not so good." That's probably what I said! I want to say that the character of this "Boy" is really gradually becoming more introverted, and his self-confidence has been worn out. As an old aunt, I watched the child choked and said, and heard his sincerity, and I really felt sad. To kill the heart, public opinion is the best sword. And this sword just stabbed in his heart impartially! People who are not good at expressing will have some common problems. That is, they don’t like expressing; have obstacles in expressing; and don’t like to praise themselves (except when they are with people who are familiar, close and trustworthy to them). They sometimes get excited in front of these people. They will talk endlessly, because they feel safe and they will be affirmed by the other party. This is the source of courage). But they often hide their emotions in front of the general public, which leads to most people misunderstanding them. These changes in Song Wei Long makes people understand what the real entertainment industry is. So cruel, so rough, so realistic. The audience cannot wait for him to grow up quickly over the years. And more of it requires him to overcome obstacles and do it alone. Crazy at the wind. After a long time, Song Wei Long gave me the intuitive feeling again: ~ There is a great contrast between actual character and appearance ~ Child with an adult face ~ Others will treat him with the eyes of an adult, ask him, and write his story. ~ The appearance is handsome, sharp and aggressive, and the facial features are as deep as Roman sculptures. This face makes girls extremely insecure. But the actual personality is quite soft and cute. The child who speaks very softly, sincerely, and kind-heartedly, really makes people realize what is meant by "being unappealing". Song Wei Long is a child demonized by the media!
  2. (Posted on: Wednesday, 30 September 2020) How about some GIFs from "Go Ahead"
  3. (Posted on: Wednesday, 30 September 2020) Song Wei Long, who stars in "Go Ahead", is actually a Blancpain fan like Ryota Katayose "Go Ahead" has finally come to an end. Regardless of words of mouth or ratings, it is regarded as a leader in domestic dramas. This funny and bitter story has gained the favor of a large number of audiences. Even the Japanese star Ryota Katayose expressed his love for this TV series. However, even fans may not know it. In fact, apart from the show itself, Katayose Ryota and Ling Xiao-Song Wei Long also have a common hobby that is hard to find. They are both fans of the Blancpain's Fifty Fathoms Wrist-Watches - a classic watch series. In this photo, Song Wei Long is wearing Blancpain V series 6651. Ryota Katayose is wearing a blue suit and Blancpain's new Fifty Fathoms series blue Sedna gold submersible watch. If Song Wei Long wearing the Blancpain V series is a distinguished and elegant gentleman, then Ryota Katayose wearing Blancpain's Fifty Fathoms is a bold and curious trendy boy. Through their interpretations, we can understand the current young people. Diversified temperaments and attitudes.
  4. (Posted on: Wednesday, 30 September 2020) Pretty Quiet These Few Days. Guess Song Wei Long Is Concentrating On The Shootings for "Zhang Gong-An" Song Wei Long's film and television resources are good. The company will still strive for more resources for him. Both ancient puppets and modern dramas are available. He is currently positioned as a full-fledged artist. (Finally he is recognised by his boss. And I'm glad he does so by himself. Getting the projects himself and showing visible improvements in his acting skills) He will also participate in variety show recording in the future. There are fashion blockbusters coming out. (Ah ha. I wonder which Fashion Line this time. I guess they will wait for the premiere of "Zhang Gong-An" before they announce)
  5. @Erafera1 dear, I enjoy reading your post. 1) Where did you read Zhang Gong-An? So you can read Mandarin (Chinese)? I believe they'll adjust the Script. They do not follow it 100% 2) I agree with you. If I like the character-role, I'll watch 3) I like all his starring-roles so far: Fang Yu Ke, Rong Zhi, Yuan Song and now Ling Xiao. I don't enjoy "In A Class Of Her Own" so much. Not because of Song Wei Long. But more because of the Script. Oh no. I'm just like you. For "Untouchable Lovers", I prefer Ep 17 onwards, except for the excessive emphasis on the 2nd FL. They make it seems that this Script will not work without her and she is more important than the ML/Rong Zhi. I don't like Ep 1-16 so much because there is too much emphasis on the Crazy Emperor. 4) His Personality: I seldom watch Variety Shows. But yes. I enjoy "Back-To-Field" because of Song Wei Long. He was such a Live-Wire there. Like it would be so boring without him. He showed his true self; his child-like personality - so carefree and pure. The Gossips and Rumours, Black Materials are terrible. But the more I research, the more I like him. He entered the Entertainment World "Young". So he actually has not done anything wrong or bad yet - unlike some actors. I do sympathise with him. He was still a Child when he became an Actor. With his "Simple" mentality, he must have thought that: "Ah!. Now I could help my family; It is just going to work, that's all". He does not imagine that: a) he will lose his Freedom and Privacy b) there is so much Politics and Unhealthy Competition in the industry c) there are so many Rules, Regulations and Restrictions to follow. Boss and difficult colleagues to contend with d) there are so much Gossips and Stress I'm watching "Go Ahead" for the 3rd time and still enjoying it!. I still cannot understand all the Criticisms about Song Wei Long's acting. It is fine with me. I really enjoyed his Performance. Except for his Lines-Delivery - at times. Like "Untouchable Lovers" and "Find Yourself" - "Go Ahead" gave too much Screen-Time to the Second ML. As a result Viewers prefer him. Because more screen-time means viewers can understand him better. Song Wei Long is the Male Lead. But he receives less emphasis. Less screen time = Less understanding of his character-role = Zero Empathy I don't know if it is the Script-Writers' or Director's fault. But I strongly believe, if you want to cast him as your Male Lead, then you better believe in him. If not - don't take him at all. That is just mere Hypocrisy - using his name, face-value and youthfulness - to promote others
  6. (Posted on: Monday, 28 September 2020) [Xunyi Index] This week Media Popularity Index male artist weekly list released according to the comprehensive score of the whole network data from September 21, 2020 to September 27, 2020 ~ Among male artists born after 95, #王一博# , #蔡徐坤# , #王俊凯# ranked the top three; Liu Haoran, Zhu Zhengting, Ding Yuxi, Xing Zhaolin, 8) Song Wei Long , Wang Linkai, Zhang Xincheng ranked 4-10! Song Wei Long is ranked at No 8. Competition is stiff. He has to compete with Actors who have starred in very well-known drama like "Nirvana In Fire 2: The Wind Blows In Changlin" So Song Wei Long must make a really strong and impressive breakout drama - in order to survive. To be popular
  7. (Posted on: Monday, 28 September 2020) The most handsome male god in the eyes of Japanese girls Song Wei Long's situation is similar to Lin Zhiying. Song Wei Long is very famous in Japan. His appearance meets the Japanese aesthetic standards. So Japanese girls rated Song Wei Long as one of the most handsome Chinese stars, after Lin Zhiying
  8. (Posted on: Monday, 28 September 2020) More of my favourite pix of Song Wei Long from "Go Ahead" @Erafera1 & @elis6969 : I hope you both love them #SongWei Long
  9. (Posted on: Sunday, 27 September 2020) Another captivating picture of Song Wei Long from "Go Ahead"
  10. (Posted on: Sunday, 27 September 2020) In "Go Ahead", Song Wei Long looks so sad in this scene - after the "Tree Kiss". So lost and broken down. One of his finest acting moments... What do you all say?
  11. (Posted on: Saturday, 26 September 2020) The List of candidates for the Golden Eagle Goddess of Hunan Satellite TV is open on September 25th. Voting has started. Candidates for the current goddess: 1) Guan Xiaotong "Twenty Do Not Confused", 2) Jiang Shuying "Qing Ping Le", 3) Li Qin "Happy Return", 4) Li Yitong (looks like no), 5) Song Qian "Find Yourself", (Song Wei Long's Female Lead) 6) Tan Songyun "Go Ahead", (Song Wei Long's Female Lead) 7) Wu Jinyan "You are my answer", 8) Yu Shuxin "Find Yourself" (Song Wei Long's Supporting Cast) Just A Point Of Interest. 3 Out Of The 8 Candidates are connected with Song Wei Long. 2 are his Leading Ladies. 1 is a Supporting Cast. How come they are not nominated for their other dramas? Only the one with Song Wei Long? Did Song Wei Long bring them Luck? Or their chemistry with Song Wei Long is better?
  12. (Posted on: Saturday, 26 September 2020) If you observe carefully, Song Wei Long actually wears this cardigan in ep 6 of "Go Ahead". When he was sending his mother and step-sister off, in front of Li Dad's noodle shop
  13. (Posted on: Saturday, 26 September 2020) One of my favourite Portrait From "Go Ahead"
  14. (Posted on: Saturday, 26 September 2020) I found this wonderful interpretation of Song Wei Long's performance in "Go Ahead". Share it here with you all: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is Song Wei Long's acting skill in "Go Ahead" not good enough? "Go Ahead" is the best domestic drama I've seen this summer. Ling Xiao is the character that most wants to analyze. Many people don't like Ling Xiao, but prefer Ziqiu. Why? In fact, if you think deeply, you will find that Ziqiu and Jianjian have enough sense of substitution to please the audience. There may be such a person in our lives. Or you yourself are such a person (of course, it may not be a perfect match, but it can be roughly the same), so you can find a prototype and resonate. Because of understanding, so comes empathy. But people like Ling Xiao are almost impossible to find in life, and it is difficult to see prototypes in film and television dramas. After all, his experience is too special, and encounters are extremely rare. Therefore, it is difficult for us as audiences to understand and empathize with him. Someone complained about Song Wei Longs' acting skills - are like a wood. But I don’t think so. A full-fledged character is not only an open character; and a good actor is not only an external performance. Those who are restrained, introverted, and able to contain the turbulent undercurrents of the acting, but can better reflect the changes in the thickness and psychological level of the characters. Song Wei Long manage to deliver that. His only shortcomings is in his line skills. Good lines, speak clearly. Whether it is roaring loudly or whispering, let the audience hear clearly what he is saying. But Song Wei Long often uses air sounds, which always feels floating, and as long as he speaks faster, he will swallow the sounds. But he is not the only Actor who does that. PS. Wu Yifan is the same. The rhythm is better. Where to be anxious, where to slow down, where to stop, where to be restrained, and where to break out, you must be precise. But in some important events, Song Wei Long was obviously not well controlled, and in many places the rhythm could not be stepped up. For example, in the showdown between Ling Xiao and Ziqiu, Song Wei Long was more blunt and naive, giving people the feeling that he lacks confidence. The artistic conception is better Good lines will transport the audience into the atmosphere, rather than drifting away from the plot. But Song Wei Long obviously couldn't reach this level. Maybe this is the difference between the academic school and the wild school. Speaking of which, ask the floor. In "Black Ice", in terms of lines, there are two particularly powerful actors-Wang Zhiwen and Jiang Wenli. How good is it? It can be substituted by simply listening to the sound without looking at the screen. This is the charm of solid lines. Fortunately, Song Wei Long has obvious advantages. The image is good (the appearance and the figure are very important), the body language, micro-expression and detail processing are all in place, and the personality is charming. (Charm is a thing of interest. If you like it, you may like it very much. If you don't like it, you will find it super annoying). In several major scenes, Song Wei Long's expressions and eyes were very good. For example, at the beginning of episode 29, when the two sit on the bed and chat, Ling Xiao’s dialogue: "People like me don't have the energy to build relationships with strangers." At this time, his eyes were lonely and helpless. "Being with you is my instinct and self-help. If you don't catch it, I will sink." There was expectation in his eyes, hoping to get a response. When the Jian Jian point said "do not understand", he was a little disappointed and fell into loneliness again. But the empathetic Jian Jian immediately responded, "Although I don't quite understand, as long as you reach out to me, I will catch it." At this time, Ling Xiao's eyes regained light. Kind of feeling comforted after being seen and understood. ***In this scene, Song Wei Long's expressions of eyes and emotional changes were handled very well. As a non-academic born in 1999, it is not easy to do this. What kind of existence is Ling Xiao in this special family of five? The daily interaction of family members is often like this: Li Jianjian can light up the whole house alone, and Ziqiu is the King of Jiejie. The two of them are in a tacit understanding, Ziqiu has a somewhat unprincipled love for the Jian Jian. And Ling Xiao mostly exists as an observer. He watched silently and didn't say much, but he understood better than anyone else. He always saw the problem and hit the nail on the head. He didn't say much but he always said it right. - That’s why he gave her a braissier on the first day of her first year in high school. - He secretly signed her up for her wood carving competition when he knew that she would definitely not be able to pass the college entrance examination. (That foresight of an elder - he valued long-term development more than the shallow happiness in front of him). Ling Xiao seldom confides in others, because few people can understand him. While Ling Xiao can be arrogant at times, he will occasionally exposed his fragility to Jian Jian. Once, Ling Xiao was very confident. In childhood, Jian Jian always circled around him, and his elder brother kept yelling, inviting him to eat at home, helping him to pick up the photos his mother had torn up from the trash can and glue them back, telling him that he can missed his loved ones secretly ... .... 10 years of getting along with each other and emotional accumulation, 9 years of absence. With Ling Xiao's intelligence and sensitivity, he has long seen that Ziqiu's feeling for Jian Jian is the kind of spoiling and tolerance of a brother, not love. But he never expected Ziqiu to confess to Jian Jian. That's why after the "Tree Kiss", Ling Xiao asked Jianjian "to keep her distance from Ziqiu" and "pity me and be pitiful to the end", all these are manifestations of being emotionally going out-of-control. For a person who is always in control of himself, this kind of performance can only shows that Ling Xiao is panicking. Because he wasn't sure about JIan Jian's mind, he said: "If I didn't push you, would you choose me?" "Don't you have pity for me?" He lost control because he couldn't afford to lose. Because what he has is not much. Ling Xiao’s native family has both parents, but his father was careless and weak in character. When things happen, he evades. Mother Chen Ting is emotionally unstable and has some PUA potentials. After her daughter died unexpectedly, she did not reflect on herself. Instead, she evaded responsibility by accusing others and strengthening her image as a victim, and then put her husband and son in extreme guilt and self-judgment. Here is a sentence: The same extreme event causes different injuries to people of different ages, personalities, experiences, and psychological endurance. Take the accidental death of Ling Xiao's sister as an example. Ling Xiao's pain was much greater than that of his father, Ling Heping. The peaks of pain and misfortune will be amplified for those with delicate and sensitive emotions. For those with big nerves, the opposite is true. Of course, from a certain aspect, people with greater nerves will have a easier life. Fools are happier. Ling Xiao is different. This is a sensitive, delicate and extremely intelligent child. He was only 9 years old at the time. As a witness and accused of the incident, he was under pressure. In fact, even if his parents understand and do not blame him, this shadow will accompany him for life. But with a mother like Chen Ting who always go crazy and reminds him of the incident every now and then, the pressure becomes unbearable. For Ling Xiao at that time, it was already very difficult just to survive. Chen Ting is very selfish. As an individual, it's nothing. But in a family, when a major event is encountered, such a person will become a disaster for the whole family. She has emotional control over her husband and children. Her husband can escape. But Ling Xiao cannot. Because for a few-years'-old child, the mother is his world, from material to spiritual. He needs to rely on her. So, on the surface, it seems to take care of his mother, but it is self-salvation. This is Ling Xiao, an "emotional orphan" with both parents. As Ling Xiao said, Jian Jian is his medicine. This is not hypocrisy, but facts. For a Ling Xiao like this, how could Jian Jian slip away from him? Ling Xiao is petrified that the only flickering light in his life may be extinguished. Then he will be unable to sustain the powerful self-protection he has built for himself. If Ling Xiao takes a psychological age test, it is estimated that he will be at least 40 years old. People like Ling Xiao are smart and talented and will have no lack of money in the future. But what he lacks, money can't buy. However, this is a scarce product. Most people didn't find it. Some people did, but then it disappeared. When a person has achieved success in the worldly sense, he will return to his true inner needs and find someone who can calm his impetuous, anxious, and restless heart. That person is medicine. (Wow! Such a complicated & profound character-role to assume. So do you still think that Song Wei Long is not a good Actor?)
  15. (Posted on: Saturday, 26 September 2020) #SongWei Long for Burberry Bag | Olympia- Olympia Ellen Small leather bag Below is a sample of Song Wei Long's autographed photograph. His font is very simple.
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