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  1. I must post so I could see my zombie headshot I finally finished last episode. Surprisingly, I'm much calmer now, it's still a great drama, undeniably! I enjoyed every episode and also the recaps and discussions in this thread. The AR game concept is really cutting edge, and of course great actors and their performance, all contribute to the success of the drama. I can live with the unsatisfied ending
  2. Yup, need a new player to reach master level to get JW out! Who then? Think hard..... Writer-nim!!
  3. So dissatisfied and disappointed, what an ending is that?! How could JW be able to tell a story like that if he's in whatever-status-he's-in-right-now? Will there be an epilogue?? Did he also make Marco into a pile of dust?
  4. Emma's twist isn't really a twist IMO, isn't the whole game is about NPC killing JW? and Emma is also a NPC anyway. So then to really end the game, is for JW to die. Let's be patirnt and see if that's the case. From the game point of view, unless JW (or us) finds new clue (a secret game item again?), the result won't change. //Don't hit me, quickly hiding
  5. No, sejoo is still at level 94 as we saw on the user roster screen... I think JW finished the game, logged out, that's why Choi couldn't locate him in the game. He somehow escaped the cops at the church and now need to deal with Prof Cha.
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