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  1. It's all BR fault. At first, she acted like she had some romantic relationship with JS. Later she acted extremely hurt because of AR so called betrayal. So now, no matter how she acts, it will look like sacrifice. It's really not easy to understand, that you were fooled from the start by this sweet girl. That is why such girls are so dangerous. But I don't think, that BR will be criticized in this drama. She will be "a good girl" till the end no matter what.
  2. So at first they all eat the meat, that JS gave AhRi parents, but then it was ok to call him a jerk, who bullied BoRa. And it's time for grandfather to oppose this marriage. He ignored AhRi for so many years, but he thinks he has the right to say something. And once again that trash dad couldn't defend his daughter. That trash cross-dresser wants to take away Byeori from AhRi. And DaeRo agreed. Poor AhRi. JS is the only person, who is worried about her health (both mental and body). All the rest just ignore the fact, that she is pregnant. Her so called father not even once asked if
  3. BR and her "daddy" act like they are saints, because they allowed AhRi and JS to get married. So they think, that JS and AhRi must be grateful for them for whole life. And that daddy doesn't want to spend even a cent for her daughter's wedding. I think he even wants to celebrate the fact that he was able to throw away his daughter at last.
  4. Of course, Ah Ri can wait. Her tummy can wait. Her reputation can wait. Everyone must wait, because BR is hurt. And one more thing. As far as I remember, BR is still a spokesperson of JS company. he and Daero were opponents in the tv program. Is it ok for BR to do promotion activities with Daero?
  5. And she is not that healthy, but who cares. Her dad definitely not. And even if she would end in hospital her dad with BoRa would say, that it's all her fault. It's great, that she has JS now. May be he is a little slow, but he definitely cares about her.
  6. I think he just doesn't like AhRi, because she is a part of his failure. He neglected his first wife and daughter. He easily abandoned and threw away his wife because she made a mistake. I'm sure she was faithful, but he didn't care and just blamed her for everything. His first marriage was a failure and AhRi just can't be good, because she was a part of it. So no he acted the same way with AhRi. Just blamed her for everything and threw away. It's amazing, that he admitted his fault, that he neglected AhRi when he mother died, but apologized for this to BoRa. But never apologized to AhR
  7. But it's not like JS will be better without AR. I can see him having panic attacks even more often. His parents and all the rest are pushing him to the dead end.
  8. But the truth is that she didn't. AhRi was the main reason why JS agreed. And AhRi was the main reason why BR got her job as MC of a show.
  9. And what about BR decision? AhRi and JS now have problems with their work because of BR. AhRi lost her mother, takes care of her sister and now is pregnant (and is bullied all around), but keeps working as usual. What must happen so her dad will realize, that AhRi is not that strong.
  10. I think I could pity BR if she had feelings for JS from the start. If she was afraid to tell him, but when she decided to confess, Ah Ri was already pregnant. Like in drama "5 children". But BoRa was not into JS, she herself said, that she was not in love with his. So it's her fault not to realize her feeling faster. And I was really shocked to hear, that Ah Ri betrayed her. How? She told AhRi about her feelings when it was already late. And one more thing. It's amazing, that no one consider JS feelings and decisions. Even without AhRi he didn't want to be with Bora or Um pd. I can't und
  11. I can't understand BoRa at all. She thinks, she can be happy with JS as her husband when her sister is pregnant with his child? her parents will be ok with this? Or society will be ok with this? I'm not that conservative, but this is too much. And it's not like they were madly in love, but Ah Ri stole him. And I hate how everyone pity BoRa (even JS and Ah Ri). She is not the main victim. She is not a victim at all.
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