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  1. Why? If he likes to eat home cooks diner, cook it yourself. She is working too and she didn't like it. Why she had to force herself? How many men will cherish it? Most of them will take it as granted (hello to 40's and 50's husbands). There is nothing that can guaranty a beautiful marriage. Both partners must work hard to have it, but not always its enough. You don't have to tolerate things and lose yourself. It's not worth it.
  2. I said it already: she is not able to think reasonably. And she has no one who can advice her what to do. She like Scarlet O'Hara: "I won't think about that today — I'll think about that tomorrow." And yes, she is afraid to find herself alone in this misery. But who won't be?
  3. Her in-laws knew from the very beginning, that she didn't want to have babies. And, by the way, they already have 2 grand-daughters. And kind in-laws will never ask their DIL to have a baby. Because of this pressure from "kind" in-laws Song Won divorced her husband, for example. BHR is only 33 years old. How many korean celebrities are married at this age and have children? They all are selfish? And every woman (married or single) has a right not to want to have a baby. NO ONE has the right to pressure them.
  4. What??? It's not a healthy family dynamics. Woman is not a machine for making babies. Kids are not a payment We say her desperately crying in the bathroom. We saw that she had an ulcer. She is sick mentally and physically. She knows perfectly well that her husband and her parent-in-law will easily abandon her. She is not the best wife and daughter-in-law, but they are not the best too. They have something positive to think of. Her husband thinks about his mistress and baby, her in-laws think about their grandchild. But she can think only about betrayal, pain and problems
  5. Even if they were so sure that she can't get pregnant, they couldn't be so sure that their partner was healthy.
  6. Sorry, WHAT??? So if your father was diagnosed with cancer you won't use all your connections so your father will get a best doctor? Because I will. So yes, I'm also such a selfish person. After this 2 episodes I pity Hye Ryeong even more. So her husband secretly dating other woman for 7 months and started to gas-lighting her. She wasn't happy, she was thinking about divorce. Soddenly she found out that her father is sick. Her parents came to Korea. I'm sure she spent a lot of time in hospital with her father. I'm sure it was a big stress for her and she wasn't healthy from the sta
  7. I know that it possible on the first try. But I can't understand how it's possible, that they met 8 months ago, but she got pregnant 7 months later. So they met each other for 7 long months. And I think that they were dating. It's just very selfish for them not to say, that it was emotional cheating that leading to a physical cheating. I don't care how they call it. For me it's cheating. All normal pairs dating the same way they did. It's clearly dating.
  8. I can't understand, how its possible. Pan Sa Hyeon said, that they slept only once. So they were "not dating" for 7 months after they met?
  9. No, she was mad, because her mother didn't allow her to meet her father. He died, trying to see her. Her mother still thinks that she was right.
  10. 30's wife has no one by her side. She is alone with this problem. If she has a good friend, I'm sure she would end thing long ago. They mostly talked about their marriages, so I don't know... I think 30's husband still doesn't know what he wants and he just 32. And i'm almost sure, that few years later he will have a change of priorities. Maybe this mistress will able to keep him, but if he meet another beautiful lady, who knows...
  11. Can someone explain me timeline? As far as I remember the past was "8 months ago". 30's husband said, that they slept only once and now she is on month pregnant. So they were dating for half a year or what? And I was shocked to hear that both lawyer and his mistress are sure, that they were not dating and there is nothing they could end. So it's ok to act that way behind your partners back?
  12. Forgot to add. It seems that 50's husband will have to wake up very soon. His mistress is not in love with him and I'm sure that she will abandon him soon.
  13. I didn't say, that she was ready to have a child or decided to have a child. She just starting to think about it. So it's not like she was a total child-free, but decided to have one because mistress was pregnant. And I am certain that if her husband tried to talk to her about having a baby instead of cheating, she would agree.
  14. Of course it's not right time to have a baby and her husband it's not a right person to be her baby father. But yes, she was thinking about this idea. You can see it the last episode during her show and when she and her colleagues had a conversation about babies.
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