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  1. I know to gather more awareness of covid 19 is important, but I'm still pissed-off why should sbs air it on friday. We have mon tue thurs and sun.... why would sacrifice our friday???? Why??? I really can't understand this. 1 week for waiting ep 14-15 and another 1 week to ep 16, I thought should I watch it all after ep 16 ends. Talking about covid 19, how is your life buddy? Are you still in lockdown? Yesterday I heard on news that our government has planned a new scenario toward new normal life. I see they posted lots of instructions and protocols until the vaccine is done. I thought how could this be a normal life. Well, it's something we have to deal with. I hope everyone stay healthy and safe! One more day to Saturday. The wrap up party, won't they have it?
  2. Hey how could be this a coincidence!! Did we have a telepathy here? I just made a cheesecake here! Next plan, I'd like to make brownie cake. This baking thing is just perfect to make me forget the typhoons that sbs just sent us. Lol
  3. I think it's not yet. And we need that to relieve some stress of pre-emptied episode on Friday. I love the part when he dances his legs to the chair and sit for eating the cake. Hahahahaha
  4. Seriously, I'm like riding a rollercoaster here. It goes from shocking spoilers to sudden delay of airing??? I thought we could watch finally on Friday but it turns out we have to watch something that we have seen, no, I mean we're living with these days. I'm speechless.
  5. Hahaha. This reminds me of Secret world and Trumpet Flower world in Eoharu. But here they managed to wrap up things perfectly good. Think only happy thoughts, it's good for the sake of our sanity. Relieve your stress people, don't feel too depressed. Nothing is for sure!
  6. Ok I think it's all a set up to make us thinking all this will be a tragic ending but actually it isn't. This song is so soothing and perfect as their wedding theme song. Such a bittersweet melody!
  7. That new spoilers!! Suddenly I'm feeling good! Their attire both are like going for special occasion. Perhaps this all connected to the previous one we've seen. It's a good sign, a wedding??? I will forgive all these jokes we've got so far if they really end it with a royal wedding. Then the child actress could be part of this plan huh.
  8. Oppa should have next drama project soon after this. I'm feeling blue knowing that we just have 2 weeks. It will be hard to get over TKEM once it's ended later.
  9. Oh gosh... you always have the right word for depicting what happens to us. What to do now? None of our prediction seems going right. Another twist that writer thinks but we don't. Those new stills must be for this week episodes, so it could be in ep 13 or 14. And they better not to put it as the cliffhanger episodes and we need to wait another week like hell.
  10. I feel such as irony. While this drama deserves the praises more not just because of it. Imo TKEM is really good with its suspenseful and brilliant plotline. Even if they didn't give any direct romance and go fully with this interesting pace and plot, I would still love it. As I know this drama isn't pre-produced indeed. They have completed filming the earlier episodes before the airing and live shooting the rest till yesterday or today if I'm not mistaken. But I guess KES has finished the script beforehand since she has started this since last year.
  11. Well, I might be different here. As we watch something that is fantasy. If I have to choose which one to sacrifice then it would be logic. And what most annoying one is no logic and no happy ending, this is the worst!! Lol So happy ending with the logic that explains every major questions would be the perfect ending here. Let's see how it goes later.
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