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  1. I have Korean colleagues at work and they are shocked to see how our Latino colleagues give each other “besos/kisses” or even side hugs at work when they greet each other. They said in South Korea it’s very unthinkable and you don’t usually have any physical contact with your colleagues even if it’s just putting your arm around the other’s shoulder. So seeing them in their BTS with all the skinship especially the one with the green screen and the friendly hug during the wrap up party really tells you something. Any South Koreans here that can clarify this?
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoJtW9ODJlq/?igshid=bf906ahn1lh8 This is his original post in his Instagram during negotiation era and he answered one of the comments saying he does not really know the real score between the two of them. Relax, guys. Honestly, I don’t believe their agencies’ denial. How much more someone who also posted in his Instagram a video during the wrap up party and he’s one of the audience outside taking videos of the actors coming (not invited inside the party I guess). I’m just gonna believe what goes out of HB and SYJ. When the right time comes...
  3. SYJ is so good with her pokerface but HB? Lol Please see 4:09 then 4:13 HB at 4:09: (Smiling) HB at 4:13: (Did we deny?)
  4. Do Actors working together in a project usually travel together/fly the same time? I’m just wondering because we have Mongolia photos and we have Switzerland first class lounge witness encounter. I know they have to travel at the same time but do they usually take the same flight?
  5. I’m thinking they might have shot the last kissing scene (paragliding) on the green screen for a close up one in addition to the one they shot in Switzerland. If you look at the VAST vlog, HB was wearing the same trench coat he wore under his puffy jacket. (Same hairstyle too.) Makes sense if the close up of the kiss was shot the last day. Maybe the shot they did in Switzerland was not “close up enough”.
  6. Guys, go to the Instagram account of cjenmmovie and if you backtrack around September 2018 there’s TONS of videos featuring SYJ and HB in their negotiation promos. I couldn’t understand Korean but there’s a lot of videos there that I haven’t seen anywhere else. If somebody can find clues there, please share. Lol
  7. Come to think of it. HB and SYJ have never denied they were dating themselves. The denials come from their agencies. When they were asked during the CLOY promotions. They didn’t even say “no we’re not dating. We’re just good friends”. They both just said “the rumors did not bother us in choosing this project.” I interpret it as “Yes we’re dating but we’re professionals so it doesn’t matter.”
  8. So far it’s Ye Jin’s backpack, smartfood popcorn, pack of single serve cereal boxes, Oreo cookies, 1 bottle of wine
  9. Regarding the grocery cart, the blue thing on the left looks like Oreo cookies
  10. Hi. I’ve been lurking since the last page was page 34. It has been exponentially getting more response each day, I check at least 20x a day just to keep up. Lol. A few points: 1. The picture taking in front of the green screen- it was their last film shooting day and you can clearly see from their faces than HB is sad and YJ is crying. That’s why he had to side-hug her and comfort her. 2. Grocery shopping in LA. Even if they were just close friends, if they only met once, they shouldn’t spend it grocery shopping. So definitely they spent more time together than documented by fans. 3. They are professionals and they want to keep that image and protect their careers. I’m pretty sure they’re dating.
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