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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLQkbRopUsQ/?igshid=akofvp72nk5a I think the “there’s more” from Jane’s tweet was their couple message for the smartees. Not sure if there will be another CF.
  2. It looks like she has been shipping since May 2008! What?! https://ibb.co/7bNMcHS May 22!!!!
  3. https://postimg.cc/gallery/drWDyhp gold mine to those who want to see where it all started is: CJ entertainment Instagram account
  4. When they asked Hyun Bin before the drama aired what is he looking forward to working in CLOY, he said something like he’s looking forward to the end of the drama. That’s a weird answer honestly. He followed with something like so he’ll know if the fans would like the drama. He could have answered, he’s looking forward to working with a great cast and crew etc etc. Looking back, he was excited for the drama to end so they can freely be together without any judgement of being called unprofessional. Maybe they’re telling the truth of “officially being together” after the drama ended. But I hones
  5. Was it “Saranghae” written on the small paper in the middle of the flower basket? I think the basket was from her bf ❤️
  6. It took me 1 day to process everything. I started shipping when there were only 34 pages but I remained silent most of the year. I was reading this everyday though, just not posting for a while. 2020 was tough and I had COVID too so this was a very pleasant surprise. Really changed my disposition and made me genuinely happy. We all knew all along that they were together but it is a very wise and calculated move for them to do this. I’m so proud of them how they handled it. They are professionals after all so we have to respect their privacy. I’m smiling every time I see posts on Instagram abo
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