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  1. Good question! I would actually prefer for them to make a part 2 of Goong with Ju Ji Hoon oppa and Yoon Eun Hye as adults. They would make such a lovely couple I loved Goong so much back in the day. What about you? 382
  2. Actually dark chocolate and a suitable red wine go nicely together. But I still wouldn't mix them together into a drink Where's my twin @Abs_ triggered ? 380
  3. Chocolate wine? Pony Sakura Martini? What's next? Peanut Butter champagne? @Wuzetian That's a fine looking drink. 380
  4. Chocolate wine? What is that? @joccu possibly when reading your comment 358
  5. Today (once my workday is over), I think I will go for prosecco. @joccuwill probably go for wine, no? What are you drinking @sadthe1st? I think the 3 of us form the after work drinks club on this thread. @MayanEcho Ji Soo's role in Strong Woman wasn't very memorable either. He was so wooden. Like a cardboard box. OMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goong is getting a remake! https://www.soompi.com/article/1457648wpp/hit-2006-drama-goong-to-get-a-remake
  6. You and me sister, you and me! 350
  7. He was also in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon with my oppa Park Hyung Sik. 346
  8. I think it's going to be hard for him to make a comeback.... Some of the allegations are serious enough for the police to get involved. Not sure of course if this will happen. 346
  9. I'm not watching the drama, so I don't care much. At least he has the height for the role. Ji Soo is 187 cm. He got a lot of love in True Beauty, but does he have the height? 338
  10. OMO! So the actor who played the cousin in Mr Queen is replacing Ji Soo? He has never had a lead role, right? Ms. Koala really went hard after the poor guy.... http://koalasplayground.com/2021/03/04/kbs-picks-na-in-woo-the-actor-equivalent-of-a-constipated-wet-noodle-to-replace-ji-soo-in-river-where-the-moon-rises/ I don't think he's as bad of an actor as Ms. Koala portrays, but I do agree that I don't find him to be lead role material ready yet. I hope everything will work out for the drama in any case. 332
  11. Wait, the NIS agent is finally meeting Vincenzo? Did he pay for his own bus fare? Does his boss know about it? And I am also now curious if the fake Italian chef's Italian food is as bad as Vincenzo makes it appear. He keeps spitting it out. 318
  12. Attempting to watch Vincenzo ep 3. I'm at the 07:00 mark. I started the episode 1h 15 min ago.... It's not going well. On a positive note, I did chat with a friend, bake cookies, watch the news AND do some light cleaning of the kitchen while watching the episode. Very productive. 312
  13. Temporary insanity maybe? Actually I don't know. haha We heard this was gonna be makjang, and we decided to give it a go. We wanted birth secrets, truck of doom, kimchi slaps. The works! BUT The plot right now: 304
  14. We are all suffering. 1. The scenes in this drama are gross. 2. They are extending the plot in season 1 with even more vomit inducing scenes. Nobody wins. 300
  15. Uhm... Yeah... Those scenes were barf inducing indeed! I am having the hardest time with the apple scenes. I am for some reason liking the 30s husband and his mistress. Just posted about that on the drama thread, but am guessing I won't get any likes for my unpopular opinion. 292
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