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  1. Haha Off to work now too! See ya later! Go Team Subtract! 268
  2. This unnie can teach you how to successfully cradle snatch, if needed. Ooh, I'm planning on starting Was it Love! Hopefully I'll see you on its thread? 274
  3. @MY15 Fellow cradle snatcher here. Even IRL. <gasp> 282
  4. Please enlighten me! I'm terrible with acronyms and abbreviations. DM and SM? Also, which new dramas are you starting? 286
  5. Were you the cradle snatcher ? (Sorry can't recall your answer) Awwww, thanks! Yeah, the longer I stay in Team Subtract the more I feel like my heart belongs with this team FOREVER. 292
  6. You're asking the wrong person about that. You need to contact cenching for any grabbing. I just post ab pics. @angelangie Yeah, it's apparent that Team Add doesn't need me. 300 (nice and even number)
  7. I watched neither because I ended up being the only one on Team Subtract who was defending our honor.... To no avail, though. Team Add was just too strong! I know that they don't need me yet, so I am staying put in Team Subtract.... hahah 306
  8. Both? Oh, just googled and found them on the public internet. 842
  9. Did you mean the sushi gifs or the sushi memes? Good game - I have a headache now 840
  10. Need to go now. Goodnight! 838
  11. I'm preparing a photo album for her of her family that she can look at tomorrow 832
  12. Raki ?!?!?!?!? But it's so strong...... !!!! What is it? 50%? 60%? 830