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  1. MINI-EVENT: SCATTERGORIES - FATHER'S DAY EDITION Chingus, please participate in our Joo Won Scattergories event. All credit for the event goes to @kittyna who came up with the event idea and created all content. Rules: Read the prompts carefully: questions might be about a JW drama character (i.e. the ML JW plays), the JW drama dad (i.e the father of JW's character), or both! One of the prompts will be for a paternal figure. In this case, think of characters who are like fathers for JW's character, but who aren't actually related to him (e.g. Doctor Cho
  2. @kittyna Ooh, I love your idea!!!! This sounds like so much fun! I'm in, let me help you promote this.
  3. Morning... I think.... Need coffee. Gonna need a lot of coffee today. We have original barf drama airing today, as well as, mini-barf drama Mine. @joccu You'll be barfing a lot today. 764
  4. Twin, I already put up a poll on the HP thread. You didn't check the thread did you? And you should be totally proud of me, twin. I even watched the episode (albeit using the FF button a few times) in order to serve the Soompi community. The best part of ep 1 was the abs. 698
  5. Chingus, I put up a poll ! Please vote! Do not hesitate to tag me or PM me in case you have ideas for future polls. @JJS's Fan-atics @taeunfighting @Ameera Ali @kokodus @40somethingahjumma @bedifferent @shawolynn @Helena @JungRok @Andrew - @sadthe1st @kiklaminHo @pad-hari @Hannahmiriam @adrienne @stella_512 @an-naum @ck1Oz @Raynaa @Glide @larus @marrez1 @ryanallright @nurlayla @Once-L @mkats @ktcjdrama @aqueenieme @arushi nair @dzareth @scribbledjunkie re: @Sleepy Owl@Lmangla @agenth @confusedheart326
  6. Good morning! How do you know @LeftCoastOppa is your dongsaeng? He could be your oppa for all you know? Even his name contains the word "oppa". @joccu's oppa is Lee Soo Hyuk. The guy who never gets to be ML and never gets the girl. Also, the guy who is glued to Seo In Guk oppa. If SIG is in a drama or movie, LSH will be too. His abs are real, don't you worry. 696
  7. Don't remind me of virgin oppas. Poor Min A though. Can't believe the Ob Gyn abandoned her like that. @Sleepy Owl We might have to arrange for a Truck Of Doom for him soon, if he keeps it up. @4evrkdrama You're doing well. Only one wrong so far. 696
  8. Thanks twin! You're the best! The skinny undercover cop in the original gif was taking away from the enjoyment Andrea's abs. 698
  9. I need a bigger pic of the abs twin. Also, please remove the undercover cop from the gif. Just the guy with the abs,okay? 698
  10. Okay, I will do one more for today. Then I need to go and check out HP 2 ep 1 so I can make innovative and creative questions for the first poll. winks to twin @Ameera Ali Did Wintergarden sink? -------------------------------------------------- This one goes out to one of our new EOs @agenth 2 truths and 1 lie about her... - She never talks about her oppa's drama Lovestruck In The City. The rest of us don't know every detail of the drama. Heck, we don't even know about the drama - Along with Ms. Koko, spams this thread with pictures of BTS
  11. Well, let me make a guess here..... @4evrkdrama they're calling for you. Good night @sadthe1st @Min2206 704
  12. @Min2206 Well done! You get a share of @joccu's oppa! Just specifying that the piece you get is his bathrobe. Enjoy! 706
  13. Alright, last one for tonight. This one is dedicated to @joccu Spot the lie.... - Her oppa never gets the girl. I mean never. Like even hell would freeze over before he would get the girl. - Hates gifs. She never posts any of them. And never together with a "-2". - Barfs a lot. On many threads. Sometimes the only sentence in her post is "Well, that was a barf episode". Who needs a long analysis of the episode anyway when it was clearly barf? 708
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