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  1. I'm ready for a second season of Waikiki! I watched the first episode and was pleasantly surprised. I had doubts if this season would be able to live up the first season I loved so much. I am a bit on the fence, but the gags in the first episode kept me laughing and I am quite hopeful this season will deliver as much fun as the last one. I don't want to rant too much how much I miss the old cast, but I really hope that Chewbacca and Soo-ah would make appearances! They were my favorite characters last season. I really liked Doo-shik too, but was quite shocked to learn that the actor playing him had run into some legal troubles. Yoo-na, Sol and Dong-gu were also enjoyable characters, and wouldn't mind them guest starring. So far I liked the new male leads. I also loved that Jun-ki and Rebecca were still a tight couple. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get know our new leading ladies yet in the first episode, but I hope the upcoming episodes will make up for it. It's nice to see some familiar names on this thread - I look forward to laugh together with you for the remainder of this show. Btw, does anyone know which guest stars are slated to appear this season?
  2. And that was the end of the ride, folks. I agree to the viewers' sentiments - it was a good ending. Like @qynn said, I wish we could have gotten less of Na Kyung - it almost felt like the showed morphed into "the Na Kyung show" the closer to the ending we got. I do think that the writers wanted to show her redemption, so that at least some sympathy could be garnered for her in the end. I am glad that JW finally stood up to NK and his father, and made decisions that he felt were right in his heart. He ultimately placed his children first, and it was wonderful to see his relieved and happy smiles in the end. He finally let go of his guilt and forgave himself. I felt that the drama conveyed well how complex the whole issue of "having a baby with your ex to save your sick child" is. Like @Chickpea brought up, there were a multitude of moral questions the drama addressed. At some point during the drama, I felt like there could be no winners in the end. Yes, ultimately, everyone got hurt sooner or later, but I think that the drama beautifully showed us that hearts are strong and can be mended. Also, the writers maybe didn't focus much on it, but I felt that one of the messages was that, truth will set you free. A lot of problems could have been resolved so much faster had communication between people been more open. I think it was good that JS was told the truth about NK not being his mom. In hindsight, they should have been more honest with HW and JS from the beginning. It seems they may have learnt their lesson. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.
  3. I am watching the latest episodes without subs. I am so curious to know how this drama ends.
  4. I decided to check out the first four episodes, and wow, I am so confused! The story line was messy, too many plots and people were introduced, and the editing was meh. Seems other people felt the same way too.... BUT I haven't seen Joo Ji Hoon in any movie or drama since Goong (Princess Hours) and the man has morphed into a charismatic actor who is aging like fine wine. So I will stick around. Some thoughts: I loved the "father - daughter" relationships in this series. It's so cute that the profiler and her dad have a similar storyline to Kang Gon and Da In. I am worried for little Da In. It seems like she will be in danger. Doesn't the disappearing girl in the photograph in the opening scene look a lot like her? Chairman Jo has the most eccentric house I've seen in a long time... He is collecting items and harboring them in his safe. It will be interesting to see what powers the other items have. Chairman Jo himself is quite a nutcase, though. Yeah, he had a terrible childhood, but it seems all of this is just a game for him. I like prosecutor Kang. He is fearless! Da In is always carrying around her melodeon. I don't think that is a coincidence, and I think it will come to play a part in this drama at some point. It reminds me of an organ in a church. Which could come to play a connection to the "illuminati" priest who is going around punishing rotten people. Prosecutor Kang's special power is seeing the future. I am curious to find out how the profiler ended up possessed, jumping down from the roof. On a side note: Korean hospitals are pretty impressive! As chairman Jo's father was shown in a VIP room in the hospital, the only thing I could focus on was that the room looked bigger than my house!
  5. I stopped watching 2 weeks ago when it was clear to me that CWB and Sunny wouldn't be having any more scenes together. I was greatly disappointed in Fated to Love You when the characters of Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk didn't end up together, so I had high hopes for this drama. Finally, they were going to get their "happy ending"! Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk have great chemistry because they have been friends for a long time, and it is evident in all of the BTS videos that they are very comfortable with mutual skinship. So, I have just one question to the writer of this drama: Why, oh why, did you waste two great talents with close chemistry (aka YOU COULDN'T EVEN GIVE US ONE STEAMY KISS BY A COUPLE WHO PROBABLY WOULD HAVE MADE THE TV/LAPTOP SCREEN MELT)? I am NEVER watching another drama written by this writer again!
  6. @thistle Good to see you here as well! Thanks for teaching us about how a car window is supposed to break. Did you manage to watch ep 2 yet? If anyone is interested, here are translated reactions about the first two episodes of Trap: https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2019/02/spoilersocn-trap-roundup-episode-1-2.html
  7. @katakwasabi Great to see you picked up this drama too - welcome to the thread! So I just finished watching ep 2 and the mystery deepens.... Some thoughts and questions: It's nice to see that the drama is promoting smart female experts (forensic pathologist, profiler). I like the profiler, but she needs to learn how to work on the field. Taking out the burner phone in the elevator was stupid. Also, why are they talking so openly about the case in the garage? Do they not understand someone could overhear them? What is the connection between Kang Woo Hyun and Ko Dong Kook? The detective is older than Woo Hyun, so it is unlikely it's from the military? Was there a case they both were involved in? It was insinuated that Dong Kook had had some kind of a relapse or a breakdown before. Is that connected to it somehow? Si Woo isn't Woo Hyun's child. Why did they blur out the answer Woo Hyun gave why he chose to save Si Woo first? I actually think Si Woo might be adopted - he might not even be Woo Hyun's wife's child. Poor Si Woo in any case.... Did you guys notice that there was a snake on the CEO's desk? Red herring or is he really the leader of the hunting ring? For some reason I feel like Woo Hyun's secretary and the CEO are not fully on the same team (even though she is working for him). He was asking about her alibis. Maybe he wants to make her take the fall for something. And for sure, it was an interesting twist that Woo Hyun's wife and the CEO had burner phones. One thing that I noticed is that Woo Hyun is putting up a good fight. I wasn't prepared, though, that he would be so cold blooded too. I know in a life and death situation, you would of course do what you have to do. To me it seems that he might have killed before (the military background doesn't explain it fully), or then there is more to his past than what we have learnt so far.... And a crazy theory:
  8. I really hope you are right, that we will get a happy ending. Do you think that NK will actually be sent to prison? I don't know much about the Korean judicial system, but it seems to me they haven't been doing much to promote the fact that the police would get involved and NK would stand trial for her crimes. The preview made me vomit a little bit in my mouth as JW and NK were standing in front of the window smiling happily as the snow was falling outside.... The scene would be so much better if JW were standing indoors smiling and NK outdoors crying in the snow.! <there, fixed it >
  9. That was a strong first episode! OMG, my heart was beating so fast. A few scenes really scared me. I liked the cinematography. The actors are all splendid! It was a shame that detective Bae won't be a part of the rest of the series. I loved the actor's depiction of him. I have a few theories, but I don't want to dive into them yet as I haven't watched ep 2. On a general note, I do think that Kang Woo-hyun and his secretary are closer to each other than it appears at first glance. His wife seemed jealous/suspicious of the secretary during the interview. Also, the scene where she comes in to calm KWH in the hospital room, she whispered in his ear and hugged him. He hugged her back. I wonder if they have been or are having an affair... Anyone else who may have gotten the same feeling? I think it is a smart move to make this into a 7 episode drama. I agree that 16 episodes would be too long. On a side note:
  10. That made me laugh for some reason. Yes, she is a witch, but I liked how you called her fashionable at the same time. Her nails are atrocious, though ! Yuck! Anyway, this week's episodes were really frustrating. I don't think I have ever disliked a villain in a Korean drama as much before. Na kyung is such a master of manipulating. " I have worked so much for your family all these years. Please, understand me. I was at the end of my rope. I didn't have a choice. Bohoo.." She tries to play such a martyr. I was also very disappointed in JW. It is clear that he has no guts whatsoever. He let's EVERYONE control him. He let NK seduce him, he let his dad force him to marry NK, he let NK do horrible deeds over and over again, etc. He never had any healthy boundaries and he never really stood up for himself or his kids. Sure, he barks a lot but he doesn't know how to bite. Also, it is unforgivable that he is covering for NK's deeds, and that JH had to tell JY about NK's latest antics. I say this EVERY week, but I really hope JW would step up. Next week this drama will end. If JW doesn't throw NK to the curb, I might just finally throw my laptop out the window. Trust me, I've been close to doing that a few times already.
  11. @foreverempress @zenya22 @qynn I couldn't agree more! JW is really not stepping up. He just mopes and promises to do things, but never carries through. I was glad to see he finally told JS that HW is his real brother, but he needs to do more. It's like he has given up on life after JY left him. He is so passive, letting everyone around him control him. It's almost like he has been depressed for years. Yes, he made a mistake by cheating on JY, but he should fight to set things right and needs to forgive himself. Most of all, he needs to place his children first! I went back and watched the trial in ep 1. HW is alive, so he made it! He hopefully got the 100% match donor's bone marrow. What I am curious about, is what the trial is about. I think it could be about JS's custody (as JY was surrounded by reporters who were asking about her "affair"). Then again, is it somehow possible that NK survived this ordeal somehow, and HW ended up with JW's family? It seemed HW had "run away" or at least it seemed he didn't know that his mom was a part of a trial which could suggest he was living elsewhere than with JY and MH.
  12. I watched the latest episodes, and the most appalling scene was when CWB sported a new hair cut/style: Either the stylist has lost Choi Jin Hyuk's hair gel or she is a fan of Dumb and Dumber: Not. A. Good. Look.
  13. Whoa, Na Kyung just stooped to a new level of low, didn't she? Just when I thought she couldn't go any lower, she showed her true colors once again. I wonder if she has any feelings of empathy toward other people? It is 100% certain she convinced the donor who was a match with HW to not donate his/her bone marrow. Just so that she would keep her position of power. She doesn't care if HW survives or not. I have a feeling JY's colleagues are planning on exposing NK's evil deeds on JY's tv show. Na Kyung's selfishness and greed need to be shown to the world, so that she can ultimately fall to her knees!
  14. @zenya22 and @UnniSarah Thank you for your replies! I loved reading your thoughts on the ending, and I feel very similarly. What I have noticed as the drama has progressed is that there are many layers to the story. The more episodes I watch, the more I notice how complex everything is . If one person gets a happy ending, another person will be hurt. That is why I feel quite conflicted on how I would like the drama to end, but also curious how the writer will end it. @zenya22 I wouldn't mind if Min Ho and JY would continue being married in the end. They have gone through a lot together, have affection towards each other. Also, Min Ho loves HW as his own son and vice versa. So, as the drama has progressed, I have warmed up more to them staying together in the end. But like @UnniSarah I feel like Na Kyung really robbed JY, JW, HW and JS of a future together. It's unbelievably sad. Therefore, in a way, I feel like it would be also right to put them back together into one family unit in the end. I don't think it will be possible though, because in that case, HW will lose Min Ho and JS will lose Na Kyung (who still raised JS after all as her own son). I feel like there are no winners in any scenario as far as I can see.
  15. I am looking forward to tonight's episodes and see Na Kyung's downfall begin. I REALLY hope that Jae Wook will finally stand up to her! I have a nagging feeling it might be difficult to get a happy ending for everyone in this show. @zenya22 @qynn @foreverempress @UnniSarah and all the rest of you writing in this thread, how do you think this drama will end?
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