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  1. Holy smokes! Joo Won has a body like this? I am totally surprised. Unlike most oppas, this guy is not too skinny - his abs and biceps are life! Do you mean that you also shower with your jeans on? @pompyavi You are my dongsaeng too from now on! I have two dongsaengs now! One boy and one girl! Yay! 586
  2. I haven't heard you complaining since you met zoppa. You have already promised to explore Mini Chili oppa's new drama Run On. The drama is called Run On, not Run Away. 584
  3. Hold on here..... Why are you saying that @pompyavi's oppa is all hers? You have already made moves on my oppa - you call him zoppa ! J/K, I don't mind sharing my oppas OMO! I feel like I've seen this statue before. Is this from Finland? Call me unni! You're my dongsaeng @Ameera Ali Didn't know Joo Won had abs. I shall try to like him just for this fact. Can you also please document these gifs of him on our Abs thread? 588
  4. Agree ! Guys, please do the math Kamsahamnida Which drama is this, and why wasn't I tagged? 582
  5. Maybe it would give him energy to clean his room too? I am now re-listening to all their songs, and I'm liking Telepathy the most so far
  6. Just a short introduction. Name, real name, age, position in group, some fun fact about each member. Oh, and a picture of each member too I am sure @Lmangla would appreciate it too
  7. I was so over DDSSLLS by the time I watched the last episode yesterday, that I frankly didn't care anymore and even kept laughing at some sad parts because it was just so macabre and laughable. No way on earth did I feel any emotional connection to the characters and the story anymore.... Also, @Ameera Ali did you watch any BTS videos of this drama? In the ones I saw, I was amazed about the lack of chemistry between the leads (which means that they are super great at acting on screen). I even felt the atmosphere to be a bit icy from time to time between them IRL. What's al
  8. I have finally learnt how to tell the members apart! Even @Sarang21 was proud of me! Ooh, yes! Please give us a short introduction of each BTS member ! I have mastered their names and their faces, but know very little about each one (except for RM).
  9. Chingu, come over to the BTS thread and party with us! 574
  10. I don't listen to kpop either, and I know very little about BTS. I had a listen through their songs from the album yesterday, while I was preparing for the event. I have to say that it was a nice surprise. Many really great songs! So I would urge you to listen a bit to some of their songs if you would like to get to know them better. I also added some info about BTS in my post. It's okay if you don't want to participate in the event, though.
  11. Friday! Party time! Looks like you and I totally abandoned our oppas for a blob. 570
  12. For the first time in the history of Soompi, I changed my profile pic to something else than Keanu Reeves. I will keep the "party on blob" as my DP for the duration of the BTS event this weekend. It's Friday chingus! Party on! Please visit and take part in our BTS listening party: 570
  13. EVENT: BE Listening Party BTS released their new album BE on November 20. They were also nominated for a Grammy award on November 24. In order to give everyone the chance to get to know the songs a little bit better, our most excellent BTS expert @YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ came up with the idea to organize a Listening Party. Yay! How does it work? We have listed 7 tracks from BE below, as well as, their lyrics. Please listen to them and/or read the lyrics, and then share your thoughts below and/or take part in the poll on top of the page. What is
  14. Alright chingus, I'm off to do some event planning. Will be kicking off an event tomorrow! 606
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