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  1. Hope you got to attend! Been watching their fancams! Their LEVEL performance!!!!! Also really liked their Wild Eyes performance at this year's concert (idk how it's diff to other Wild Eyes perfs but I can't stop re-watching). I'm loving how they're releasing their concert VCR on their official platforms as well (youtube, VLive etc.) AND they're subbed!! Seriously dream come true. Wish they would release their old VCRs with subs as well. No news for their new album yet but can't wait!
  2. ^ Yeah, compared to like 2008, it's a sloth now. Hopefully, it's speeding up elsewhere. We aren't seem to be doing bad on instagram / tumblr I just watched the snippet of Minwoo / Eric on The Fan HEHEHE hope their bbs do well. The duo they recommended seemed really cool imo!
  3. ^ Lucky @diorama!! Enjoy~~ I can't get time off from work in time to fly to HK for their concert T_T missed it by a couple of weeks. Thanks for the translations @innasalvatore I love Kiss Me Like That - so sad we haven't been able to give them a win yet but it's okay, I still love them!! Super hope they win at one of the shows this weeeeek pleaseeeeee. Hope Shinhwa isn't too disappointed so far? :/ SHINHWA SANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!
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