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  1. 1. Red Wine Unnie/Noona IU Park Bo Young Kim Go Eun 2. White Wine Unnie/Noona Song Hye Kyo Son Ye Jin Yoo Ina Lee Da Hae 3. Rose Wine Unnie/Noona Kim Tae Hee Kim Sun A Ha Ji Won My ultimate, ultimate actress unnie out of the above is Yoo Ina!! Her and my ultimate actor oppa Lee Dongwook is my ultimate ship HEHEHE (hint hint for next poll ) cr. newsbeezer
  2. Dayum, kudos to the actress being able to pull these outfits off even though some of the cuts look like they can be quite unflattering.
  3. Hahaha this was fun Still waiting for Seo In Guk to light his ciggie in Doom At Your Service. Loved this one from the old thread. Legit was not a kdrama without that scene.
  4. Agreed, I would re-watch God of Gamblers and Fight Back to School any day. I don't remember mr. vampire much tbh besides the vamps jumping around with their arms out front and yellow talismans. Love Stephen Chow's old movies, they make me lol no matter how many times I've seen it - God of Cookery, Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle are my absolute favourites. We also can't forget HK's golden gang / triad movie phase which contained a lot of re-watchable movies- Infernal Affairs and Young & Dangerous just to name a couple.
  5. Noooo, I missed this. The quick poll was too quick! And I think my notifications failed to capture this tag for some reason. Anyways, GHIBLI LOVE. My favs are Whisper of the Heart and Princess Mononoke. For the other anime movies - of course Your Name was great, not overrated imo. Silent Voice made me teary. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is good if you're a fan of the anime series. omg why is Attack on Titan votes so low?!? it's bomb. if you're going to give anime a go, it's worth it. it's not romance but doesn't mean you can't enjoy watching some cartoon oppas too.
  6. Aw everyone's super talented! It was super hard to choose but congrats to whoever wins. Pats on the back to all
  7. My voting summary: kim bok joo and yoon seri are hilarious and strong - loved their characters so a couple of votes there. do bong soon is literally strong (and loved how the male main character was so into her hehe) kang mo yeon cos I loved DotS and the pairings also gave a vote to jang man wol as well just cos I like IU cos she is sooooooo pretty and her outfits in the show were also gorgeous... I wouldn't say her character in Hotel Del Luna stood out to me that much though anddd Happy International Women's Day!
  8. KEANU REEVES! He looks so young for his age and he seems to be such a chill and humble person in interviews Throwback gif - cr. gifer
  9. I am currently watching Alice in Borderland, it's good so far
  10. HAHAHA love your thinking but I don't think ppl will check if anyone voted for that (I ended up checking LOL and there are so many votes there!! wouldn't be able to find your name in that ocean). Thanks for thinking of me when voting for abs I literally just voted, was very difficult to choose (but had great time going through them photos/gifs). Phew that I came in time for these votes heheeheh
  11. Thanks for the tag I like how the abs one was 'choose as many as you like' but dayumm them unknown firefighters tbh I probs chose 3 worlds 3 lives just because I am biased for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms... I liked that one more than Pillowbook and haven't really seen the other shows listed hehe. Whilst I was genuinely disappointed for the The Eternal Monarch when I was so hyped for it. Guess I just had too high expectations for it due to the lovable cast and the potential it had with the storyline.
  12. Thanks for the tag I was pretty strict with my votes so I didn't give 5 votes to all categories. I refrained from voting for ones where I liked the show at the beginning but got bored later / dragged out...
  13. I've caught up and finished the show!! To be honest, from halfway through the drama I thought that the loveline would not end up the way I wanted BUT PHEW. THANK GOODNESS!! In regards to Helmes - Overall, I still like Eric x Yoo Ina as actors and actresses soooo much!! Hope Eric comes back with another rom com soon (plus Shinhwa activities of course heheheheeh)
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