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  1. I am currently watching Alice in Borderland, it's good so far
  2. HAHAHA love your thinking but I don't think ppl will check if anyone voted for that (I ended up checking LOL and there are so many votes there!! wouldn't be able to find your name in that ocean). Thanks for thinking of me when voting for abs I literally just voted, was very difficult to choose (but had great time going through them photos/gifs). Phew that I came in time for these votes heheeheh
  3. Thanks for the tag I like how the abs one was 'choose as many as you like' but dayumm them unknown firefighters tbh I probs chose 3 worlds 3 lives just because I am biased for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms... I liked that one more than Pillowbook and haven't really seen the other shows listed hehe. Whilst I was genuinely disappointed for the The Eternal Monarch when I was so hyped for it. Guess I just had too high expectations for it due to the lovable cast and the potential it had with the storyline.
  4. Thanks for the tag I was pretty strict with my votes so I didn't give 5 votes to all categories. I refrained from voting for ones where I liked the show at the beginning but got bored later / dragged out...
  5. I've caught up and finished the show!! To be honest, from halfway through the drama I thought that the loveline would not end up the way I wanted BUT PHEW. THANK GOODNESS!! In regards to Helmes - Overall, I still like Eric x Yoo Ina as actors and actresses soooo much!! Hope Eric comes back with another rom com soon (plus Shinhwa activities of course heheheheeh)
  6. @partyon noiceeee. yes, good eye!! hehehe not enough Eric abs in the current The Spies Who Loved Me...
  7. Thanks again @partyon Some more ab appreciation for everyone. cr. ployshinhwa
  8. Thanks for the tag @partyon! I am late to the party I scrutinise this alllllllll the time during kdrama wake up scenes lol. cr. pinterest
  9. Not on the list, but one of my fav evil actor is Jung Woong-In as Min Joon Gook in I Can Hear Your Voice. Disliked him so much which means great acting haha @partyon thanks for the tag again cr. Soompi
  10. Thanks for the tag @partyon! polls are so fun 1. Which dramas do you find the scariest (or like the most if you don't find them scary)? loved Kingdommmmm. couldn't stop and binged both the seasons in a couple of nights! Who is pumped for the third season?! (thank goodness they've confirmed this!!!) 2. Which dramas do you like the most? Hotel Del Luna cos I loved IU and her outfits in it HAHAHA Goblin cos the bromance, main couple and 2nd couples were all super cuteee. 3. Which movies do you like the most or find the scariest? A Tale of Two Siste
  11. Here are my votes no particular order Ahjusshi Oppas (sobs when they're classified as ahjusshi ) Eric Mun, Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook cr. aminoapps, aminoapps Mature Oppas Song Joong Ki, Lee Seung Gi Younger Oppas Seo In Guk, Cha Eun Woo, Park Bo Gum
  12. Yessss, from Shinhwa!! great pick up. some more Lee Minwoo abs for everyoneee: cr. tumblr I totally get what you mean. these days, a lot of the kpop guys are/ look so young (or I've just gotten so old)
  13. Thanks for the tag @partyon! my ab hubbies coming right up HEHEHEHE pls feast your eyes Lee Minwoo - cr. tumblr Lee Minwoo (cuter version for those who can't handle the previous photo ) cr. wordpress Kim Dongwan cr. pinterest & pinterest
  14. Voting Event!! We are on 1.7 mil votes for both at the moment. If we reach 3 mil, the boys get subway ads saying happy bday for them hehe We still have ~20 days until voting event ends, we can do it!!
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