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  1. MAH HEART has been overused today All the more we need this because I think we've been through so much. Aside from the series making us really really think, it also really really makes us feel. The Swoon jebal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Okay I've calmed down after seeing those wrap up photos. I realized at this point, the best source of couple-only pics are the couple themselves. So let's wait. FRIDAY, I got my eyes on you.
  3. GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! *edit* HAHAHA I was late to the party but my heart. I need someone to jamanchu it please!!!!!!!!
  4. I continue to be amazed by your eagle eyes. We're so blessed to have you chinggu HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm gonna start spamming them w/bread emojis!! Gosh, I do love this thread so much. What would I do without you and your beautiful minds?
  5. Yeah!! I think the swoon will be released next week ? or probably after the series ends? Idk. I'm Kinda expecting the series to have a 2nd wave marketing since it's just starting to gain traction. I think it will pull in more viewers once its done. And hopefully it will gain more viewers around the world to the point that the TKEM team would need to do a new promo (or perhaps do a magazine shoot, like what CLOY did!) Heard that Netflix France is premiering TKEM this June! I have to commend all the king/ lte fans. Today was pretty wild yet here we are. We all deserve an award for being this resilient.
  6. HAHAHAHA minhossiiiiiii!! He started as Mr. Giddy and now he has all the nicknames! he really makes me go uwu look at how cute he is!!!
  7. Zoom meeting it is! Let's all agree on a date and time. Maybe we should converge on a twitter list or IG group or something? Annyeong chinggu! So happy to se you join our thread along with @loveISH!! Now I really know why a lot of people follow Minhossi because he is super loveable. A warm welcome to our new court ladies! Welcome to the thread. Please join us here as we need as many talismans as we can at this critical time!!! @Court_LadyA --- GUYSSS this day has been pretty wild. Last filming day + the spoilers + the broadcast postponement. Lee Gon is me. I am Lee Gon. (plus SBS left us with this still, I'm... )
  8. We're really on a rollercoaster here. I think our emotions are fluctuating by the hour. I'm happy because we're seeing a new episode, I'm sad because it's ending, I'm anxious because where the heck is our bts sbs, I'm excited too because I know sbs will drop the bts, I'm flustered when I see your explanations here, I'm scared because I will miss them too much. I get soft when I hear these news about lee min ho with maximus, I get teary eyed when I see Ggone's staff post about the last day of filming. THERE'S NO END TO THIS FEELS TRIP. Exactly my thoughts, I hope they went out for lunch or coffee or straight to Minho's house HAAHAHAA they need to hang out!! SIGN ME UP!!! I'm up for anything to soothe the pain!!! I'm guessing next Sunday, this thread will be running at LTE speed. GAAAAH can we all get a group hug again please! This day is too much!!
  9. GUYS, I JUST WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT I can't take this anymore!!!! What has this drama done to me/ to us/to the world? I'm anxious and excited and overflowing with feels. HELP JUSEYO!!!!!!!! ALSO, LEE MIN HO is SERVINGGGG IN THAT SUIT!!!
  10. OMG you are right. Our boy is nervous and why is that? They're both professional actors yet their initial reaction towards each other is really full of sexual tension. OHMAAAHHHEART. I can't. I really can't imagine these two apart from each other. HELPPP I really hope that 1. They hugged each other tightly 2. They cried a lot (because they worked so hard for this!!) 3. Our boy kissed her on the forehead!! BECAUSE I WILL BE SO SOFT FOR THAT! Ok where do we converge and do this virtual meet up with the court ladies bec I really am about to explode with all the feels! I WILL MISS THEM SO MUCHHH!
  11. GOODNESS, I think I saw something I shouldn't have seen. But is this really them at the last site? HELP. Click at your own risk!
  12. can we all have a virtual gathering or virtual hug session or something I feel like my heart is cracking up with that last filming day news! help! juseyo!!!!!
  13. Fellow court ladies, I really wanna go cry and curl up in the corner but I need to know if they hugged tight after the director said cut after the last shot of the last scene!
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