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  1. You're right! So my 1111 wish for this ship is to get nominated & win in the upcoming SBS awards + just be happy (together or not, but better if they're together)
  2. Hello Mineun / Royal court chinggus! It's been awhile since I posted here. How is everyone? Let's all vote for The King and LeeEul in The Swoonies awards!! Also, SBS Awards is about to come through. Excited!!
  3. Yaaaay! Our thread is on spotlight starting today October 5-- of all days -- when both Min-ho and Ggone posted on their Instagram accounts. (They've been consistently posting on the 5th of the month since August...) Thank you for highlighting this ship and its shippers, @Lmangla and @partyon!!!
  4. Annyeong, we're the Royal Court Ladies of this palace and we're here to ship our favorite on-screen and off-screen couple from The King: Eternal Monarch Source: itsjenniejennie/ Tumblr Lee Min-Ho (Mr. Giddy) Kim Go-Eun (Ms.Sunshine) LeeEul (Lee Gon + Jong Tae Eul) The LTE couple (Lee + Tae Eul) LeeGgone couple (Lee Min Ho + Ggone) MinEun couple (Lee Min Ho + Kim Go Eun) They are the cutest - no matter what universe (c) DreamingofSnowFlake/ Tumblr This royal court acknowledges
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