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Most Iconic 2nd Generation Kpop Songs and Music Videos


Most Iconic 2nd Generation Kpop Songs and Music Videos  

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  1. 1. Most Iconic 2nd Generation Kpop Songs and Music Videos in your opinion? (choose as many as you like)

    • Wonder Girls - "Tell Me" (2007)
    • BIGBANG - "Fantastic Baby" (2012)
    • T-Ara - "Roly Poly" (2011)
    • SHINee - "Ring Ding Dong" (2009)
    • f(x) - "Electric Shock" (2012)
    • 2NE1 - "I Am The Best" (2011)
    • CNBLUE - "I'm Sorry" (2013)
    • Girls' Generation - "Gee" (2009)
    • Super Junior - "Sorry Sorry" (2009)
    • miss A - "Bad Girl, Good Girl" (2010)
    • TVXQ - "Mirotic" (2008)
    • KARA - "Mister" (2009)
    • Taeyang (of Bigbang) - "Eyes Nose Lips" (2014)
    • 2PM - "Hands Up" (2011)
    • Brown Eyed Girls - "Abracadabra" (2009)
    • INFINITE - "Man in Love" (2013)
    • SISTAR - "Alone" (2011)
    • Highlight (BEAST) - "Fiction" (2011)
    • Something else. What?
    • None of the above
  2. 2. Most Iconic 2nd Generation Kpop Songs and Music Videos in your opinion? (choose as many as you like)

    • F.T. Island - "Severely" (2012)
    • MBLAQ - "Cry" (2011)
    • Girls' Day - "Something" (2014)
    • K.Will - "Please Don't..." (2012)
    • 4MINUTE - "Volume Up" (2012)
    • Teen Top - "Miss Right" (2013)
    • HyunA (of 4MINUTE) - "Ice Cream" (2012)
    • 2AM - "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" (2010)
    • Apink - "Mr. Chu" (2014)
    • B1A4 - "What's Happening?" (2013)
    • IU - "Good Day" (2010)
    • SS501 - "Love ya" (2010)
    • After School - "Bang" (2011)
    • ZE:A - "Breathe" (2014)
    • G-Dragon (of Bigbang) - "Crooked" (2013)
    • Block B - "Very Good" (2013)
    • None of the above
    • Something else. What?
    • Wonder Girls - "Nobody" (2008)
    • Your choice YYY here (let us know before you vote)

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Most Iconic 2nd Generation Kpop Songs / Music Videos



Chances are that you discovered kpop before or maybe at the same time as kdramas? Or maybe you've only heard of Blackpink or BTS and are wondering what came before that? 


Take a trip down the memory lane or learn something new today.




You may have heard that kpop is divided into generations. The 1st generation saw the birth of Korea's first boy band H.O.T., while the 3rd generation produced iconic bands like EXO, BTS, TWICE and Blackpink among others.


One of the most famous generations is the 2nd generation (bands that debuted 2007-2011), and this is the generation that set the standard for generations to come.... This was the generation that pushed the Hallyu Wave out to the general public. Without these artists, kdramas would not have achieved this amount of global popularity.


So which are the most iconic songs and music videos of that era?


We have compiled a list of them. Since we didn't want BIGBANG and Girls' Generation to dominate the list, we have chosen to feature only one music video per artist.




We have included a "fun" fact regarding each song, as well as, pointed out which bands produced which actors and actresses. See if you can spot the idol oppas and unnies in the videos posted below.


1. Wonder Girls - "Tell Me" (2007)

FUN FACT: Made the exclamation Omona! super popular in Korea + every kpop band made covers of this song and dance (including the boy bands)


Look out for: Ahn Sohee (Heart to Heart, Welcome to Waikiki 2)


2. BIGBANG - "Fantastic Baby" (2012)

FUN FACT: Boom Shakalaka! G-Dragon's iconic hairstyle, T.O.P.'s eccentric outfits and Daesung's & Taeyang's abs made sure that this song is still to this day one of the most famous kpop songs ever.


Look out for: T.O.P. (Iris, TAZZA)

3.  T-Ara - Roly Poly (2011)

FUN FACT: The girls' CEO gave the song the name after his favorite candy. Guess he liked Saturday Night Fever too. Disco lives!


Look out for: Hahm Eunjung (Love Twist, Lovely Horribly)


4. SHINee - "Ring Ding Dong" (2009)

FUN FACT: This song used to be banned! We're not even kidding. Reason being that it is the "worst song for exam season" because its addictive hook will make it impossible to study. Try it, we dare you!


Look out for: Onew / Lee Jinki (Descendants of the Sun), Choi Minho (The Fabulous, Yumi's Cells, Hwarang)


5. f(x) - "Electric Shock" (2012)

FUN FACT: Spoiler - no one in the video gets electrocuted. Luckily.


Look out for: Krystal Jung (Crazy Love, Prison Playbook, Player)


6. 2NE1 - "I Am The Best" (2011)

FUN FACT: Was featured in Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 ads in 2014.



7.  CNBLUE - "I'm Sorry" (2013)

FUN FACT: Actor Jung Yong Hwa wrote this song. And he sings and plays the guitar. :love:


Look out for: Jung Yonghwa (Sell Your Haunted House, Brain Works, Playful Kiss), Kang Min Hyuk (Hospital Ship, Oh My Ladylord), Lee Jung Shin (My Sassy Girl, Sh**ting Stars)


8. Girls' Generation - "Gee" (2009)

FUN FACT: Set the standard for all girl groups after its release! It is also one of the top songs to be parodied by fellow kpop artists.


Look out for: Kwon Yuri (Good Job, Bossam: Steal the Fate), Sooyoung (Run On, If You Wish Upon Me), Yoonah (King the Land, Big Mouth, Prime Minister and I, Hush), Seohyun (Private Lives, Jinxed at First)


9. Super Junior - "Sorry Sorry" (2009)

FUN FACT: The video with the most misheard lyrics. At 00:25 it sounds like they sing "Stick it in my pants". :D See if you can hear the other parts that international fans perceived at some pretty raunchy + R rated misheard lyrics. hehe :D


Look out for: Choi Siwon (My Fellow Citizens, Revolutionary Love, Oh! My Lady, She Was Pretty),  Lee Donghae (Oh! Youngsim, Miss Panda and Mister Hedgehog)

10. miss A - "Bad Girl, Good Girl" (2010)

FUN FACT: This is miss A's debut single. Suzy became an instant celebrity because of her unrivaled beauty. She would become known as the nation's "first love".


Look out for: Bae Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond, Vagabond)


11. TVXQ - "Mirotic" (2008)

FUN FACT: Did you know that the ultra popular TVXQ were originally slated to play the iconic F4 in Boys Over Flowers? But this fell through due to the band's busy schedules. 
Did you also know that the 2nd generation produced what k-netz believe are the 2 most handsome idols ever to exist - to this day. Jaejoong of TVXQ is one of them. Scroll down to find out who the second idol is.



Look out for: Yunho (Diary of a Night Watchman, King of Ambition), Jaejoong (Manhole, Triangle), Yoochun (Rooftop Prince, A Girl Who Sees Smells)


12. KARA - "Mister" (2009)

FUN FACT: KARA's hip and asset thrusting literally shook the whole kpop industry. They never released an official Korean version of this MV - please enjoy the Japanese version instead. :kiss_wink:


Look out for: Han Seung Yeon (About Time, Hello My Twenties)


13. Taeyang (of Bigbang) - "Eyes Nose Lips" (2014)

FUN FACT: The longing for his ex-lover made him write the lyrics for this song. Daily drama fans, this is the one and the only Tayeang. Take note!



14. 2PM - "Hands Up" (2011)

FUN FACT: Fun party song by the group known as the "beastly idols" because of their masculine bodies and acrobatic dance style. Maybe there are abs in this MV, maybe there aren't. Check it out to find out.


Look out for: Ok Taecyeon (Blind, Vincenzo, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, Heartbeat, Bring It On Ghost), Lee Junho (King the Land, The Red Sleeve, Good Manager, Wok of Love), Chansung (So I Married the Anti-Fan, Bo-Ra! Deborah, Now We Are Breaking Up)


15. Brown Eyed Girls - "Abracadabra" (2009)

FUN FACT: PSY purchased the rights to this song's popular dance. Why? He wanted to feature it in his own MV "Gentleman".



16. INFINITE - "Man in Love" (2013)

FUN FACT: L (Kim Myungsoo) has the worst study habits. In fact, he never even opens his book in this video. K-netz forgave him, because he to this day is considered along with Jaejoong from TVXQ to be the most handsome Korean idol - ever. :wub:


Look out for: L / Kim Myungsoo (Angel's Last Mission: Love, Numbers, Royal Secret Agent, Ms. Hammurabi, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask), Lee Sung Yeol (Love Returns, Hi! School: Love On), Hoya (Reply 1997, Mask)


17. SISTAR - "Alone" (2011)

FUN FACT: This video was the most watched video in the first half of 2011. The red / black dress dance became iconic.


Look out for: Yoon Bora (Doctor Romantic, Pale Moon), Kim Dasom (Kokdu: Season of Deity, Was It Love?)


18. Highlight (BEAST) - "Fiction" (2011)

FUN FACT: Can you spot actress Park Bo Young in this video?


Look out for: Lee Doojoon (Let's Eat 1 & 2 & 3, Radio Romance),  Lee Gi Kwang (Circle, Lovely Horribly)


19. F.T. Island - "Severely" (2012)

FUN FACT: The video features Kim Seolhyun who has starred in Awaken, Killer's Shopping List and Summer Strike. At the time of shooting the video, she was a trainee ready to debut in the 3rd gen girl group AOA.


Look out for: Lee Hongki (Bride of the Century, A Korean Odyssey)


20. MBLAQ - "Cry" (2011)

FUN FACT: In this video you get to admire Lee Joon's ballet dancing skills - under water. And lots of thick water proof eyeliner. Enjoy!


Look out for: Lee Joon (My Father Is Strange, Bloody Heart, The Escape of the Seven, Gap-dong)


21. Girls' Day - "Something" (2014)

FUN FACT: This MV has the feel of early 2000s iconic kpop videos. Check out Park Ji Yoon's "Adult Ceremony" as reference.


Look out for: Lee Hyeri (My Roommate is a Gumiho, Reply 1988), Park Sojin (Alchemy of Souls, The King: Eternal Monarch), Yura (Forecasting Love and Weather, Now, We Are Breaking Up), MinAh (My Absolute Boyfriend, Beautiful Gong Shim)


22. K.Will - Please Don't... (2012)

FUN FACT: This MV feautres Seo In Guk and it introduces a plot twist in the end that touched the hearts of k-netz and international fans alike. :heart:



23. 4MINUTE - "Volume Up" (2012)

FUN FACT: This song stirred up controversy back in the day because of its inappropriate lyrics. Apparently "throw it all away" sounds like "shut up" in Korean. Something knetz did not appreciate.


Look out for: Kwon Sohyun (Killer's Shopping List, My Perfect Stranger), Nam Jihyun (Why Her, Grand Prince)


24. Teen Top - "Miss Right" (2013)

FUN FACT:  Are you also wondering how they're gonna find Miss Right when they're locked up behind bars?



25. HyunA (of 4MINUTE) - "Ice Cream" (2012)

FUN FACT: PSY stealing ice cream from Korea's #1 sex symbol. Then again we're not sure that this song really is about ice cream.... :sweatingbullets:



26. 2AM - "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" (2010)

FUN FACT: It was the most downloaded song of 2010 in South Korea. 2AM was known for its ballads, while 2PM was known for its fun pop songs.



27. Apink - "Mr. Chu" (2014)

FUN FACT: Chu is a slang word for 'kiss' in Korean. But all we see is one of the girls kissing a..... tennis ball. :blink:


Look out for: Yoon Bomi (Because This is My First Life, Please Don't Date Him), Jung Eunji (Blind, Untouchable, Cheer Up!), Son Naeun (Ghost Doctor, Agency, Lost)


28. B1A4 - "What's Happening?" (2013)

FUN FACT: B1A4 stands for the group's blood groups. 1 member has blood group B - 4 have blood group A. :rolleyes:


Look out for: Jung Jinyoung (Police University, Love in the Moonlight), Baro (Level Up, Manhole)


29. IU - "Good Day" (2010)

FUN FACT: IU considers this song as one of the songs that helped her popularity with the general public.


Look out for: IU (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My Mister, Hotel Del Luna)


30. SS501 - "Love ya" (2010)

FUN FACT: No, the band name is not the name of a virus or a newly discovered galaxy. It stands for - wait for it - Superstar + Singer + 5 members + uniting into 1. Forever.


Look out for: Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss)


31. After School - "Bang" (2011)

FUN FACT: The members practiced the marching band concept in this video for 8 months in total.


Look out for: Nana (Mask Girl, Oh My Ladylord, Memorials), Park Sooah (Oh My Baby, Angry Mom), Uee (Marriage Contract, Ghost Doctor, High Society), Lee Joo Yeon (Hyena, Devilish Charm)


32.ZE:A - "Breathe" (2014)

FUN FACT: ZE:A is also known as Children of the Empire. Not sure which empire, but we guess it's an empire filled with handsome men.


Look out for: Park Hyung Sik (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Happiness, The Heirs, Our Blooming Youth), Im Siwan (Misaeng, Run On, Tracer, Strangers From Hell), Kim Dongjun (Black, Chief of Staff, Joseon Exorcist)


33. G-Dragon (of Bigbang) - "Crooked" (2013)

FUN FACT: Korea's #1 fashionista G-Dragon wears 16 outfits in total in this MV filmed in England.



34. Block B - "Very Good" (2013)

FUN FACT: Member Park Kyung has an IQ of 156, making him a genius! He is a member of not only Block B but of Mensa also.



35. Wonder Girls - Nobody (2008)

FUN FACT: The guy performing at the start of this video is no other than the CEO of JYP (the agency of 2PM 2AM, Wonder Girls, TWICE, Stray Kids, etc)


Which are your favorite songs / music videos? Who are your favorite artists? Who are your favorite idol actors/actresses?

If you want to add a song / MV to the poll, please let us know before you vote. :heart1:



Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @agenth @confusedheart @Sleepy Owl




@MayanEcho  @joccu  @Thong Thin  @kokodus  @Ameera Ali  @superspace  @000231846597  @Wuzetian  @4evrkdrama  @Min2206  @gm4queen  @sadthe1st  @Learry  @larus  @SilverDawn  @singlebilingual  @pompyavi 


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  • partyon changed the title to Most Iconic 2nd Generation Kpop Songs and Music Videos
1 minute ago, Ameera Ali said:

@partyon I don’t pay attention to old K-pop songs , but from the 2 generation this my favourite :mrgreen:


I see some serious lip syncing here. :D


Guess Dok Gu Jin didn't really care about her singing voice.


  • LOL 8
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30 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

@partyon I don’t pay attention to old K-pop songs , but from the 2 generation this my favourite :mrgreen:


Oh yeahhhh....petition to include this group in the poll. @partyon LOL. 


I didn't know there was a group called 2AM. Like 2 PM. Looks like the 2nd gen kpop groups have really racked their brains to come out with names like this. Niceee. 

  • LOL 7
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19 minutes ago, kokodus said:

I didn't know there was a group called 2AM. Like 2 PM.


From the day Taecyeon did this to 2Am poster I can’t not know their 2AM boys too :tounge_wink:



# thanks to kdrama 

  • LOL 8
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9 hours ago, rocat said:

Wonder girls’ Nobody?

It got me humming everywhere I went 



This I know ^_^


Well, if I knew anything about the 2nd generation, I guess it was due to my younger sister's influence.  I can still see some of the merch from 2PM, SUJU etc. here and there in her house.  I even followed her to visit somewhere around the Entertainment Companies the first time I visited Seoul.   So, in a way, I was exposed directly to the world of K-pop but never was a fan until ... (I was leaning more toward the English songs at that time):hahah!:

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:waves: guys!


I am late to the party again.. Thank you so much @partyon chingu for the tag. Glad that I've watched some of the music videos in the list. I like Wonder Girls, CNBLUE, After School and Apink but I haven't watched their music videos listed in the poll so didn't vote them. :bawling:


And can't believe they all are 2nd generation K-pop groups after all... :scream:


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20 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

I don’t pay attention to old K-pop songs , but from the 2 generation this my favourite 

I know this song...!! only because I watched the drama, lol...


I'm going to skip the voting for this event. Of the list, I only know one song "Sorry, sorry" also because it was featured in the drama City Hall... I am just so blank when it comes to kpop :lol: I might actually know more of the 3rd gen songs, only because my daughter used to listen to them day in day out... She's moved on to other artists now though...

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22 hours ago, kokodus said:

I didn't know there was a group called 2AM. Like 2 PM. Looks like the 2nd gen kpop groups have really racked their brains to come out with names like this. Niceee. 


Ya, Ms. Koko. 2AM and 2PM are both actually in the same group (originally consisting of 11 members) - called One Day. 2AM performs mostly ballads whereas 2PM goes for upbeat music.




POP QUIZ: Does anybody know why One Day actually only has 10 members today (2AM - 4 members & 2PM - 6 members). Who is the person who left....?

@joccu is someone who should know... :kiss_wink:


18 hours ago, SleepyKitty said:

Anyway, ring ding dong stays iconic for being banned during the SAT period in SK lol.


Honestly, that song will forever stay iconic. It's still super popular.  Look at this reaction on a recent variety show. :D (time stamped)


Tagging my SHINee friend @ferily :kisslevel:

18 hours ago, rocher22 said:

The only song that caught my attention  is TVXQ  ''Mirotic'' ...:sweatingbullets:


You should vote for it, chingu! :happy2:


14 hours ago, rocat said:

Wonder girls’ Nobody?


I chose Wonder Girls "Tell Me" because it made such a huge impact on the rest of the kpop community when it came out. Happy to add "Nobody" to the poll though, because several of you have requested it.



6 hours ago, YongZura⁷ said:

I can still see some of the merch from 2PM, SUJU etc. here and there in her house. 


I might have some of that stuff too... Hehe :hwaiting2:

4 hours ago, gm4queen said:

Glad that I've watched some of the music videos in the list.


Which one was your favorite? :heartxoxo:

3 hours ago, YongZura⁷ said:

This thread took me all the way back to Dream High,  that's still one of my favourites KDrama with many idols.


You know what I found amusing, chingu? That so many of the idols in the videos in this thread became actors.

Like is there no other profession than acting after you're done "idoling"? It's a wonder none of the BTS boys are still in dramas (except for V but that's a while ago). I guess newer generation idols see other career trajectory possibilities too?


2 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

I'm going to skip the voting for this event. Of the list, I only know one song "Sorry, sorry" also because it was featured in the drama City Hall... I am just so blank when it comes to kpop


No chingu, you can vote for it! :please:

As thank you, I will post the "misheard lyrics" version of that song here on this thread. :joy:


On a side note, 2nd generation idols were very generous with doing covers of each others' songs, as well as, performing with groups from other companies/agencies. Examples:


1) INFINITE covering two girl group songs (Tell Me by Wonder Girls and Gee by Girls' Generation). Take note all Kim Myungsoo (L) fans. :kiss_closed:


2) GIrls' Generation (from SM Entertainment) and 2PM (from JYP) collaboration


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6 minutes ago, gm4queen said:

Chingu, in this case I'd go for Alone by Sistar. Their visuals are out of this universe. ❤️


Agree, dongsaeng. :dorashakes:


Have you seen Kim Jungkook performing that song though? :joy: @gm4queen @agenth @rocat @kokodus @joccu @4evrkdrama



He slays it. Like a boss. :coolshades: Never underestimate an old idol.

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Ha ha, @partyon is really in her element! :hwaiting2:


I should have put this here too: 드림 하이 콘서트




... as for "the boys" ... some of them are satisfied with just acting in their MV.   V did get offers recently (based on their talk in IU's Palette), however, he chose to promote his solo album since ARMY has been waiting for it.  We'll see... 

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10 hours ago, YongZura⁷ said:

... as for "the boys" ... some of them are satisfied with just acting in their MV. 


@larus @4evrkdrama @agenth and I have been impressed by Yoongi's acting in his MVs. :glasses:


We will support him if he ever decides to give acting a proper try. :cutekitty:

9 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

lead man be like 


Am sorry, but Arthdal Chronicles is not kpop. It's rock. :joy: 


Anyone heard of Seo Taiji & Boys who were active 1992-1996? They are one of the most legendary groups as they experimented with lots of different genres. They are credited, though, for being the ones who brought rap into kpop. Here is one of their nu metal songs:


Fun fact about leader Seo Taiji. He was secretly married for 9 years to actress Lee Ji Ah (Penthouse, My Mister, Pandora) whom he met when she was only 16 years old. They divorced in 2006 but no one found out about their marriage (not even her family) until she sued him for alimony in 2011... Needless to say that this is one of the biggest marriage scandals ever to surface in Korea.




tagging my fellow gossip enthusiasts @Lmangla sweetie @MayanEcho @sweetroad @confusedheart @larus @joccu

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