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  1. So true, really love how they wrote the son's part, and the actor portraying it.
  2. Currently watching episode 12, in the middle of it. I get that their marriage and her trust in him is going through a rough patch, but I can't wait for her to remember how real their love is, so they finally unite and join forces to fight off the bad guys. I'm annoyed at how much of an upper hand they always seem to have.
  3. Your post is so funny, lol! I think they did it on purpose, as it fits the focus the drama sometimes adopts in showing the absurd side of the life of the 1%, including absurd beliefs. The way that peacock was filmed when flying away (did I see glitters?) made me think of two things: 1) the poor thing was losing his mind, and was ready to do the impossible to not deal with YSH anymore; 2) it reminded me of a phoenix (flying toward its freedom), making me wonder if it was an allegory for one of the characters. If yes, let's remember that a phoenix is known for rising from his ashes, which means
  4. Warm greetings, Mine Family! I'm new to this thread, and very much enjoying the drama so far, though still adjusting to the pace (I'm coming off of fast-paced suspense/police or legal drama, and this one is a bit slower in the built-up). I, too, was attracted by the all-women team made of the writer, director and the two female leads. I've been wondering, since the drama started: Do we know where it's been filmed? I've definitely seen that house and that long, very long hallway in at least other dramas (one of them was the last VOICE, I think). I'm also so intrigued by those super high evolvin
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