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  1. Up oAbout episode 13, did anyone else thought Si-Mok was going to show some compassion and offer Jung Min-Ha a ride home? (Was so shocked when he didn’t!) I was thrown off by him looking at her bus card (i think that’s what it was) in the elevator, then asking her how old she is, as if wondering if she had a driver’s license. He’s so enigmatic! Yeo-Jin truly is the only person who gets him! Loved when she was grilled by her boss when asked if she like Si-Mok!
  2. I need to get this off my chest: Could our dear Si-Mok be allowed a proper meal? It’s gotten to the point where every time i see him lift a spoon to his mouth, or bring a sandwich near his lips, i just know his phone‘s about to ring. Yeo-Jin to the rescue!
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