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  1. OMG...ep 9 totally cracked me up! FL’s dad provides good comic relief. love the leads in this show, and as some have mentioned, 2ML is a spitting image of Lee Joon Ki! Also, I can’t believe that he’s 30. I’ll have some of what he’s eating. I share your views but Seo Jun could be acting that way cos he’s frustrated - at the one-sidedness of his affections, at how she doesn’t know and tells him what she feels for another, at the fact that the other person is Soo Ho with whom he has a love-hate r/s? He’s in a bit of a bind and it’s quite relatable.
  2. I’m watching! up to ep14 now and am enjoying the easy watch thus far. It’s interesting how the drama shows the ending first - like you, I am quite happy to ride with the story with no angst cos I know it is a HEA. the main leads are very likable - FL is wholesome and is definitely someone you’d want your family to meet, ML is well built and rocks the crew cut! I don’t understand though. How does one maintain that hairstyle from high school to their wedding day I wonder...are there no hairstylists for men where they live? it’s my first time watching either lea
  3. A beautiful tale about how love conquers all things great and small. Fate/destiny decides on your deck of cards but what you do with it depends solely on yourself. Will, strength, loyalty, love and good choices sure can beat the crap out of evil. Granted some parts were a little too dramatic for my liking and other parts repetitive, I liked that the show kept me guessing till the end. I also loved the rapport of the first/second leads as well as the group of assassins. They do need to improve on their sub-par nose-squishing smooching skills but it’s 49 episodes pretty well-spent.
  4. Wolfie’s adoptive father is responsible for killing both Xinger’s real family and adoptive family, if I am not mistaken. the first was by revolt and the second was because of military might of which Wolfie was but a mere cog in the wheel that carried out his plans. The reason why he saved Wolfie was because of the beastly strength and instincts Wolfie had that are assets for war. the only reason why Wolfie doesn’t rebel is one related to conscience, albeit a very twisted one. He pledged allegiance to his father for raising him, yet carries out his duties as his father’s tool, knowing
  5. What magic a bath can do! like a before and after comparison of using a good shower gel/cream. Xiao Zhan cleans up nice but I also saw what is to come in future episodes. *regrets*
  6. So happy this is out...finally. I don’t think I have seen Wang Dalu in a lead role other than his movie, Our Times. If you haven’t seen it, you should - the messages within are quite beautiful. This is a pretty long drama, for me at least, so I am pacing myself. I am enjoying the characters thus far and I find wolfie’s snarl whether as a wild kid or as the third prince quite charismatic.
  7. Do-San for me. the journey to establish a successful company is treacherous and, like most paths one sets on, you do need good people/mentors. The Samsan Tech men remind me of the motley crew in the fellowship of the ring, particularly the hobbits - food-lovers full of purpose and drive but mostly lost, strong yet timid, though all are fighters. I think Suzy did well here. Her character in Vagabond had a lot of hair flying scenes which didn’t go down so well with me. I can see her emoting in this one..heh. NamJH surprised me here too - his crying scenes are heart wrench
  8. Have my eye out for this drama only bcos I like the FL and it’s been appearing regularly in my feeds. Must have high hopes since they are promoting it quite a bit
  9. My heart goes out to Woo Yeon. I can’t believe she took all that crap for 10 years from a heartbreaker highly insecure about relationships. She must be very fond of him to let herself be strung along for that long, forgiving time and again. Lee Soo is such a cad for giving her hope and dousing the flames once he sensed she wanted more. it was pretty obvious he was holding her at arm’s length cos of his trust issues with relationships but I didn’t quite understand why he chose to be triggered when she went out with the CEO. Didn’t she have a ton of other boyfriends before? Was it the semi-rec
  10. There is really no tension between the leads. argh...why?! The FL is likeable, believable too even though she looks like a girl in a man’s garb. she’s impish, tantrums like a girl and gets easily satisfied with affirmations of brotherhood with the ML. it’s easy to see her idolatry turning into more. Not so much the ML. I can tell he prioritizes the FL and goes out of his way for her. but why has he no inkling at all that he might be a she despite being pretty smart. Perhaps it’s the writing. He’s like a block of wood. The ML has no real expressions, so bland for such a ha
  11. The jury is still out but my bet is on Maiden Holmes having a better story. This one is fluffy, but it’s nice fluffy - dizzy young love, silly conversations and adorableEeeee leads. So easy on the eye. Though he is in trunks here often, I prefer the ML in Holmes. zhang lianghe reminds me of yang yang whose popularity skyrocketed after one show (something about a smile...can’t recall exactly) . The latter is also blessed with good looks. I’m not sure but I think the FL in that show is also Bei WeiWei. ZLH’s star is on the rise. Good for the viewers!
  12. Camping for this after Maiden Holmes... Gosh, never been the first to comment
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