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  1. The end scenes for the week have been epic. i mean ... first the full frontal pecs, now the profile shot with the long sideburns? I am not really seeing poor DJ limp in his arms surrounded by evil in a fiery pit. but I am quite sure they are trying to kill me. will be back after catching both eps subbed tmrw!
  2. What just happened? i was furiously scrolling thru the posts and felt both glee and disbelief. Glee cos ND and DJ are still okay doing the push-pull; disbelief cos I’m figuring out unfamiliar names popping up now that I’m paying attention to the other plot. Yulmu is shady alright! So he was on a mission to help the King fish out traitors. Those traitors led by Heo Yoon want to put the rightful King (I.e the little prince) on the throne according to that letter by the late King. Because the traitors were singleminded about it, they want to eliminate all potential competitors for the throne, including the hidden one like ND. Thus, the assassins were sent to eliminate ND and family. upon figuring out the traitors’ plans, Yulmu took advantage of his proximity to the village and underground news to eliminate his competitors on the pretext of helping the King. He then tried to turn Heo Yoon and combine forces to bring down the King. but one wildcard still stands...ND. Is that the story thus far? what is the smirky minister’s role then? He’s on the side of Yulmu? who’s Cheon? how come DJ’s family was killed if she was an aristocrat-enough to be betrothed to the King’s villainous nephew? Did he somehow betray her family? And hide it from her? is ND really a prince? But if he is the son of current King who isn’t supposed to be one, then ND isn’t rightfully a prince; royalty once removed perhaps. In any case, a battle royale for our damsel out of action. If she kills the King, we’re headed for some serious complexity in the OTP. Gosh. Give me kissy scenes any time now...
  3. that Yulmu...he’s pretty influential. But his reach seems to be the shadowy sort, feels very underground and unorthodoxy. He could be the hidden guy the men in white tried to bring out of the temple? Is that person the leader? They should definitely have those scenes in the show, not explicitly but a before/after if they want to tell the full romantic story. But I’m not hopeful since they rarely go there. Though the show does do the tension bit well I think, so i’m good. DJ could get a bit more involved methinks. Heh. I laughed so much at Nokdu’s nosebleed in the webtoon pic posted here. What a perv! Good thing he’s not like that in the drama...has some sense of decorum until he needs to make someone swoon. Then he goes pecs out! Gosh, I’m still talking about that scene so many days after. Somebody save me.
  4. To be precise, the assassins are like (hired?) bodyguards to the men in white. Not sure what their motivation is but they sure are task bound. Heo Yoon is the one who let baby Nokdu and his ‘father’ go? And is now using the assassins to hunt them down again because his previous deed was exposed? If he were on the side of queen and crown prince, I’d understand why he had to kill a prince who’d threaten the crown prince’s position. Why he let them go in the first place...conscience? This confusion is caused assuming Nokdu is the prince. Otherwise, it makes some sense. i don’t know what the big head minister’s game plan is...other than having the King’s ear and ... smirking
  5. Wondering....the assassin group has meetings only when the special bell goes off and everyone blows their candles out - in one scene, DJ snuck out and saw a veiled someone being escorted out of that temple in the mountain. Who might that be? If DJ is not the prince then is that person the hidden son of the King? those pple in white meeting in secret are obviously not happy about something so they are planning a coup to overthrow the king? Or a taskforce trying to kill the prince? heh, had to rechannel thoughts to get my mind off the last scene. i can’t wait for Monday too!
  6. isn’t it? I just watched the subbed ep and I wonder why DJ was so nonchalant when that half naked guy walked in all damp. That is how my face would be if my brother walked about in the house like that but definitely not someone I take a fancy to. Her face didn’t even change. Some incredible self-control there..
  7. I am enjoying this very much. The characters are hilarious! I like it enought to want to read the webtoon...is there one in English please? If so, could a kind soul share the link? TIA!
  8. Weighing in ... I am watching this because of Morocco and LSG. I ve learnt not to take dramas too seriously for reasons pertaining to sanity unless it’s been touted as a gem - then I’d keep an eye out for its content. for this one, even two eps in, something was a little off where logic was concerned. granted that sometimes these ‘offs’ are eyesores, they usually don’t quite affect my watching of the drama unless it becomes utterly senseless. but OB markers are different for different people. There are some moments when I questioned the invincibility of CDG, the intellect of mavericks working for the corrupt and the incredible success of the op to repair a ruptured artery only to require a blood transfusion created by the ginormous loss of blood probably from the wound created by extra large cut on a fairly hollowed-out thigh. Eye-opening and dramatic, the last one is. It is delicious fun to read and agree to the same loopholes spotted, and also read about others that I did not register as I mindlessly admired how Elsa/Hae ri’s hair strayed beautifully around her face chase scenes after chase scenes. the baddies are strong in this one. Attempts, somewhat feeble, to trap them have been quickly overturned in baddies’ favour. Lots of grit and determination from NIS but they are not so good in outsmarting the Untouchables. allies have backstabbed them and it seems the show is going to get NIS agents go rogue to beat the uglies at their own game, with CDG as lead rogue and anti-hero. Heh. he’s pulling more weight than all of them combined with his Jackie/Bruce Cha alter ego. i wished they started already...
  9. At ep4, I would think that CDG would have wizened up to the antics of the bad guys. It seems he has been in the realization mode from ep2. Perhaps they are trying to show just how deep and wide the corruption is but i hope they know we get it. Other than that, I like the show for its chase and action scenes. They’re pretty well executed and there is satisfaction in having a hero who smacks everyone who tries to hurt him. It might be unbelievable but hey, it’s entertainment. He does get minor injuries to look like the part. I had no expectations of Suzy because I don’t know what to expect. But she’s pretty okay though I wish she was a bit tougher. She looks very groomed even in a tussle...that is quite funny. I think i am I am going to love Mr Ki. Is SSR really going to be the good guy this round?? I can’t wait!
  10. So far, the show is handling the espionage bit pretty well. It is very obvious who brought down the plane and for what reason but not too clear on who exactly is involved and what the chain of command is or how deeply corrupt the society. But we can hazard a guess. I hope the revelation doesn’t disappoint... that would bomb the show. Pun intended heh. How does one earn 18 Martial arts degrees? Is that why LSG’s character can parkour, scale walls and leap like a gazelle? The only thing left for him to do is fly. Does Suzy’s character fight? Or is she going to be like a modern archer with a gun? So LSG is somewhat her bodyguard while she’s the one with intelligence. I see where this might be going ... hmmm. I like how the dots are connected pretty quickly to determine that the crash was a terrorist act. I am amazed at how many languages a secret agent needs to know - not sure why but it looked to me that the sunbae was sounding Spanish out? At the lab, it was a translation but the sunbae was too? The pacing is fantastic - 1 hr flew right by. The subtitling is excellent this round. Phew, I hope they keep it up.
  11. Just finished ep 1. Wow. LSG is amazing here ... he reminds me of Jackie Chan with that persistence! The nephew is precocious...poor thing had to handle so much when so young but it was only for a short time. I enjoyed watching the Uncle and nephew bonding - forms a good backstory on which to explain his angst and build his life’s purpose centered on revenge/ exposé. Off to watch ep 2!
  12. I am up to Ep 11 and have been rather entertained thus far. There are 8 lead characters (4 pairings I think, 2 from go go squid!) so there is no downtime where storylines are concerned. However, the drama isn’t terribly exciting cos the plot meanders though their dialogue can be quite witty and there are some LOL moments. I am still watching cos of: - Yang Zi, her dressing here is wayyyyy better than in GGS - the bespectacled lawyer guy, a Taiwanese actor according to an initial sleuthing attempt love his character name, so elegant - 子曰 - such a tiny missing stroke makes all the difference. - Ray Ma, the semi-wild boy is played more socially awkward like he has not had friends than barbaric like Tarzan - which is pretty on point. I like his little wolf friend. I’ll see how the next few eps go to see if it is worth continuing ...
  13. Thanks! It’s interesting that the channel supplements the tragically short drama. I now know about Xabara and the origins of Tagon.
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