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  1. FZY is a surprisingly dexterous at cop-a-feel and his eyes have so been busy that I wonder why they are still intact ... he is quite the comedian when drunk on ... soup ?!
  2. Infuriating to watch ep 17... I can’t believe YR’s phone cover got taken away just cos the cousin said she liked it. Somewhat alluding to the men in YR’s life too? Omg...why do pple like the aunt and cousin get a free pass on their nastiness? Cos they have yet to meet FZY. The next few eps should get a little annoying to watch I suppose ...
  3. I haven’t been in here for a couple of days and the site’s gone dark. keke... eps 15 and 16 are going OTT with the smooches... but i think everyone would agree if I said that someone’s let the dog out. All that repression has found a vent. I also learnt a new Chinese slang for necking. I have newfound respect for strawberries.
  4. I just got on this and wanted to check if the airing schedule has been posted here for this show. I see familiar nicks...Hello! do we know when the episodes air? Thanks!
  5. Yay, I finished this and am feeling quite satisfied despite the short HEA. Likeable leads and the show didn’t drag. I couldn’t help but notice the FL’s ears...they dominated a lot of scenes for me. I enjoyed being here - thanks for the fun!
  6. Aww...I liked this scene too. He got super breathy at one point - that was went she popped out of her seat. Keke...too comical. of the remakes, I think this version is fast becoming my favourite. I enjoy the pacing and how enough time was given for the various characters to develop to get a good flavour without the drag. i don’t usually take to OSTs but there is one here 蜗牛的愿望(a snail’s wish) that was written from JX’s perspective. The lyrics resonated so much with the character that I felt like I just had a peek at her diary and into her deepest thoughts; very brave about facing her situation yet wistful about accepting fate and letting go. Beautifully written and sung.
  7. So the epilogue was the 4min play by the leads? in fan meet attire? I’m crushed sigh... Looking forward to their Beijing fan meet. you know, I didn’t even realize HS was doing any biting in that not too ideal scene until I saw the posts about that BTS. I thought he was simply...nuzzling. Too short a time to see anything really, though the ungentlemanly intention was clear. they should have filmed that biting in jail - more appropriate ...bet that clip would soar to first place. Keke.
  8. I would love to watch the epilogue to ROTAR. give me those cutie pies anytime! I read with mild amusement and part annoyance about the conflict between fans of this show and IL. They are certifiably crazy to bring that b*tching to such a level that it affected people’s lives - what more the ones who were in the very show they claimed to have so wholeheartedly supported. It is pure poison and it comes from a dark place. I sure hope the young DYX has a solid support group and people he can count on to lift him out of this silly mess. He’s got to grow a thicker hide in this very superficial, judgemental industry. on a lighter note, ZLS/DYX clips are so adorable - They don’t need to move to be funny, their silly pics make me laugh. They make for the perfect OTP in season 2 if any but my expectations will be pretty high... they can meet them, can’t they? No probs. edit: Forgot to mention - one of my fav parts of the show is the revelation of who HS’ mom is. did you realize that HS’ mom is Hua Mulan? That Mulan...the girl warrior. That had me in fits. Complements the story to a T...
  9. yes, am hanging around to watch more from the ROTAR production too! was curious about YX’s ‘indulgent bf’ look you guys were referring to and reexamined some of the fan meet clips...he is the staring sort, isn’t he? he seems to get along best with LS and his body language reminds me of a sticky bff or bf if you will. Comparing those to the expressions he had with the FL in Intense love, I’d say he has the ‘doting’ expression nailed down to a T. You know, even when he is alone and not staring at FLs, he has the face of an adorable bear. So perhaps he is made for/a natural in romcoms. I think he’ll do badass well too - the cold and cocksure sort with a big, tender heart. It seems he is in a new production called Spring Dance 春日宴. Forgot where I saw it but I think he Was dressed dark. Edit: Nothing but rumours. Leads aren’t confirmed-it’s just fans stirring the pot due to popularity... https://k.sina.cn/article_7060663020_1a4d92aec00100w05n.html?cre=wappage&mod=r&loc=3&r=9&rfunc=1&tj=none
  10. heh, he does - Intense Love. FL there is pretty but I three-quarts wished it was ZLS; it has lots of scenes ZLS would do utterly well in. I’m up to ep11 there and it’s a bit of a cringe fest for me...haha. DYX there is pretty nice
  11. Gahh! Was at work so could not watch live. is there a record of it somewhere? *hopeful*
  12. Good gosh. I finished it. Not sure what to feel but am smiling like an idiot. it’s a wee bit short on the ending cos I am a HEA type but this is good enough. I was lol-ing my way thru ep23 particularly. The developments were sometimes slapstick but totally hilarious. Plot was silly but impressively cohesive - details were nicely tied up and presented. It pandered to the leads but also allowed supporting characters to shine. Almost all key characters had a defined development arc that was satisfying to watch. It also balanced the angst and happy moments well...hmmm, maybe more jail time? Keke. But it was some good storytelling that I thoroughly enjoyed. the last time I liked a period cdrama was the one with ZLS and Li Hongyi - 春花秋月 Love better than Immortality. Gave A similar vibe and the same satisfaction.
  13. all I can say about jail is that the prisoners were given a day off or they are closet exhibitionists. Either way, they are kinky.
  14. At 22 now and happy again! the QQ-created drama in the previous eps was a little extraneous in the name of saving a loved one from her (writer) self but so entertaining. I was tickled by the little moments of silliness in between scenes when people were backstabbed/ betrayed/ kicked aside. QQ is so unpredictable and such a trickster - think that is what makes her interesting to HS too. the best part happened in jail though. Finally. I wasn’t expecting it. I remember that she had to make the first move - was that it? Or was it in the study when they were disrupted incessantly? In any case, the rice is cooked And I am soooo glad it wasn’t during the tussle when her hand was hurt - that’ll leave a very bad taste in the mouth. i am also watching the bts and clips shared here - I laughed so much thanks for those and keep them coming!!
  15. I too watched cos of the recommendation from the Tiger and Rose Soompi thread. it’s really fluffy and such a cringe fest but have good-looking leads. FL was consistently funny and endearing. ML was so stoic and uptight at first... he was basically pretending wasn’t he? I think I got past the first real climax and am unsure if I should go on. is it worth watching past ep 11 though ?