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  1. The seed grew only because MM pitied someone else other than himself. Only in dramas with philosophical gods are KPIs measured by a seedling. It seems one of GD’s philosophies is about balance- hence the balancing stones. Light and dark. Strong and weak. Newton’s third law. But finding happiness from misery was something that had to be proven to her by DK. In that process, GD was surprised to be chided by DK because she had not expected DK to be another philosophical being with reasoning powers capable of challenging hers. GD being the omniscient being is always right.
  2. @blademan that quote - what GD said - was also the source of my consternation. She spouts wise words though. @nrllee I love how you compiled the images played at the start of each ep and interpreted what they could mean. I am usually grabbing snacks that time - your post made me sit and watch What are the rules for deity-human relationships in dramas? I don’t remember any that were smooth-sailing off the top of my head...but higher gods do interfere to grant exceptions as they deem ‘fit’. The education spoken about probably is one criteria. This one, whether it
  3. @Yinye let’s see... The girl deity wants: - MM to acknowledge his feelings (that it is okay to empathize/sympathize) - MM to know what he is going through is part of the job description (that feeling despair to the point of numbness is a job hazard) - MM not to find ways to end the world (that he shouldn’t have suicidal thoughts) - MM to know that she’s watching over what he does (like a micromanaging boss) that’s perhaps why she made DK and MM meet. One weirdo meeting the other so MM can have someone to talk to other than herself. I don’t t
  4. If you’re poor, you almost always live in a ramshackled rooftop unit with a splendid view and a private balcony.
  5. heh...there was that tension in the air but it surprised me. I wonder why she turned away when she asked for it. Or did I hear wrongly? Didn’t she also invite him to her house for “ramyeon” in an earlier episode? Nothing happened. Testing limits...ours or his? Keke.
  6. Wallowing in dark feelings is sometimes a way to get over them. Gives us time to accept. For MM, it’s eternal since he is the darkness. I looked up the book he was reading on the couch in one of the scenes- The Black Leaf in my Mouth - out of curiosity and saw that it was about gloom and despair. How fitting. The author of the book comes from a background that lets him experience all those things. And perhaps writing helps to release the burden. MM manifests all those things and yet he reads about them... ultimately also to relieve his burden? But he has a better way.
  7. I enjoyed reading what you wrote - you explain with such clarity. I am fascinated by her too. She was so stoic in the way she received the news that I wasn’t sure to read it as acceptance or disbelief at first. She doesn’t seem to react very much to big news - the kind that usually send others crumbling; Parents’ death, 3 months to live, MM giving the ultimatum at her weakest - none of it ruffled her feathers. Always calm and steely. On the surface at least. Bottling everything up can’t be good. Speaking of which, she doesn’t have someone she can confide in other than Ji
  8. They go well together- there’re clear sparks between SIG and PBY’s characters. Classic bad boy and nice girl feel to it but with a twist using fantasy elements. Like many, I am placing my bets on a past connection between their characters. She had forgotten about him until reminded by a shove from the girl deity - why is he so bothered/ threatened that she saw him cry? did he snap his fingers so she would forget? He was obviously sad then and seemed to have carried that sadness till now - perhaps also why he wants the world destroyed and kill everyone in it? Disillusioned Do
  9. At ep 14, it seems like the drama is spinning so madly on what it manifests that the plot seems to be incrementally warping every week. I for one am losing my grip on the details cos there are just too many... it’s no wonder they had to do a summary mid-drama to help the slowpokes like me. I skipped it on purpose and decided to watch it for LSG. A more pleasant way to spend the hours. It seems like LSG’s character is turning out to be the psycho every other week. On his off weeks, he is rummaging the boxes in the evidence room to prove otherwise. There are mini st
  10. OmG...corn salad. Lolz! That’s one crazy motley crew of tenants. I must say SJK is wicked good as the cold, steely, ruthless, lighter-flipping consigliere who is on his way to retirement when he met the oddballs. I like that he lives by his Mafia family’s code of law and does what he thinks is right, legal or illegal, but carefree he certainly isn’t. He reminds me of Chow Yuen Fatt in God of Gamblers - swarmy and street smart. Pitted against Taecyeon’s crazed chairman character, we have a real ballsy-type fight. I get that he’s hiding behind that mousy intern facade for safety
  11. Ep 12 was intense. Especially towards the back half. And so funny. The use of MacDonalds at the banquet totally cracked me up. That queen hehe. poor king though...he’s being eaten up alive by the officials hell bent on keeping him a puppet. Dead curious about the last scene and who put such a weapon there. I watch this only when I remember to but the last two eps got me good. This weekend’s eps should be something to look forward to!
  12. I just finished reading the novel online that ran into a pretty long epilogue where juicy details reside. I have watched only one dilireba show and am not too familiar with her but she sure fits into this screen goddess role. Yang2 ‘s role reminds me of his Love 020 and the Avatar ones. I absolutely loved his Love 020 character and i think for a ton of his fans too - if this new drama hits the right notes, my bets are that this role would be a runaway success for him too. The genre should be a romcom using gaming as a tool - it’s right up his alley, isn’t it?
  13. OMG...ep 9 totally cracked me up! FL’s dad provides good comic relief. love the leads in this show, and as some have mentioned, 2ML is a spitting image of Lee Joon Ki! Also, I can’t believe that he’s 30. I’ll have some of what he’s eating. I share your views but Seo Jun could be acting that way cos he’s frustrated - at the one-sidedness of his affections, at how she doesn’t know and tells him what she feels for another, at the fact that the other person is Soo Ho with whom he has a love-hate r/s? He’s in a bit of a bind and it’s quite relatable.
  14. I’m watching! up to ep14 now and am enjoying the easy watch thus far. It’s interesting how the drama shows the ending first - like you, I am quite happy to ride with the story with no angst cos I know it is a HEA. the main leads are very likable - FL is wholesome and is definitely someone you’d want your family to meet, ML is well built and rocks the crew cut! I don’t understand though. How does one maintain that hairstyle from high school to their wedding day I wonder...are there no hairstylists for men where they live? it’s my first time watching either lea
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