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  1. I am finding their awkwardness real. They are still shy and I think it goes with their quiet personality. They have just started dating and it's not like they knew each other for along time.
  2. The best part of this episode for me was the handkerchief scene (of course other than the kiss scene ). When he said he also has many handkerchiefs in his home but he wants SA's I was squealing. Instead of putting JK's things in the drawer he should throw them away. I am afraid he will one day open it because of HH or noble idiosy. Don't know why but I feel there will definitely be some noble idiosy from JY's part, SA is too sensible for this. I love this quality of her she may seem weak but she is actually quite strong than others.
  3. Shouldn't HH be happy that his friend and ex gf are not dating each other? I think if a person's girlfriend breaks up with him to date his best friend he would be upset. JY always kept his feelings to himself and even though JK had lied she later told him the truth. He himself said goodbye to her so why is he getting angry now? Maybe he loves JK too much that he wants her to be happy even if it's with JK or maybe he is angry that after breaking up with him and destroying their friendship they are not even dating each other.
  4. Everyone has already said what I wanted to say. After watching the episode again I think I can understand a bit why they ended it that way. Even though their love for each other was real their relationship was still built on lies. But now there will be no more lies and it will be pure. He will remember everything slowly they have assured us and by the time he will remember everything he would already be certain that he truly loves his family and vice versa. So he will be no longer be afraid of losing anything. I loved how both their first and last kiss was in workshop. That was th
  5. What I just watched? They got their happy ending but it still felt empty and incomplete. They should've brought that memory loss track on episode 15 or made final episode 1 hr 30 min. DHS's lost childhood memory, Jung Mi Soek and her husband. They also never properly clarified whether DHS was really antisocial or misdiagnosed. Well he is remembering everything slowly so that's a good sign. But he will not be the perfect husband now I guess. CJW will have to teach him again I have to sleep now, will share final thoughts after watching with eng sub. Goodnight Flowers.
  6. Leaving now. No more spoilers. Praying for DHS to remember everything and happy ending for everyone.
  7. Maybe he will not remember anything and will fall for her again and start fresh.
  8. I thought dead body of BHS and Baek family's confession will be enough. What about this new witness? Just make him remember everything and give us a wedding like DHS said and a family meal with Haesoo and KMJ
  9. If they collab again then it will surely be written in history () since kdramas don't really repeat couples. Wish they become real couple after this they really match each other - outgoing LJG and reserved MCW. But with all the break ups and divorces in the industry I am bit afraid too.
  10. I was not that interested in this show at first as I am not a very big fan of classical music and among the main cast I am familiar with only Kim Minjae. Coincidentally I stumbled across a MV of this drama on YouTube and I was captivated by the leads chemistry and felt for them. I ended up finishing all 8 episodes within 2 days I wasn't expecting the kiss or the confession. But yes it was sensual The lighting piano made it even more romantic. Though I happy they are finally dating but I think they will break up soon. There are too many things between them. A big problem is Joon Yo
  11. LJG is shipping himself with Moon Chaewoon I don't think it is flashback due to their hairstyle and I don't want them to waste time showing flashbacks instead of tying up loose ends and giving us good ending. They should have shown wedding flashbacks on the earlier episodes. But if those wedding photos are of current time then I can understand they didn't want to show two weddings. When they got married first time Jiwon was pregnant with Eunha. Is it too much to hope that she is pregnant with their second child now? Egg Tart needs someone to play with so that her parents can spend some qualit
  12. Truly a difficult question. The actor is handsome (first time seeing him) but whenever he appears on my screen he gives me creeps. I chose hot after remembering his squats on bts
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