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  1. I am worried as how he is going to introduce himself. At first I thought he will say he is her father's gf/wife's son but now that I think about it it's better if they don't go that way otherwise it will like incest Hong Joo doesn't have money or anything so is he going to be parasite now
  2. I am not sure whether I like it or not yet. Maybe I will like it after they develop the characters. It has a fluffy and warm vibe but there's no doubt it will turn serious in the second half and we might even get open or sad ending. No matter what I am still going to watch it till the end because it has Infinite L as male lead who is my first Kpop bias.
  3. At the rate Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon are meeting they might actually fall for each other. Not that I'm complaining
  4. High Cut pictorial is out and it was worth the wait. Rowoon is handsome as always but Kim Hye Yoon is looking unbelievably gorgeous I am falling for her all over again. I think she suits longer hair more. I wonder when will she come with a new project again. Even with the wooden block he is taller than her. I am sure Rowoon must have teased her a lot over this
  5. I love you. Thank you for giving an extra like me the present of first love. I love you, Haru. Credit : liveasbutterflies I have already watched 3 dramas after EY but I am still unable to get DanHaru out my mind. I think I can let go of them only when they will appear in a new drama where they will live happily ever after which might not be possible because Kdramas hardly repeat couples.
  6. Do it again Credit : liveasbutterflies I liked their second kiss more than the first one. Their playful conversation, couple items, the way Haru pulled her back and then that tie kiss Even the angle was good especially that window one. I have read somewhere that in Dan Oh's To Do List their 100 kiss was marked almost completed. I wonder how many times they kissed in a day for it to be almost completed considering Haru disappeared soon after this scene
  7. Credit : okashiratsuki They weren't even dating then but still they were behaving like a couple and had eyes only at each other. I easily become bored when there are too many romantic scenes but with Dan Oh and Haru I always craved for more. So even those cute (filling) scenes were enjoyable for me. It would have so nice if Rowoon had really sang an OST for EY.
  8. Credit : liveasbutterflies This edit made me depressed. The lines matches with DanHaru so well. Haru loved her with his everything. Dan Oh loved him with hope for happiness despite knowing how tragic their fate is @Harry97 EY casts are everywhere. Hye Yoon is looking so beautiful in that dress. PRINCESS
  9. Aigoo Credit : liveasbutterflies Haru is so cute trying to hide the papers with his big hands. Dan Oh is such a good girl(friend) worrying about her would be boyfriend's grades @Harry97 I thought I can finally move on from EY but how am I supposed to get over them if they keep appearing on variety shows? Not that I am complaining I hope they won't be awkward here too.
  10. Dan Oh. Dan Oh. Wake up! Dan Oh! Credit : okashiratsuki Her heart remembered him even when her mind had forgotten him Amnesiac Haru wasn't as affected by Dan Oh as Amnesiac Dan Oh was by Haru maybe because DanHaru's feelings for each other wasn't that deep that time or maybe because they decided to quickly end this amnesia game as they didn't have much time. I felt betrayed when Dan Oh's watch started beeping during her Beach stage with Baek Kyung. It was DanHaru's thing. It was like Dan Oh's way of saying "I Love You" to Haru. @Jillia Famous and favorite dialogue of toxic male lead "She's MINE". I am so glad Haru and Dowha never used this word. Ideal male leads
  11. I love you. I love you. I send this message through my fingers and into hers, up her arm and into her heart. Hear me. I love you. And I'm sorry to leave you. Credit : okashiratsuki Dan Oh not only have fascination with Haru's back but with his scars too Though it is actually meaningful for her. From which scene is the 4th and 8th gif from? Can anyone help? I am not able to remember them. One thing I have noticed is that Dan Oh doesn't have long nails nor does she apply nail polish. I found them realistic. At least in my country schools doesn't allow these. I don't know about about anywhere else.
  12. Credit : nurabiaylmaz Dan Oh's beautiful laugh and that smile of Haru One of the most heart fluttering and pure scene I have ever seen They don't need heavy or grand scenes to show off their chemistry.
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