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  1. In the beginning I liked Hwa Jin because she was willing to risk her life for the king but now whenever she appears on screen I get annoyed. OK I can forgive her for lying to get his love maybe she got greedy and was too much in love with him. But she didn't even try once to save So Young when she fell into water. Instead she ran away. And now she is colliding with Queen Dowager to make herself queen. Perhaps she will try to even kill her. The cousin might be extreme sometimes but he had given up on his love seeing how excited So Young was to meet the king. I think he would have co
  2. Finally got the time to binge watch all the four episodes. As I expected I was not disappointed. This is as fun and hilarious as I thought it would be. I am impressed with Shin Hye Sun's acting. She really seems like a man and she's not overdoing it thankfully. I am fine with slow romance but I want romance between the king and chef to happen. How am I supposed to not ship them when they have such amazing chemistry and the actors are Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun? But if they show romance between the king and chef then it will be unfair for Soyong. Perhaps their souls can merge s
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