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  1. Hi guys I happened to see this post about binjin and cannot help to compare this to our pichi https://www.instagram.com/p/CLoziqeJJGa/?igshid=19sw9r2rdql71 our pichi also have more or less the similar situation like binjin, and I really hope they'll end up together like binjin too Here are their 'serendipity' moments (or whatever you may call it) what I know and remember. pls correct me if I'm wrong or if you want to add - 2006 arang movie where yin was an extra - 2014 tommy hilfiger store opening, they're wearing the same outfit - 2014
  2. Yess she truly an all-rounder entertainer and I'm so proud of her❤️❤️ speaking of which I'm curious are there many korean actress who is all rounder like yin? Cos I'm not really following k ent industry
  3. Aaakk what a Valentine's gift from Yoo In Na and how come she still so pretty even when she's wearing a mask And IU shares her bodyguard with her, so precious!! We love you inna unnie!! Please stay healthy and greet us again soon
  4. @Atty.Hedgehog loved your video Anw these what I was talking about. Ldw's recent pics with atstar1 magazine And congrats ldw for winning fashion face award
  5. Busy busy day for inna's fan haven't watch phone cleansing in full but looking at the preview it looks fun hope there'll be eng sub soon Wondering about the rating though I hope it has well reception so that we can see more episodes in the future On the other side Im glad new year blues got great response I hope the 1 mill target will be achieved And hope we international fan can watch it too. all love for inna Ps. Secretly hope she can notice and read our thread too
  6. This pic looks familiar https://www.instagram.com/p/CLGU4bbJOF_/?igshid=bwtvskl4vs2r
  7. My list would be : - Kang Ha Neul (because of their lovely chemistry in funding together) - Lee Jong Suk (secret garden alumni together in one drama giving nostalgic feeling and their visuals together are really ) - Park Hae Jin (because in mlfts they're not end up together ) - Eric Moon (I need more of their chemistry! haha) - and Kim Bum (just because I like him hehe)
  8. Regarding her project I think it's her full discretion to choose whether she want to take it or not but the thing is yin wasn't confidence enough. In one of her interview after goblin I read that there were so many offer as main cast for drama but at that time she's not confident to take the role and I read that she only took the role that she's sure she can nail it. So I think it's not fully her agency's fault for yin to have relatively small number of main role But now I can see some light and optimistic about her after she's taking snowdrop role because based on the description
  9. Aah this is from tswlm right?? They really are like sister stealing out each other outfit
  10. Woa thank you for this! so, yin and seho already friends even before goblin? And so ldw special dj ing in volume up (around oct '16) could it be probably because of in Na's recommendation? Aah I don't understand with these two I mean they have so many intertwined things happen between them. Even from work alone, is there any koreans actor/actresses that have encounter each other in many projects (arang, bubblegum, goblin, cf, tyh) these much? Because I heard it's so hard/rare for a couple in one drama to have reunion again in another project.. For me these scream FATE h
  11. Changing line as long as it doesn't deviate the storyline is ok but changing name is another level, it must be for proper reason not a trivial one, so this is why I think it's a coincidence On another note her fake moles, it's just the same place as his real moles, it's not coincidence it's deliberate, wondering why
  12. Hehe I think it just coincidence just like a eum and a reum and yet they encounter it again and again so maybe this is the universe way for telling them "be together you two!!"
  13. @flashyymalditah i think yin and jo se ho are in the same friend circle. There were pic in this thread showing they were watching IU concert together along with other friends and interestingly se ho also starred my love from the star so yeah like @Luny Delvasaid they know, works and hang out with the same mutuals @Luny Delva actually in TYH web novel version jin shim were pregnant and they got married and she continues her law school and become lawyer. It's very interesting to see had they make TYH 2 but I don't think it would happened esp yin and ldw seems more interested in mo
  14. My faves are when she wears black and red. It really complement her black hair and porcelain face creating totally new look for her! Too bad W didn't make it in color. I thought the b&w version is awesome but this colored version is really AND.. Today we'll be seeing her again for new year blues premier, yuhuu!! Hope there'll be more pics Ps. Please take attention of soompi guidelines when posting pictures guys we don't want our thread to be in trouble, okie
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