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  1. I love this live version of flower because of I spent much of my youth with learning music instrument, so it's become my habbit to prefer live version of music than the studio version. I think used to be I practice my listening a bit more. so whenever I watch live version, my ears is like automatically scatter all the sound that I listen. it is like ok I can hear the drum, I can hear the bass, I can hear the rythm, the violin, the piano, the keyboard, etc. and each music instrument produced different sound and each musician that play it, play in different technic. and etc and etc.. can you understand this? LOL .. So the point is in this live version of flower ~amongst the many live version of jisoo flower~ I love this one because of the sound of the bass is a bit bold. I feel satisfy.. LOL I get my eargasm
  2. I only trauma with love ft marriage and divorce kdrama. huekkk oh and that one world of marriage couple. I want to shout out to the producers "give back my precious times that I spent to watch that t****sh
  3. This is just my personal opinion as a musician (I am a vocalist and a keyboardist).. For me music is a universal thing. we could not limit music to just one or two language. Music gives more than just an understanding in communication. Music brings feelings and emotions. Sometimes we don't need words. Sometimes just by listening to a certain song, we can be happy and having good mood. Music is a universal language. Don't limit music, don't limit feelings. Just listen, just feel it.. N.B as for me sometimes I listen and love a song that I don't understand what they say. Like davichi song. I just know it tells us about sadness and it's beautiful explained through every note <3 If you don't understand the language of this song, then just listen to the piano in the intro of the song. It bring some lights feeling, happiness, and also cuteness. listen to the beats, the saxophone, then you will understand that these people are very talented in what they do <3
  4. ughh.. NO.. false the next person is listening to an old song ^_*
  5. The most difficult moment in life when you were loosing yourself because you become a new person, a mother and spent most of your times to rising your babies. And after that you must to work hard to find you again. Your body, your own mindset, your life career and become the old you and at the same time being the new you. 

  6. I think I wimm be grateful. But I hope any problems will be solve in peace and tenderness then this is an artistic guy. Means he is creative and imajinative. Possibly romantic too. sometimes people who can draw also a intelligent and clever person. I think he is a humble person. I could even go with a guy who is 15 years older than me as long as he has good manners and we both can enjoy our moments and conversations. Oh and the most important is if he wants to pray together with me and go to the church together. Chemistry is something you could not just find everyday I think I love mr darcy or colin bridgerton. my favorite female characther is daphnee bridgerton. Her characther describes me perfectly. Traditional, wants to be a good wife but also love and feelings are important for us. We both are perfectionist my minister. He is the best stand up comedian and also a very bright obgyn working with my secretary boss now HUA HA HA HA I feel so scary every monday oh gosh. when I am having my 2 little princes. Feels like I am success as a woman hehehe. Like making 100 scores lol.
  7. Gumiho

    Ask The Fellas

    haha thank you. This was 2 years ago and this junior is now my bestie at office ^_* I am a mother of two btw I think I have one or two secret admirer from my junior employess (I see that they always watching my IG stories and reels and posts) but that’s life. my focus in life at the moment now is how to get to my work targets and work hard to be skinny again. As slim as a tissue paper as possible as I could. Have a nice time with soompi forum
  8. false.. today is busy. perhaps the day after tomorrow. the next person is watching queen of tears kdrama
  9. all the love in different version
  10. You all the love in my life ❤️
  11. Still doing a research for every best version of “There you’ll be”.. this is one is great the competition will be on May or June but I need to listen to it many times and exercising ^_* In my dreams I always see you soar above the sky, in my heart there always be a place for you for all my life..
  12. looking for a competitive song for our “office idol” this year LOL. And I will sing this one and will still be their idol this year too WKWKWKWK 🤣🥰 hua ha ha ha (I can feel their agony because I their idol for these past 10 years, every year. WKWKWK.. hei I have been waiting for a rival for a decade 🤣)
  13. I am watching 25 21 now, I ve never watched this before..

  14. For today listening.. giving me a good mood in working <3
  15. False.. but hopefully <3 next person is taking a risk in investment
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