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  1. @Andrea Balcazar Haha, better late at admiring Wonie than never at all la. I just know how to admire him from Spore with the family unlike some of his awesome fans who send him gifts and all. Watching all his shows, Seeing him happy and healthy made us feel as devoted. I gotto admit there are 1 or shows that I didn’t like or disappointed due to script and so forth. But that didn’t stop our devotion at all. No way. Lol
  2. Haha Yes… a fan since Wonie’s drama debut in 2010. My 85 years old mother is also a fan. We watched the show together with the family. When Wonie was in Spore years ago, she wanted to meet him personally. Lol.. I was on biz travel hence didnt manage to attend the event. Hmmm..
  3. Hello to all my JW pals! Though I have been Wonie’s fan since he starred in the Baker King drama, I truly cannot remember the characters names. So hope the below make sense.. lol 1. My favourite bromance (i.e. two male friends)from JW's dramas The lead doctor in Good Doctor. The bromance is quite real. I recall in the 2D1N show, wonie invited him as his good pal. Unfortunately the lead doc couldn’t attend the variety show. 2. Your favourite womance (i.e. two female friends)from JW's dramas hmmm.. please don’t shoot me but I have never really fancy many of his fem
  4. Hello Chingus Thank u for the heartwarming encouragements! @Calli @kittyna@flutterby06@gm4queenEveryone from this forum is well mannered and cool! Echoed that @kireeti2. JW truly is blessed to have nice kind hearted fans. LLol … hope I got these in good order. Stay safe.
  5. Hi My bad! Second time I accidentally clicked and quoted images! Couldn’t seem to make correction. Not very polite of me to keep repeating this. I think I will give this forum a miss for now. Stay Well! Stay Wonnie!
  6. Hello all, For those who watched wonnie’s 2D1N series, did you notice he had a habit of blinking his eyes too many times? It didn't seem intentional, perhaps he was shy ( or felt uneasy) ‘cos there were so many veteran actors in that show. However, after a few episodes, I noticed he no longer slouched and blinked eyes that often. Whoops, Me bad on the PD awards.. thot he only won 2.. lol.. but wow, those were chosen by a real professional panel of ‘judges’ in the industry and not just ahjumma like yours truly.. The fact that he researched, deep dived into each difficult character and
  7. Dear friends I have been an ardent kdrama fan since I first watched ‘DongYi’. Over all the decade, this ahjumma got to ‘know’ tons of kstars. But, Wonnie remains my #1 in my idol list. 1) How you met Joo Won first? First impression? Watched Wonnie’s first kdrama ( Baker king ) with the family. Was very fascinated with his deep intense stare.. as if he can burn into the other party eyes. His acting at that time was a bit stony, but the bad rich ( pathetic ) boy left a strong good impression on us, and that didn’t stop us from following his next drama.
  8. How I wish I could attend Carter Joo’s musical drama ‘ghost’.. If there were no pandemic, I would not mind spending the money in Seoul at all. Thanks Andrea. The crazy us re-watched Good Doctor when he was in Army. Thats because there was very little news on him. It’s either he is so supershy or his manager was taking a break. Haha.. Looks like Joo Won is the 2nd or 3rd ML in Firefighter.
  9. Thanks the welcome note, Calli. Me So clumsy, still trying to navigate this site. Ya! Fan 10+ years.. My mother, hubby, son and I love all his dramas inc 2d1N.. rewatched the heartwarming fun variety show when he was enlisted into army. It was also thru this reality show that I get to like his true personality more. Very unassuming and ‘real’ person.
  10. Hi from Singapore! I have been JooWon’s fan since he starred in Baker’s Bread show ( goodness, I can’t remember exact drama name!). Didn’t just fall for his good looking face, but more for his amazing talents, sincerity, and nice personality! Waiting waiting for his new movie and drama…..
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